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  1. Purity balls: Creepy father-daughter faux marriage ceremonies
  2. This web-page made me almost vomit...
  3. Irshad Manji
  4. Children of Palestinian Suicide Bomber Rim Al-Riyashi on Hamas TV
  5. I think I want to get exorcised
  6. Christian group on "offensive" in San Francisco
  7. James Cameron (Titanic) apparently finds Jesus Christ's tomb. Religion blinks.
  8. Religion suddenly needs protecting by the CIA in America
  9. Soooo, what are YOU giving up for Lent?!
  10. Anglican Church demands deadline on gay unions
  11. Pope bitches about abortion, unwed mothers, gays, the usual..
  12. Muslim women don't have to wear veils: Queen Rania
  13. Jews are 'apes' and Christians 'pigs' in books taught by British Islamic school
  14. Tom Cruise met with Scooter Libby about Germany's treatment of Scientologists
  15. It's hard to be a bigot when you're dead
  16. Can Jews and evangelicals get along?
  17. UK Mosques. Part 1 of 3.
  18. The "proper" Islamic way to beat your wife
  19. Idiot Pat Robertson says 'God told me of coming terror in USA'
  20. Tore Toiviccos WARNING about SATANIC HOLIDAYS
  21. Pope blathers on about how secularism is evil, *yawn*
  22. Episcopalians against equality. Shock.
  23. CEO runs a Christian corporation, predictably his employees seem nuts
  24. Italian police seek 'Satan squad'
  25. Rabbi gets Christmas trees removed from Sea-Tac Airport WA
  26. Birth control is evil you stupid women: a religious message
  27. Bigot Rabbi "Gay marriage is worse than the Holocaust"
  28. Muslims jump on creationism bandwagon; athiesm to blame for terrorism
  29. Vatican condom view slowly changing, apparently
  30. This is just glorious - When Religion loses its credibility
  31. Bishops adopt gay outreach guidelines
  32. Superstar pastors
  33. Was Jesus a virgin?
  34. Reverend Ted Haggard begins 'spiritual restoration'
  35. Vatican urges Israel to ban Jerusalem gay pride parade
  36. Snake-handling Looney Fatally Bitten
  37. Fired Evangelical Ted Haggard condemns gays in 'Jesus Camp' movie
  38. National Association of Evangelicals Leader Accused of Paying for Gay Sex.
  39. Kooky Canadian church says bottled water is sacred, shouldn't be sold..
  40. Half of Americans can't decide if god exists, and if he's a dude or a chick
  41. Churches reject Halloween...
  42. Salem's witch fights for her and fellow Wiccans' religious rights
  43. Muslim cleric says women without a veil are "uncovered meat" asking for rape
  44. Pope says "oppose deviant love", ie gay love. Love is deviant now?
  45. Catholic church trying to slither its way into secular Canadian politics
  46. Coming soon: John Paul II...the cartoon
  47. Jesus appears on a dog's ass. Seriously.
  48. Religion is evil, God is a fantasy, and the spaghetti monster flies overhead
  49. Sk8 for Jesus: another evangelical nazi movement..
  50. Hell Houses: Christians do Halloween thier way.
  51. Woman dedicates virginity to Jesus
  52. Pentecostal and Charismatic Groups Growing
  53. Fred Phelps plans to protest Amish funerals
  54. Texas town has more than 50 churches.
  55. Creationists continue to shove their religious crap into science class
  56. North Dakota youth group stages book burning to bring themselves closer to god
  57. Catholic Priests fleeced flock of millions of dollars
  58. Religious fuckbrains still claim same-sex marriage isn't a right, damages kids
  59. Priests fleece Florida flock of millions.
  60. Richard Dawkins: The God Delusion
  61. Why I have a problem with Islam
  62. Religion of Peace kills again
  63. I.R.S. Eyes Religious Groups as More Enter Election Fray
  64. Jesus Camp documentary: kids training to be holy warriors for god
  65. Pope insults Muslims
  66. Children Of Jihad
  67. New poll: God wants Christians to be rich.
  68. Hospital doesn't want to see Jesus depicted as Jewish
  69. Pope's debate group to publish evolution talks
  70. Powered By Jesus
  71. Fired by the bible
  72. Sight unseen: Are we hard-wired for religion?
  73. New story about a pastor who steers clear of politics
  74. Shocking Vatican priests pictures link
  75. Jesus wasn't all about love and happiness? Advocated violence?
  76. Evangelical retards giddy about current middle east war
  77. Same Sex Relationships in the Bible
  78. Church school bans John Lennon's "Imagine" because it's anti-Christian
  79. Man fakes being a buddhist monk to meet the ladies
  80. Westboro Cretins Stuck With 5K Funeral Security Bill!
  81. Evangelicals support torture.
  82. Rabbis, Priests, and Imams unite in the Holy Land... to bash gays.
  83. Gay, Godly & Guilty: torment of gay christians
  84. Vatican to excommunicate stem cell scientists, supporting politicians
  85. Paula Zahn interviews pedophile priest *airs tonight at 8 ET*
  86. Is Hell Real?
  87. 'Homosexuality is no sin', says Episc. Bishop
  88. Defend yourself from fundie christians, using the bible
  89. Pope told Stephen Hawking not to study beginning of universe
  90. Scientology invades Chinatown
  91. Christians ticked that 'family movie' rated pg-13 for 'too much God'
  92. Christians must do more to combat AIDS - editorial
  93. Top 10 signs you're a fundamentalist Christian
  94. Dalai Lama recognizes Tintin the cartoon character as a hero
  95. Pat Robertson leg-pressed more than 900kg
  96. Aussie Lingerie Model Isn't A Muslim After All - Shock!
  97. 270 kg Buddha Statue Stolen
  98. Mormons & Sexuality
  99. Fundie 'Christians' beating their children because the bible says to
  100. Pat Robertson has a vision: America will have.. storms.
  101. Kingdom Coming: The Rise of American Christian Theocracy
  102. I want insight from both sides
  103. Pope to sanction condoms?
  104. Liberalism's extremists: Fundamentalist Athiests
  105. Yoga with a "Christian" bent?
  106. Religious morons trying to get a consitutional ban on same-sex marriage yet again
  107. Belief-O-Matic...What religion are you?
  108. Crucifixion Re-enactment?
  109. Christians sue for the Right to be Intolerant
  110. PopeTown - coming to your MTV!
  111. Buddha's Birthday
  112. Funding denied for lack of proof of evolution
  113. Austrian Catholics download church bell ringtones
  114. Ancient manuscript shows Jesus ASKED Judas to betray him so he could ascend
  115. Time for a re-think: religion can help you live longer.
  116. The mystery of 'The Jesus Papers' by Michael Baigent
  117. Jesus walked on ice, not water.
  118. Going to a Seder - help!!!
  119. Praying doesn't do jack for sick patients.
  120. Typical arguments Christians use when confronted with non-believers
  121. Polygamy
  122. Hindus offended by nude paintings
  123. Religious right says masturbation will destroy western civilization
  124. Athiests are America's least trusted minority
  125. Christians for torture..i'm really trying to look surprised here..
  126. Archbishop of Canterbury says 'Stop teaching creationism'
  127. Rabbi wants to start a 'UN of Religions'
  128. Christian fears deportation and torture
  129. Gay mormon may be excommunicated after getting hitched in Canada
  130. Pat Robertson calls protesting Muslims "satanic"
  131. More Strange Xians - Prairie Muffins
  132. Jerry Falwell says the Jews are going straight to hell
  133. 3 Charged With Alabama Church Fires
  134. Christian company cashes in on Brokeback Mountain
  135. Fellow dormmates warned about the Christian in 462
  136. Pope says a couple of embryo cells are actual people.
  137. Whacko Pat Robertson shunned by other Christians
  138. Vatican's chief exorcist says Harry Potter leads to Satan
  139. Do you want a religious service when you die?
  140. Do you believe in life after death?
  141. What are YOU giving up for Lent? (starts Wed 1 March)
  142. Do you believe in a higher power?
  143. Biblically Correct Tours
  144. Oh Dear..don't move to North Carolina...the Christian Exodus is coming.
  145. South Park's bleeding Mary offends Kiwi Muslims
  146. Sinead O'Connor ripping up the Pope's pic?
  147. Catholic nutjobs urge South Park boycott
  148. Death threats target cartoon 'prophet mohammed' t-shirt makers
  149. US scientists urge churches to back evolution
  150. Domino's pizza founder to build town governed by strict Catholic law
  151. DNA tests contradict Mormon scripture.
  152. Ministers across U.S. pay homage to Charles Darwin
  153. Dissecting God: Analyzing religion scientifically
  154. 4 More Churches Burned in Alabama
  155. Lighten Up Already! (pun intended)
  156. For the atheists on the board, how did you become one?
  157. Christians boycott film with gay actor
  158. Vatican may have found Pope John Paul's "miracle"
  159. What do you think about Buddhist Monks?
  160. Kids don't really 'get' the Bible....
  161. High school senior complains about religion in his school
  162. Vatican's schizo views on, ahem, 'Intelligent Design'.
  163. New Pope up to wierd things
  164. Pope says don't confuse love with lust...
  165. So I went to the Scientology Center today...
  166. Scientists are discovering the Soul
  167. Christian fundies use same hate-language Nazi's did.
  168. Jesus healed using pot...
  169. Pat Robertson blames Sharon's stroke on the hand of God
  170. Go to church, win a house.
  171. Did Comedy Central cave in to the Catholic League?
  172. Pope Benedict - First new citizen of Bethlehem
  173. January 1st begins Christia Couple's walk to Reclaim America
  174. Swedish Designer Makes Waves With Satanic Jeans
  175. New York City Warns Jews About Health Risk of Circumcision Ritual
  176. Thief Takes Collection from Altar After Christmas Eve Mass
  177. Hilarious spoof baptist site.
  178. hazeleyed honey...
  179. Pope: Being good is not boring...hmmmmm
  180. Erotic moments from the Bible
  181. wtf? Someones going to hell...
  182. Was the universe intelligently designed...by SATAN?
  183. Pat Robertson warns Pa. town of disaster
  184. Intelligent Design bill failed
  185. I find it very interesting
  186. Muslim?
  187. Do parties and religion mix?
  188. Mother Theresa - Not Such a Saint?
  189. God bloggers unite...praise Jesus.
  190. L.A. Files recount 75 yrs of Priest abuse
  191. An Interview With a Christian Porn Star
  192. Editorial: Rome's latest witchhunt won't end with gays