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  1. British Drug Enforcer dies of drug overdose...
  2. 17-year-old dies after falling from roof of moving car in Huntington Beach, CA
  3. NYC hot dog vendor evicted over whopping rent bill
  4. 6-year-old sets fire to mattress as mother, baby sleep
  5. Fortune teller predicts that gay man is "going to hell"
  6. 40 years on - The Manson murders
  7. Could you do this? Mother turned sons in to police
  8. Obese inmate hid gun in his flab
  9. Little Bo Peep bride marries in dress made of wool from her own flock of sheep
  10. Here comes the bride... and her 1.4 mile-long wedding dress
  11. Baby squished under SUV, survives
  12. Man blames cat for child pornography found on his computer
  13. 'Hero' Greek woman sets fire to drunken Briton's genitals
  14. 2007 San Francisco Tiger attack victims both arrested.....AGAIN
  15. Manson girl Lynn 'Squeaky' Fromme to be released on the 16th
  16. No shoes, no service? Baby gets kicked out of Burger King
  17. Friends fan watches show for record-breaking 83 hours
  18. TWO pervert freak moron fucktards arrested in separate unrelated incidents
  19. Dr. Phil a sexual abuser?
  20. Breast-feeding baby doll causes outrage
  21. Man charged with decapitating elderly pedestrian
  22. Busted: Egyptian statue's a dead ringer for Michael Jackson
  23. Here we go again: gunman kills 3, wounds 9 at fitness center
  24. Police seek 2 white supremacists suspected of hate crime attack
  25. Wrong way driver who caused accident that killed 8 was under the influence
  26. Mother of obese children is pregnant for the seventh time
  27. Paramedic pedophlie couple caught with child porn...
  28. Mother finds her baby son up for adoption on Craigslist
  29. Kentucky Fried Chicken meal 'caused brain damage'
  30. Cheating man's genitals super-glued
  31. Man has many, many flags tattooed on face
  32. Seattle bank teller chases robber, loses job
  33. Jobless NYC woman sues college for $70K in tuition
  34. Woman, 24, divorces husband, 85, because he's 'sex mad'
  35. 1 dead, 40 injured in effort to avoid Kevin Costner
  36. Florida highrise has 32 stories, but just 1 tenant
  37. The Bachelor: Married man/mistress edition ends with fatality
  38. Baby P's mother says 'life will be one long party' after she is released from prison
  39. Corazon Aquino, first female leader of the Philippines, dies aged 76
  40. Is this teacher being falsely accused of sex with a student?
  41. Missing Idaho boy's disappearance 'suspicious'
  42. Babysitter sex scandal: 28-year-old woman in love with 14-year-old boy
  43. Jury awards $675K in Boston music downloading case
  44. Woman drags her kid through a Verizon Store
  45. Substance abuse expert regrets raising drinking age
  46. Joshua and Anna Duggar reveal baby's name
  47. Ashes urn shaped like a human head
  48. NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg's solution to the homeless problem: a one-way ticket out
  49. 2-headed baby born in the Philippines
  50. British MS sufferer wins assisted suicide case
  51. Driver texts, talks, hits car, crashes into pool
  52. 34 hospitalized after co-worker sprays perfume
  53. Three kids starved: Santiago parents kept children in Texas motel
  54. Pregnant again, the mother whose 13 other babies were taken into care
  55. Woman freed after being trapped on the crapper for a week
  56. Sick pervert gets caught having sex with a horse!
  57. Fucking authorities clamp down on fucking tourists
  58. 7-year-old boy starts car chase to avoid church
  59. Woman found dead with foetus cut from womb
  60. Taunted to death on Bebo
  61. 'I can't afford to eat healthily' says woman who weighs 22 stone
  62. Tenant faces $50k lawsuit after complaining about 'mouldy' flat on Twitter
  63. Cab driver blamed when family leaves child in cab
  64. Girls push guard who couldn't swim into Orange County pool
  65. Prisons ban inmates from having pen pal ads
  66. Radio's sickest stunt of all
  67. Nude nymph on wine label "offensive" SFW unless you're in Alabama
  68. Bank of America will soon cut about 10% of its 6,100 branches in the US
  69. NY school to provide in-school pregnancy & STD testing
  70. Texting raises crash risk 23 times, study finds
  71. Suspect in shooting of late-term abortion practitioner George Tiller faces hearing
  72. The new joblessness
  73. Fug American Apparel perv-mogul wants to fire ugly employees
  74. AT&T blocking 4Chan. Shitstorm right ahead!
  75. Big Tobacco sets its sights on Africa
  76. Makeover advised for gang member kicked by El Monte, California officer
  77. 4 boys in Arizona accused of raping 8-year-old girl
  78. PETA: Video shows Ringling Bros. abusing animals
  79. 3 NJ mayors, lawmakers arrested in corruption case
  80. Florida town fires manager married to porn star
  81. Foreclosed Ohio homeowner leaves cats, mess behind
  82. Cop accused of pulling gun while waiting for food
  83. Toronto garbage (Civic Workers) strike moves into 2nd month -yuckola!
  84. Chinese worker commits suicide over missing iPhone
  85. Couple with identical first name AND surname to wed after meeting on Facebook
  86. Nine-year-old boy weighs whopping 324 pounds
  87. Family’s grief as alcoholic son dies after being denied a transplant
  88. Saudi princess 'given UK asylum'
  89. Couple unknowingly buy a meth house, start family
  90. Man dons KKK hood at City Council meeting
  91. Atheists sue to keep 'In God We Trust' off Capitol Visitor Center
  92. British lawyer's death a Russian Mafia Hit?
  93. Drug tester offered to help gang member, complaint says
  94. Dying mum spends final weeks teaching husband how to raise their two toddlers alone
  95. Adoption groups decry film with evil orphan
  96. Marijuana is gateway drug for two debates aka Reefer Madness NYT style
  97. Walter Cronkite has died
  98. Father digs own son's grave
  99. Switzerland plans retirement homes for junkies
  100. Starbucks wipes name from Seattle location
  101. Father just randomly stabbed while changing tire?
  102. Scott Peterson wants YOU to donate to his cause
  103. District Attorney in Kansas has pictures of rape of 17 y/o girl but won't prosecute
  104. Pupil who was violently sick on exam paper is told to re-take it in just 11 minutes
  105. NHS spends £14,000 on sex leaflet telling pensioners to 'experiment and use Viagra'
  106. Woman who gave birth at 66 dies
  107. iPhone launches purity pledge application
  108. Drug rescues memory lost to Alzheimer's Disease
  109. Conductor Edward Downes and wife die in Swiss suicide clinic
  110. Teacher attacks students after being taunted
  111. L.A. teenager who flew single-engine plane across the country lands in Compton
  112. Artists live high on outside wall
  113. Bullet from dropped gun hits woman in bathroom stall
  114. Sudan women sentenced to 40 lashes each... for daring to wear trousers in public
  115. 72-year-old woman trying for a baby
  116. Girl falls into manhole while texting, parents sue
  117. In Spain, baby whose mother had died of swine flu has also died due to medical error
  118. Swearing can make you feel better, lessen pain
  119. Brain tumour victim won't have curable surgery because it will ruin her looks
  120. Florida couple, with 16 children, murdered
  121. 'My boss sent me joke breasts after my mastectomy' reveals nursery nurse
  122. Flight attendant union sees red over size limit on Delta uniform
  123. Scrub tech causes major hepatitis scare in Colorado
  124. California budget cuts hit our local elementary schools
  125. 1 dead at Pamplona; first goring death since '95
  126. Mom claims daughter got pregnant from sperm floating in pool
  127. Voice mail's time has come- to be replaced
  128. Parents sue school over student's right to wear pro-life t-shirt
  129. Raids in 6 states show dogfighting is widespread
  130. Laura Ling and Euna Lee admit they broke the law, entered N.Korea illegally
  131. Man dies in chocolate
  132. Philadelphia Swim Club says: No blacks allowed
  133. Home shopper buys slippers, receives bondage catalogue
  134. Ukraine slaps ban on all porn
  135. World's Strongest Vagina crowned
  136. Woman blasts off boyfriend’s penis with firecrackers
  137. Cyclist sues NYPD for $1.5M after YouTube vid captures cop body slam
  138. Couple have quadruplets after travelling to Istanbul for IVF treatment
  139. Rapist 7/7 victim guest of honour at memorial service
  140. Stolen Statue of Liberty replica decapitated in chilling 'Death to America' video
  141. Thin-looking Kim Jong Il makes rare appearance
  142. Police fake raid, scare the pee out of neighborhood
  143. Teen sells naked photos of his mum
  144. Women's only pharmacy to open in Vancouver
  145. Maryland woman arrested twice in 5 hours for DUI
  146. Child killer shot dead in Yemen as crowd cheers
  147. Jail for woman, 21, who groomed schoolgirl
  148. Maine teacher sorry for mock wedding to 4th grader
  149. Woman killed in courtroom bloodbath was pregnant
  150. Woman allegedly pranks her grandma 45 times in day
  151. Rookie N.Y. cop makes arrest moments after graduation
  152. Cops in Michigan protect — and serve doughnuts
  153. Daughter shits on mother in fight
  154. RIP Nick Bulger
  155. Joey Chestnut wins NY hot dog eating match, again
  156. Man allegedly shoots at sons over chores
  157. An adult's worst fear: Students get X-rated surprise in class DVD
  158. Racism debate after Russian and Nigerian gas companies combine names
  159. Gamer pays $17,500 for Nintendo World Championships Gold Cartridge
  160. Wrestling midgets killed by fake prostitutes in a cheap motel
  161. Serial killer has South Carolina residents on edge
  162. Construction worker hangs from crane in dramatic river rescue
  163. Woman falsely accused husband of rape because 'she wanted him out of her life'
  164. Woman allegedly attacked by NYC cop over sick dog
  165. Australian mum gives birth to mega-baby
  166. Amazing pictures of new Sears Tower balconies 1353ft high
  167. Boy, 14, banned from school for having moustache
  168. CAIR: California Imam dies in 'suspicious' fire
  169. 'Is this rape?' wonders idiot "tricked" into sex by fortune teller
  170. The dangers of vigilante mobs; Police: Conneticut teens mishear sex screams, beat man
  171. Police dogs die in hot parked car
  172. India court rules gay sex legal
  173. Americans getting fatter
  174. Artist's work leads to ID for slaying victim
  175. 1 dead, 4 hurt in SoCal dental office shooting
  176. Pet python strangles toddler
  177. Boy allegedly steals from ambulance as mom treated
  178. Creatures from the sewer
  179. Man upset by McDonald's order calls 911
  180. The burglar who got on the wrong side of a 72-year-old former boxer
  181. Police: 7 teens shot near Detroit school
  182. Doctor inhaled gas on ward to 'feel floaty'
  183. Venice gets its first woman gondolier
  184. Domestic violence ad changes when someone is looking at it
  185. Duke University official arrested for offering son for sex
  186. Arizona moves to allow concealed guns in bars
  187. Swedish parents keeping their 2 year old child's gender a secret
  188. Why did woman stab her stepson? 'I was really, really pissed'
  189. Myra Hindley pig pot artwork on display at museum
  190. Woman aborts other mother’s last embryo
  191. Michael Jackson's death sparks bus brawl
  192. Scientology promises to fill that hole in your soul
  193. Couple accused of assault using Cheetos
  194. Cop who beat up female bartender gets probation
  195. 9-year-old boy saves drowning toddler
  196. Exorcise your gay demons and repent!
  197. Boy, 4, runs away crying after runaway car sends him flying through the air
  198. Identical twins both go on trial for assault, victim can't identify which one hit him
  199. The boy who survived meningitis, but lost his arms and legs
  200. With a toot and a whistle and a plunk and a boom: prehistoric flute found in Germany
  201. Crop circles in Tasmania (Australia) caused by stoned wallabies
  202. Study: Women look away more from abnormal babies
  203. Woman pleads guilty in drunken breast-feeding case
  204. Baby Gender Mentor kit doesn't work, say misled moms suing maker
  205. Chinese woman boiled man's head to cure daughter's psychiatric problems
  206. Nurse quits job over crucifix ban
  207. Woman sues over reunion with child she gave up for adoption after being raped
  208. TV show helps Utah boy survive night solo in woods
  209. Mother’s fight against junk food puts a school on edge
  210. Some California kids may get 34 extra school days
  211. Babysitter, 15, 'inflicted 68 injuries on toddler as he beat her to death'
  212. Children's life in a 'hell hole': Parents jailed over rubbish-tip home
  213. At a cost of $65 million a year, 700 NYC schoolteachers are paid to do...nothing.
  214. DC metro train crash
  215. Report: Violence common among Scientology managers
  216. Injured veteran won't get new house; he already has two
  217. Teen left looking like a 'burns victim' after Turkish spa treatment
  218. Head over heels couple get married in zero gravity
  219. Ohio mayor mayor breaks up fight, calls kid 'Fatso'
  220. Vancouver couple forced to pay fine after harrassing gay neighbors
  221. Customs finds $134 Billion in a suitcase
  222. Electronic Arts stages fake video game protest to exploit controversy
  223. Catholic mother killed newborn baby from 'shame' after giving birth alone
  224. 'Social workers took away my twins after I'd joked that birth spoilt my body'
  225. Young mother's last plea for a bone marrow donor
  226. From homeless to Harvard
  227. Nestle cookie dough recall
  228. World's most expensive cities
  229. Hotboxing as the new alt fuel?
  230. Puppy killed to make a belt
  231. Crazy Cop Caper #432: pulls gun at McDonalds after order takes too long
  232. First Aussie death from Swine Flu (remember that?)
  233. Pixar studios grants girl's dying wish to see 'Up'
  234. Jury rules against woman in download case $80,000 per song
  235. Walter Cronkite seriously ill, could be near death
  236. Texas woman dies in pool year after children did
  237. Police: Man attacked in Oklahoma for bologna sandwich
  238. OMG! Pilot dies while in flight
  239. With a new face, New England man gets a new lease on life
  240. 15 year old runs through obstacle course while texting and wins $50,000!
  241. Man bears striking resemblance to missing New York boy
  242. Ohio teen sentenced in parking lot noose attack
  243. Autopsies suggest Air France plane broke up in the air
  244. Tough times mean tighter pants for stress eaters
  245. Woman mistakenly throws out a million dollars
  246. Stupid chick asks for 3 stars tattooed on her face, ends up with 56, is also a liar
  247. Airline sends little girl to wrong city
  248. New York drivers named most aggressive, angry in U.S.
  249. Attorney defends state trooper in Oklahoma ambulance stop
  250. Porn star recalls nightmare of testing HIV positive