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  1. Aubrey Plaza Comes Out as Bisexual
  2. Disney's Latest Heartthrob Garrett Clayton
  3. Milwaukee Brewers 1st baseman David Denson, 1st Active MLB Player to Come Out
  4. Anne of Green Gables star Jon Crombie outed at funeral
  5. Joel Grey: Tony & Oscar Winner Says 'I'm A Gay Man' At Age 82
  6. Clementine Ford is married and a mother
  7. Aussie swim legend Ian Thorpe comes out. Finally!
  8. CNBC co-anchor Simon Hobbs accidentally ‘outed’ Apple CEO Tim Cook as gay
  9. Author and "Gay to Straight" posterboy John Paulk comes out (again)
  10. WWE Legend Pat Patterson comes out as gay
  11. Ireland Baldwin and Angel Haze
  12. Melissa Etheridge Marries 'Nurse Jackie' Creator Linda Wallem
  13. Pioneers In Illinois Gay Marriage Lawsuit Ready For Wedding Bells After 50 Years
  14. Stormé DeLarverie, “Rosa Parks” Of The Gay Rights Movement, Dies At 93
  15. Sara Gilbert, Linda Perry got married
  16. Neon Trees' Tyler Glenn comes out as gay
  17. Cara Delevingne and Michelle Rodriguez
  18. Juno star Ellen Page comes out as gay
  19. Lily Tomlin married partner of 42 years on New Year's Eve
  20. The Gay Women of Old Hollywood
  21. Robin Roberts publicly acknowledges girlfriend of 10 years
  22. Superbowl MVP Winner Aaron Rodgers Allegedly Outed By Rumored Boyfriend
  23. Figure Skating Champion Brian Boitano Says He Is Gay
  24. Tom Daley reveals on YouTube he is in relationship with a man
  25. Maria Bello Comes Out, Opens Up About Partner Clare
  26. "Biggest Loser" Trainer Bob Harper Comes Out Publicly To Inspire Contestant
  27. '30 Rock' star Maulik Pancholy comes out
  28. Family Ties star Meredith Baxter to wed longtime girlfriend
  29. Is Ryan Seacrest out?
  30. Does It Matter That Ronan Farrow Is Gay?
  31. Is Sean Avery Andy Cohen's Gay First Lady of Bravo?
  32. Wentworth Miller - I'm gay
  33. Fred Figglehorn just came out!!!
  34. Raven-Symone comes out on Twitter
  35. Tuc Watkins (David Vickers, One Life To Live) Comes Out
  36. Suze Orman is gay
  37. Jim Nabors Comes Out After Marrying Longtime Partner
  38. Victor Garber (Alias) Comes Out
  39. Joe Simpson is Gay So Says The National Enquirer
  40. Soap Actress Maureen Garrett; "I'm a Lesbian"
  41. Enquirer: Jessica Lange is in a May-December romance with costar Sarah Paulson
  42. Ezra Miller Is Queer
  43. Frank Ocean, R&B singer, comes out
  44. I'm shocked, Anderson Cooper's Gay (said no one ever)
  45. Former NFL Player Wade Davis comes out
  46. Do you think Prince Harry is gay?
  47. 'X-Files' Star Gillian Anderson Is Latest Celeb to Come Out as Bisexual
  48. Matt Bomer comes out
  49. Simon Cowell & The Pink Mafia
  50. Cynthia Nixon ‘Chooses’ To Be Gay
  51. Forgotten Star Kristy McNichol 'Outs' Herself To Help Bullied Kids
  52. Zachary Quinto comes out
  53. Dr. Simon Tam (Sean Maher) from Firefly comes out
  54. CNN's Don Lemon Reveals in New Book: I'm Gay
  55. Cary Grant liked to be called gay
  56. Michael K Williams, Omar, "the Wire" and Chalky White "Boardwalk Empire" Gay?
  57. Is Josh Groban gay?
  58. Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Modern Family) Goes Public With New Boyfriend
  59. With all the rumors going on about celebrities sexualities, are you SURE of the gays?
  60. Johnny Weir skates on out of the closet
  61. Joe Jonas Confronted by Papparazzi Regarding His Sexuality
  62. Cheryl Cole
  63. Amber Heard Comes Out
  64. Is Chris Brown gay or bisexual?
  65. Actress Kelly McGillis Marries Melanie Leis
  66. Actors you think are gay without hearing any rumours
  67. Enquirer: Jim Parsons is gay, and he just proposed to his boyfriend
  68. Calvin Klein's New Boytoy is Gay Porn Star (Warning! Link NSFW!!)
  69. The Blue Ranger (David Yost) is gay
  70. Our hero Antoine Dodson was outted
  71. David Archuleta dated Colin Grafton
  72. Was Christopher Reeve gay?
  73. Vanessa Carlton: 'I'm a proud bisexual'
  74. Nathan Fillion
  75. Kristen Stewart gets lesbian label after 2010 MTV Movie Awards
  76. Daniel Craig kissing a man
  77. Derek Hough (DWTS)
  78. Er Why???
  79. Gay Musicians
  80. Move over, Ricky Martin. Another Hollywood celeb is coming out
  81. 70% of All Actors are Gay
  82. After Ricky Martin - 10 More Celebs Who Should Come Out
  83. Ricky Martin, apparently
  84. Exactly one eyebrow on the planet goes up as Ricky Martin announces he's a big ol gay
  85. Sean Hayes is gay y'all!
  86. Josh Groban?
  87. "Real Housewives" Kim Zolciak is now gay?!?
  88. Anderson Cooper is casually outed in Haitian adoption tale
  89. Gay rappers ...
  90. James Mitchell (Palmer Cortlandt, All My Children) was gay?!
  91. Quote of the day
  92. Has Ted Casablanca just outed Jensen Ackles?
  93. Enquirer: Who’s gay in Hollywood?
  94. Rugby star Gareth Thomas acknowledges being gay
  95. Steve McQueen was bi-sexual
  96. Drew Barrymore - "I regard myself as bisexual!"
  97. Stewie Griffin is gay
  98. Megan Fox feels "more comfortable" kissing girls
  99. Are Chace Crawford and Ed Westwick: Bitter exes?
  100. Duncan James: "I'm one hundred percent happy to be bisexual"
  101. Fergie: I'm bisexual
  102. Terrell Carter is totally gay
  103. Ricky Martin in The Advocate: "Open" to same-sex relationship
  104. Oscar winner Dustin Lance Black exposed
  105. Adam Lambert finally confirms: "I'm gay"
  106. Land of the Lost actor Wesley Eure is gay and dated Richard Chamberlain
  107. Don't kill me, but what about James Franco?
  108. Former M*A*S*H* star David Ogden Stiers says he is gay
  109. Pink comes out as bisexual
  110. Kelly McGillis comes out
  111. Gerard Butler is BISEXUAL
  112. Gay ex-Yankee employee plans a tell-all book about baseball teams' gay behavior
  113. Hmm is Ted Casablanca trying to imply that Ben Affleck is Bi?
  114. In the closet and out of the closet - slideshows
  115. Ashton Kutcher/Tom Welling blind item
  116. Sarah Paulson and Cherry Jones
  117. Ian Halperin "outs" Jake Gyllenhaal
  118. Richard Dreyfuss, has he ever come out?
  119. Ian Thorpe and "friend" on holiday in Brazil
  120. Peaches Geldof, a lesbian?
  121. Have the rumors of Paris Hilton being a lesbian been confirmed?
  122. Ryan Seacrest and his reaction to kissing a girl
  123. Will Smith
  124. Wanda Sykes says she's 'proud to be gay'
  125. Is Joe the Jonas Brother 'mo?
  126. Finally, and duh--Clay Aiken comes screaming outta the closet!
  127. Lindsay Lohan comes out on Loveline
  128. Cat Cora: how did I miss this?
  129. NKOTB Jonathan Knight comes out of the closet
  130. Television's old timers
  131. Camilla Belle
  132. K-Fed GAY???!!! (Kevin Federline)
  133. Is Chace Crawford dating his male roommate?
  134. How many people has Entertainment Lawyer outed lately?
  135. John Travolta
  136. Queen Latifah is engaged
  137. Clay Aiken: yes or no?
  138. Openly gay celebrities
  139. Gay actors still pressured to stay closeted in Hollywood
  140. Derren Brown reveals gay relationship
  141. Is Cheryl Cole gay?
  142. Entertainment Lawyer outs another one (sorta)
  143. Luke MacFarlane confirms he is gay
  144. John Travolta is really, really gay
  145. The 50 most powerful gays and lesbians in America
  146. A-Lister to be outed next week?
  147. Lindsay Lohan in lesbian tug of war between Samantha Ronson & Courtenay Semel!
  148. Is everyone trying to out Ryan Seacrest lately?
  149. JJ's Dirt: Wanda Sykes comes out on Ellen DeGeneres' show
  150. Michael Stipe wants us to know he's still gay
  151. Pharrel from the Neptunes
  152. Did Ellen Page come out of the closet via SNL comedy sketch?
  153. Lauren Graham
  154. Henry Cavill
  155. Ahr ewww Thamas Dakkah? (Thomas Dekker)
  156. Zac Efron
  157. Daniel Johns blows up about gay rumours
  158. JJ's Dirt reveals Paris Hilton's lesbian past
  159. Don't Pink and Lisa Marie Presley make a cute couple?
  160. Uh oh! Looks like Hayden Christensen's secret is OUT
  161. Motley Crue is (inkway) ;)
  162. Does anyone think Dannii Minogue is gay or bi?
  163. Ricky Martin outed by beautician?
  164. OMG Jodie Foster is gay!
  165. Queen Latifah pops the question to longtime girlfriend-pair plan a public wedding!!
  166. Is John Mayer coming out?
  167. Keyshia Cole
  168. Will Smith is bi??
  169. Where are we with Joaquin Phoenix?
  170. Is Lindsay Lohan a lesbian?
  171. Chris Crocker?
  172. What's this I hear about Howard Stern smoking fags?
  173. Clark Gable had affairs with men
  174. Is Wentworth Miller coming out?
  175. Jake Gyllenhaal and boyfriend expecting a baby?
  176. My suspects...
  177. Convicted murderer Scott Peterson is gay?
  178. Calling all Aussies - Is Deborah Hutton gay?
  179. Fembot Kalan Porter comes out as straight! (his velour jacket says otherwise)
  180. Cuba Gooding Jr.'s kiss with a man
  181. Is Matthew McConaughey gay?
  182. George Eads...kissing a g-g-g-g-girl?
  183. Oh no - Is Jay-Z gay too???
  184. Shemar Moore in the NUDE on a GAY BEACH!!!
  185. Wanna know who's gay? Just ask me!
  186. The Jake Gyllenhaal thang
  187. Lily Allen is having steamy lesbian dreams
  188. Perez Hilton outs Wentworth Miller!
  189. Talan Torriero is gay?
  190. Enrique Iglesias sings one of his ballads to a gay fan
  191. David Hyde-Pierce officially comes out
  192. Adam Levine wants to have sex with Brad Pitt
  193. Michelle Rodriguez comes out
  194. Gregory Smith
  195. Is Celine Dion a lesbian?
  196. Fergie admits to lesbian flings
  197. Just come OUT already!
  198. Ricky Martin defends gay musicians
  199. Shane West caught making out with a guy
  200. Gay, bisexual or totally straight, you decide
  201. Carmen Electra to come out in Palm Springs
  202. Orlando Bloom's photoshoot in V Man Magazine...is he gay?
  203. Oops! Anthony Callea 'accidentally' outed
  204. Jake Gyllenhaal says he isn't gay or bisexual
  205. John Travolta and Tom Cruise...a coincidence?
  206. Ryan Seacrest is outing himself these days
  207. Suze Orman revealed that she is a lesbian
  208. Anne Hathaway and Emily Blunt presenting at the Oscars: was that a coming-out?
  209. Beyonce's not clapping for Alan Arkin
  210. It's in to be out: openly gay celebrities
  211. Anne Hathaway outed as lesbian in the press? See-through pictures!
  212. JC Chasez might have just outed himself
  213. Gay actors? Public OK with it, but business is still wary
  214. Hip Hop tell-all to out gay MC's
  215. Hottest girl on girl kiss?
  216. Tila Tequila sings about Jared Leto and Patrique dating
  217. Jeremy Piven comes out of the closet!
  218. Will Smith playing with Tom Cruise's hair
  219. Is Lance Bass using Justin Timberlake to slap Reichen Lehmkuhl?
  220. Clay Aiken trolls for gay sex online. Again.
  221. Paris Hilton and Adriana Lima Kissing?
  222. George Clooney is a totally closeted gay man...
  223. Jennifer Aniston: lesbian?
  224. Ellen Degeneres
  225. Could Jeremy Piven and John Cusack be gay lovers?
  226. Eddie Murphy has restored my faith in in my gaydar
  227. Is Jared Leto bisexual?
  228. Queen Latifah dumps her girlfriend/trainer
  229. Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz love gay fans
  230. New tell-all book exposes Kimora and Russell Simmons' gay lifestyle
  231. Carmen Electra spotted kissing Joan Jett
  232. Elton John: David Furnish and I are acceptable face of gayness
  233. Michelle Rodriguez and Kristanna Loken are gay
  234. Top 10 Signs your celebrity husband might be gay
  235. Moby says gay men are more superior to straight men
  236. Dudes from Il Divo
  237. Another one comes out! Doogie Howser M.D. (Neil Patrick Harris) is GaY!
  238. Tabloids and 'outing'
  239. Jodie Foster & Kim Basinger an item?
  240. Matthew McConaughey and Lance Armstrong deny gay rumours
  241. Grey's Anatomy's T.R. Knight Comes Outta Da Closet
  242. Went surfing and look what I found!!!
  243. Justin Timberlake's "SexyBack" makes men feel gay?
  244. Gale Harold gay?
  245. OK, Lance Bass, make up your mind
  246. Michael Vartan gay?
  247. Rosie thinks Oprah and Gayle are a 'tiny bit gay'
  248. Bam Margera?
  249. Penelope Cruz a lesbian?
  250. Matt LeBlanc Sued By Woman He Claims Nearly Lapdanced Him To Death