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  1. Southern Baptists denounce the 'Alt-Right'
  2. Pregnant Irish Teen Placed in Psychiatric Clinic for Seeking Abortion
  3. Mormon church and Boy Scouts of America covered up sexual abuse for decades
  4. Texas Mosque Burns - World Steps in to Help
  5. Author of Christian abstinence manifesto has second thoughts
  6. God sends natural disaster to punish bigot
  7. Church wants sexually abused girls publically identified.
  8. The New York Catholic Church Paid Lobbyists $2.1 Million to Block Child Sex-Abuse Law
  9. Let's replace meds with Bible study and see what happens!
  10. I Am Not A Feminist, And That Is Okay
  11. Documentary Claims Pope John Paul Was Sorta in Love With Married Woman For 30 Years
  12. Pakistan Says Ban On Child Marriages Is "In-Islamic""
  13. 230 boys abused in German Catholic choir
  14. The Real Face Of Jesus Is Nothing Like What You're Shown In Church
  15. Is Christmas a Religious or Cultural Holiday For You (sexy pic alert)?
  16. Abuse inquiry criticizes Hillsong pastor Brian Houston
  17. Religious children are meaner than their secular counterparts, study finds
  18. Mormons Bar Children Of Gay Parents Unless They Reject Their Families
  19. Five Women Sue Duggar-Affiliated Homeschool Ministry Over Sexual Abuse
  20. Satanic statue unveiled in Detroit, Christians protest
  21. Sauna Shanda Rabbi Won't Step Down
  22. US Pastor Says Women Created To House Mans Penis
  23. Vatican Makes Peace With American Nuns
  24. Christian auto shop owner in Michigan vows to deny service to gay customers
  25. Haredim Want NYC Subways To Censor Lane Bryant Ad Meant To Empower Women
  26. Multiculti Local Council's "Hijab Day"
  27. Little Boy Who Claimed to Die and Visit Heaven Admits He Made It Up
  28. Tony Blair: west must take sides against growing threat of radical Islam
  29. Another Westboro Baptist Church member abandons church
  30. Catholic Nuns Come Out in Support of Obamacare Contraception Access
  31. The Miserable End Of The Miserable Fred Phelps
  32. Conservative leader Bill Gothard on leave following abuse allegations
  33. Religious Nut finds “Indecent” T-Shirts At Store, Buys All Of Them
  34. Satanists Seek Statue On Oklahoma Statehouse Steps
  35. Nuns angry over their depiction in Judy Dench film Philomena - say truth was twisted
  36. Pennsylvania Pastor Fired By Congregation For Officiating Gay Wedding
  37. Vince Gill Confronts Some Idiots from Westboro Baptist Church
  38. 'Pink Mass' Made Westboro Baptist Church Founder's Mom Gay In Afterlife - Satanists
  39. Ex-Gay' Group Exodus International Shuts Down
  40. Israel Looks for Solutions to Its Ultra-Orthodox Men Problem
  41. Well Ladies: If Your Man Cheats...it's YOUR Fault....According to Pat Robertson
  42. Pope Francis to nuns: Be ‘mothers’ rather than ‘spinsters’
  43. Second child of doctor-shunning faith healing parents dies
  44. Turkish pianist Fazil Say convicted of insulting Islam
  45. Satmar Hasids Build Sex Segregated Play Ground With Our Tax Dollars
  46. Army Reserve training material: Catholics, Evangelicals are extremist groups
  47. Joel Osteen resigns, cites ‘lack of faith’, leaves Christianity
  48. Two more babies stricken with herpes after ritual pedophilia
  49. Honey, We're Praying For You
  50. Pope Benedict to resign
  51. Megan Phelps-Roper and Sister Leave Westboro Baptist Church
  52. Lutheran Pastor Apologizes for Sharing Stage With ‘False Religions’ After Newtown
  53. Insult to jesus christ!
  54. The Modesty Mafia Are Coming for Your Mannequins and iPads
  55. Washington, DC cathedral to perform same-sex weddings
  56. Prominent Rabbi Devises Helpful Plan to Keep Toddlers From Dressing Like Sluts
  57. Catholic priest claims women bring sexual violence on themselves
  58. Athens - the EU capital city without a mosque
  59. Church of England Decides Not to Let Any Women Into Bishop Boys Club
  60. Rev. Phil Snider Flips Gay Rights Script, Wants Bible Read With 'Integrity'
  61. Hitler's PERSONAL photographer Hugo Jaeger's Jewish Polish photographs
  62. The Pope thinks Gays Are A Defection of Human Nature
  63. World Hijab Day Has Got It All Wrong
  64. Open Letter to African American Pastors
  65. Catholic Priest Accused of Chasing After Molested Preteen Boy in His Underwear
  66. Ultra-Orthodox Men Now Wearing Special Blinders to Avoid Seeing Sexy Things
  67. Preacher 'cures' cancer by kicking people in the face
  68. Woman's lawsuit claims sexual abuse during exorcism
  69. Tiny Tot Delights Churchgoers by Singing ‘Ain’t No Homos Going to Make It to Heaven’
  70. Saudi Woman Blasts Religious Police Thug For Ordering Her to Cover Up Her Sexy Nails
  71. Missing girl kidnapped for Vatican Sex Parties
  72. Christian pastor: Gays should be put in electrified concentration camps and starved
  73. Mother, Banned From Facebook After Posting Photos Of Terminally Ill Son
  74. Josef Miles, 9-Year-Old Boy, Protests Westboro Baptist Church‎
  75. Being Born Again linked to brain atrophy - Duke Univ.
  76. Actual reality
  77. Ultra-Orthodox Shun Their Own for Reporting Child Sexual Abuse
  78. My wife
  79. Horrible Pastor Advocates Beating the Gay Out of Young Kids
  80. Massive Anti-Internet Rally for ‘All Jews’ Except, Duh, Women
  81. American Nuns Busted for Being a Crazy Bunch of Radical Feminists
  82. Naked family prays outside Philadelphia-area school
  83. On Purim, Women Should Be Neither Seen Nor Heard
  84. How to prevent tornadoes
  85. Atheist Billboards Set to Delight Atheists, Piss Off Religious People
  86. Proxy Baptism of the Day: Daniel Pearl
  87. Why Can’t the Mormon Church Stop Baptizing Anne Frank?
  88. Website Converts the Souls of Deceased Mormons Into Gay Souls of Deceased Mormons
  89. Two Fellows Audition for Westboro Baptist Church
  90. Israeli Women Enraging Some Men By Refusing To Move To Back of the Bus
  91. Internal turmoil in Scientology revealed by leaked email
  92. 8-year-old girl, called a 'whore' by ultra-Orthodox Jews, triggers tension in Israel
  93. Mormon College Objects to Skinny Jeans
  94. Scientology Held Woman Aboard the Freewinds for 12 Years Against Her Will
  95. 'Harry Potter and yoga are evil', says Catholic Church exorcist‎
  96. Kissinger in Nixon-era document: Jews are self-serving 'bastards'
  97. Former Scientology insiders describe a world of closers, prospects, crushing quotas..
  98. Signs in Brooklyn: ‘Precious Jewish Daughter: Move Aside For Men’
  99. Italian Monks Ask God to Deliver Diarrhea to Thief
  100. Meet the new generation of schoolgirl exorcists
  101. Physicist Stephen Hawking: Heaven is a "fairy story"
  102. Pat Robertson: Liberals pro abortion 'cause it makes them more lesbian and other crap
  103. God's Wife Edited out of the Bible--Almost
  104. A Politically Correct Bible?
  105. Be healed by the power of the holy kayak
  106. Pope: Marriage is not an absolute right
  107. Pope: God Behind Big Bang
  108. Egypt Muslims to act as "human shields" at Coptic Christmas Eve mass
  109. Freedom From Religion Foundation calls for halt to Army Spiritual Fitness Survey
  110. Protesters Seek Woman's Divorce
  111. 5 Ridiculous Things You Probably Believe About Islam
  112. Former Hitler youth says Christians are the most persecuted people
  113. Play "A Very Merry Unauthorized Children's Scieno Pageant" catches CO$'s attention
  114. Developers plan a creationism theme park in Kentucky
  115. Pakistani Woman Faces Death For Blasphemy
  116. Lessons of Hate at Islamic Schools in Britain
  117. Pope's U-turn on condoms 'will save lives' say Aids campaigners
  118. Paganism - Eccentrics or a Dangerous Cult?
  119. GWU's women's-only pool hours opens debate about accomodations for Islam
  120. Crystal Cathedral megachurch files for bankruptcy
  121. Stephen Colbert: Post-modern Catholic
  122. Mormon leader's remarks spark outcry on same-sex issues
  123. Southern Baptist leader on yoga: Not Christianity
  124. Pope's Arrival In UK Overshadowed By Abuse Scandal
  125. Ice cream ad banned as "offensive" to Catholics
  126. Man smokes pages of Bible and Koran, asking 'Which is best?'
  127. Some School Anti-Bullying Programs Push Gay Agenda, Christian Group Says
  128. Catholic women's group launches ordination campaign
  129. Christian Princess Camp. Teaching little girls to be "princesses for the Lord"
  130. Mormon Church launches new ad campaign: "we're normal people too"
  131. Richard Dawkins: my revulsion for the bin-liner burka
  132. Pakistan frees mentally ill woman on Qur'an charge after 14 years
  133. Catholic church embarrassed by gay priests revelations
  134. Vatican: Female priests as bad as paedophiles
  135. Finally, Christian Couples Have A Place to Buy Their Dildos
  136. LOL how atheists see the rituals surrounding religion
  137. A collection of Westboro Baptist Church song parodies
  138. Did Liberty University Seminary President Lie about being Muslim?
  139. Church Forced Girl to Apologize for Being Raped
  140. Forget Catholics, Scientology likes to cover up sex abuse cases as well....
  141. Arizona Nun Excommunicated for Saving a Patient's Life
  142. Brazilian archbishop says kids are 'spontaneously gay'
  143. Pope receives apology from UK Foreign Office for 'condom' memo‎
  144. Atheists, religious groups lobby on Day of Prayer
  145. Dominos start to tumble: Church resignations begin
  146. Cardinals 'aided paedophile priest'‎
  147. Lutheran Church embraces gays: abolishes all anti-gay policies
  148. The Better Pope...or a Papist apologist speaks
  149. AP IMPACT: Predator priests shuffled around globe
  150. Sydney Bishop eners battle against secular education
  151. Religion scholar resigns after endorsing evolution
  152. Vatican's 2nd in command says pedophilia a result of homosexuality
  153. Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens: Arrest the Pope
  154. Archie, Christian evangelist
  155. Pope manages to act decisively when it comes to Priests and celibacy.
  156. A glimpse into the mind of a pedophile priest
  157. 1962 Vatican document: punish abuse victims, protect priests and the Church
  158. Worries about California priest came early in career
  159. Nurse loses crucifix 'ban' claim at tribunal
  160. Church to abused wife: 'Stay with him'
  161. Pope's 'revenge' as LA gets Opus Dei bishop
  162. Anderson Cooper takes on Scientology
  163. Pope's immunity could be challenged in Britain
  164. Vatican priest compares the uproar over sexual abuse to the Persecution of Jews
  165. Catholic League Prez: there is a connection between homosexuality and pedos
  166. Reasons Why the Vatican is Not Liable for Sex Abuse and Coverup, Says the Vatican
  167. Gay people don't deserve funerals, says Catholic dress wearing child rapist
  168. Christopher Hitchens on the Pope scandal
  169. Pope implicated in yet ANOTHER abuse case
  170. Pope implicated in Wisconsin abuse coverup
  171. Bristol Palin and the trouble with Christian sex
  172. The Pope, the Prophet, and the religious support of evil
  173. Vicar bans Tai Chi class for being "anti-Christian"
  174. Ireland abuse cover-up: Cardinal says 'whoops, sorry'
  175. New church sex abuse scandal...this time with video
  176. Vatican heads straight down De Nile: Pope being set up
  177. Desmond Tutu on homophobia: In Africa, a step backward on human rights
  178. Surprise! Pope Shitbag, er, Nazinger, er, Ratzinger in another child rape scandal
  179. Christians Urged to Boycott Glenn Beck
  180. Holy scandal: Condom machines in Rome
  181. At evolution exhibit, US creationists are unswayed
  182. 6 questions for an atheist undercover in an evangelical church
  183. Chief Exorcist: Devil at work in the Vatican
  184. Hundreds slaughtered in Nigeria religious violence
  185. Vatican Hit by Gay Sex Scandal
  186. More victim blaming crap: ‘ungodly’ dressed women provoke rape
  187. Jews leave Swedish city after sharp rise in anti-Semitic hate crimes
  188. Wife of televangelist Benny Hinn files for divorce
  189. Vicar tells women to 'submit to husbands'
  190. Stephen Fry: the Catholic Church is not a force of good in the world
  191. Study links religion and racism
  192. Anonymous pledges to fight Scientology in Haiti
  193. Pope condemns gay equality laws ahead of first UK visit
  194. Christian group's insistence on a white Jesus causes dismay
  195. Pat Robertson: Haiti cursed by pact with devil
  196. Irish atheists challenge new blasphemy laws
  197. Make sure to pack in all your fun before May 21, 2011
  198. The trouble with Kwanzaa
  199. 'Thou shalt shoplift' says priest
  200. Put the Christ in Christmas!
  201. Have you changed your mind about religious issues?
  202. Churches to stop helping homeless because some other church doesn't hate gays. WTF?
  203. Church's 'provocative' poster begets almighty row
  204. Registrar who refused to perform civil partnerships loses her case
  205. Sumerians look on in confusion as Christian God creates world
  206. Praying for Barack Obama's death
  207. Gays and transsexuals can't enter Heaven: Cardinal
  208. BBC drops ballet featuring a deformed Pope who rapes nuns
  209. Pope John Paul II 'whipped himself in remorse for sins'
  210. Gay priests 'no more likely to abuse children than heterosexuals'
  211. Catholic Diocese gives D.C. ultimatum
  212. Sweden church allows gay weddings
  213. How to choose your religion
  214. The fastest growing religion is...
  215. Vicar fed up with Tina Turner songs and ‘nan's poetry’ at funerals
  216. Church art exhibition includes crucified ape and black Jesus on electric chair
  217. Church plans to burn Bibles, Christian books
  218. Top Africa cardinal: next pope could well be black
  219. Christianity has a liberal bias? Never fear, Conservapedia plans to rewrite the Bible
  220. International Blasphemy Day- 30th September
  221. Vatican Priest in red light area car chase
  222. Canada bishop faces porn charges
  223. Sex abuse rife in other religions, says Vatican
  224. Man fired from Christian radio station for revealing he was gay
  225. Gay-friendly church asks 'Would Jesus discriminate?'
  226. Church poster banned for suggesting that 'blessed oil' cured heart defect
  227. Kirk Cameron [moron] to distribute altered "Origin of Species" books
  228. Mormon tries to give a speech against Prop 8, has his mic cut, gets thrown out
  229. Women's ordination advocate gets ultimatum
  230. Study shows 1 in 33 women propositioned by religious leader
  231. "The Nightmare of Christianity"
  232. Science vs. Faith flowchart
  233. Pope: Atheists are responsible for environmental destruction, get slapped down hard
  234. Humans 'evolved' to believe in God
  235. Say a prayer before sex
  236. Top 10 worst Bible passages
  237. Atheists will save your pets after The Rapture..... for a fee, natch
  238. Preacher threatened with arrest for reading out extracts from the Bible in public
  239. Author Sebastian Faulks: Koran “the rantings of a schizophrenic”
  240. Tarvuism - Finally! A religion for Grimm
  241. Is God protecting Fla. at Gov. Crist's request?
  242. Evangelical Lutheran Church approves gay clergy with partners
  243. Israel fighting swine flu with flying rabbis
  244. Irony: Sanctity of marriage backer getting divorce
  245. Vatican protests as Italy approves use of abortion pill
  246. Invite to deface Bible withdrawn
  247. Pope hospitalized
  248. God is slightly gay: just ask the animals
  249. British Medical Association to debate religion and prayer in the NHS
  250. Richard Dawkins backs atheist camp to give children 'godless alternative'