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  1. Woman says her love handles saved her life
  2. 2 students shot at middle school in Littleton, Colorado
  3. Sportscaster accused of raping a 14-year-old
  4. Toyota probe fueled by politics as well as safety, critics say
  5. Egypt's reluctant revolutionary
  6. A job, but there's a catch: a 1,000-mile commute
  7. Five-inch wire brush discovered in McDonald's burger
  8. Figure skater Joannie Rochette's mother dies 2 days before her Olympic competition
  9. Dog takes bullet to save family
  10. Accidents spur concern over senior drivers
  11. Train kills 3 teen girls crossing Florida bridge
  12. Another crazy bus fight in the Bay Area, California
  13. Morbidly obese Romania woman gives birth
  14. Man called Gay changes surname to join the Navy
  15. School spies on students at home via laptop
  16. Starbucks sued after baby stabs herself with syringe
  17. Malaysian women say caning "good" for them
  18. 'Payback time': Former pupil kills teacher in revenge attack
  19. 8-year-old boy carries parasitic twin with him
  20. Anti-gay Ugandan pastor shows porn in church
  21. Plane crashes into office building in Austin containing IRS offices
  22. Suicide by jumping off of Forever 21, San Francisco
  23. Granny gives robber a beatdown
  24. Dad pleads not guilty on violating court order for taking daughter to church
  25. The $555,000 student-loan burden
  26. British TV presenter confesses on-air to mercy killing of former lover
  27. Amy Bishop (killer Prof) hates kids, didn't want to drive a van
  28. TSA makes 4-year-old disabled boy take off leg braces
  29. In light of economic woes, more jurors rebelling against jury duty
  30. Complete strangers married in Florida to protest for gay rights
  31. Pregnant woman, husband kicked off plane for asking for water
  32. Oldest US death row inmate dies
  33. Majority of women surveyed (UK) believe rape victims partly responsible
  34. New low for Richmond, California: Two teens shot during church service
  35. Kidnap victim Jacyee Lee Dugard's diary exerpts published
  36. Baby P's stepfather scalded with boiling water in prison
  37. Al Qaeda apparently run out of the playboy mansion, hides bombs in implants
  38. Nancy Elliott, R-NH, says no mens popo sex is best
  39. McDonald's customer gives birth at California mall
  40. Three killed in Alabama university shooting
  41. US science professor 'told students homosexuality is a mental illness'
  42. Miserable millionaire raffles his lifestyle for charity
  43. Teenager sucked into drainpipe and swept into river survives
  44. Valentine cards banned as primary head says pupils are too young
  45. Paul van der Sloot - father of Natalee Holloway suspect Joran - dead
  46. Student handcuffed for English-Arabic flashcards sues TSA, FBI
  47. Pensioner puts in Oscar-worthy performance in effort to get handicapped parking badge
  48. Watch out for the oldies: they're on a crime rampage
  49. Arab annulment granted: bride was cross-eyed and had facial hair
  50. Complete loser in critical condition after being stabbed in eye with stiletto
  51. No longer a registered sex offender, but the stigma remains
  52. 3 Seattle bus tunnel guards watch brutal beating
  53. Fat patient whines about surgeon who tells her to go on a F**king diet
  54. Drivers, cars are ill-equipped when panic sets in
  55. Brooklyn Terrier mugged; doggie coat missing
  56. Ohio man accused of tattooing toddler's rear end
  57. 30 pounds of pot found inside pictures of Jesus
  58. Thomas Beatie pregnant with 3rd child
  59. Canadian military commander charged with first degree murder
  60. 11 year old gives birth: girl gives birth to son in Northeast United States
  61. California couple want to break cycle of financial mismanagement
  62. U.S. soldier waterboards 4-year-old daughter for not knowing alphabet
  63. Apparently you really can be bored to death
  64. TSA will let through anyone with a novelty badge and t-shirt
  65. Man's life ruined by preset "Booty call" messages in phone
  66. Teenage Spanish matador faces 6 bulls
  67. No surprises here: Cat owners smarter than dog owners
  68. Preteen as Carnival Queen stirs Rio controversy
  69. Girl, 8, dies weighing 15 pounds, mom accused of starving her
  70. Baby born without eyes due to rare disorder
  71. Tribe becomes extinct as last member dies off coast of India
  72. Gross: Attacker throws animal semen over girls
  73. Ferrari owner pisses off neighbors by building 10-foot bridge to street
  74. Australian banker caught ogling on TV will keep job
  75. Socialite kills 8-year-old son in Fifth Avenue hotel
  76. Woman will marry for health insurance, otherwise she'll die
  77. 16 year old Turkish girl buried alive for talking to boys
  78. Girl draws on desk, ends up in handcuffs
  79. Woman who hid pregnancy dies in childbirth
  80. Defendant gagged to stop him spitting at judge
  81. Souvenir photo could identify alleged Tower of Terror groper
  82. Restaurant promotes sex in its bathrooms
  83. Tattoos help lead to carjack-choking suspect
  84. Experian sued for 'FreeCreditReport.com' ads
  85. Student misses exam due to homelessness, officials dis-allow makeup exam
  86. Boy nearly suspended for bringing 2-inch toy gun to school
  87. Slovenian pet owner killed by dogs after saving them from death
  88. Ex-POW in Iraq war recalls nightmares, depression
  89. Oregon couple guilty in 'faith healing' death of son
  90. Father chains up son to keep him safe outside Beijing shopping centre
  91. Millionaire jailed for death by dangerous driving despite not being at the wheel
  92. Mugging victim didn't feel 6 inch knife in her back (Graphic Pic)
  93. Vehicle plows into Nevada casino; 2 dead, 8 hurt
  94. Contract for gay men/straight men relationships
  95. Man denied French citizenship because wife wears a veil
  96. San Antonio mom held in killing of sons ages 1, 3
  97. More missionary mischief in Haiti: pact with satan is known around the world
  98. Racial bullying roils a Philadelphia high school
  99. Chinese girl, 9, becomes one of world's youngest mothers
  100. Girl, 12, locked in a wardrobe for a year by her parents
  101. Medical journal 'The Lancet' retracts study linking autism to MMR vaccine
  102. Australia: Man vs. marauding crocodile over shark
  103. Rare disorder makes teen looks like she's 50
  104. Male breast reduction fastest growing sector of cosmetic surgery
  105. California hunting dog sends bullet into master's back
  106. Ex-gay files: the bizarre world of gay-to-straight conversion
  107. Terry Pratchett ready to be test case for suicide law
  108. Ten Americans arrested for taking 33 children out of Haiti
  109. Rockefeller death linked to swingers
  110. Northern California dentist gives free breast exam with cleaning
  111. CBS rejects gay dating site's Super Bowl ad
  112. ’The Diary of Anne Frank’ censured by Virginia schools for gay, sexual themes
  113. Former San Jose coach gets 40 years for molesting young swimmers
  114. Hussy faked cancer..
  115. Officer uses pepper spray instead of fire extinguisher on burning man
  116. Toyota recall: Did rapid growth hurt the carmaker's quality?
  117. Teacher put boy's hair in pigtails, humiliated him, lawsuit claims
  118. Mother 'starved newborn baby because she didn't want her to grow up fat'
  119. Mother suspected of murdering children 'feared losing them'
  120. Driver fined for blowing his nose
  121. PETA on Groundhog Day: Hey, why not use a robot instead
  122. The 12 least ethical companies in the world
  123. Howard Zinn dead at 87
  124. New Hampshire teacher, 100, gets degree a day before dying
  125. Nebraska woman charged with having sex with her own son
  126. US grants home schooling German family political asylum
  127. 14-year-old girl charged in sex crime
  128. Westboro Baptist Church coming to San Francisco
  129. Contract for gay man/straight woman relationships
  130. Judge bars youth detention centers from routine shackling
  131. Unknown NBA player displays astonishing stupidity, lack of historical knowledge
  132. Anti-abortion Super Bowl advert 'should be pulled'
  133. Middle school students disciplined for Facebook comments
  134. Boy, 13, who raped woman in front of his friends jailed for just three years
  135. Charlie Simpson, 7, raises Ł160k for Haiti appeal in one day
  136. 16-year-old British boy could be youngest to have sex change
  137. Raped teenager receives 101 lashes for becoming pregnant
  138. 'Oral sex' definition prompts dictionary ban in US schools
  139. California teen girl sues Starbucks over sexual abuse
  140. Scott Moore, second pregnant man, due to give birth in February
  141. Here's your stimulus money at work
  142. Are you a pure-blooded Aryan looking for love?
  143. Woman escapes after being kidnapped for 9 yrs and buys house she was kept in
  144. Kid TV presenters cautioned for wearing flak jackets, carrying hairdryers
  145. Colorado Neo Nazi group's adopt-a-highway raises eyebrows
  146. Gallery visitor trips and tears $130 million Picasso painting The Actor
  147. TSA worker plants bag of white powder on student as a "prank"
  148. And she's off: 16 year-old Abby Sunderland sets course on a record
  149. Woman faces jail if noisy sex continues
  150. Police say Georgia mom forced son to kill hamster
  151. Former White House lawyer charged with attempting to kill wife
  152. Police: Wisc. woman bit girl, 17, then made pitbull bite girl
  153. Ohio man arrested on charges of urinating on $600-worth of steaks
  154. 165 TV writers to get $70 Million in age discrimination suit
  155. Mistress gets the sweetest revenge against Charles Phillips, the president of Oracle
  156. Laredo, Texas: 250 000 people, 0 bookstores
  157. Home economics: The hidden costs of the 'American Dream'
  158. NY dairy farmer kills 51 cows, commits suicide
  159. English-only at Conneticut bookstore sparks controversy
  160. Man gets day in jail for throwing taco at manager
  161. Woman kills boyfriend by sitting on him
  162. Swimmers furious over nude showering ban
  163. More woman-hating from Saudi Arabia: Rape victim might be lashed 100 times
  164. Man plays vet, kills dog: Floridian charged for performing "surgery" on injured dog
  165. Is your bed too cold? No worries - Holiday Inn employs human bed warmers
  166. The gayest city in America is.....
  167. "Woman Scorned" Betty Broderick denied parole
  168. Missing Haleigh Cumming's dad, his ex-wife arrested in drug sting
  169. CIA contractor flying unmanned drones over Haiti?
  170. Study: Quitting smoking may double cancer survival
  171. Almost-close encounter: Meteorite hits Lorton doctor's office
  172. Was award-winning picture of a wolf wild or a model?
  173. Pokémon collector breaks world record
  174. US jet lands when religious item mistaken as bomb
  175. Young people spend 7 hours, 38 minutes a day on TV, video games, computer
  176. Cops accused of sodomizing suspect say victim did it to himself
  177. John Edwards admits he fathered child with mistress
  178. File under Omg. 83 year old man beat 99 year old man over parking!
  179. Grounded teen uses Facebook to protest punishment
  180. Mother guilty of murdering disabled son
  181. Air France to charge obese passengers 'fat tax' from April 1st
  182. Saudi girl, 13, sentenced to 90 lashes after she took a mobile phone to school
  183. Whites only basketball league starting. Not a joke.
  184. Swedish students get it right: demand brewery pipeline to student union
  185. Egyptian cat god's 2,200-year-old temple unearthed in Alexandria
  186. Man bounces off bulletproof glass window in escape attempt
  187. Hovis baker fined for leaving oven glove in loaf of bread
  188. Here's one way to eradicate the druggies - put anthrax in heroin
  189. 'Smoking Baby' Facebook picture sparks police inquiry
  190. Amazed Italian border guards discover a 15-year-old Afghan boy hiding inside luggage
  191. Man bites off cop's nipple
  192. Multiple fatalities in Virginia shooting today
  193. Haitian baby delivered in Israeli field hospital to be called Israel
  194. US student newspaper apologises for 'gay-bashing' cartoon
  195. Birth mother defies order to give child to ex-partner
  196. Airline's 'cougar' ad blasted by rape victims
  197. Mother in court over death of daughter with ME
  198. An interesting-and different-perspective on the situation in Haiti
  199. Taco Bell founder dead at age 86
  200. Blue Monday: today is officially the most miserable day of the year
  201. Frustrated flyer arrested after making Twitter joke about bombing airport
  202. Richmond, California girl says she made up rape story
  203. Ford Fusion Hybrid wins 2010 Car of Year Award
  204. Shanghai man lands on lover, survives suicide jump
  205. Health and Safety gone mad: Hold handrail when on stairs or risk disciplinary action
  206. Woman, 59, becomes oldest person ever to be given IVF treatment by a British clinic
  207. Moron vice principal freaks over science project. OMG wires=bomb!!!
  208. Osama Bin Laden's photo digitally updated for age, beard
  209. Man sues BA for banning males from sitting next to children
  210. Israeli police arrest harem 'messiah' Goel Ratzon
  211. Riskiest places to use debit cards
  212. Eye test that spots Alzheimer's 20 years before symptoms
  213. Fatquake at Swedish Weight Watchers meeting
  214. Tots in High Heels: Cute or Creepy?
  215. Donald Goerke, Daddy-O of Spaghetti-Os, dies at 83
  216. Finland starts on plan to ban smoking
  217. Sheep born with human face - paging Maury Povich
  218. Disabled mom fighting to keep her son
  219. Pregnant woman fights court-ordered bed rest
  220. 'Cougars,' 'cubs' unwelcome on Carnival cruises
  221. School district apologizes for Martin Luther King lunch menu
  222. Trucker involved in crash says he choked on chicken
  223. Lawyer in YouTube murder plot video hired his own assassins
  224. Child driver runs stop sign in Tulare County, California; 3 dead
  225. Former boyfriend used Craigslist to arrange woman's rape, police say
  226. Girl, 5, stabbed to death by mother
  227. Death sentence for abortion doctors?
  228. Mother arrested for cursing out school principal
  229. Gestational surrogate keeps babies after deciding mother was unfit
  230. Quake hits Haiti; reports of "catastrophe of major proportions'' emerging
  231. Swedish girl 'grows back face' after reaction to Paracetamol (Graphic pic)
  232. Spanish 16-year-old becomes country's first minor to undergo sex change operation
  233. NY cabbie drives 200 miles to return $21,000 left in taxi by tourist
  234. Daring community defies Health and Safety nazis to shovel snow from road
  235. Miep Gies, who helped hide Anne Frank, dies at 100
  236. Soldier jailed for rap song against Stop Loss military policy
  237. Oakland, California man shot to death in front of family
  238. China will kill you. Toxic levels of cadmium in kids jewelry this time.
  239. DeSoto County men scare off would-be burglars
  240. CD was right - Univ of Phoenix MBA means something/not a dummy if you have the degree
  241. Copter crash kills prominent Mexican businessman, officials say
  242. World's first sex robot
  243. Latest prison trend: EYEBALL TATTOOS
  244. Great granny has plastic surgery to look like Jessica Rabbit
  245. Face of Jesus appears in naan bread
  246. Swine Flu 'pandemic' a scam perpetuated by Big Pharma?
  247. Southern California boy, 3, dead after family pit bull attack
  248. Man steals noodles to return to prison
  249. Michigan students reprimanded for 'distasteful' 9/11 shirts
  250. Missouri man on lam for 30 years arrested again