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  1. Boy feared taken by crocodile in Australian river
  2. Former Morgan Stanley exec looted clients' college funds; busted
  3. CEOs, bankers used corporate credit cards to pay for prostitutes
  4. Unemployed use time for health, hobbies and family
  5. 90 year old victim of Bernie Madoff goes back to work
  6. Prayer nurse gives first interview...and she kind of creeps me out
  7. Australian Bushfires 2009
  8. Man works 50 jobs in 50 states in 50 weeks
  9. Boy found living in horrible conditions. WTF? That's his MOM?
  10. Canadian woman, 60, gives birth to twins
  11. Kinkonomics: Why freelance fetish work is on the rise
  12. Art student fakes suicide as part of a 'play'
  13. Baby born to family called Snowball
  14. Carol Thatcher's golliwog remarks ‘made eyes roll in the green room’
  15. Protesters ram into a Japanese whaling ship
  16. Pictures of snow chaos around the world
  17. Parents defend putting their kids in beauty pageants
  18. So cool! Tweens are emerging generation
  19. Sunday: NSW to be the hottest place on earth, or Why did I move here again (v.3)?
  20. US Airways to charge $7 for pillows and blankets
  21. Man busted after public display with blowup sex dolls
  22. Woman fails driving test 771 times
  23. 'My mother's fame drove me to drug addiction,' says daughter of Erin Brockovich
  24. Newborn-sized toddler baffles doctors
  25. Mother accused of neglect in 9-year-old girl's diabetes death
  26. Traveller caught at airport trying to smuggle two live pigeons in his pants
  27. 'Smittens' let couples hold hands inside one glove
  28. Yuk: Cannibal killers "cooked Russian schoolgirl, ate her because they were hungry"
  29. Nurse suspended for offering to pray for patient now told she can return to work
  30. One-night stand man wakes to find crazy bitch has carved her name into his arm
  31. Octuplet mom Nadya Suleman speaks exclusively to NBC's Ann Curry
  32. Violent unrest rocks China as crisis hits
  33. Army reports alarming rise in suicides last month
  34. Children rescued in 'largest' child porn bust
  35. Kidnapped siblings found 20 years later
  36. Nazi 'Dr. Death's whereabouts finally known
  37. Ready for another round of pageant wars?
  38. Chatroom partner calls police to avert suicide
  39. Japanese man dies after being rejected for emergency care by 14 hospitals
  40. FBI searches house of man related to Tylenol killings
  41. Car bomb injures head of Arkansas medical board
  42. Aretha Franklin's Inauguration hat going to the Smithsonian
  43. Herbal tea ingredient helps beetle-plagued trees
  44. Cigarettes and soldiers
  45. 4-year-old girl killed in washing machine
  46. 4 sentenced for skate park attack of disabled men
  47. Keep your job with IBM...if you're willing to move to India
  48. Is your co-worker packing heat?
  49. MySpace removes 90,000 convicted pervs from its register
  50. Couple whose battle legalized gay marriage in Massachusetts files for divorce
  51. Skydiver lands with dying instructor at his back
  52. Maryland surgeons remove donated kidney through vagina
  53. NY Mayor Mike Bloomberg bit by groundhog
  54. Superbowl feed hacked by porn in Arizona
  55. The Day the Music Died - 50 year anniversary
  56. NJ teen abandoned in subzero temps in revenge plot
  57. Folding car dealers shock car buyers with unpaid liens
  58. Women with large chins are more likely to cheat
  59. Police: Girl, 8, shot during struggle with brother
  60. AP: Fraudulent 911 callers create havoc
  61. Stupidly named UK crime agency warns of white heroin
  62. Are children really in crisis, or victims of parents' anxiety?
  63. Australia faces collapse under extreme heat, or Why did I move here, v.2
  64. 5 newborns die in India maternity ward fire
  65. Cash4Gold rip off
  66. Behind the scenes: meet George Obama
  67. US soldier back from Iraq surprises son by jumping out of present
  68. Playground slide so dangerous it has a security guard
  69. School can expel lesbian students, court rules
  70. Mother kills only child after "it's her or me" ultimatum from boyfriend
  71. Police: Robber scared grandmother to death
  72. South Korean confesses to killing 7 women
  73. Mother finds son on MySpace after 32 years apart
  74. Teen goes after parents with knives over mobile phone punishment
  75. Mom finds child locked inside daycare alone
  76. Credit Crunch suicide page
  77. One of the worst escape attempts ever, robbers handcuffed together run into lamp-post
  78. Girl, 4, 'thrown to her death from 190ft bridge by her father'
  79. Whale hedge sculpture proves a big hit in seaside town
  80. Mother's anger after social workers place her children with gay couple for adoption
  81. Ohio family of four found dead
  82. Road sign warns of Zombies
  83. Three boys killed in Fontana police chase crash
  84. Oregon couple sentenced for having sex with their dog
  85. Iceland set for first gay Prime Minister
  86. Housing prices not done dropping yet
  87. Artist sells Casey Anthony voodoo dolls
  88. Unhappy meal: Executives now dining at McDonald's
  89. "Dating A Banker Anonymous" support group
  90. Starbucks to close 300 more stores
  91. U.S. Postal Service may go from 6 day a week to 5 day a week delivery service
  92. The internet is responsible for your daughter being an amoral slut, apparently
  93. Democrats launch anti-Rush Limbaugh petition!
  94. 'Baby Grace' told mother 'I love you' before she was beaten to death
  95. Man kills family & himself after being fired
  96. Ailing Starbucks to stop making decaffeinated coffee after noon
  97. Blowfish testicles sicken people in Japan
  98. Recess can make your kid a better student
  99. 'Grannies for Peace' member Lillian Willoughby, 93, remembered
  100. Good news! Wanking is good for you! Bad news! Not always
  101. The Etch-A-Sketch President: Artist uses toy to draw famous faces
  102. Family sells everything on eBay to support special needs kids
  103. Car launches 100ft through the air and crashes into a church roof
  104. Library book leads to woman's arrest
  105. New IVF treatment that 'could double birth rates'
  106. Christian firefighter wins damages over refusal to work at Gay Pride Event
  107. Senate approves 4-month delay in digital switch
  108. Moron gives birth to 8 babies - Bellflower, CA
  109. The Caylee Marie Anthony doll
  110. Lehman's exec Richard Fuld sold Florida mansion to wife for $100
  111. Surprise: Study further indicates, vaccinations don't cause autism
  112. Bloody Monday: Over 71,400 jobs lost
  113. 93-year-old man can't pay his electric bill; freezes to death inside home
  114. Economists: Recession getting worse
  115. Surrogate mother ordered to pay child support
  116. Sweden to become seventh country to legalize gay marriage
  117. Absent parents who don't pay maintenance could lose passports
  118. Man sues strip club after being hit in face by dancer's shoe
  119. Italian PM, Silvio Berlusconi, criticised for "pretty girl" rape comment
  120. Drunk broker starts fire in WTC elevator
  121. Market braces for 'awful' news
  122. Cop beats the crap out of handcuffed woman
  123. Hudson River hero pilot gets a parade
  124. Mother of David Koresh found stabbed to death
  125. Student's new bionic hand controlled by thoughts
  126. Man fathers four of his own grandkids, three die and are stored in a fridge
  127. Woman bites driver over non-hybrid bus
  128. Where you won't shop in 2009 (possible store closings)
  129. China closes 1,250 sites in online porn crackdown
  130. Man with painted face goes on stabbing rampage at Belgian nursery
  131. George Anthony, father of Casey Anthony, in the hospital, at one point suicidal
  132. Sex scandal divides Portland and its gay community
  133. Mum who subjected her six kids to years of abuse and incest jailed... for a bit
  134. Sadistic secret society at Rikers Island
  135. Teens accused of having sex and spitting on nursing home residents
  136. The "On This Day" news thread
  137. World slide into idiocy continues:73 yr old asked for ID to buy 'dangerous implement'
  138. Kids don't appreciate their parents until age 22
  139. Doctors to operate on baby with conjoined twin protruding from backside
  140. Three-year-old boy had 'smoking habit', court told
  141. Miss World finalist Mariana Bridi da Costa loses hands and feet
  142. Two sentenced to death over China milk scandal
  143. Illinois Lottery reconsiders contest after Chicago fan wins million
  144. Bernie Madoff victim goes from millionaire to cleaning houses
  145. 'It's ok to hit your wife' says Melbourne cleric
  146. Laid-back lifestyle lessens risk of dementia
  147. Illusionist almost drowns trying to escape water tank on Uri Geller's live TV show
  148. 81 year old actor accidentally shot with loaded gun during rehearsal for a play
  149. Hobbits not human!
  150. Stuffed uterus recalled because ovaries are potential choking hazard
  151. Kansas teen fakes her own kidnapping, will get one year probation
  152. Twins not his, but man must pay support
  153. UPS driver handles daughter's birth in his living room
  154. Englishmen on Titanic less likely to survive than Americans 'due to good manners'
  155. Assault with a deadly taco
  156. Three jailed for gang rape that left girl disfigured
  157. British scientists to test stem cell therapy on stroke victims
  158. Fishermen afloat in giant icebox survive 25 days in shark infested waters
  159. LA Times: U.S. economy may sputter for years
  160. Dad told to pay for child's birth or wed mom
  161. Soledad O'Brien threatens to evict family over stinky dog
  162. 10 questions never to ask in job interviews
  163. Ohio mother pleads insanity in 2 girls' drownings
  164. Wanker McKay Hatch and his fucking "No Cussing Club" attract a shitstorm of hatemail
  165. Christian refuses to drive 'atheist' bus
  166. Debris kills boy in stands at monster truck show
  167. W8, WUT? Teen sends nearly 34,000 texts
  168. Scientologists targeting HIV-positive protesters
  169. Circuit City to liquidate, all 567 stores out of business
  170. Whiffy: Woman horse rider kicked out of Supermarket because she was 'too smelly'
  171. Woman refuses to abort twins with two heads, one body
  172. Nasa says methane on Mars offers powerful evidence of life
  173. Man jailed for trying to spread HIV
  174. Was Jack the Ripper actually Jill the Ripper?
  175. Mind your workplace manners: country with rudest employees
  176. Plane crashes in NYC's Hudson River
  177. Oil tankers just sitting in the middle of the ocean, waiting for price to rise
  178. On this day: The Boston Molasses disaster kills 21, injures 150
  179. Woman who made the FBI's Most Wanted list in 2007 will only get 3 years
  180. Army general weighs 'fat camp' for recruits
  181. Wisconsin mayor accused of attempted child sex assault
  182. Amazing obituary. Sir Dai Llewellyn dies
  183. Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple and looking like shit, stepping down due to health reasons
  184. People need to chill, take 98763: Czech artist pisses everyone off with cheeky EU art
  185. Woman arrested after biting husband's penis
  186. Detroit school asks parents to donate toilet paper
  187. Maternity wards to widen delivery-room doors for obese mothers
  188. Iran stones two men for adultery... but a third man escapes during the execution
  189. Police nab burglar in 'first Facebook arrest'
  190. Woman punched in Scotland for being English
  191. Child named Adolf Hitler (and siblings) removed from parents
  192. California dentist is suing a couple for libel over a negative review on Yelp website
  193. Dad, son arrested after cop said they cut line
  194. Parachuting investor staged own death, fled divorce, investigations
  195. Kansas City woman claims she was told to get MRI at the Zoo
  196. Teens charged with "Sexting"
  197. Fat Ninja sought in Florida thefts
  198. JetBlue, TSA workers settle in Arabic t-shirt case
  199. You're too fat to adopt: 24stone/336lb husband told he has too many health risks
  200. Husband of woman who gave birth after death tells of heartbreak
  201. Girl sends 14,528 text messages in a month
  202. Man accused of selling daughter for cash, beer
  203. Go East, young man? Californians look for the exit
  204. Shark attacks, sharks close to shore..why did I move to Australia?
  205. Girl accused of murdering stepfather: 10,000 sex abuse images found
  206. Dildo-wielding man attacked woman and dog
  207. Pair accused of assault over Wii Christmas gift
  208. Ohio teen convicted of killing mom over video game
  209. Mom of three vanishes without a trace
  210. 107 year old Chinese woman hopes to find a husband for first time
  211. Missing pilot, Marcus Shrenker, spotted alive...
  212. Pound shop forced to close after 99p store opens across the road
  213. The world just got dumber: Cadbury puts milk warning on Dairy Milk chocolate bars.
  214. Apparently thinking outside the bun, a couple gets married at a Taco Bell
  215. Woman dies after sex orgy
  216. Joshua Duggar & his new wife want a big family
  217. UK approves police hacking home computers
  218. Horny burglar targets sex dolls
  219. Death row inmate rips out own eye and eats it
  220. Some sort of troll gives public blowjob. Oh god, my eyes!
  221. Prop. 8 supporters want donors to be anonymous - California
  222. Red states dominate teen pregnancy stats. Big surprise.
  223. Shopaholic crushed to death by her shopping
  224. New mom mistakes labour pains for kidney stone
  225. 400 struck down by US salmonella outbreak across 42 states
  226. World's biggest crossword on tower block
  227. Come meet the family... all 69 members who live in the SAME street
  228. Family of Afghan rape victim, 14, carry out forced 'honour' abortion with razor blade
  229. Radical cheap: $1,000 homes
  230. Fatal police shooting in Oakland, California, sparks violent protests
  231. Will Americans put on "recession pounds"?
  232. Who killed the Yummy Mummy?
  233. Man wants kidney back from ex-wife
  234. Ticketmaster bastards decide to scalp their own tickets
  235. Larry Flynt asks for 5 billion to help bail out porn industry
  236. The mum killing her half ton son
  237. Magistrate warns of 'big hairy men' in jail if criminal reoffends
  238. Indian schoolboy is the world's youngest lecturer
  239. Doctors remove can of hairspray from woman's bum
  240. Teenage couple suffocate after having sex in their car and leaving the engine running
  241. Young woman lashed naked to post and burnt to death 'for being a sorceress'
  242. Mother bugs her five-year-old daughter's teddy bear to spy on her ex-husband
  243. Parents who took their young son for a walk on frozen pond deny they were reckless
  244. Frugal is cool in cash-strapped US
  245. 6-year-old takes family car after missing bus
  246. Masturbating 150kph drug runner jailed
  247. Boy, 4, shoots babysitter for stepping on his foot
  248. Cross-dressing doc who killed wife found hanging in jail
  249. Model sues Google over 'skank' insult on blog
  250. Boy stops pit bull attack with jujitsu choke hold