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  1. Europe extends global market losses
  2. Mother gets ten year sentence after boyfriend impregnates 9-year-old daughter
  3. Pasadena woman facing eviction is found dead in burning home
  4. Payout on way for woman whose 200 shoes are now useless
  5. More scroungers: Family of 13 who live on benefits want a bigger house
  6. Man plays banjo on operating table while doctors carried out surgery on his brain
  7. Spanking science teacher who slapped girl of 14 on the bum sent for retraining
  8. Airport admits 'strip search' body scanners will show people naked
  9. One-time Martin Luther King Jr. lieutenant gets 15 years for incest
  10. Gamer juggles over 30 Warcraft characters
  11. Family cremated mom on BBQ
  12. Dead woman still breathing in morgue
  13. And in f-ing idiot news; Woman loses life savings in house fire
  14. Nancy Reagan hospitalized
  15. Hijacker overpowered on Turkey-Russia flight
  16. New York Parole Board Commissioner arrested in child sex sting
  17. The house literally sawn in half by divorcing couple
  18. The man who can write calligraphy with water squirted from his eyes
  19. Supergran, 68, gives handbag thieves a real run for their money
  20. Dubai unveils plans for world's tallest fountain
  21. Man tries to pay for McDonald's with pot
  22. Homeless win right to camp in city parks
  23. "Too fat to die" dude executed in Ohio
  24. Parents withhold water & food from 14 year old daughter
  25. Anti-suicide safety net set for Golden Gate Bridge
  26. Mother drives 12 hours to dump son in Nebraska
  27. Deadly L.A. wildfires forcing evacuations
  28. Dutch 'HIV attack' trial begins
  29. Australian girl who hid in cupboard for five years marries her 'captor'
  30. The jobless couple with 10 children who rake in 32,000 a year in benefits
  31. 'He seduced you': Married housewife who had sex with boy, 14, walks free from court
  32. Thieves steal $2000 worth of vibrators
  33. Teen changes her name to anti-dissection website
  34. Lessons from the Great Depression
  35. Britt Lapthorne's body found
  36. Does bad credit make you a bad person?
  37. Is this the end of the world? More boring than predicted
  38. Widow switches off all power in energy bill protest
  39. Bank of Scotland CEO quits, is handed multi-billion pound payout
  40. Good news! Low grade NYC hookers not suffering from the credit crunch.
  41. 10 years after Matthew Shepard's murder, still no federal hate crime law
  42. Rape victim upset? Well, she's smiling on Facebook said lawyer
  43. Australia to guarantee bank deposits
  44. Dow had its worst week ever
  45. The pornification of a generation
  46. Shall we have a whip-round? China's richest woman loses $5 billion as markets crash
  47. Chicago to approve public high school for gay, lesbian and transgender teens
  48. The moment a hot air balloon exploded, leaving one dead and another injured
  49. Pictures capturing life in the womb
  50. Death sentence imposed in videotaped sex killing
  51. China says new liquid milk in line with melamine limits
  52. Iraq contractor gets 3 years in child porn case
  53. Cop coldcocked by dildo
  54. Homeless man dies after being set ablaze in Los Angeles
  55. Good Samaritan threatened with arrest after organizing whip around to help pensioner
  56. Mother investigated after 'giving girls vodka' on charity walk
  57. Autistic boy, 4, shot himself in the face with cop mother's gun
  58. Judge's advice angers battered woman
  59. Worries after 30 lesbians impregnated by the same man
  60. Judge won't allow the man who kidnapped Elizabeth Smart to be medicated
  61. Woman kept prisoner at home by her own husband for 50 years
  62. 105-year-old virgin says no sex the key to long life
  63. What credit crunch? Fatcat Barclay bankers on another luxury jaunt
  64. First picture of an alien planet-it has a "hot young body"
  65. California girl, 8, dies after being found hanging
  66. Woman pours hot water on husband's crotch
  67. HUD: Five million fraudulent mortgages held by illegals
  68. Missing heroin: the potential timebomb
  69. Hawaii tourism chief resigns in e-mail scandal
  70. Fatty given 150 fine for parking 13 minutes too long at KFC
  71. Sydney brothel goers lose 'Touch of Class'
  72. Ohio teen charged for sending nude phone photos
  73. Sheriff in Ill. county won't evict in foreclosures
  74. Girls strip-searched at Michigan school, parents say
  75. China reluctant to reveal tainted milk figures
  76. Case of decapitated girl to wrap up (warning: fairly graphic detail, no pictures)
  77. Global financial crisis worsens
  78. 14-year-old Iowa girl abandoned under Nebraska law
  79. Half-ton Mexican man dies after pleading for help
  80. Nepal declares young girl new living goddess
  81. Naked Briton arrested after going for a swim in Tokyo's sacred Imperial Palace moat
  82. Safer Down's syndrome test that ends the risk of miscarriage
  83. The 20st/280lb sumo girl, aged just 14
  84. The toilet lady's boyfriend won the lottery!
  85. Former Mr Gay UK slit lover's throat then marinated his diced flesh with fresh herbs
  86. Monkeys make good waiters
  87. Lehman Brothers CEO punched in the face while trying to work out at the gym
  88. FBI files: Evel Knievel not exactly Mr. America
  89. 6 die in family murder-suicide in upscale Los Angeles home
  90. Nursery supervisor 'made monkey noises' towards black toddler
  91. One man, seven wives, eight children, and two more on the way
  92. Grandmother jailed for smuggling 1million worth of cocaine in mobility vehicle
  93. 'I'm in love with lottery rapist & he's a total gentleman', says his cleaning lady
  94. Homosexuals should carry warning tattoos, says chaplain
  95. 6 out of 10 Americans believe a depression is likely
  96. GCHQ wants to read all UK texts and emails
  97. Florida fairgoers catch, save toddler dropped by mom dangling from carnival ride
  98. Another 'Extreme Makeover' homeowner in trouble
  99. Dow falls below 10,000
  100. Mortgage forgiven for woman, 90, who shot herself
  101. Frozen chicken salmonella sickens people in 12 states
  102. U.S. bank failures almost certain to increase in next year
  103. University of Colorado frat house firebombed; brawl follows
  104. Jury finds O.J. Simpson GUILTY on all charges
  105. Ex-morgue worker jailed for raping one of many corpses
  106. Jacket with knife attached pulled from UK stores
  107. Roman statues found under Aegean Sea
  108. Father "killed himself and two-year-old son to spare toddler torture of divorce"
  109. Woman refused the morning-after pill because it was against the pharmacist's religion
  110. Bank robber finds getaway on Craigslist
  111. 300 people still missing since Ike hit Texas
  112. Buckingham Palace butler 'ran paedophile sex ring while working for the Royal Family'
  113. Man lashes out at a 16-year-old girl over an argument in a McDonald's queue
  114. Rap earns Russian soldier 'exile'
  115. Korean actress commits suicide
  116. UK university probes "Nazi" initiation video
  117. MADD says paralysed woman too disturbing to be seen in public
  118. Dumb teenager dies after egging cars
  119. British crowd jeers suicidal jumper to his death
  120. Wife of Kansas City mayor bitches about parking ticket
  121. Man's false teeth catch bullet that ricocheted off his wife
  122. Doh: Boy faces lifelong Bart Simpson scar after suffering reaction to henna tattoo
  123. Bid of $1.75 on eBay gets abandoned Saginaw home
  124. Missing aviator/adventurer Steve Fossett's ID found?
  125. Blind activists plan protest of movie 'Blindness'
  126. Top Barclays exec in London murdered while helping homeless man
  127. Mother kept the bodies of her adopted girls encased in ice and claimed child support
  128. The girl who bleeds without being cut baffles doctors
  129. Midwife is suing parents of newborn twins after tripping over a folded buggy
  130. A Duggar family wedding expands brood to 20
  131. Woman in cow costume terrorizes neighborhood
  132. 5-year-old dies after Simi Valley, Ca. pit bull attack
  133. South Texas town ousts sex offender mayor
  134. World markets fall
  135. California took on energy crisis, now it faces water crisis
  136. Cops: 2 injured in frat vomit prank gone wrong
  137. Chemical irritant empties Islamic Society of Greater Dayton's mosque
  138. Interest grows in 4-day week for Iowa schools
  139. Iran sinking as groundwater resources disappear
  140. Woman finds dead bat in coffee maker
  141. Blogger looks for sperm donor online
  142. Tying poor women's tubes could help taxpayers, legislator says
  143. Experts unveil skull of giant duck with teeth and the wingspan of a family car
  144. Crash driver's blow-up doll inflates on impact
  145. Asia food tainting spreads, leading to recall in U.S.
  146. Police say teen plotted to kill mom for breast implants
  147. Solar panels are new hot property for thieves
  148. New study puts the "Perma" back in Permafrost
  149. California warns people not to flush pharmaceuticals
  150. Mother buys assault rifle for son who was planning Columbine-style school attack
  151. Two Jehovah's Witnesses "murdered 13 people on mission from God"
  152. Poland to impose chemical castration on sex offenders
  153. The oldest place on Earth hidden away in Canada for 4 billion years
  154. Rape victims 'could have been spared ordeal'
  155. German dentist extracts payment from patient
  156. Probation requirement: no more kids
  157. Man sues doctors after penis amputated
  158. PETA asks Ben & Jerry's to use breast milk in its ice cream
  159. WTF? Teachers required to take seminars to teach "Huck Finn"!!!
  160. Mother, four children still missing
  161. Gas shortages?: This week in petroleum - September 24
  162. 3 day old baby killed by family dog......not a pitbull
  163. PICTURE EXCLUSIVE: 'Man' who gave birth enjoys a day out with his wife and child
  164. Farting is "battery"
  165. Good Samaritans aid girl whose hand was severed in freak accident
  166. Horrific football hazing case shakes NM town
  167. Boy, 5, dumped by school bus driver in NYC streets
  168. Jail for mother who bit son's arm
  169. Latest smoking ad shows decayed gums
  170. Michelangelo's David 'at risk of falling over'
  171. Massive diamond found in Lesotho
  172. Ancient underwater reef found in Australian outback
  173. Many feared dead, student 'armed with explosives' opens fire at school in Finland
  174. Man 'smothered' children before killing himself
  175. 7 year old steals grandmother's car again!
  176. Crime writer Dominick Dunne rushed from O.J. trial to hospital
  177. Top 10 controversial court cases
  178. Couple marry with 42lb cheeseburger for a wedding cake
  179. 'Tent cities' of homeless on the rise across the US
  180. Meet Wilma: The face of Neanderthal woman revealed for the first time
  181. Girl, 19, beaten after being wrongly accused of stealing phone
  182. 15-year-old girl gives birth while at school
  183. Joker Halloween costumes are in short supply
  184. Large explosion at hotel in Pakistan capital
  185. Pentagon denies Medal of Honor to hero marine
  186. Phoenix, Arizona mom talks: baby ejected in street-race wreck
  187. Phoenix police shoot innocent homeowner multiple times in mix-up
  188. Stressed plants produce an aspirin-like chemical
  189. The Trolls among us
  190. Blasts in Mongol Motorcycle Club leader's driveway; war with Hells Angels feared
  191. Fish swims into boy's penis
  192. Cat gets stuck in toilet
  193. The "retarded" renaissance - how the word found new meaning?
  194. Prosecutor: Actor killed cat in jealous rage
  195. Vandalism of Southlake teen's Hummer not an isolated incident
  196. Fourth baby dies and 12 more people are arrested in China toxic milk scandal
  197. The 13-year-old with gigantic size seventeen feet
  198. Steve Irwin's son, 4, wants TV show
  199. Turkish hotel fires ALL its male workers for having affairs with British women guests
  200. Only in Ohio: Man shot and killed near vigil for slain son
  201. Swiss restaurant to serve meals cooked with human breast milk
  202. Suze Orman: 'Thank God, they bailed out AIG'
  203. AP Exclusive: Video shows Iowa workers abusing pigs
  204. Woman pets cat, turns out to be skunk instead
  205. Salmonella risk prompts pet food recall
  206. World's shortest man, leggiest woman meet
  207. Another car sex incident
  208. Mum mom gets 20-to-life for lover's slay of tot, will serve longer than killer
  209. Italy wants to pass law to limit building of Mosques
  210. Colo. attorney robbed in Minn. hotel room during RNC
  211. Windsor, California man accidentally runs over young son
  212. California child dies, caught in car's power window
  213. LA commuter train crash: Driver 'distracted by text message'
  214. The baby boy who weighed in at at a whopping 13lb 4oz
  215. 'Tard: Woman dialled 999 to report that her rabbit had the wrong ears
  216. Mother, boyfriend charged in infant's death
  217. Four rural teens charged with $25K theft
  218. Teens 'stabbed 666 times and eaten' in Satanic ritual
  219. Louisiana: Social Services chief quits after criticism
  220. Cartoon bunny attempts suicide, real-life children follow suit
  221. Sharia courts operating in Britain
  222. Grandma too young for Toys R Us discount
  223. Murdered couple leave bitter will
  224. Priest engages in some bedroom Bible "study" with parishioner's wife
  225. Homeless 90210: Slumming time and the livin's easy in Beverly Hills
  226. Woman steals daughter's identity and enrolls herself in high school
  227. Solving the mystery of the falling man
  228. Commuter train, freight train collide in L.A.
  229. Police wrongly taped sex in nursing home
  230. Dad chases nude boy from daughter's room with pipe
  231. We're married, sleeping separately
  232. Priest busted for selling cocaine from rectory
  233. Miami residents are most attractive in U.S.: poll
  234. Did Gerry McCann bury his daughter's body, in a Portuguese beach?
  235. Jail for woman who showed severed fingers in court
  236. Actress faces jail for saying Pope will go to hell
  237. Italy's Madeleine McCann 'found safe and well after four years'
  238. Britain's dirtiest flat
  239. FDA warns of tainted illegal baby formula from China
  240. More research confirms: Pharmaceuticals in drinking water
  241. Airport personnel find dead baby in Vietnamese man's suitcase
  242. Spilled beer makes for bad driver!
  243. Kim Jong-Il seriously ill, reported to have had a stroke
  244. The Chinese bee swarm that killed six people in a horrific truck crash
  245. Baby raises alarm after mother falls unconscious
  246. Rare photograph of Florence Nightingale for sale
  247. Woman kidnaps first grader to prove it can be done
  248. Kim Kardashian makes drunk bitches go crazy
  249. Klansman's conviction tossed
  250. Woman keeps her dead toddler in her trunk