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  1. Man charged with murder of 'burglar'
  2. Gene therapy helps blind boy see
  3. Look son, it's a massive inflatable penis
  4. French Scientologists fined E600,000 for fraud
  5. Two Chicago men charged with plotting overseas terror attacks
  6. Church of Scientology convicted of fraud in France
  7. McDonalds quits bankrupt Iceland
  8. Trainee policeman critically ill after homophobic gang attack in Liverpool
  9. Big increase in number of Down's pregnancies
  10. California high school student gang-raped outside dance
  11. Hotel owner tells Hispanic workers to change names
  12. Video footage of police beating unarmed student likened to Rodney King attack
  13. The five-year-old with a six pack
  14. Online hoax: boy's tomato sauce prank
  15. Thousands eat breakfast on Sydney Harbour Bridge
  16. Man in Iowa City called a zombie, punched twice
  17. Girl, 12, is youngest Minnesotan to kill moose
  18. Shiloh Pepin aka Mermaid girl passes away
  19. Missing 9 year old's body found
  20. Could this girl with amnesia be a long-missing girl from Missouri, Kara Kopetsky?
  21. 4th teen from same Palo Alto, CA high school commits suicide
  22. Dallas police chief: Dozens of tickets issued for not speaking English
  23. Iowa mom repeatedly whacks intruder with toy bat
  24. Woman denied health coverage after rape
  25. Girl in tuxedo denied a place in school yearbook
  26. Father backs son who refused to show head respect
  27. Virginia man arrested for indecent exposure for being naked in his own home
  28. Airline crew overshot Minneapolis airport by 150 miles
  29. Store clerk denied bathroom break gets $200K
  30. Social workers remove new-born baby from obese mother
  31. Man proposes to girlfriend inside Super Mario World level
  32. Colorado newspaper searches for cannabis critic
  33. Hairy 'cow hide' girl stuns scientists
  34. Virginia Tech student missing after Metallica concert
  35. Newscaster calls indicted cop 'Top C#%k'. Awesome.
  36. Boy has Arabic script from the Koran appear on skin
  37. Drama student walks free over 'sleepwalk rape'
  38. Headteacher 'slapped' smoking boy
  39. The very small world of Paul Mason - the world's heaviest man weighing in at 980lbs
  40. Idaho woman who made false 911 call killed
  41. Shocking CCTV images of girl gang kicking a male victim in drunken attack
  42. Mother found honour killing victim tied up the day before she was murdered by father
  43. 97-year-old L.A. homeless woman gets a home
  44. Amazon tribe has just five members left
  45. New Zealand students in trouble over Nazi antics
  46. McFarthest point in the US from a McDonald's
  47. 'Jesus's face' spotted on the toilet door in Ikea Glasgow
  48. 18-year-old runs off with his stepmother
  49. Beaten up by train thug for being fat
  50. UK doctor gives preggo girlfriend a "magic" cocktail
  51. Senior citizens brawl at council meeting
  52. Enlisting over wife's cancer
  53. Albatross chicks die due to ingesting plastic
  54. Ex-Governor for hire: Palin posts resume on "LinkedIn"
  55. Critically ill Mishawaka, Indiana man stuck in Japan
  56. Toyota's runaway-car worries may not stop at floor mats
  57. Businesses pull adverts after a flood of complaints against the homophobic Daily Mail
  58. 3rd person dies in Arizona sweat lodge ceremony case
  59. Hospital forces lesbian to die alone; Judge gives stamp of approval
  60. Australian teen sailor starts round-the-world bid
  61. Children 'will go to hell if they celebrate Halloween', says church leaflet
  62. Man busted with weed stuck to forehead
  63. 'I was savagely disfigured by my deranged boyfriend'
  64. Immigrants not amused by ''Illegal Alien'' Halloween costume
  65. Neighbors thought dead man was Halloween display
  66. Woman's body found with the bodies of three unidentified infants
  67. Billionaire hedge fund boss, 5 others charged in $20 million insider trading case
  68. GPS causing truckers to crash into bridges
  69. Scientists create 'sexual tsunami'
  70. Nepali teen bids for crown of world's smallest man ever
  71. Holy hell - 118 girls knocked up in one school
  72. Baby's astonishing escape after he is run over by train
  73. Drunk priest ejected from pulpit for swearing
  74. German arm wrestler shows off his single Popeye-esque limb
  75. Josie Romero: the eight-year-old who was born a boy
  76. Judge tells youth he 'deserves a good kicking'
  77. Interracial couple denied marriage license in La.
  78. Boy, 6, floats away in homemade balloon in Colorado
  79. At foreclosure auctions, broken dreams on sale
  80. Montreal cabbie goes the distance for Japanese tourist
  81. Luxuries dazzled Colombian gangster's girlfriend
  82. Mom has to move 350 miles to avoid C-section
  83. Lottery hoax causes riot at Ohio coat store
  84. Hunt for girls after killing of gay man
  85. For sale: The backyard White House with Oval Office and Lincoln Bedroom for $10m
  86. Wife at centre of £400 million divorce claims 'exceptional hardship'
  87. 2 men arrested after nearly beating gay man to death
  88. First photo: Kidnap survivor Jaycee Duggard
  89. The tragedy of Krispy Kreme
  90. Motorist could be fined for splashing children
  91. Boy avoids reform school over camping utensil
  92. Manhattan woman sues brother of bride, N.J. hotel for wedding reception injury
  93. 'Your baby is too fat': Insurer denies baby coverage because of weight
  94. Child forced to eat soap, couple arrested
  95. Murder charges filed against mom of fire victims
  96. Utah girl who pleaded no contest to trying to induce miscarriage released from jail
  97. 5 juveniles in custody after setting fire to 15 y.o. neighbor boy
  98. American 'abortion addict' reveals she terminated 15 pregnancies in 17 years
  99. A family's tragedy - twin girls drown in pool
  100. Man tries to arrange sex with his daughter on Facebook
  101. Soldier had cancerous lung transplant
  102. Barbie to be given makeover by Christian Louboutin, apparently has 'cankles'
  103. Big Bang scientist 'admits plotting Al Qaeda atrocity'
  104. Georgia high school tells cross-dressing student to dress 'manly' or leave
  105. Nazi suspect loses Australia extradition battle
  106. Man misses delivery of his baby after he's arrested for allegedly groping a nurse
  107. Fit to fly? Balance Board tapped to detect shifty characters at airports
  108. Police: Florida man accidentally kills fiancee on eve of wedding
  109. Boston pair toss coins, cones over wrong size fries at McDonald's
  110. Barbie launch first black doll that is NOT just a painted version of white doll
  111. Daughter wins back £2million estate left to RSPCA after overturning parents' will
  112. Bereaved father snubs Tony Blair
  113. Witness who helped convict rapist donates £10,000 reward to victim
  114. Super brat smacks his mother on Dr. Phil's show (Video)
  115. Duggar family welcomes first grandchild
  116. NRA pistol packing mother shot dead with hubby in murder suicide
  117. Breast-feeding mother sues airlines
  118. Teen allegedly assaults family after phone taken
  119. Sweden does NOT have a secret lesbian city so stop clogging the web with searches!
  120. Dead deer found wearing clown suit & wig!
  121. Girl, 5, killed when school cabinet falls on her
  122. Ted Williams' frozen head abused
  123. Some people steal cars...this kid steals small aircraft. Mama is so proud.
  124. Thugs attack two transvestites... who turn out to be cage fighters wearing fancy dres
  125. Woman arrested after teen seen riding in a cardboard box on top of her van
  126. 'Robin Hood' giveaway banker jailed
  127. Father and son face death sentence for molesting and killing six-year-old boy
  128. Saudi man jailed and gets 1,000 lashes for talking about sex
  129. ANOTHER big earthquake in South Pacific
  130. Australians' booze being limited at "The Great Race"
  131. Burger King revamp aims at higher-priced kin
  132. Parents of twins give birth to quintuplets
  133. Mom's designated driver: her 13-year-old son
  134. Forced C-Section akin to rape?
  135. Elderly man arrested for wife's murder after 'failed suicide pact'
  136. Ex-judge accused of spanking U.S. male inmates in his office
  137. Mother who stubbed out cigarette on her baby daughter's back is jailed
  138. Newlyweds win compensation after disastrous wedding photographs ruin their big day
  139. Pet black bear kills owner
  140. Raccoons maul 74-year-old woman
  141. Eating candy in childhood linked to adult crime
  142. Will California become America's first failed state?
  143. Children must see dad, like it or not: Family Court
  144. High school cheerleaders banned from using Bible banners at football games
  145. Outrage over drunken Swedish pastor's funeral service
  146. Hundreds of fossilised dinosaur eggs found in India
  147. Schoolboy becomes father at 13
  148. The diary of the Saudi princess who would be stoned to death if she returned home
  149. Evil drug user jailed for killing girlfriend's toddler
  150. DVLA pull anti-gay private numberplates from auction after complaints
  151. I put my grandmother on eBay, but it was a joke says 10-year-old girl
  152. Off duty firefighters help trapped boy in burning car
  153. In badass news, Kashmir girl fights off militants
  154. Arrested couple have sex in cop car
  155. Slow chicken order leads to assault arrest at Massachusetts KFC
  156. Winning Lotto numbers not always the ticket to dreams, success
  157. Oldest "Human" skeleton found--disproves "Missing Link"
  158. 71 y.o. widow jailed after poking teenager in the chest during confrontation
  159. Elizabeth Smart testifies at her kidnapper's competency hearing
  160. Sun sets on Saturn: GM kills fading star brand
  161. 5 year old boy kills 12 foot alligator in Texas
  162. Dallas woman sues neighbor for smoking in her own home
  163. Good Samaritan saves 4 y.o. boy from fire
  164. Pregnant wife raped at home in U.K.
  165. Administration takes aim at distracted driving
  166. Criminal escapes courthouse because he looked "too good"
  167. Watching your neighbour's kids is illegal apparently
  168. Teen chops off fatherís hands, cites abuse
  169. Peeping Tom threatens victims with legal action
  170. 911 dispatcher receives a call about a house fire...at his own house
  171. Pregnant 12-year-old missing with adoptive Father, 11 year old sister
  172. 8.0 magnitude earthquake, tsunami strike American Samoa
  173. 8.0 magnitude earthquake, tsunami strike American Samoa
  174. Video shows teens beating Chicago student to death
  175. The real "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds," Lucy Vodden, dies
  176. Father shaves daughter's head for misbehaving
  177. Woman arrested for holding 14 y.o. son captive in a closet for 4 years
  178. Monster in law wears same dress as bride at society wedding
  179. Killer groupies an unexplained mystery
  180. Mother accused of trying to sell 6-year-old son for gas money
  181. New Vegemite variety gets the worst product name ever known to mankind
  182. Shag bands a parent's worst nightmare
  183. Murder-suicide confirmed in Maryland family's deaths
  184. 83 diggers injured in Afghanistan became invisible
  185. Can a mixed race contestant become a Chinese Idol?
  186. Rescue team uses saw to free trapped penis
  187. Raped at 8 and left for dead, a victim raises her voice
  188. Murderer Susan Atkins finally on her way to hell
  189. Life for man in rape and killing of lesbian South African footballer
  190. Teachers on leave for allegedly making gay taunts
  191. Vaccine helps prevent HIV infection
  192. 5 Washington bikini baristas accused of prostitution
  193. Divorce in America: Indiana, Florida counties are tops
  194. Suit: California meatpacker used `downer' cows for 4 years
  195. South Carolina man returns to work to avoid evicting his tenants
  196. Charges dropped against cop who had sex with cows (moo moos, not fat chicks)
  197. Las Vegas drain dwellers
  198. Boy called 'racist' for playing soldiers
  199. Indonesian woman gives birth to 19.2lb baby boy
  200. 2-year-old girl accidentally shot and killed by 8-year-old brother
  201. 4 arrested in Illinois dogfighting ring at day care
  202. Young girl almost hit by vehicle
  203. Drowning mother: 'Please, come help me!'
  204. Ocean's 11 syle robbery in Sweden
  205. Law Professor John Spencer calls for age of consent to be lowered to 13
  206. Duct taped cat found in North Philly yard
  207. Man charged for masturbating while driving
  208. Massive dust storm hits Sydney
  209. Cops spend 9 hours playing Wii in suspect's house after drug raid
  210. Wife divorces husband for defecating in pots
  211. Neighbour 'steals' couple's garden
  212. White Philadelphia officer told to get rid of cornrows
  213. Doctor, 90, kills wife, tries to commit suicide
  214. 8 mon pregnant Mom must give up IVF baby-docs gave her the wrong embryos
  215. Woman survives for 5 days by sucking water from hair
  216. Report: Alzheimer's cases to nearly double every 20 years
  217. Cold? Flu? H1N1? How can you tell the difference?
  218. Floods kill 2 in Atlanta, GA
  219. Coworkers find they're long-lost brothers
  220. Man accused of sword attack after finding soda can
  221. Viginia slayings suspect put violent rap songs on Web
  222. WTF? Woman regains sight with tooth-to-eyeball surgery
  223. Finally - a just punishment: Female pastor sentenced to life for abusing adopted kids
  224. Man's lung ailment caused by fragment of Wendy's spoon lodged in his lung
  225. Criminally insane killer escapes during field trip to county fair
  226. Botched execution described as ‘torture’
  227. Murderer fights for right to study domestic murder degree
  228. Unpaid bills mount for top Chrysler executive
  229. Revenge by proxy: an L.A. enterprise
  230. Pennsylvannia man gulps 33 1/2 burritos, wins eating contest
  231. Get out of jail free: Monopoly's hidden maps saved WWII POWs
  232. Is this a trend? 76yr old man socks autistic child
  233. How to get a bargain in this economy
  234. Couple suing state & Walmart over sexual abuse allegations for their kids' bath pics
  235. Chewy chicken feet may quash a trade war
  236. 8 things an airline will never tell you
  237. What you need to know about social security
  238. Futuristic Volkswagen concept car gets 240 miles per gallon
  239. 8th grader's sex change shocks school
  240. WTF is this weird creature?
  241. California caretaker admits raping 80-year-old woman
  242. Proxy wedding means Marine's widow, baby unwelcome
  243. Have An Affair Anywhere Tour - kicked out of Philly
  244. White student beaten on school bus; police say not racially motivated
  245. FBI: Beating at Georgia Cracker Barrel may be hate crime
  246. Australian man arrested for raping daughter, fathering 4 children with her
  247. Ohio police: Woman spanked stranger's toddler son
  248. The "official" world's tallest man
  249. Woman survives being impaled by falling tree branch (graphic images)
  250. Little girl throws back dad's foul ball