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  1. How did a lizard find its way into a chicken's egg?
  2. Gone for 43m ... Francis Bacon painting smashes auction records
  3. 20 cities Global Warming might melt off the map
  4. States must pay for anonymous rape exams
  5. Teen alleging rape turns to YouTube
  6. HIV-positive man gets 35 years for spitting in cop's face
  7. Man jailed when daughter fails to get diploma
  8. No beau? You can't go to the prom
  9. Girl has tummy pains; doctors find unborn twin IN HER STOMACH
  10. Woman indicted in MySpace suicide case
  11. Chicago overturns foie gras ban
  12. Houston under attack by foreign ants
  13. 13 year old steals dad's credit card to buy hookers
  14. Family 'forgets' tot at Vancouver airport
  15. Ohio man finds someone already buried in his grave
  16. News from Oregon: Family lived in house full of feces
  17. Teen in Chinese quake to lose legs to save life
  18. Federal judge rules students can't be barred from expressing support for gay people
  19. Priest jailed for child sex abuse
  20. Should sex offender dad be banned from son's graduation ceremony?
  21. Australian fined for buckling in beer, not child
  22. Couple with a combined weight of 42stone to have 'his and hers' gastric band surgery
  23. 13-year-old boy backs car out of driveway, runs over grandmother
  24. Man, woman indicted in sale of child for sex acts
  25. New York man sues airline over flight spent in toilet
  26. Man stabbed to death in front of thousands of shoppers on Oxford Street
  27. Bodies of 2 babies hidden in box for 50 years were mistaken for Christmas decorations
  28. Chelsea Football Club boss Abramovich snaps up 18million ranch in Rocky Mountains
  29. Frantic search for 900 buried schoolchildren as massive China earthquake kills 8,500
  30. Dead at 98: Heroic Irena Sendler, who helped save 2,500 Jewish children from Nazis
  31. Two-year-old girl survives falling into pool after learning to swim from just 8 weeks
  32. Deadly mob beating unnerves Cleveland neighborhood
  33. Teen murdered on her prom night, her brother dies in a car crash the next day
  34. Girl barred from prom over her dress
  35. Chief to cop: "YOUR ASS IS MINE!"
  36. Australian swimmer survives shark attack as he pokes great white shark in eye
  37. Family lived with a dead body on their toilet
  38. Man accused of rape may have forced sex while he was asleep, psychiatrist says
  39. Gang of girls 'blew up house with home-made bomb over row about boy'
  40. Introducing: Blade-free Lasik!
  41. Young children forced to stage sex show
  42. Teens dig up skull and use it as a bong
  43. Duggars expecting 18th child
  44. Pittsburg, California woman accidentally runs over 5-year-old daughter
  45. Omaha man uses steak knife to perform self-tracheotomy
  46. Boy could receive 1m in damages after bouncy castle head injury
  47. The Devon school with 15 sets of twins ... and a set of triplets
  48. Firm gets 10million grant to develop non-stick chewing gum that washes off pavements
  49. Chav Lotto millionaire ordered to clean up his wrecked 320,000 mansion
  50. 2m 'Footballer's Wives' mansion must be torn down because it is four feet too high
  51. Paedophile escapes jail for abusing girl, 11, after judge says 'she welcomed sex'
  52. The woman who can't forget ANYTHING
  53. Neighbour killed man's cat because it "bullied him and smirked at him"
  54. Kidnapped, mutilated giant hot dog rescued!!!!!
  55. Canadian woman fired for giving 16-cent treat to toddler
  56. New dating show for mentally disabled?
  57. Juror in pot case arrested outside courthouse-for pot
  58. College senior is sexually assaulted while group of dudes cheer
  59. Idaho student says teacher tossed his Mexican flag in trash
  60. Coyote attacks a child in her front yard in Lake Arrowhead
  61. 'You're a bunch of over-the-hill slappers': Judge's courtroom rant to three robbers
  62. Having a big ass might protect you from diabetes
  63. 15 Philly cops suspended after beating videotaped
  64. Florida teacher accused of wizardry
  65. Nearly 100 busted in college drug ring at San Diego State
  66. Campaign launch for change in British abortion laws
  67. After 1,561 days, a young man finally takes off his Favre jersey
  68. Matador cheats death by millimetres as angry bull gores him in the neck
  69. Do you recognise this man? Interpol release picture of paedophile
  70. Death toll passes 22,000 in Myanmar cyclone
  71. Baby double joy for parents who lost children in Corfu gas poisoning horror
  72. Mother arrested after three babies found in basement freezer
  73. Three British children taken into care after parents "drink themselves into a stupor"
  74. Mrs. Loving, interracial marriage pioneer, dies at age 68
  75. Evicted - the woman whose garden weeds grew so high they could be seen from SPACE
  76. Girl carries secret baby to hospital, still attached
  77. How scientists plan to recreate the Big Bang with the 7,000-ton Atlas detector
  78. Blairs buy late actor John Gielgud's stately home for 4m
  79. 'We never want them back'... drunken British students wreck Spanish resort
  80. Arrests of female drunks in the UK up 50%
  81. Creepy perv used voodoo to coerce gullible teens into sex
  82. Bills seek punishment for use, display of fake weapons
  83. With intruders just feet away, teen texts for help
  84. Ostrich egg: A family dinner for 15.99
  85. Thousands flee as Chilean volcano erupts
  86. Rome mayor vows to remove museum
  87. Joanne Lees back in the spotlight, new evidence could free Bradley Murdoch
  88. More women put motherhood on ice by freezing eggs to advance career & find Mr Right
  89. 23-mile bridge opens in China
  90. Face of Jesus appears on cider bottle
  91. The Eastern European gipsy groom aged 14 and his bride of 13
  92. Computer keyboards can be dirtier than a toilet: study
  93. Employee of the year, Japanese worker checked out 780,000 porn sites
  94. Greensburg, KS rebuilds green 1 year after tornado
  95. Penis theft panic hits city!!!!
  96. Pothead tries to cash check for $360 billion
  97. Oestrogen fuels a woman's competitive streak the same way testosterone does in men
  98. Pregnant saleswoman called 'useless' by boss wins 60,000 compensation payout
  99. NYC is the marijuana arrest capital of the world
  100. Principal outs gay students and others in relationships
  101. Driver in court for speeding to maternity ward
  102. The art of innuendo
  103. Woman, 84, rescued after spending four days pinned under husband's dead body
  104. School sacks teacher for strutting around on fishing boats as a "bikini hostess"
  105. The 'miracle' twister that cut a 25 mile path of devastation - but killed no one
  106. Has anyone seen my giant inflatable pig? Roger Waters' missing stage prop
  107. The amazing catacombs full of mummified monks
  108. Global warming 'could stop NATURALLY within ten years,' say scientists
  109. Woman, 21, hanged herself after fourth miscarriage
  110. Student suspended for drawings of guns
  111. Vietnam ends American adoption of children
  112. Son taken from father who accidentally bought spiked drink
  113. Jail term for homophobic mother
  114. Falling man survives after hitting windscreen
  115. Tiny chess set built between heartbeats
  116. Denver airline worker allegedly showed noose to black co-worker
  117. Smarter ladies have worse sex
  118. Father of LSD takes final trip
  119. Solving Europe's population crisis
  120. Germans demand Mein Kampf is republished to end 53-year ban on Hitler's book
  121. McCanns: 'We nearly took Madeleine to dinner with us on the night she disappeared.'
  122. Hayward, California man charged in scalding of girlfriend's 16-month-old son
  123. 100-year mystery: Did Indiana woman get away with multiple murders?
  124. Father's video of run-down barracks sparks military response
  125. Iran takes new shot at Barbie, calling US doll 'destructive'
  126. How plump kids are transformed at fat camp
  127. Performing dolphin killed in freak mid-air collision at American theme park
  128. 31 of 53 teen girls at FLDS ranch are pregnant or had baby
  129. Incredible picture of the 65ft giant wave (and a brave surfer)
  130. On road to recovery, Cabbage the puppy mutilated by dog-fighting thugs
  131. Girl locked in cellar for 24 YEARS by her rapist father and had his seven children
  132. More U.S. households seek help with utility bills
  133. Al Sharpton vows to close NYC down
  134. Prisoner says he's not getting enough food, drops from 413 to 308 lbs
  135. Lithuania considers abortion ban
  136. Alabama Mayor: Wear burlap sacks to stop murders
  137. Parents celebrate their 200 million-to-one miracle - identical triplet girls
  138. New mothers stop reading classics after birth and turn to 'chick lit', study claims
  139. The twins who were born 15 weeks early celebrate their 1st birthday
  140. Rule-loving Swiss force pet owners to take animal understanding courses
  141. Iran's answer to dangerous drivers: flog them
  142. Police: Woman lived with mummified sister
  143. 2 held for allegedly trying to sell stolen sperm
  144. Puppy almost killed after gang batters her repeatedly with stick
  145. Two jailed over boy's pool death
  146. Scandinavian split on sexist ads
  147. To be or not to be, innit: Shakespeare gets a chav makeover
  148. 1,300 students set Diet Coke fountain record
  149. Man dives into canal to save 13-month-old baby girl trapped in overturned car
  150. Cops acquitted in killing of groom-to-be Sean Bell
  151. Worst mom in america? (Let her child ride subway alone)
  152. Rampaging elephant kills three during Hindu ceremony in Indian temple
  153. Biggest baby of them all is just ten months old but weighs 3.5 stone/49lbs
  154. You've seen Tibet being crushed - now get the celebratory T-shirt
  155. Madeleine McCann's tearful mother: Why we didn't use a baby listening service
  156. Parents' heartbreak as son, seven, is killed by neighbour's car while playing
  157. Wealthy foreigners are pricing Londoners out of their own city, says Guy Richie
  158. Teen arrested over video posing senile grandma as gangster
  159. Costa Coffee apologises to young mum for throwing her out for breastfeeding
  160. Los Angeles 'is a Third World city'
  161. Pensioner on 4mph scooter halts 70mph traffic
  162. Violence on women 'costs 40bn'
  163. Aliens MUST exist, says Stephen Hawking
  164. 'Drunk boys, 13 and 16, raped and murdered woman before dumping body in a river'
  165. Dogs find abandoned baby girl in India
  166. 9 people killed in 36 shootings over the weekend in Chicago
  167. Pregnant bank teller shot during Indiana robbery
  168. Olympian alleged victim of date rape drug
  169. Builder demolishes own 22,000 handiwork after customer fails to pay bill
  170. Is this the ultimate (and most dangerous) infinity pool in the world?
  171. Parents charged with 3 yr old and 16 mo. old testing positive for crack cocaine
  172. Flying priest disappears
  173. Principal defends "popular/pretty girl" clique
  174. DNA samples taken from polygamists' kids
  175. Male drivers behave just like cavemen
  176. Australia gets bigger
  177. Babysitter guilty of boy's murder
  178. Woman discovers ten skeletons buried under her dining room
  179. 18-year-old South Carolina student accused of plotting to bomb school
  180. If you fancy getting married in Diana's dress it is now available at Bhs for 495
  181. Photos of tearful kids from new documentary "Baby fight club"
  182. Kentucky teen accused of planting nuts in lunch of allergic classmate
  183. Wedding number four for 24-year-old woman
  184. 5 year-old boy sucks on discarded hypodermic needle, faces tests for HIV & hepatitis
  185. The world's oldest tree that took root 10,000 years ago
  186. Spanish 'Calendar Girls' left with debt and 5,000 unwanted copies after poor sales
  187. 5m garden for sale in England
  188. Early morning earthquake ripples through the middle of the country
  189. Oklahoma sheriff charged with using inmates as sex slaves
  190. Woman calls police for help, gets violently strip searched
  191. Truckload of human feces spills on highway
  192. Banned, the vicar, 69, who left his wife who had breast cancer for a younger woman
  193. Builder survives after being speared through the head by falling steel rod
  194. How can my son be racist, asks mother of Down's boy
  195. Wave of bubbles makes Miami into 'Foam City' in new advert
  196. Shock for police as they stop motorist and find 6ft alligator on his back seat
  197. The new graffiti artist whose stunning murals are transforming drab buildings
  198. Woman intentionally falls pregnant, records numerous induced miscarriages for 'art'
  199. Queensland bans plastic surgery for teens
  200. Toddler dies of thirst after being denied liquids for a week
  201. Grunt work: Scientists make Neanderthals speak again
  202. Your water/baby bottles may not be safe
  203. Builder's hubris and inferior materials sunk the Titanic
  204. Teen forced 2-year-old to smoke pot
  205. Gay divorces hard to obtain
  206. Report of cat Tasered by Orange County (Ca.) jailers is investigated
  207. Inside the polygamist 'underage sex cult': Mothers have their children taken away
  208. Housing estate looks like disaster zone after families put out 11 tons of rubbish
  209. Express train kills couple as they tussle on tracks during furious argument
  210. The Princess Diana 'She's dead - so get over it' t-shirt
  211. British girl found murdered in India, with organs removed
  212. San Francisco woman killed by falling tree
  213. Man who rejected civilization to wander the outback leaves millions to sister
  214. Lonely Planet writer admits 'I never even visited the country I was writing about'
  215. The binge drinking girl who suffered liver failure at just 14
  216. The incredible pictures of 'space junk' swirling round Earth's orbit
  217. Where on Google Earth is Wally?: The 55ft size traveller who is visible by satellite
  218. Graffiti artist Banksy creates his biggest work to date
  219. Egypt sentences four gay HIV-positive men to prison
  220. Man returns home to find neighbour's plane crash-landed on his patio
  221. Alberto Gonzalez can't find a job
  222. Miss California sues over 'racial bias' after being told to hand back crown
  223. 14-year-old Polish model banned from catwalk in row over sexualising young girls
  224. Artificial sperm is almost here
  225. Parents of the year
  226. Bank robber IDd within 15 mins !!!!
  227. Desperate parents may give up daughter for adoption so she can go to a better school
  228. Doctors tell mother needing transplant she cannot take dead daughter's kidney
  229. The moment a chef broke his girlfriend's leg in 100,000 compensation scam
  230. The overweight JobCentre manager whose nude portrait is set to fetch 18million
  231. California freeway shooting victim's son: "He was breathing and then he stopped."
  232. Wal-Mart rapist robs/rapes woman in car while her child watches
  233. Florida lawmakers pass "take your guns to work" law
  234. Rise in women doctors 'worrying'
  235. Boy, 6, treated for alcoholism
  236. Scratchcard spongers' cheek
  237. Bishop who called Jerry Springer 'filth' quits over 8 year affair with choir mistress
  238. We don't want you here, Easter Island tells tourist who chipped ear off statue
  239. Pictures of the 'miracle' five-day-old premature baby fitted with a pacemaker
  240. 2 year old Pennsylvannia girl hit with game controller dies
  241. 2 Los Angeles area teens killed in taxi crash
  242. Vandals desecrate graves of Muslim soldiers with swastikas and a pig's head
  243. The real life Rapunzel with 7ft 10inch hair
  244. Celebrities who adopt children from poor countries are doing more harm than good
  245. Mother kept able-bodied son in a wheelchair for 5 years so "he would never leave her"
  246. For sale: The 60,000 beach hut made out of driftwood and the roof of a grocery van
  247. Couple barred from fostering, admit they smack their daughter 'as a last resort'
  248. Kidnapped girl's mother 'admitted': 'I knew where my daughter was all along'
  249. Hundreds of women & children in 19th Century clothing flee "Mormon polygamy farm"
  250. 8 teens charged in videotaped attack