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  1. Answered! Life's 25 Toughest Questions
  2. Eyeballing: The newest drinking craze
  3. Teacher of the Year Accused of sex with student
  4. The iPhone Factory Plagued By Deaths
  5. Man, Woman Found Living Under Mounds Of Trash
  6. Silly Bandz Bracelet Craze: School Ban Over Distraction
  7. Fetus Dolls Distributed in Elementary School
  8. Chinese boy chained to lamp post, Father tries to sell him
  9. Art Linkletter died :(
  10. Pricey grocery stores attract skinniest shoppers
  11. Selling edible undies requires food permit. Who knew?
  12. Baker County woman sues after $24k Rolex goes missing at Norfolk airport
  13. Flood of frogs shuts down major Greek highway
  14. Welfare group: Hidden video shows Ohio cows beaten
  15. Teacher in trouble after letting students wear Ku Klux Klan costumes
  16. Student Sues School for Damages in Sexting Case
  17. Rear-end collisions jump at red-light camera intersections in West Palm Beach
  18. Truck carrying 17 million bees crashes in Minnesota
  19. Sorority Girls Gone Wild - sisters under gun for vomit-, booze-, sex-filled event
  20. Jamaica police: 30 dead in battle with drug gang
  21. Judge holds woman in contempt for 'offensive' t-shirt
  22. Four Charged in Tattooing 14-Year-Old Against His Will
  23. German schoolboy pays 15,000 to child bullies
  24. Burglar arrested due to obvious facial tattoo
  25. Wedding dress revenge: divorced man finds 101 uses for wife's gown
  26. Study: Many Sunscreens May Be Accelerating Cancer
  27. Trial of Sadistic Chicago Torture Cop Ramps Up
  28. Woman loses breast to spider bite
  29. Feds eyeing online forums to correct 'misinformation'
  30. Mom has deputy handcuff her 5-year-old son
  31. Smoking Toddler In Indonesia Loves To Light Up
  32. Spanish bull murderer gored through throat *Very graphic pics*
  33. Transgender Employee Sues Macy's Claiming Discrimination
  34. AP INVESTIGATION: Texas man faked way into Army
  35. Florida couple makes their kid sleep outside..for 8 yrs
  36. Teen Suspended For Wearing Rosary Beads To School Bc They May Be Gang-Related
  37. Australian ninjas help mugging victim
  38. Campaigners vow to stop Britain's first TV ad for abortion services
  39. Scientists say oil spill is 10 times the Exxon Valdez and growing: BP and Obama lie.
  40. BP 'rules' prevent journalist from touring gulf coast damage
  41. Dismay as Swedish Crown Princess asks her father to walk her down the aisle
  42. Eating chocolate can prevent wrinkles?
  43. Orange County mom shoots dog after it attacks her 6 year old daughter
  44. Woman died after doctors failed to spot toilet brush in her buttocks‎
  45. Mute boy plunged back into silence after losing pet dog
  46. Hooters Says Waitress Is "Too Fat," Offers Her Gym Membership
  47. U.S. jury decides $250 million damages against Novartis‎
  48. Bus driver spots baby sitting in middle of the road‎
  49. Attempted Abduction of 4-Year-Old Girl Thwarted ... By Her Brother
  50. NJ Mom Recognizes Census Worker as Sex Offender
  51. Pakistan blocks Facebook over May 20th "Draw Mohammed" day
  52. Georgia county employees asked to return bonuses 16 years after receiving them!
  53. Pizza store fires waitress for complaining on Facebook
  54. No credit card? No Ipad.
  55. Court orders Hispanic Catholic to follow Orthodox Jewish rules
  56. Woman Sues Cell Phone Company for Exposing Her Affair
  57. Teacher Gives Lesson on How to Assasinate the President
  58. Think your Facebook is private? Try Openbook
  59. Only 50 grand to live in a Doomsday Bunker
  60. Bonita Norris becomes youngest British woman to climb Everest
  61. Voice actor for Geico fired, strikes back: don't drunk dial Freedom Works
  62. Detroit police say 7-year-old shot in home search
  63. 2010 Miss USA crowned in Las Vegas
  64. Successful Model, 9, Considers Herself a 'Normal Kid'
  65. Mother who beat toddler son to death is jailed for a minimum of 16 years
  66. Man Who Branded Kids Acquitted On Assault Charges
  67. My Daughter Was Murdered In Scotland - Please Sign The E-Petition!
  68. Google private data collection: admits snooping via WiFi connections
  69. 26 year old Canadian man, who family says was tortured & held captive
  70. Lesbian Couple Driven Out of Church for Holding Hands‎
  71. U.S. rights group sues to protect right to swear
  72. Man uses a very creative way to land a great job
  73. US teacher sacked after being filmed beating student
  74. China scientists find use for cigarette butts
  75. Andy Warhol 'Self Portrait' fetches $32 million
  76. Jupiter loses one of its stripes and scientists are stumped as to why
  77. Dog on the menu for Chinese astronauts
  78. Small New York Town Makes English the Law
  79. Abu Dhabi hotel installs gold vending machine
  80. Girl, 4, seen walking around Geelong skate park at 3am was walking cat
  81. Family Found Dead in Sinkhole Near Montreal
  82. Lawyer: I didn't mean to touch judge's butt, my cerebral palsy made me do it
  83. Toddler contracts sexual disease; city police investigating
  84. Twin brothers slain trying to rob Connecticut apartment
  85. SoCal Musician Could Be Charles Manson's Son
  86. Mortgages: Strategic Defaults Are On the Rise
  87. 20 firefighters free 40 stone woman from home‎
  88. Woman startled by demonic face on canned pear, wants recompense from company
  89. US university introduces electronic monitoring of student attendance
  90. Payment Offers to Egg Donors Prompt Scrutiny
  91. Home-school is so popular, some are getting suspicious
  92. 3rd Grader busted for possession of an Apple Jolly Rancher
  93. 25 best-paying jobs for women
  94. White flight (part 2)? Suburbs lose young whites to cities.
  95. The U.S. parents who teach their children to idolise Hitler
  96. Accidental surrogate mother hands over baby to biological parents after IVF mix-up
  97. School Talent Show Turns Into Strip Tease
  98. Seattle cops helpfully combine brutality with racism
  99. $100 million Mosque in the works near Ground Zero
  100. Rooster Turns Into Chicken, Scientists Baffled
  101. Wisconsin Woman Arrested for Blow Gun Spree: "Liked to Hear People Say Ouch"
  102. Florida's bold move to retain crazy state status: won't ban bestiality
  103. 2 NY teens arrested in plot to attack high school
  104. Mom Checks Out Gossip Girl Books for Three Years to Keep Them Away from Tweens
  105. Chinese boy, 6, saved from dropping to death by his ears
  106. Mexican women's activists call for Cancun boycott
  107. Miami airport screener accused of attacking co-worker over genital jokes
  108. Grandmother Arrested After Slapping Granddaughter for Cursing at Her‎
  109. Woman painting nails before crash found guilty of reckless homicide
  110. Women are waiting longer to have children in the U.S. and a record 41% are unmarried
  111. Wayward truck driver causes traffic chaos on two freeways
  112. 2 Men Jailed for Eating Teen Girl
  113. Black Students Only Field Trip Sparks Controversy
  114. Students Kicked off Campus for wearing American Flag T Shirts on Cinco de Mayo
  115. TV news employee in Los Angeles has $266M winning ticket
  116. SWAT team raids house, shoots dogs over small amount of weed
  117. American snorkeller killed by crocodile
  118. Pakistani couple beats car sex charge in Dubai
  119. Donny Osmond poster found inserted inside fan. Yes, you did read that right.
  120. Convicted child-rapist exonerated by DNA after 30 years behind bars
  121. Parents freak and call 911 because their toddler had a sip of alcohol
  122. Woman bedbound by HUGE boobs, tittays, bazongas, funbags, breasteses, chesticles, etc
  123. Rafael, one of world's first face transplant recipients, meets the press
  124. Murder at UVA involving Senior Lacrosse Players
  125. Guard takes down excited Phillies fan with tazer
  126. Couple meets in Vegas, gets married a few hours later
  127. Here we go again: Starbucks sued for too-hot tea
  128. Woman stabs 4 in Southern Calif. Target store
  129. Rising Tory star Philippa Stroud ran prayer sessions to 'cure' gay people
  130. Christian preacher arrested for saying homosexuality is a sin
  131. British Petroleum: Oil rig leak 'wasn't our accident'
  132. Spiderman foils would be thief
  133. 'Anti-ginger bullies forced our daughter out of school'
  134. Times Square in NYC exacuated due to failed bombing
  135. Gerry McCann tells how hunt for Madeleine 'is shaking his Catholic faith'
  136. Teacher sues 14-year-old for drawing scary rabbit
  137. Professors now outsource marking to India
  138. 2 Boys Accused of Killing Stepdad So They Could Run Away
  139. Gross: Man dies after having eel inserted in rectum during a prank
  140. Widow mum keeps life-sized cut-out of her husband for her children‎
  141. California County bans toys in Happy Meals
  142. Rape of woman in skinny jeans 'not possible'
  143. Boy thrown out of school five times... at the age of four
  144. 'I'm doing nothing wrong': Mother defends decision to breastfeed five-year-old son
  145. China: Diplomat beaten, injured by Houston police
  146. 26 year-old having a child with his 72 year-old grandmother
  147. Man Claims to Have Lived Without Food and Water for 70 Years
  148. Girl, 10, fights off two men who tried to rape her in Dubai
  149. Oprah Winfrey Deal With Procter & Gamble May Rock Old Advertising Model
  150. Three-year-old boy arrested as suspected terrorist in France
  151. 8 Houston police officers suspended for excessive force
  152. Police: Woman bites man after being called fat
  153. Finally some justice: China stripped of Sydney Olympic bronze
  154. Funeral Home Displays Body On Motorcycle
  155. Judge throws out majority of evidence against cop in fatal crash
  156. Cat attacks TwiTard for giving it dumb name, squeezing it with hamhocks
  157. Harvard Law Student:African-Americans genetically pre-disposed to be less intelligent
  158. Boy banned from eating cheese sandwich
  159. Australia faces critical sperm shortage
  160. Worker punched after confronting man about odor
  161. Remains of Noah's Ark May Have Been Found
  162. Warning: Your Cell Phone May Be Hazardous to Your Health
  163. Concertgoers show the Reich stuff, are beaten by crowd
  164. Naki Sumo: Wrestlers try to make babies cry
  165. Europe presses UK to introduce total ban on smacking children‎
  166. Teacher Peter Harvey 'beat pupil while shouting die'‎
  167. Did Boobquake actually cause an earthquake?
  168. Hate criminal slashes chest of transgendered university student, Long Beach, Calif.
  169. Bullfighter Jose Tomas in critical condition
  170. Supreme Court: Dogfighting videos are protected under First Amendment
  171. May 20th: Everybody Draw Mohamed Day
  172. Dozens of pedestrians ignore dying Queens, New York good samaritan
  173. The mythology of the children in Miami's shelters
  174. Three teenage girls accused of trying to kill a lesbian classmate face charges
  175. Utah killer to die by firing squad
  176. White supremacist stabbed to death
  177. Texas executes man for rape, murder of teen
  178. New proposal: Endangered whales could be killed legally
  179. Man harasses neighbor with fake Craigslist orgy ad
  180. Teen driving van runs over woman mowing lawn
  181. Mother, 12 children leave motel for new home
  182. Watch yer ass: China's dirty war on America's toilet paper
  183. Missouri store clerk wins $258M Powerball jackpot
  184. Massachusetts school asks students to rank biggest bullies among classmates
  185. Foster mother rejected for not serving pork
  186. Lesbian couple becomes first same sex couple to sign joint birth certificate
  187. Archie Comics welcomes a gay to Riverdale
  188. Headmaster Beaten Up By Pupil He Had Caned‎
  189. British vacationers: we don't want black waiters
  190. Meet the new 100 dollar bill
  191. Internet ruins racist truck's fun times
  192. Rampaging Goat Invades Nursing Home
  193. McAfee program goes berserk, reboots PCs; affecting schools, hospitals
  194. 89 y.o. woman pulls gun on would-be burglar
  195. 300+ colleges move to ban smoking
  196. Guilty: Father who repeatedly raped his daughter and murdered one of their 4 children
  197. Casper, Wyoming officials will do nothing about "Gay = Death" grafitti
  198. Father left brain damaged after 2 thugs mistook him for paedophile‎
  199. Man 'deliberately vomits' on cop's daughter at baseball game
  200. Mother banned from Disneyland for dressing as princess
  201. "Woman" has sex with 14 year old boy while boyfriend watches
  202. Woman hits TSA agent over jar of applesauce
  203. Comedian receives payout, apology after police stop him for being 'overconfident'
  204. Is it still indecent exposure if nobody saw?
  205. Spark up! Today (20th April) is Weed Day.
  206. CHP probe: man wired for pleasure, not bombs
  207. California baby girl dies after being left in car
  208. Ohio Billboard Promotes Breastfeeding, Offends Some
  209. Man Charged With Beating 4-Year-Old To Death For Wetting Pants
  210. George Washington Owes $300,000 In Unpaid Library Fines
  211. Man gets 3 year ban after drunk driving toy barbie car
  212. Doctor removes man's testicle instead of cyst
  213. Melbourne gangland figure Carl Williams dead in jail
  214. Woman dies, 3 stranded after unanswered 911 call
  215. Father Fights for Daughter Given Up for Adoption
  216. Single-mother soldier gets thousands from MoD
  217. Cookbook pulped over 'ground black people' typo‎
  218. Icelandic volcano continues to erupt: update
  219. White supremacists, demonstrators square off in...Los Angeles
  220. British girl banned from every bar in the country
  221. Octopus steals camera from scuba diver...and keeps on filming
  222. Yet ANOTHER cop beatdown: this time he's arrested
  223. 2 decades after shaking baby, father jailed again
  224. One WHOPPER of a bestiality case: horses, dogs, mice in vaseline...
  225. Cop points gun in woman's face after being rear-ended
  226. San Francisco cops lose taser rights
  227. Texas city brings back paddling
  228. Osama bin Laden succumbs to modern world: creates Facebook page
  229. Teachers vote for tests boycott
  230. The Earth is over - A climate pioneer declares the planet dead
  231. Controversial crucifix creates rift at Oklahoma church
  232. Children's author pleads guilty to child pornography possession
  233. College professor subdues would-be bank robber with a 'bear hug' until police arrive
  234. Man Charged With Fatally Punching Baby Son; Wanted 7-month-old to 'toughen up'...
  235. UK airport terminals deserted due to giant volcanic ash cloud
  236. 7.1 magnitude Earthquake in China kills nearly 600 people
  237. Sex abuser leaves 400,000 to Girl Guides in his will
  238. Teen confesses to beating baby *graphic pic*
  239. Father arrested for leaving baby in car while visiting strip club
  240. Prisoner Murders Girlfriend During Conjugal Visit
  241. Primark withdraws padded bikini tops for 7-year-olds
  242. In Colorado, pets now protected under restraining orders
  243. Drug addicts offered cash to stop reproducing
  244. Police use 50,000 volt taser on man having epileptic seizure
  245. Not officially raped: Keeping crime numbers down
  246. Porn magazine for the blind launched
  247. Convicts escape....dressed as sheep
  248. Recovering skinhead tries to open eyes of closed minds
  249. Boy struggling for life now faces mom's deportation
  250. Council to ban the word 'obesity' - so fat children don't get offended