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  1. 2 Los Angeles area teens killed in taxi crash
  2. Vandals desecrate graves of Muslim soldiers with swastikas and a pig's head
  3. The real life Rapunzel with 7ft 10inch hair
  4. Celebrities who adopt children from poor countries are doing more harm than good
  5. Mother kept able-bodied son in a wheelchair for 5 years so "he would never leave her"
  6. For sale: The £60,000 beach hut made out of driftwood and the roof of a grocery van
  7. Couple barred from fostering, admit they smack their daughter 'as a last resort'
  8. Kidnapped girl's mother 'admitted': 'I knew where my daughter was all along'
  9. Hundreds of women & children in 19th Century clothing flee "Mormon polygamy farm"
  10. 8 teens charged in videotaped attack
  11. Suicide links heart donor, recipient
  12. 4 get cancer from teen's donated organs
  13. Tiny teenager from India is smallest girl in the world
  14. 3-year-old girl in Detroit finds gun, shoots self in head
  15. Victim fell from rescue helicopter
  16. The tallest building in the world and still growing
  17. Indian baby born with two faces doing well, say parents
  18. Protests in London as Olympic Torch is carried through City
  19. Charlton Heston dead at 84
  20. Standoff emerges at Texas polygamist retreat
  21. Woman raped on Youtube arrested
  22. America's first test tube babies turn 25
  23. Three-year-old falls 100ft in shopping centre
  24. Fire destroys a historical building in Quebec City
  25. 'Human Spider' Alain Robert comes to London
  26. Builders banned from wolf-whistling at women
  27. UAE stages camel beauty contest
  28. School bans boy, 3, over haircut
  29. 3D photos show the Red Planet's mountain ranges for the first time
  30. Detroit jackpot winner to boss: I'm out of here
  31. Cops: Texas teen tried to flush newborn
  32. Thailand halts illegal 'ladyboy' castrations
  33. 'Airline terror plotters planned bigger 9/11'
  34. Jail for Chinese rights activist
  35. Widow sues prostitutes for £1million after businessman husband dies in sex romp
  36. Russian free diver hitches a ride with a Beluga whale
  37. 1 in 50 U.S. infants are victims
  38. Boy, 12, kills man who attacked his mom
  39. Toilet baby
  40. Lawsuit alleging anti-Christian teaching at Capo Valley to move forward
  41. First wedding dress shop catering ONLY for pregnant brides opens
  42. Woman beats anorexia to give birth... three years after she was given 10 days to live
  43. BNP candidate who said 'some women are like gongs — they need to be struck regularly'
  44. Tacky? Footballer Phil Neville puts his £4m Versace-themed mansion on the market
  45. Schools to shelve anti-homophobia storybooks for 5-year-olds
  46. Picture by an autistic artist who drew London from memory after ONE trip
  47. The world's fattest man loses half his body weight
  48. Children find woman's head on Scottish beach
  49. L.A. City Council calls for murder moratorium... for 40 hours
  50. 3rd graders plot to harm teacher
  51. Hacking reaches a new low; Epilepsy forum flooded with flashing lights
  52. Teacher gives permission for students to beat their classmate
  53. Tory councillor's call to sterilise parents on benefits
  54. No mouth-to-mouth required in new CPR rules
  55. There's nothing funny about prison rape
  56. Rusty Yates, father of 5 kids drowned by ex-wife Andrea Yates, has son
  57. President Bush booed at baseball game
  58. Airplane trash can baby
  59. Amazing photographs show 'pregnant man' and wife posing as body-builders in bikinis
  60. Pictures of nature at its wildest, captured by the storm chasers who risk their lives
  61. How a child prodigy at Oxford became a £130-an-hour prostitute
  62. If You Want Closure Start With Your Legs: The oddest book title awards list
  63. Father kills his 3 kids in Baltimore Harbor Hotel
  64. Couple falsely accused of child abuse go to court to try to get their family back
  65. Five feared dead as private jet crashes into family homes
  66. Woman arrested for not paying her botox bills (Great mugshot)
  67. Spitting man runs around restaurant, says he has Hepatitis
  68. Woman arrested in fake pregnancy scam
  69. Man arrested for having sex with a picnic table
  70. Tarzan's favourite side-kick Cheeta turns 76
  71. Bizarre ball of twisted metal space junk falls from the sky into farmer's backyard
  72. Shopper killed by train after getting her boot stuck in tracks
  73. 57 year old mother introduces her baby
  74. Cook accused of spitting on Pittsburgh Steeler fan's burger
  75. Earth Hour 2008!
  76. Emo kids attacked in Mexico and Chile
  77. Woman says TSA forced piercings removal
  78. Half-ton woman charged in 2-year-old’s death
  79. Circus sisters rescued from snake and piranha acts
  80. 'I've had a baby with my Dad'
  81. N.J. stunned by one-of-a-kind hit and run
  82. Police save 'drunk idiot' from jaws of crocodile
  83. Serial shoplifter convicted for 175th time is spared jail again
  84. Drunk, violent, promiscuous... a view of British youth as seen on the cover of "Time"
  85. Girl beaten to death for being a Goth
  86. 2 year toilet lady's boyfriend busted again
  87. Man kills wife and 4 adopted kids before committing suicide
  88. Schoolgirl dies after developing phobia of dentists so extreme she refused to eat
  89. Rider, 22, dies in her sleep days after falling from horse
  90. Ultimate fighting sport expands to include kids
  91. US military action against Iran back on the table
  92. VP Dick Cheney & Saudi King agree to lower oil to $85 a barrel
  93. DNA paternity test available at Rite Aid for $150 including results
  94. Now experts say pregnant women CAN drink wine
  95. Love in an elevator: Couple to get hitched after meeting in a lift
  96. Computer games to be given tough new cinema-style age ratings
  97. Man accidentally shoots dead his wife while installing satellite system
  98. Police hunt adults who forced screaming children to fight in YouTube film
  99. Comprehensive sex ed may cut teen birth rate
  100. Toddler rescued from borewell
  101. 10 year old boy takes assistant principal's car
  102. Girl dies after parents pray for healing instead of seeking medical help
  103. Canada defiant over annual seal pup cull
  104. Dad guilty of putting baby in microwave
  105. Walmart sues brain damaged woman
  106. Transgender husband expecting baby
  107. 99% of flights have NO AIR MARSHALLS!!!
  108. 18 yr old cheerleader dies during boob job
  109. Miss Bimbo website promotes extreme diets and surgery to 9-year-olds
  110. PC Alert!: Burger Joint name/logo offends LGBT Group
  111. Cost of cancer ... too high
  112. Judge tells sex offender to put up signs
  113. Dying 10 year old girl wishes to have imprisoned father by her side
  114. A sizzling summer in Malibu California: a rental for $150,000 a month
  115. Police: Wife tried to drive over man 20 times
  116. Boy, 15, reports Mum for smacking his younger brother at home
  117. Boy, 10, disappears on walk home
  118. Injured Brit rescued two weeks into journey as first woman to reach North Pole
  119. Royal Marine who lost arm and both legs in Taliban blast is refused full compensation
  120. IVF mother sues doctors... because she gave birth to a boy instead of a girl
  121. 'Praying' dog at Japanese temple
  122. "Pay day" loans exacerbate housing crisis
  123. Viagra: still going strong 10 years on
  124. Man hangs himself after being falsely accused of raping women and children
  125. "Lose weight or we'll take all six of your children away" say social workers
  126. Gary Michael Hilton's account of Meredith Emerson's capture and confinement
  127. The Look at Me Generation: Inside today's teen culture of overexposure
  128. Texas woman sues American Airlines after flight turns X-rated
  129. Drink drive mum tried to hide keys somewhere intimate
  130. Supermarket robber who hypnotises checkout girls to get cash
  131. Woman, 57, thought she had cancer until doctors told her she was 30 weeks pregnant
  132. The £100m luxury yacht with its own garden, pool and tennis court
  133. Father and son mugshot tattoos
  134. Dumbasses busted for f@cking in church
  135. Last hope in a weak economy? Mom and Dad
  136. Thousands flock to see 'weeping' statue of the Virgin Mary
  137. Banana Republic opens in London - but is accused of paying Indian workers 15p an hour
  138. California woman slain while calling 911
  139. Large ray jumps, kills boater off Florida Keys
  140. Questionable straw shape upsets mother
  141. Australia sends paedophile back to England
  142. Texas man gets 60 years for 10th DWI
  143. Police officer charged with rape
  144. Man gets 30 days in jail for taco scam posted in online video
  145. Woman goes for leg operation, gets new anus instead
  146. Man shot dead by killer robot
  147. McCanns are given front-page apologies for libel by Daily Express and Daily Star
  148. Terry Pratchett:"I would rather die of cancer than have my living self stripped away"
  149. Paedophile accused of child rape three times is arrested AGAIN in Thailand
  150. The animal lovers who turned their dead pets' coats into woolly jumpers
  151. How 'gay' became children's insult of choice
  152. Arthur C. Clarke, 90; scientific visionary, acclaimed writer; dead
  153. Another woman attacked by jizz
  154. 'Graves discovered' at Charles Manson ranch
  155. Keep beliefs out of the surgery, UK doctors told
  156. Footballers and their tacky wives want to ruin beautiful English Village
  157. 'Paul Burrell said he took ring from Princess Diana's body in Paris mortuary'
  158. The Antarctic iceberg that looks like a giant humbug
  159. Fiery death sent a message in Los Angeles
  160. HIV carriers could escape jail for passing on infections to others
  161. Donatello's David shines after laser clean-up
  162. Party with 1,000 guests was 'bit out of hand'
  163. Toddler dies after drinking methadone
  164. Wall Street fears "next Great Depression"
  165. Terri Irwin planning to sell off zoo?
  166. Crane collapses on NYC apartments
  167. Steve Irwin's zoo accused of endangering animals, widow more interested in money
  168. Swastika-shaped Alabama care home to get makeover after complaints about Nazi symbol
  169. What the world will look like when we've gone
  170. Georgia dome hit by tornado - footage
  171. Man hides $12,000 engagement ring in balloon that floats away
  172. Man charged with raping 5-month-old
  173. John Gibson......fired! finally!
  174. Police: Man forced girl to kill pet cat
  175. Child abuse charges filed in 'Nanny Cam' case
  176. Murders of women in Juarez shock the world
  177. True face of Mozart revealed
  178. Boy slashed in the face as he tried to protect his mother is praised
  179. Women 'unprepared for childbirth'
  180. Cult of celebrity 'is harming children'
  181. Dutch to legalise gay sex in public park
  182. Henry Paulson: "Deregulation has been a failure"
  183. "Snow rage" gives way to panic
  184. Severed fingers of 5 men sent to U.S. Military
  185. Roof collapse kills 3 workers
  186. Record snowfall provokes 'snow rage' in Canada
  187. Short men 'are the most jealous'
  188. Lush (the shop) accused of supporting terror suspects
  189. London is Europe's 'dirtiest and dearest city'
  190. Oregonian freak arrested for throwing his jizz at a Target shopper
  191. Woman sits on toilet for 2 years?!?!?!?!
  192. Child left in car, gets out, gets hit by another car
  193. Mother fails at following child tossing trend
  194. Chicago mom faces trial for leaving child in car
  195. Honor student suspended after buying Skittles
  196. Bashed kittens burned alive
  197. 6 accused of killing pregnant Illinois woman
  198. Even huge tumour can't secure care in Ontario
  199. Study finds 1 in 4 teens has an STD
  200. Full ID needed for free speech???
  201. M&S shopper who slipped on a grape sues for £300,000
  202. Woman finds diamond in her digestive biscuit
  203. Couple have a goth style wedding
  204. Woman gives bus stop a Moroccan-style makeover
  205. Speeding driver caught doing 100mph - with children dangling out of the window
  206. 'Dead parents' show up at press conference about their murders
  207. 'Redneck Shop' creates dispute in South Carolina
  208. Drugs in U.S. drinking water
  209. AP: Water in Iraq makes US Troops sick
  210. US States weighing lower age to drink
  211. 11 worst cars - Consumer Reports
  212. Woman files $20M long-shot casino lawsuit
  213. People told to stay inside as 'exceptional' storm hits the UK tonight
  214. Corpse fucking cocaine dealer
  215. Australia facing mass protests as military vows to cull kangaroos after row
  216. Woman who cried rape five times is spared jail for perverting the course of justice
  217. Boy, 4, forced to walk home after school bus drops him at wrong stop half a mile away
  218. Prince Philip's latest faux pas
  219. British teacher's lion attack caught on film
  220. Record job cuts raise recession fears
  221. Gay Iranian fights deportation from Europe
  222. WTF: Man arrested for 'having sex with lamp-post'
  223. Crocodile attacks backpacker in Australia
  224. PC overkill for school's internet newsletter
  225. Banksy 'backs ban on plastic bags'
  226. French women 'are the sexual predators now'
  227. In pictures: Grand Canyon flooded
  228. Stop naming your rubbish products after us, Danes tell IKEA
  229. Americans' homeowner equity is lowest since 1945
  230. Missouri man fatally hurt trying to stop thieves
  231. International child porn ring uncovered (12 Americans busted)
  232. Boy, 6, shot in head in Harbor Gateway area (So. Cal racial gang violence. Again)
  233. Woman's fury as video of her gang-rape ordeal is posted on YouTube
  234. Lufthansa jet 'within split second of crashing' after wingtip hits runway
  235. Model uses large titties as court defence to prove she didn't break into house
  236. Brick Lane made Britain's first 'Safe Text' street with padded lampposts
  237. The universe's first photograph of an avalanche on Mars
  238. Dead dolphins
  239. Los Angeles high school football star killed in random gang violence
  240. Pictures of a changing planet
  241. African man pushed from train platform by 'neo-Nazi' German woman
  242. Families in India are being given £1,500 bonus to raise a daughter
  243. 'Humans will make contact with aliens within two decades,' say astronomers
  244. Bid to stop blame theory on rape
  245. Fireman, gunman dead in Florida Wendy's shooting
  246. Man asks friend to shoot him to avoid work
  247. Charges over 'abandoned' NY girl
  248. The boy whose phobic father tried to kill him before he was even born
  249. 27 year old Minnesota man hits woman on way to anger control class
  250. The moment a couple had a close encounter with a humpback whale