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  1. Big gay John Travolta kisses man on the lips
  2. Ne-Yo Comes Out
  3. Jesse Metcalfe: gay rumors are "a little annoying"
  4. Eva Longoria wants a "gay experience"
  5. Gay celebrities with kids...
  6. Scissor Sister born with Gay Genes
  7. Vince Vaughn gay??
  8. Is Colin Farrell bisexual?
  9. Benjamin McKenzie, gay?
  10. Alicia Silverstone used gay rumours to date in peace
  11. Darren Hayes officially out of the closet...marries
  12. Oprah Winfrey says: "Gayle and I are not gay"
  13. No Privacy for Lance Bass at Gay Bar
  14. Brandon Routh (Superman Returns) happy to be gay icon
  15. Hollywood actors and the casting couch
  16. (SATIRE) Jennifer Aniston thinks Brad Pitt is gay
  17. Was Elvis Presley gay???
  18. Sir Ian Mckellen tops U.K's most influential homosexual
  19. Is Captain Jack Sparrow gay?
  20. Athletes you think are gay
  21. Vin Diesel definetly isn't gay...
  22. Michelle Rodriguez...lesbian?
  23. I think Soul Decision is gay
  24. Stephen Dorff: I would have been gay or asexual
  25. Anderson Cooper - Gay Gay Gay
  26. Taylor Hicks gay?
  27. Is Jared Leto Gay?
  28. Kanye West caught having GAY SEX
  29. Name some Hollywood actors and actresses you SUSPECT are gay
  30. Antonio Sabato Jr. Just look at the pic...what do you think
  31. Is Jason Bateman gay?
  32. Jonathan Taylor Thomas? Gay?
  33. Were Ben Afleck and Matt Damon Lovers?
  34. Is Brad Pitt bisexual?
  35. Ted C could be making the gossip up?
  36. Michael Ball?
  37. James Haven
  38. Lance Bass gay??
  39. Jonathan (Blow Out)
  40. Gospel Singer Responds To Gay Rumors
  41. Exposé: Luther Vandross was gay
  42. Internet rumours “name” bisexual football star
  43. Alicia Keys another Layla Ali?
  44. Sean "P Diddy" Combs and his former butler Fonzworth Bentley gay?
  45. R & B singer Maxwell gay?
  46. Nicole Lenz, the girl who had a supposed lesbian fling with Paris Hilton
  47. Penelope Cruz and Salma Hayek Lesbians?
  48. Mathew Broderick a gay cokehead?
  49. Proof! Kenny Chesney IS NOT GAY.
  50. Which supposedly straight star is Ant dating??
  51. Laurence Fishburne gay, outed in West Hollywood
  52. Ashlee Simpson gay?
  53. Mike Meyers a gay drunk?
  54. B.D. Wong from Law and Order gay?
  55. Missy Elliot gay?
  56. Robbie Williams wins libel lawsuit and officially isn't gay
  57. More on Seacrest being gay
  58. Confirmation Tom Cruise Is Gay
  59. Take That. Omg!! so gay
  60. Landon (from MTV's Real World Philadelphia) Underwear Ad, is he gay?
  61. Tim Curry gay?
  62. Jake Gyllenhaal addresses bisexual rumors
  63. The Rock is gay
  64. Ryan Seacrest and Anderson Cooper gay together?
  65. Oprah says she's not gay
  66. Now, Colin Farrel and Eddie Murphy!!
  67. Morrissey Gay?
  68. Colin Farrell and Diego Maradona gay KISSING!!
  69. Hugh Jackman's Gay Man Lover!
  70. Everyone Is Gay...
  71. 101 Reasons Why Clay is Gay!
  72. Guess Who Queen Latifah is Dating?
  73. Could Clay Aiken be more gay?
  74. Sulu comes out of the closet
  75. WNBA star opens up about being gay
  76. Wentworth Miller seen holding hands with mystery man
  77. George Clooney gay?
  78. Gay Glossary
  79. Jake Gyllenhaal Gay?
  80. Kelly Clarkson gay idol?
  81. Tom Cruise is gay? Why?
  82. Tinky Winky Gay?
  83. Star Jones gay?