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  1. Is God protecting Fla. at Gov. Crist's request?
  2. Evangelical Lutheran Church approves gay clergy with partners
  3. Israel fighting swine flu with flying rabbis
  4. Irony: Sanctity of marriage backer getting divorce
  5. Vatican protests as Italy approves use of abortion pill
  6. Invite to deface Bible withdrawn
  7. Pope hospitalized
  8. God is slightly gay: just ask the animals
  9. British Medical Association to debate religion and prayer in the NHS
  10. Richard Dawkins backs atheist camp to give children 'godless alternative'
  11. Italian priest found over drink drive limit blamed too much church wine
  12. Two thirds of British teenagers don't believe in God
  13. Christian registrar demoted for refusing to officiate civil partnerships
  14. Looking for a career? Try Divinity School
  15. Gun-loving pastor to his flock: Piece be with you
  16. Couple ordered to stop holding Bible study at home
  17. Scientology taken to court in France, could face dissolution
  18. Had lunch at the Cult Cafe
  19. Archbishop: "Abusing kids a crime? No wai! They'll get over it. LOL"
  20. Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor: Atheists not fully human
  21. Don't mention the Pope's Hitler Youth past, says the Vatican
  22. 'Jesus in jeans' sculpture unveiled
  23. Polish priest pens steamy sex guide
  24. When same-sex marriage was a Christian rite
  25. Pope creates 5 saints including Portuguese warrior
  26. Opponents of same-sex marriage need a history lesson
  27. Thailand's gay monks given 'good manners' guide
  28. A Christian school's shame: expels 2 for exposing pedo headteacher, 1 fired for same
  29. Gay marriage=religious freedom
  30. Archbishop Timothy Dolan takes control of Archdiocese
  31. Christian charity worker suspended for being opposed to same-sex marriage
  32. Knights Templar hid the Shroud of Turin, says Vatican
  33. Who was Jesus, the man?
  34. Pope says mocking religion is "shockingly brutal", guess holy wars are fine
  35. Tony Blair criticises Vatican on gay rights
  36. Early alarm for church on abusers in the Clergy
  37. Jesus, interrupted - a Prophet yes, but not God
  38. God Hates Fags 'tards raise money for LGBT support group
  39. Council worker suspended for suggesting terminally-ill woman "put her faith in God"
  40. Men in gowns and fabulous hats to ban members who "appear gay"
  41. Pope 'distorted' HIV evidence
  42. Melbourne Catholic Church to 'test' potential priests for homosexuality
  43. When Jesus rode dinosaurs
  44. Vatican insiders declare the Pope a 'disaster'
  45. Huh? Pope meets with tranny in Cameroon
  46. Jesusfreaks ruin a good time in Daytona, reporter tags along. Crazy.
  47. Pope continues long tradition of retardation, says condoms help spread AIDS
  48. Atheists call for 'debaptism'
  49. Westboro Baptist Church assholes get pwned by straight university guys
  50. The coming evangelical Christian collapse
  51. Swiss uproar: Prostitute buried near John Calvin
  52. Vatican: The washing machine liberated women
  53. Vatican defends excommunicating docs, mother of 9-yr-old rape victim over abortion
  54. US court allows man to sue Vatican over sexual abuse by priest
  55. Italians told to give up texting for Lent
  56. Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition
  57. Irony alert: Nazi pope wags a finger at US politicians over abortion 'genocide'
  58. Westboro Baptist Church announces first anti-homosexuality picket in Britain
  59. What Alabamians and Iranians have in common
  60. Christians hit back at the atheist bus
  61. Catholics start calling on Pope to step down over Holocaust denying priest
  62. Anger and worry after Pope appoints controversial bishop
  63. Spare the Pieties
  64. Let's talk organized religion....
  65. Pope reinstates Holocaust-denier
  66. Vatican: Less gay behavior in seminaries
  67. Free Presbyterian minister backs Pope and claims we are all born straight
  68. One in four would say 'no room at the inn' if Virgin Mary turned up on doorstep
  69. Pope likens "saving" gays to saving the rainforest
  70. Florida ups the crazy: Church plans to 'out' sinners
  71. Presbyterian Church
  72. Atheist sign stolen from Capitol rotunda
  73. Nude Virgin Mary cover prompts Playboy apology
  74. Singles at threat during recession
  75. Georgia judge jails Muslim woman over headscarf
  76. Gays protest outside the Vatican in support of UN declaration
  77. Pastor issues '7 days of sex' challenge
  78. Rick Warren the new Jerry Falwell: 'God put gov't on earth to punish evildoers'
  79. A Russian church for a Saudi mosque?
  80. Atheists go toe to toe with Christmas
  81. Vatican opposed UN law to decriminalize homosexuality, tacitly endorsing gay murder
  82. Chocolate Jesus branded "tasteless"
  83. Polish Catholics boycott IKEA over catalogue "promoting" homosexuality
  84. Sexual intercourse spells trouble, says Dalai Lama
  85. 'Sir, you have to take your turban off. This is the United States.'
  86. Stop the presses! Vatican FINALLY forgives John Lennon! How gracious!
  87. The Onion: I'm Not One Of Those 'Love Thy Neighbor' Christians
  88. Converting dead Mormons into homosexuals
  89. Roman Catholic thinking on homosexuality - "a type of wound"
  90. Priest scratches pupil, calls him animal
  91. The Scientology thread
  92. Religious hate crimes down overall, up against Jews
  93. Priests to face 'sex drive tests'
  94. 'No God' slogans for London's buses
  95. Christian website encourages pious wives to spice up their sex lives
  96. The camp that 'cures' homosexuality
  97. Legal case against God thrown out of court: papers couldn't be served
  98. India gets its first female saint
  99. Pope slightly hypocritical: credit crunch proves money means nothing
  100. Bill Maher interview on religion and some other stuff
  101. Pittsburgh diocese leaves Episcopal Church
  102. Religious people are 'more helpful, honest and generous' say scientists
  103. Jesus was eating EEL in the Last Supper painting according to art historian
  104. US archbishop criticizes Democrats
  105. Religion: why do people believe in God?
  106. Evangelical pastors hunt children as witches in Nigeria
  107. Homophobic church sign elicits mixed feelings
  108. The Christian right's slick campaign to make abstinence seem trendy
  109. Wall dating to Second Temple of Jerusalem unearthed
  110. Non-believers pack your bags for hell: Photographic proof of God in sky!
  111. Evangelist says stay-at-home-dads are bums who are going to hell
  112. Vatican plans to exhume and move cardinal away from partner
  113. 1 in 2 say prayer saves the dying
  114. If God instructed you to murder your child to prove your devotion to him, would you?
  115. The Archdiocese of Cincinnati's new Decree on Child Protection
  116. Joel Osteen's wife sued over loss of faith/airline assclownery
  117. Richard Dawkins branded 'secularist bigot' by veteran philosopher
  118. Barack Obama's message to the Lord swiped
  119. Come on.. it's just a cracker. It isn't actually God.
  120. Gay bishop Gene Robinson 'must be sacked' to save church from schism
  121. PBS documentary suggests Exodus not real
  122. Archbishop of Canterbury: 'Christian doctrine is offensive to Muslims'
  123. Gay bishop forced to halt sermon after heckler calls him 'heretic'
  124. "While Europe Slept": What do you think about Muslims in Europe?
  125. Anglican bishops in secret Vatican summit
  126. Are the Anglicans about to split?
  127. Teacher burns student with cross
  128. Anglican unity strained as conservatives prepare for key conference
  129. Prospect of gay Lutheran bishop divides Germans
  130. Victory against the sandalistas of the Catholic church
  131. Grimm might like this: Intelligent people 'less likely to believe in God'
  132. South Carolina to offer cross on car plates
  133. Gay Anglican bishop enters into civil union
  134. Jordan archaeologists unearth 'world's first church'
  135. Jesus Gyms
  136. Reclaim the Rainbow!
  137. Bishop: People who don't care about climate change 'as bad as dungeon father Fritzl'
  138. Rapture next week?
  139. The answer to higher gas prices: Prayer
  140. Christian groups call for Starbucks boycott
  141. Once the United States has universal health care, religion will begin to die out
  142. Polish Catholics fund treatment centre to 'cure' homosexuals
  143. Pope says Vatican will excommunicate women priests
  144. Jesus made me puke - undercover with the Christian right
  145. Australia appoints woman bishop
  146. Priest formerly involved with gay clergy site resigns
  147. Religion is main group activity in Greece: study
  148. Christian groups halt gay rights event in Ukraine
  149. Pope's ban on gay priests is "without exception"
  150. Can you be unbaptized?
  151. Doctor Who to boost Anglican church popularity
  152. Pastor John Hagee apologizes for anti-Catholic remarks
  153. Believing in Aliens isn't against God, so it's ok - says Vatican
  154. 'Belief in god is childish' and 'jews aren't the chosen People' says Albert Einstein
  155. Pope tells Catholics 'sex is not a drug' as he warns against contraception and IVF
  156. Polygamy roll shows 21 wives for one member
  157. Vatican puts Blessed Damien, patron of AIDS sufferers, on the road to sainthood
  158. Catholics, need help......please help me understand
  159. 20th century: Nazis. 21st century: Scientologists?
  160. Anti-gay 'Day of Truth' fails to make its mark in US schools
  161. Rowan Williams disappoints God in not taking a stand, says gay bishop
  162. Pastor John Hagee: Thank you, Pope Benedict
  163. Anti-abortion cardinal Lopez Trujillo dies
  164. Priests fight at Jesus' tomb
  165. ‘Paedophiles cannot be priests’ says Pope who is ‘ashamed’ at sexual abuse scandals
  166. 'God Hates Fags' sect could lose their church
  167. Muslims outnumber Catholics across the world for the first time
  168. Boy, 15, nailed to a cross as Filipinos whip and crucify themselves
  169. Seeing Jesus' image and other saintly sightings
  170. 'Believers are happier than atheists'
  171. US gay Catholics plan special welcome for Pope
  172. Bishop criticises gay community
  173. Vatican lists new sins, including pollution
  174. I invite you to see Alan Ames
  175. US Catholic church paid 615 million dollars for abuse cases in 2007: report
  176. Moses was cracked out on hallucinogens, says Israeli researcher
  177. Pope sets down stricter criteria for sainthood
  178. Inter-marriage among UK Muslims causes high number of birth defects
  179. Church members call on Archbishop of Canterbury to resign
  180. Family Feud in Scientology
  181. 100 sissy singers outed by frustrated choir member
  182. Church of Scientology website being attacked by hackers
  183. Scientology- faith or cult?
  184. Georgia preacher pleads guilty in sex case
  185. Pope orders continuous prayer to cleanse clergy
  186. US church leader: there are more gay bishops
  187. Archbishop Desmond Tutu apologises for persecution of gays over Manchester airwaves
  188. Priest sued over seminar 'curing' homosexuality
  189. Pope to wage war on Satan with 'exorcism squads'
  190. Archbishop of Canterbury: Human greed is threatening the planet
  191. Tony Blair converts from Anglican to Roman Catholic
  192. Three Wise Men are just a legend, says Archbishop of Canterbury
  193. Pope insists on 'right and duty' of Catholic Church to spread its message
  194. Atheists behind the greatest cruelty, says Pope
  195. Christian groups slam new Nicole Kidman children's movie
  196. Poll: More Americans believe in Hell than evolution
  197. Doctor.... or Priest?
  198. Religion, culture cannot excuse female inequality: Cherie Blair
  199. Jews in our government
  200. Pharmacists should refuse to give out 'morning after pill', says Pope
  201. Traditional Anglicans prepare to convert to Roman Catholicism
  202. Baha'i Apologetics Anyone?
  203. Religious university embroiled in massive scandal
  204. Vatican suspends gay cleric after television interview
  205. What really happened in the Middle East?
  206. Religious leaders pledge restraint on gay bishops
  207. Church attendance in the U.S. is now double the Canadian average
  208. Nebraska senator sues God-and he looks like Morgan Freeman who played God
  209. For all you poor schmucks...
  210. Pope says we need more white babies and abortion isn't a woman's right
  211. Scientology faces criminal charges
  212. Priest offers 'eco-confessions' for environmental sinners...
  213. Ted Haggard, gay hooker screwer and meth smoker, told to get a job
  214. Rabies, anyone?
  215. Mother Teresa's letters reveal 50 year crisis of faith
  216. Take a bullet to the brain or you aren't really a Christian
  217. Three Secret Strategies Of Satan
  218. Pray to Allah, Dutch bishop suggests
  219. Church refuses funeral for gay man
  220. Jerusalem's other religious divide
  221. Atheist doctors treat the poor more than religious ones
  222. Pope Benedict says something sensible about evolution
  223. On patrol with Iran's Islamic 'modesty' police. Lame.
  224. 'Christian' Action League leader arrested for screwing a hooker
  225. Why don't atheists listen?
  226. 'Protestant Churches aren't real' says Pope; world tells him to STFU
  227. Sir Salman Rushdie's knighthood an insult to Islam?
  228. Christian Hoax Exposed!
  229. Jehovah Witness Question
  230. Does Jesus deserve a place at a High School Graduation?
  231. "Anti-religious bias must end!" whines Newt Gingrich from his ivory tower
  232. Pope says Native Americans "longed" for Christianity when they were conquered
  233. Television evangelist Jerry Falwell dies at 73
  234. Atheist family sues religious town for discrimination
  235. Hiding behind God: an assessment of Blair and religion's place in society.
  236. Thousands rally in Rome against unmarried couples law
  237. Pope shakes his gnarled fist at pro-choice politicians
  238. Turning towards environment & adoption. Evangelical movement singing a new tune?
  239. Canadian Anglican church: self interest is more important than what's right
  240. 'Distortion' DVD angers Mormons
  241. Guatemala awaits the "Antichrist"
  242. Gay marriage evil, abortion terrorism: Vatican
  243. God's purpose for the Earth
  244. Become the new Messiah
  245. Vatican calls gay marriage "terrorism"
  246. Is a testicle worth more than a fallopian tube?
  247. Vatican buries limbo after centuries
  248. Fred Phelps's lunatics sing "God hates the world"
  249. Buddhist Hell and Heaven - The Wang Saen Suk Hell Garden
  250. Hardwired to believe in God