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  1. Taliban video claims to be of captured US soldier
  2. Mysterious Donor Walks Into Colorado Motel, Rents Room For Homeless
  3. Ruckus Erupts Over New Air Jordan Shoes
  4. Pediatrician arrested for child molestation
  5. On the run since September, fugitive updates his Facebook regularly
  6. Parents should just say no to teen girl's solo-sailing trip
  7. Michelle Duggar under fire for protesting alcohol sales after giving birth
  8. Pakistan court orders brothers' noses, ears cut off
  9. Teen charged in ice pick attack over parking spot
  10. Balloon Boy parents have to pay for search and rescue effort. ha ha
  11. Priest wins $100,000 dollars for his church in a poker tournament
  12. Emergency workers on coffee break refuse to help stricken pregnant woman
  13. Prisoner sues over not being called Mr
  14. Polluting pets: the devastating impact of man's best friend
  15. Spamer given $210,000 penalty
  16. Supermarket bum sniffer hunted by police
  17. 2 New York City EMT's suspended for refusing to help pregnant woman
  18. Pregnant Servicewomen Now Face Jail Time
  19. Confessions of an Underwater Homeowner
  20. Man handed probation for sex with girl, 11
  21. California city's police to wear head-mounted cameras
  22. Target fires seven "associates" for buying toy
  23. Teens found an abandoned baby... now they will reunite
  24. Fun with Guns: DC Cop pulls gun on flash snowball fight
  25. Christian teacher lost her job after being told praying for sick girl 'was bullying'
  26. Adolescent 'choking game' can be a deadly one
  27. Michael Jackson's 'Captain EO' to return to Disneyland
  28. Earth on track for epic die-off, scientists say
  29. Boy nearly died, left purple, after head trapped in escalators
  30. Catalonia moves nearer to bullfighting ban
  31. Report: Vegas teacher accused of denying Holocaust
  32. Two 10 year old boys rape an 8 year old girl
  33. Remember the naked at home guy arrested for indecent exposure? He's been convicted.
  34. Domestic violence victim granted asylum in US
  35. Drunk, crossdressing 4-year-old almost ruins Christmas
  36. Tweeting Through A Tragedy
  37. Scientists unlock genetic code in major cancer breakthrough
  38. Citi's holiday treat: No foreclosures for a month
  39. Man exonerated, freed from prison after 35 years
  40. U.S. dad says he hopes to bring son home from Brazil
  41. 4-year-old suspended from school for long (ish) hair
  42. Flashing teen found guilty after being hit by car
  43. Day Care Workers Accused of Drugging Kids With Sleep Aids
  44. Female armed robber stripped, beaten and set alight by lynch mob
  45. Man wins lottery, leaves wife; now, she is facing eviction
  46. 2 year-old Brazilian boy found to have 50 sewing needles in him
  47. Energy-efficient traffic lights can't melt snow
  48. DNA clears man who had served 28 years in prison for crime he did not commit
  49. Car Crash Injury Leaves Woman Constantly Craving Sex
  50. Girl, 15, sentenced to eight years over bullying death
  51. Freeway driver stuck in 80km/h cruise control
  52. Tesco withdraws Christmas card that “pokes fun” at ginger children
  53. 8 year-old boy sent home from school for drawing crucifix
  54. Lost to AIDS, but Still Friended
  55. Evangelist Oral Roberts has died
  56. Utah mom missing since December 6
  57. Girl, 12, allegedly raped at California middle school
  58. Self defence or malicious revenge? Jail for brothers who beat burglar with bat
  59. Somali Man Stoned to Death by Islamists for Adultery
  60. Mystery couple starts chain of generosity
  61. Spiral in the sky over Norway
  62. Judge says cyberbullies have rights too. Suck on that losers!
  63. Massive TSA security breach as Agency gives away its secrets
  64. Silvio Berlusconi in hospital after being punched in the face after speech in Milan
  65. Authorities: Rottweiler mauls, kills Fla. toddler
  66. Teacher decides to punish a 7 year old black girl . . . by cutting off her hair
  67. Pa. police arrest Amish man in buggy for DUI
  68. Teen charged with killing mom's boyfriend
  69. Gay British soldier talks about coming out to his comrades
  70. No more breast enlargement for girls under 18, Italian government orders
  71. Baby Peter Connolly killer Steven Barker attacked in Wakefield Prison
  72. New Jersey woman admits gang rape story was hoax
  73. Woman gives birth after accused abductor tries to cut baby from womb
  74. Bad Santa arrested over abduction bid
  75. Woman, 98, indicted in death of 100-year-old nursing home roommate
  76. Michelle Duggar gives birth to 19th baby prematurely
  77. Finally: The Peeps Store
  78. Yet more food fight news: Woman charged over steak attack
  79. Rapist returns to apologize
  80. Innocent man accused of being paedophile 'hounded to death' by vigilantes
  81. X-ray shows TV remote control up man's bottom
  82. New York Times raises eyebrows with gift guide for people 'of color'
  83. 'Anti-social network' aims to be Facebook killer app
  84. Obama accepts Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo, lays out stance on foreign policy
  85. Israeli group waging actual war on Christmas
  86. Woman sues mortgage company for husband's death
  87. Woman sues over drunken leg amputation
  88. Giant iceberg headed towards Australia
  89. US quadriplegic man wins right to go hunting
  90. Exploding chewing gum kills student
  91. Police: Man dressed up as mom to get cash
  92. Frosty - the inappropriate snowman - CBS Ad
  93. Court pays $150 a day to cover Neo-Nazi John Ditullio's tattoos during murder trial
  94. Michelle Duggar is in the hospital
  95. Lottery winners who stay grounded
  96. Walking, talking on cell phone a dangerous combo
  97. Police jail man for rubbing burger in wife's face
  98. Cops come to Target over a breastfeeding mom
  99. Toy mouse recalled over fears it sings 'paedophile'
  100. Single injection executions could mean slower deaths in US
  101. Toddler drowned after being left alone in foster parents' swimming pool
  102. Las Vegas gambler with a £77m losing streak in a year
  103. Chinese-made Zhu Zhu hamster will kill your kids with antimony!!!
  104. State won't press charges in chimp attack
  105. Virgin Galactic unveils commercial spaceship
  106. Copenhagen climate summit: 1,200 limos, 140 private planes
  107. China turns to Madison Avenue for an image makeover
  108. HIV positive man injects sleeping wife with own blood
  109. Man arrested for trespassing on own property: big oil, local cops involved
  110. When you can't compete with your neighbour's Christmas lights...
  111. Canada remembers the20th anniversary of the murder of 14 women, just for being women
  112. Wal-Mart greeter punched in face
  113. Two people & 60 horses killed in barn fire on Ohio fairground
  114. Woman finds out husband hot jumpoff pregnant... so she tries to abort it
  115. CALL7 investigation: Planes nearly collide over Colorado
  116. Russian nightclub fire kills 109; many crushed
  117. 'Sun-Maid girl' makeover sparks controversy
  118. Indiana teenager charged with strangling 10 year-old brother
  119. Homeless brothers who lived in a cave to inherit billions from long-lost grandmother
  120. Couple finance "dream wedding" by making pornos. Oh my eyes!
  121. Awkward news coming in human genetics
  122. Poll finds sexting common among young people
  123. Tech-obsessed groom Dana Hanna Tweets from altar - and updates Facebook status
  124. AP Enterprise: Maersk Alabama Crew blames capt. for pirate attack
  125. Multi-million dollar lottery winner missing since April
  126. 'Disruptive' Jesus Christ removed from jury
  127. Thieves rob $100,000 in toys, food for poor
  128. Burglar ransacks home of family of 4 killed in crash
  129. Westboro Baptist Church to protest at high school
  130. Nail art on display at talon show
  131. Dad jailed for abusing his own children
  132. Schoolgirl blinded by hair dye wins £20,000 payout
  133. Woman made bomb threat so boss could make flight, Police say
  134. Report: Breast-feeding mother smothers baby on jet
  135. Beauty queen's woes reflect HIV stigma in Russia
  136. Lincoln University introduces mandatory weigh-in program
  137. Yet another 'Extreme Makeover: Home Edition' family facing foreclosure
  138. Soldier's mom sues over letter stamped `deceased'
  139. Movement under way in California to ban divorce
  140. TV station managers suspended following Twitter 'gang rape' billboard
  141. Man arrested on suspicion of murder of ex-wife on day of 'divorce party'
  142. Man forced to choose between saving wife or son after car plunges into river
  143. 3 boys arrested for Calif. 'Ginger Day' attacks
  144. Body of trapped Utah caver won’t be recovered
  145. 5 killed, 10 injured from 1 vehicle in a crash
  146. 4 police officers killed in Washington coffee shop
  147. Trio in Thailand subject vacationing British couple to sex attack
  148. Boy artist's landscapes sell for £17,000
  149. Chinese court coins new term: ‘Temporary Rape’
  150. Dubai's debt crisis
  151. 5 Long Beach students arrested in alleged groping
  152. Minnesota couple welcomes 15lb preemie!
  153. Police: murderous moose a suspect in Swedish death
  154. Massachusetts tired of being normal: woman sees Jesus on her iron
  155. Obese air passenger in economy seat has picture taken
  156. Georgia church robber: 'Sorry but I'm poor'
  157. Council criticised over £14,000 fake Christmas tree
  158. Sudanese teen flogged for wearing "indecent" skirt
  159. Girl, 16, 'being bullied' after posing nude on cover of Australian magazine
  160. Florida man kills four relatives in Thanksgiving Day massacre
  161. Jose Manuel Barroso unveils lineup of new European Commission
  162. After the pardon, Obamas give out turkeys
  163. People complain about a complaint-free Thanksgiving
  164. School lessons to tackle domestic violence outlined
  165. 13-year-old lost in NYC subway for 11 days
  166. Couple have sex on clock tower in Sydney centre as shoppers look on
  167. Man 'made sex shrine to Olsen twins'
  168. CPSC chief pledges swift action after crib recall
  169. Kentucky police determine that census worker who was found hanged killed himself
  170. 1 in 4 mortgages 'underwater'
  171. Man gets only 120 days for shooting cyclist in the head
  172. Goodbye jobs, hello mom and dad, say young adults
  173. 14-year-old might have arranged gang rape
  174. Mother expecting her 14th child vows: 'I'll keep having babies until I have twins'
  175. Disability claimant caught out working… on TV
  176. Teen Calls 911 After Parents Take Away Xbox
  177. Judge denies mom’s bid to exempt girl from school vaccine requirement
  178. Kangaroo tries to disembowl farmer and drown his dog
  179. Boy, aged 4, expelled from school for attacking teachers
  180. Parents rally behind teacher who was fired.... for sexual behavior
  181. Man in 'coma' for 23 years allegedly misdiagnosed
  182. Another BART police officer incident
  183. Bishop bars Patrick Kennedy from Communion over abortion
  184. Dirty Black Friday secrets: Beware!
  185. Ex-Scientologist sues cult for loss of girlfriend
  186. Man gets life in prison for woman's fatal scare
  187. Smiling on Facebook costs Canadian her insurance
  188. Nerves fray at Fort Hood as deployment nears
  189. Los Angeles mulls cat declawing ban
  190. Fatherhood isn't in the genes - paying support when the kid isn't yours
  191. Eye doc may lose license after calling patient fat
  192. Hadley CRU scammed global warming the entire time?
  193. What's in your beauty products? How about human fat?
  194. Baroness Catherine Ashton named EU's first foreign minister
  195. Belgian prime minister, Herman Van Rompuy, picked as first EU president
  196. Cop suspended after Tasering 10-year-old girl
  197. Mississippi toddler, 2, helps mom give birth to brother
  198. Alleged burglar warms up bottle for crying baby
  199. The robber who is too ugly for a life of crime
  200. Bikini fools dance on top of a crocodile trap
  201. Epileptic driver jailed over deaths
  202. Norwegian artist takes his love of Burberry to a new level
  203. Mother-of-eight found guilty of abusing her kids with belt, meat mallet, screwdriver
  204. Man who threw dog off bridge brought to justice by online viewers
  205. Couple busted for refusing to pay tip
  206. Hurrah! Another study saying drinking is good for us! Or maybe just for the men?
  207. U.S. residents fight for the right to hang laundry
  208. Dad kills 15 y.o. son after he admits to 'improper sexual conduct' with 3 y.o.
  209. Cop going more than twice the speed limit crashes into and kills two teens
  210. Insurance runs out for 12-year-old boy missing an arm
  211. Raw video: cop vs. kitty
  212. 14,700 offshore bank accounts revealed to IRS by taxpayers
  213. Adult filmmaker plans porno based on Jaycee Dugard case
  214. Wannabe 'Ninja' impales himself on fence (sfw)
  215. Dying man's cries for help ignored because neighbors thought it was a drunken prank
  216. Australian Senator attacks 'criminal' Church of Scientology
  217. Serial arsonist torching cars in the Bay Area
  218. Cannibals nabbed selling corpse to kebab house
  219. Universal removes black couple from U.K. advertisement of 'Couples Retreat'
  220. Soldier mom refuses deployment to care for baby
  221. French woman marries boyfriend one year after he died
  222. Best welcome home ever, excited pet dog greets soldier back from Afghanistan
  223. Louisiana teacher faces 15 years in prison over Wal-Mart line jump incident
  224. 3-year-old twins, conjoined at the head, undergoing separation surgery as I type
  225. 12-year-old girl cannot stop sneezing
  226. Recession intensifies GenX discontent at work
  227. 12yo West Australian boy charged with receiving stolen Freddo Frog (chocolate frog)
  228. 10-year-old refuses to pledge allegiance until there's gay equality in the USA
  229. Man uses remote to control his 'bionic bottom'
  230. Police secretly follow mother after hearing her reprimand children
  231. British soldiers sexually abused us, claim Iraqis
  232. Race against time to find five-year-old girl sold into prostitution by her mother
  233. California woman assaulted at college recounts attack
  234. Woman accused of faking breast cancer for implants
  235. LA deputies arrest 74-year-old tagging suspect
  236. Boston train driver hailed 'hero' after emergency stop saves woman on tracks
  237. Paedophile's wife praised for trapping him
  238. 11-year-old's lunch trip to Hooters causes a stir over tweens and sex
  239. Day-care worker pins kids to mattresses as discipline control
  240. Belgian teenage guy flies to meet his cyber lovegirl, age 14 - busted
  241. Feds to seize 4 U.S. Mosques, skyscraper, suspected of funneling money to Iran
  242. Dude tries to have phone sex with 911 operator
  243. Ten most cash-strapped & troubled states in the U.S.
  244. Lou Dobbs resigns from CNN
  245. Police: Man opens fire at Oregon lab, killing woman
  246. Sister-in-law of wrong way driver Diane Schuler says she smoked pot daily
  247. 2 dead, 2 others wounded in shooting at Oregon office park
  248. Drunk woman falls into path of train, train manages to stop inches from her
  249. Upstate New York high school locked down - Principal held hostage
  250. World's smallest mother Stacey Herald to give birth for the third time