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  1. Man attempts to rob Tae Kwon Do studio
  2. Washington man caught in carpool lane with unbuckled dummy
  3. Baby sitters accused of taping sex with children
  4. Anyone follow the "Baby P" story?
  5. Police: Woman drugs boss's coffee so he'll 'chill'
  6. Woman drives into a river thinking it's a puddle!
  7. 10 children drank windshield wiper fluid at Ark. daycare
  8. Man dressed like The Joker slain by police in park
  9. Boy, 4, to pre-school classmate: 'That's my brother's weed'
  10. New York funeral director offers free funeral in exchange for DIY work
  11. Baby born with two penises in Russia
  12. South Africa: 'corrective' rape for lesbians, perhaps with murder as a side dish
  13. Moment of tooth: diver kills shark after 2-hr. battle
  14. Pathologist lied. Woman spent 14 years in jail, lost custody of kids.
  15. Bernie Madoff pleads guilty, is perp-walked away
  16. Judge releases homicide suspect back to his Mom's house
  17. 3 execs, 81 cars missing from Nebraska dealership
  18. Tard hurls himself over Niagara Falls and survives
  19. Texas mother tried to transport $1M worth of cocaine across border.. with kids in car
  20. 5 human heads discovered in ice chests in central Mexico
  21. Gunman massacres 15 in 2 towns near Stuttgart, Germany
  22. World's ugliest love triangle: Vicious duel over Pena, 75
  23. Husband burns his wife's lingerie
  24. Family wants half-brother of dead girl charged with manslaughter
  25. Arrests as Muslim demo targets UK soldiers
  26. Mother jailed for crushing baby
  27. Ten die in Alabama shooting spree
  28. Rapist asks for death, fears rape in prison
  29. The boy, 7, who doesn't let a double amputation hold him back
  30. Saudi Arabia sentences widow, 75, to 40 lashes
  31. Friends hope teen's death warns others against 'sexting'
  32. Farting interrupts city council meeting-in Ohio
  33. Woman injured in sex toy mishap
  34. Man who allegedly killed two teens ten years ago, walks away a free man
  35. Teenage Gypsy girls glam up for annual bride sale
  36. Autistic girl shut in a tiny room for being naughty at school
  37. Employment decline now worse than in 1981-82 recession
  38. Outside buyers drawn to Detroit's foreclosed homes
  39. Will the bible get you laid?
  40. One layoff leads to another
  41. Bread lines seen in California
  42. Antibiotics fed to livestock end up in crops
  43. Call girl claims Eliot Spitzer choked her during sex
  44. Police: Illinois pastor deflected gunshot with Bible
  45. Girl of 10 eats food for the first time
  46. Two Utah teachers accused of having sex with same student
  47. 11-year-old £8,000 richer after selling McDonald's Happy Meal toy collection
  48. Ball bearings blown into bum
  49. The children who think that Auschwitz is a brand of beer
  50. How much does it cost to run a teenager today? Is it worth it? Why does it hurt tv?
  51. California book keeper embezzles 10 mill
  52. CDC trying to save recess
  53. Can Web site offer homeless man hope?
  54. Gym club banned from holding classes at girls school after Muslim parents complain
  55. Ohio school gets 700 applicants for janitorial job
  56. Penis contraption 'extends manhood by a third'
  57. Dora the Sexplorer?
  58. Boy beats school bus driver in Michigan
  59. Amazing photos of suspects and their identifying marks
  60. Pancake winner dies in all-you-can-eat contest
  61. CCTV simulated-sex pair sentenced
  62. 911 lessons helped 4-year-old save mom
  63. Jailed: The mother whose baby died alone in a house blaze
  64. Indian parents use Internetz for matchmaking
  65. Petting-zoo slasher held in brutal break-in
  66. Family dog kills 2 week-old baby girl
  67. Man's miracle escape as he is run over by truck AND train in freak collision
  68. Father trips over toy and crushes baby
  69. French boy stabs sister over Nintendo DS
  70. Boy proves guns safe by shooting self in foot
  71. Woman 'bit off' partner's tongue
  72. Mother murdered ex she suspected of child sex abuse
  73. Fiancée swallows engagement ring after boyfriend hid it in milkshake
  74. Uninvited guest wildly disrupts funeral by dancing, waving wand, throwing flowers
  75. Haleigh Cummings a part of America’s growing problem?
  76. Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe 'fit to be freed from Broadmoor'
  77. Woman calls 911 after McDonalds runs out of McNuggets
  78. Shovel rage: Brothers accused of attacking dad
  79. "Designer Baby" clinic opens in Los Angeles, CA
  80. Foster child raped tot, 2
  81. Police: Boy, 13, planned brother's killing
  82. Cops: Bus driver didn't stop student abuse
  83. Man smokes cat inside bong to "calm" it. Fucker.
  84. Mom to take her kids to the army base with her. Kinda stupid?
  85. Woman with two wombs delivers a twin daughter from each
  86. Beauty queen almost 'tanned herself to death because of sunbed addiction'
  87. Harry Potter fantard keeps vigil for movie role
  88. Washington mother gets 3 months for attacking sex felon
  89. The girl with 13 celebrity autographs tattooed on her body
  90. Iran angered over films 'The Wrestler' and '300'
  91. TEENAGER faces kidnapping charge after incident at Lee’s Summit Wal-Mart
  92. Court upholds anonymity on the internetz
  93. Radio commentator Paul Harvey dead at age 90
  94. Woman arrested for breastfeeding while driving...oh, and yapping on her cell too
  95. Raped girl, 9, wants to abort twins
  96. First US face transplant patient leaves hospital
  97. Video shows King County deputy kicking teen girl
  98. Toilet paper does more environmental damage than all the Hummers on the planet
  99. Whoever's dumping placentas in the sewer system needs to stop
  100. Outrage: A convicted rapist and murderer set TO GO FREE
  101. Wal Mart employee sets himself on fire, other employees watch enviously
  102. Prosecutor certain convict abused more than three corpses (necrophiliac alert!!)
  103. Balls replace chairs in Fort Collins classroom
  104. Office has its own helter-skelter
  105. Man dies after Viagra-fuelled 12-hour orgy
  106. Child "Slumdog" actor beaten by father for refusing to leave shack
  107. Mother trades in children for $175 and a cockatoo
  108. Mother jailed for failing to send daughter to school 100 yards from home
  109. Disabled woman given mermaid tail to help her swim
  110. Best all around car brands: Consumer Reports
  111. In the wheat fields of Kenya, a budding epidemic
  112. Body rots in hearse, Alabama funeral director charged
  113. Dying 9-year-old Texas girl has dream wedding
  114. Negrohead Mountain to be renamed after former slave
  115. Man pisses himself during stop for suspected DUI
  116. Girl, 3, raised by dogs in her home after her alcoholic mother neglected her
  117. Turkish plane crash in Amsterdam
  118. Bus driver takes out-of-control passengers to police station for dressing down
  119. Octuplet mum offered porn contract
  120. Australian incest story
  121. Facebook gives kids autism and/or ADH... ooh, a new status comment!
  122. Father stabs son for wearing hat in church
  123. Tory leader David Cameron's son dies
  124. Some colleges offering degrees in 3 years
  125. 'Degrading' lyrics linked to teen sex
  126. Los Angeles sheriff could free 4,000 inmates due to budget
  127. Grandmother is 'most married woman' after tying the knot 23 times
  128. Another female teacher molesting a male student
  129. Painting by Henri Matisse sells for a record £28.4 million
  130. Parents demand disabled children's TV presenter is axed
  131. Land of twins? (not Hollywood)
  132. Demand for GED classes increase with job losses
  133. Burn victim makes miraculous recovery and loses his freckles
  134. The uh, FATHER of the Octuplets speaks... or, sperm donor, whatever.
  135. Aspiring male model left suicide note on Facebook
  136. Bouncers beat bar patron unconscious for not using a coaster
  137. Boy killed anally when office chair explodes. Everyone post standing up now.
  138. Girl, 2, drowned in her buggy after father let go to kiss mistress
  139. Boy, 5, bounces off washing line after he falls head first from bedroom window
  140. Girl, 15, gives birth to twins fathered by her classmate
  141. Reports: Arrest close in Chandra Levy slaying
  142. Man defends self, kills attacker. Father of attacker wants "somebody to pay". Snort
  143. George Mason University elects drag queen as Homecoming Queen
  144. More fast-food in neighborhood = more strokes
  145. Hamptons half-price sale
  146. Extinct bird found, photographed & then eaten
  147. Cruel monster sets puppy, girfriend on fire in domestic dispute, faces arson charges
  148. Children's education being shortchanged by over testing
  149. Amid the grieving, a rare act of sportsmanship
  150. Japanese woman impregnated with wrong egg
  151. Woman's weave saves her life. Yep.
  152. Poll: Public fears about troubled economy growing
  153. The Westboro Baptist idiots add Australians to the list of stuff God hates
  154. The 13-year-old babydaddy is a money-grubbing scam?
  155. R. Allen Stanford, Texas billionaire accused of 'massive fraud', flees country?
  156. Man kidnaps, cuffs & diapers woman then reads her the bible for 3 days
  157. Student arrested for texting in class
  158. Boy's essay leads to child abuse charge for dad
  159. 'You want to foreclose on my house? Prove that I owe you.'
  160. Utah woman uses wedgie to capture suspected thief
  161. Another case of police brutality from TWO different police departments
  162. California to begin layoff proceedings today; 20,000 government workers to lose jobs
  163. 2 teen girls in Washington Army barracks; 1 dead
  164. U.S. Muslim TV network founder charged with beheading wife
  165. California "nearly broke"; lawmakers struggling to strike budget deal
  166. Aussies may soon be taxed for each flush
  167. Swedish train vandalized as part of art thesis
  168. Starbucks to sell instant coffee
  169. 13 year old 'dad' might be off the hook: two others say they could be the father
  170. PETA's latest publicity stunt
  171. Ohio woman pleads guilty in over-exercising death
  172. Special ed kids left behind during bomb threat evacuation
  173. Gamer rakes in 600K on Apple Iphone app in one month!
  174. 25 people to blame for the financial crisis
  175. Dad paints daughter in the nude-and it's NOT Joe Simpson!
  176. $250K Microsoft bounty to catch worm creator
  177. Jury: Florida smoker died because of addiction
  178. Buffalo, NY plane crash
  179. Babyfaced dad at 13
  180. Shocking skinhead attack on Brazilian woman in Switzerland
  181. Octuplets fertility doctor at center of another multi-pregnancy
  182. Scientists try to cure common cold
  183. Teenager sues Disney after suffering heart attack on rollercoaster
  184. Car accident tragically takes life of record breaking fingernails
  185. Pennsylvania judges accused of jailing kids for cash
  186. Baby gestures linked to vocabulary development
  187. Stray dogs being killed in Baghdad
  188. 40 years' worth of thanks
  189. Yet another blond/blue-eyed Florida girl missing
  190. Body found in trunk of car after police chase
  191. Body drag horror on streets of New York
  192. Driver obliviously drags man 20 miles in NYC
  193. T.D. Jakes' son in big trouble
  194. Indian newspaper editor & publisher arrested for offending Islam
  195. Woman who dumped her newborn in a lake to be charged with murder
  196. Officers: Teacher cut class for prostitution
  197. And the snowiest City in North America goes to.....wait for it....
  198. Obese moms more likely to have babies with birth defects
  199. Parents force teen son to wear poster displaying bad grades
  200. Mother, 17, expecting triplets two years after first child
  201. Saudi judge sentences pregnant gang-rape victim to 100 lashes for committing adultery
  202. Chicago students beaten by teachers; beaten with brooms, choked, pushed down stairs
  203. San Francisco burglary victim killed for going to police
  204. Capitol Police arrest man who claims to have delivery for Obama and gun
  205. Tornado destroys Edmon, Oklahoma
  206. PETA uses KKK imagery at dog show protest
  207. Wife wants divorce after discovering husband's gay "Second Life" humping
  208. 15 companies that might not survive 2009
  209. Newly discovered tomb holds 30 mummies
  210. Boy feared taken by crocodile in Australian river
  211. Former Morgan Stanley exec looted clients' college funds; busted
  212. CEOs, bankers used corporate credit cards to pay for prostitutes
  213. Unemployed use time for health, hobbies and family
  214. 90 year old victim of Bernie Madoff goes back to work
  215. Prayer nurse gives first interview...and she kind of creeps me out
  216. Australian Bushfires 2009
  217. Man works 50 jobs in 50 states in 50 weeks
  218. Boy found living in horrible conditions. WTF? That's his MOM?
  219. Canadian woman, 60, gives birth to twins
  220. Kinkonomics: Why freelance fetish work is on the rise
  221. Art student fakes suicide as part of a 'play'
  222. Baby born to family called Snowball
  223. Carol Thatcher's golliwog remarks ‘made eyes roll in the green room’
  224. Protesters ram into a Japanese whaling ship
  225. Pictures of snow chaos around the world
  226. Parents defend putting their kids in beauty pageants
  227. So cool! Tweens are emerging generation
  228. Sunday: NSW to be the hottest place on earth, or Why did I move here again (v.3)?
  229. US Airways to charge $7 for pillows and blankets
  230. Man busted after public display with blowup sex dolls
  231. Woman fails driving test 771 times
  232. 'My mother's fame drove me to drug addiction,' says daughter of Erin Brockovich
  233. Newborn-sized toddler baffles doctors
  234. Mother accused of neglect in 9-year-old girl's diabetes death
  235. Traveller caught at airport trying to smuggle two live pigeons in his pants
  236. 'Smittens' let couples hold hands inside one glove
  237. Yuk: Cannibal killers "cooked Russian schoolgirl, ate her because they were hungry"
  238. Nurse suspended for offering to pray for patient now told she can return to work
  239. One-night stand man wakes to find crazy bitch has carved her name into his arm
  240. Octuplet mom Nadya Suleman speaks exclusively to NBC's Ann Curry
  241. Violent unrest rocks China as crisis hits
  242. Army reports alarming rise in suicides last month
  243. Children rescued in 'largest' child porn bust
  244. Kidnapped siblings found 20 years later
  245. Nazi 'Dr. Death's whereabouts finally known
  246. Ready for another round of pageant wars?
  247. Chatroom partner calls police to avert suicide
  248. Japanese man dies after being rejected for emergency care by 14 hospitals
  249. FBI searches house of man related to Tylenol killings
  250. Car bomb injures head of Arkansas medical board