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  1. A message? Witness to San Francisco rape is slain
  2. Student heroes hurl food at Westboro church members until the little sissies run away
  3. Nude pics in phone lost at McDonald's get online
  4. West Virginia mom accused of burning 'wimp' into child
  5. No heath insurance in Oklahoma? No football tickets!
  6. Mortgage meltdown results in pets going to pound
  7. Fontana, California clown sentenced to 12 years in sex abuse case
  8. Pakistani teen mauled by dogs and shot in “honor killing"
  9. The (anti-gay) American Family Association's new DVD, "They're Coming to Your Town"
  10. Wisconsin girl, 10, suspended for 'killing spree hit list'
  11. Con man posts himself out of prison in giant FedEx box
  12. Doctors find worm in woman's brain
  13. Suspect arrested for greasy butt imprints in Nebraska town
  14. New level of stupidity: boy arrested for deliberately breaking wind in class
  15. Man drove over 2000 miles for new job; gets axed after one day
  16. Somali pirates to buy CITIGROUP financial giant with ransom money?!
  17. Teenager commits suicide live online while 1,500 people watch video stream
  18. Sex offenders win California state court ruling over where they can live
  19. Fishermen catch Golden Retriever
  20. Court rules obese have rights to two airplane seats
  21. Fired 44-year-old stripper sues club for age discrimination
  22. Go to the ER for kidney stone, lose all your limbs and sight
  23. Pasta jar penis man chased by police
  24. Cyber-bullying trial opens in US
  25. Fast food fury: son shoots dad, then himself, after order goes wrong
  26. A night in the cells for father who smacked his runaway son
  27. Paedophile who ran an orphanage jailed
  28. Brothers jailed over murder of toddler who was tortured in a hot clothes dryer
  29. Man beheads himself with chainsaw
  30. eHarmony to create same sex service
  31. Rapper gets 20 years after writing shooting song
  32. Man uses bat to take back cat
  33. Woman out $400K to 'Nigerian scam' con artists
  34. Washington dad accused of killing daughter while cleaning gun
  35. Ontario raising full driver's licence age to 22? WTF?
  36. Chinese automakers may buy GM and Chrysler
  37. Grave is oldest DNA evidence of family
  38. Woman shocked at appraisal by Antiques Roadshow
  39. Entire list of BNP members leaked!
  40. Watsonville, California "mom" says she killed 3-year-old, police say
  41. Student's husband banned from school
  42. World's fattest man has sex. You needed to know.
  43. 911 dispatcher hangs up on woman being attacked
  44. Citigroup to shed another 53,000 jobs
  45. Officials: Israeli mob boss killed in car bombing
  46. Goldman Sachs CEO, six leaders give up 2008 bonuses
  47. Indian man marries a dog
  48. West Virginia town shrugs at poorest health ranking
  49. Consumer Reports' 2008 Car Reliability Survey
  50. 16 yr old girl B&E'ing mauled by cougar in house
  51. Maternity unit, Philippines-style as Church takes on government over contraception
  52. Sega Pulls Samba De Amigo video game ads After PETA Outcry
  53. Southern California in flames
  54. Violent video games tied to teen aggression
  55. Jury awards $2.5 million to teen beaten by Klan members
  56. Please sign this petition for those who failed baby Peter to be sacked
  57. Father 'accidentally crushed his six-month-old baby during game of aeroplanes'
  58. Boy hurled through window when toilet exploded
  59. Obese prisoner released early because of size
  60. Grandmother buried at funeral attended by 172 grandchildren
  61. Feuding Philly anchors making, not breaking, news
  62. L.A. eBay vendor exceeds huge feedback milestone
  63. Denver mother ran errands while her scalded child was dying
  64. Pregnant man to give birth again
  65. Dutch men convicted of injecting partygoers with HIV
  66. BBC presenter says taxi driver with turban would 'freak my daughter out'
  67. Woman arrested after leaving baby and toddler home alone
  68. 40% oppose gay men as adoptive parents
  69. Two men found guilty of causing baby's death
  70. Why do kids kill?
  71. Man cured of AIDS, 20 months after bone marrow transplant
  72. Southern California toddler drowns in backyard swimming pool
  73. Jailers force inmates to box; record matches, wager bets
  74. Are they out to get you? Paranoia on the rise
  75. Student dies after shooting at Fla. high school
  76. Swedish bestiality ring exposed
  77. Police: Oklahoma woman slain as she tried to leave KKK rite
  78. Man's coffin kills wife on way to cemetery
  79. Homeless vet is a nomad no more
  80. Woman with Cerebral Palsy banned from coffee shop
  81. British teen declines heart surgery, prefers to die with dignity
  82. Bigot beats two women in front of their child, at school
  83. The family that drinks together...
  84. Baby girl found abandoned in pushchair outside hospital
  85. Teenage girl wins right to die
  86. Tight credit slows food and energy shipments
  87. Joran Van Der Sloot, new occupation
  88. Recycling myths: Popular Mechanics debunks 5 half truths about recycling
  89. Magazines trash men's body image, too
  90. And the good news keeps coming! DHL cutting 9,500 jobs!
  91. Infertile woman to give birth after her twin sister donates an ovary in world first
  92. Florida school will remain named after KKK leader
  93. Mom who cut off baby's arms moving to outpatient care
  94. Parents oppose end of care for brain-dead son citing religious beliefs
  95. Spoofing Shepard Fairey's Barack Obama poster
  96. 'Female Charles Manson' tops the US Most Wanted list after escaping from jail
  97. Birth of a trend? Baby Obama born in Florida
  98. Commuter's hand sliced off by train after she collapsed on platform & fell onto track
  99. BBC presenter says Queen Mother was 'ghastly bigot'
  100. Foreplay is overrated?
  101. Smokers are banned from fostering
  102. Prison sources say Bali Bombers have been executed
  103. Iranian bodybuilder flexes his huge pecs to win world championships
  104. Residents trapped in homes by tumbleweed
  105. Arizona boy, 8, accused of killing 2, including dad
  106. Army general to investigate recruiter suicides
  107. Cuba to be hit by its 3rd major hurricane this year
  108. World leaders hail Barack Obama triumph
  109. U.S. Army social scientist set afire in Afghanistan
  110. Cops find crack pipe between woman's bum cheeks
  111. Dutch may force bad mothers to use contraception
  112. Council workmen find 100 tonnes of rubbish in pensioner's home
  113. Teen boy survives recycling truck compactor
  114. Richmond, California rookie police officer resigns after Halloween photos surface
  115. Drunk McCain supporter upset at Obama win: bites nose of bar goer
  116. Body believed to be Brandon Crisp's found
  117. Author Michael Crichton has 'died unexpectedly'
  118. Home birth baby died after midwife 'delayed sending mother to hospital'
  119. Man pleads guilty to letting daughters die in frozen field
  120. Two more teens abandoned under Nebraska's Safe Haven law
  121. School clams up on 'gay' pledge cards given to Kindergartners
  122. Mother jailed for smothering son with pillow because he was an 'inconvenience'
  123. Perfect Christmas gift from your insecure man: GPS lingerie
  124. In this economy, even sex doesn't sell
  125. CNN reporting bones found at crash site are Steve Fossett's
  126. Kidnappers kill 5 year old boy with acid
  127. Police in Oakland, California, still looking for baby boy ejected out of pickup truck
  128. Cover up tattoos, some employees told
  129. South Carolina boy shot, killed trick-or-treating; 2 injured
  130. Vicar goes to casualty with potato stuck up his bum
  131. How much is that college degree really worth?
  132. Man jailed after two ate from one plate buffet
  133. U.S. Navy Blue Angels remove 2 from duty due to 'inappropriate relationship'
  134. Light drinking in pregnancy may be good for baby boys
  135. MS sufferer Debbie Purdy loses battle on assisted suicide
  136. A tough economy is forcing some divorced parents to live together
  137. 8ft Lego man washes up on beach
  138. Pumpkins with familiar faces
  139. Doctor denied Permanent Residency because son has Down Syndrome
  140. Microsoft offers reward for missing Xbox gamer
  141. Kentucky man, 82, accused of trading drugs for sex
  142. Teen gets time for grandma in 'gangster rap' video
  143. California man defending home from theft killed by police
  144. Somali woman stoned to death for adultery
  145. Scientists discover single brain cell dedicated to Jennifer Aniston in woman's head
  146. 25 most expensive colleges for 2008-2009
  147. Health and Safety madness continues
  148. Manhattan gun buyback nets over 500 guns
  149. New anti-rape campaign in Scotland: This is not an invitation to rape me
  150. Former slave wins historic case against Niger government
  151. Muslim GP faces sack over homophobic letter
  152. Woman buys back foreclosed home for stranger
  153. The tiny premature baby kept alive with bubble wrap
  154. Half-tonne man gets married... after being taken to the church in a custom-made truck
  155. FBI: Child-Prostitution roundup snares over 600
  156. Halloween Sarah Palin prop sparks controversy in West Hollywood, California
  157. Pay-To-Behave program debuts in D.C. schools
  158. Boy, 8, shot to death in Mass. gun show accident
  159. Hotel serves family 'poo ice cream'
  160. Advertise on NYTimes.com U.S. insurer of pensions has lost $2 Billion
  161. Target pays shopper $3M for refusing her money
  162. Scientists dismayed by vanishing of 7 whales
  163. TV anchor Anne Presley dies
  164. Driver follows GPS directions into lake
  165. Wall Street wives had the richer, now they're a bit poorer
  166. Man refused sex so he peed on dog
  167. Don’t have sex, win a $10,000 wedding
  168. Raphael's 'Madonna of the Goldfinch' returns after painstaking 10-year restoration
  169. Darwin nominee dies after binge-eating contest
  170. Utility company worker stumbles upon marijuana grow house
  171. Drug sniffing dogs used by nosy parents
  172. Latest WTF news: Hit a Jew Day
  173. Woman arrested for killing virtual reality husband
  174. Fake but funny: Best man trips, knocks bride and priest into swimming pool
  175. 'It's payback time,' banks warned in threat letters
  176. Los Angeles County workers may cost taxpayers $500 million
  177. Barack Obama/Joe Biden widen their lead in the polls
  178. Black man labeled 'dumb n......' on store receipt
  179. UFOs filmed in Turkey: real evidence or biggest scam of all time
  180. Josef Fritzl: I was born to be a rapist
  181. Virginia pharmacy declares it's "birth-control free"
  182. Hospital sends bill to woman who never saw a doctor after 19 hours of waiting
  183. Utah hunters discover pot farm worth millions
  184. Geologists discover 'dinosaur dancefloor' in remote American wilderness
  185. Father who snapped baby daughter's back in two places life sentence for her murder
  186. 'Yeti' footprints found by adventurers in Nepal
  187. Father-of-two can't get a job - because employers think he's 'too ugly'
  188. American TV anchorwoman discovered brutally beaten in her own home
  189. Raid targets Mongols motorcycle gang
  190. Afghan gets 20 years for women's rights talk
  191. Woman arrested in connection with child abduction
  192. Porn-surfing clergyman downs church network
  193. Miss Teen Louisiana busted in dine and dash
  194. 'Torture' the video game
  195. The mother who gets her 13-year-old to behave... by giving her cigarettes
  196. 89-year-old Ohio woman charged with keeping kids' ball
  197. In not-surprising news, Florida may officially be the weirdest United State
  198. Police arrest Michigan man for car wash vacuum sex
  199. Black male dragged to death behind a truck in rural Texas
  200. Louis Farrakhan says 'new beginning' for Nation of Islam
  201. Iran to stop executing children
  202. The stuntman who went for a bicycle ride along a wire strung 135ft in the air
  203. 2 men and dog in trouble after helping old man in Fremont, California fracas
  204. Ohioan: Cross-burning was for Halloween
  205. Woman left to die after ambulance bosses refused to let crew cross a county boundary
  206. Grandad murdered in 'gangland style hit' as he lay sleeping next to his wife
  207. Husband hacked wife to death after she changed Facebook status to "single"
  208. Law to require women to look at would-be baby right before abortion
  209. 6 year old boy kidnapped in drug related robbery
  210. Medical copter crash kills little girl, crew of 3
  211. Bee Gees' 'Stayin' Alive' has perfect beat for CPR
  212. Balloon twisting sculptures
  213. Found: The grave of Marcus Macrinus, the real-life inspiration for "Gladiator"
  214. Rare condition leaves girl black and blue
  215. The 'Artful Dodger' aged eight who stole thousands, but is too young to face charges
  216. Identical triplets born in New York
  217. Mathias Guerrand-Hermès "grabbed pilot's crotch and threatened to punch him"
  218. X Factor failure evicted from council house after complaints over 'loud singing'
  219. Canada economy headed for recession, BMO forecasts
  220. Man gulps down 15-pound burger with toppings
  221. Last Titanic survivor sells mementoes to pay for care: report
  222. Convicted rapist tries to avoid indefinite prison sentence
  223. Europe extends global market losses
  224. Mother gets ten year sentence after boyfriend impregnates 9-year-old daughter
  225. Pasadena woman facing eviction is found dead in burning home
  226. Payout on way for woman whose 200 shoes are now useless
  227. More scroungers: Family of 13 who live on benefits want a bigger house
  228. Man plays banjo on operating table while doctors carried out surgery on his brain
  229. Spanking science teacher who slapped girl of 14 on the bum sent for retraining
  230. Airport admits 'strip search' body scanners will show people naked
  231. One-time Martin Luther King Jr. lieutenant gets 15 years for incest
  232. Gamer juggles over 30 Warcraft characters
  233. Family cremated mom on BBQ
  234. Dead woman still breathing in morgue
  235. And in f-ing idiot news; Woman loses life savings in house fire
  236. Nancy Reagan hospitalized
  237. Hijacker overpowered on Turkey-Russia flight
  238. New York Parole Board Commissioner arrested in child sex sting
  239. The house literally sawn in half by divorcing couple
  240. The man who can write calligraphy with water squirted from his eyes
  241. Supergran, 68, gives handbag thieves a real run for their money
  242. Dubai unveils plans for world's tallest fountain
  243. Man tries to pay for McDonald's with pot
  244. Homeless win right to camp in city parks
  245. "Too fat to die" dude executed in Ohio
  246. Parents withhold water & food from 14 year old daughter
  247. Anti-suicide safety net set for Golden Gate Bridge
  248. Mother drives 12 hours to dump son in Nebraska
  249. Deadly L.A. wildfires forcing evacuations
  250. Dutch 'HIV attack' trial begins