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  1. Thirsty Alex Rodriguez aka A-Rod revenge body diet
  2. Adele - skinny & new implants?
  3. Richard Simmons' Deal A Meal infomercial
  4. Kathy Bates Shows Off 60 Pound Weight Loss
  5. Saxenda - has anyone tried it?
  6. The Keto Diet
  7. Kelly Clarkson looking slimmer
  8. Weight Loss Plans for 2018
  9. How to motivate partner to lose weight?
  10. Kaia Gerber
  11. How to lose weight without giving up junk food?
  12. Aretha Franklin looking skeletal
  13. Nigella Lawson surprises fans with noticeably slimmer physique
  14. Dear Cosmopolitan magazine: ‘Cancer is not a diet plan’
  15. Gabourey Sidibe had weight loss surgery
  16. Kendra Wilkinson proudly displays her stretch marks in honour of Mother's Day
  17. Health fears for super slender Tara Reid
  18. Women's Health Won't Use 'Bikini Body' and 'Drop Two Sizes' on Future Covers
  19. Oprah buys 10% of Weight Watchers
  20. Actor John Goodman Slims Down
  21. Vin Diesel Got Old and Fat
  22. Chrissy Teigen defends her hobby of licking the cheese off Doritos: "Not a a diet!"
  23. Liam Neeson looking gaunt
  24. Jonah Hill blew up bigger than ever
  25. Pink to the Fat-Shamers: 'Thanks for Your Concern. Love, Cheesecake'
  26. Penn Jilette (Penn and Teller) drops 105lbs
  27. French actor Gerard Depardieu, 65, admits to drinking 14 bottles of wine a day
  28. My new energy boost, also helping me to keep active
  29. How I stay in shape & keep the weight off - my recipe
  30. Missy Elliott Has Seriously Slimmed Down
  31. Diets are obsessing the modern male - Hugh Grant, Benedict Cumberbatch, Ryan Reynolds
  32. Stacy Keibler: ‘Pregnancy is not a time to have an excuse to eat donuts’
  33. Jennifer Lopez: I used to be ‘thickish’ but lost 10 pounds by going vegan
  34. Denise Bidot [Model / Actress]
  35. Garcinia Cambogia
  36. Rosie O'Donnell has lost 50lbs
  37. Valerie Bertinelli: We need to take the shame out of weight gain
  38. Roseanne Barr slims down
  39. Bobbi Kristina Brown catches heat for being too thin after posting bikini shot
  40. Jennifer Aniston: I’d Like To Have Gisele’s Body
  41. Fergie chose her butt over her face
  42. People Are Freaking Out Over 'Skeletal' Biggest Loser Winner
  43. Kim Kardashian works out 3 hours a day, trying to be a ‘size-zero bride’
  44. Super skinny Nicole Richie 'back down to 88lbs'
  45. How Jane Seymour still sizzles at the age of 62
  46. Tom Arnold reveals 89 pound weight loss
  47. Robbie Williams admits he needs surgery to fight mid-life crisis
  48. Rebel Wilson And Melissa McCarthy Made A Fat Pact
  49. Robyn Lawley: ‘We need to accept our natural size. Women’s weight is tarnished’
  50. Tracy Anderson: Gwyneth Paltrow is ‘my most acclaimed student, she’s an extremophile’
  51. Jennifer Lopez: ‘There’s nothing wrong with me or my shape or who I am’
  52. Jake Gyllenhaal is virtually unrecognisable after losing over 20lbs
  53. Jennifer Connelly
  54. 'I have a faster metabolism': Giuliana Rancic
  55. Adriana Lima at the Victoria Secret Photoshoot in Paris
  56. Greece’s Most Beautiful Model Nana Karagianni Battles Anorexia (Shocking Pictures)
  57. Three items which helps weight loss
  58. Tracy Anderson Is Not Allowed to Transform Lena Dunham's Body…Yet
  59. Pink: "I'd Love to be 10 Pounds Thinner, but It's Not in the Cards for me"
  60. Fad Diets Will Seem Even Crazier After You See This
  61. Lana Del Rey
  62. What еver happened to Lindsay Lohan?
  63. Carré Otis on her self-destructive lifestyle as an 80s model
  64. Tracy Anderson on Meeting Gwyneth Paltrow: "Her Butt Was Long"
  65. Kelly Cutrone: Fashion Promotes Thin Models To Please Consumers
  66. Hugh Jackman on his Wolverine diet: ‘I worry I’ll have a heart attack’
  67. Model Lilah Parsons told to lose weight
  68. Polish actress Agata Buzek
  69. Keanu Reeves - 'Would you hit it? ' asks Michael K
  70. Britney Spears Getting In Shape With Yoga And Nutrisystem
  71. Alice Eve's Star Trek Diet Consisted Mostly of Spinach
  72. Has Giuliana Rancic lost even more weight?
  73. Australian Biggest Loser host Ajay Rochester gains 105lbs
  74. 'I'm so hungry, I haven't eaten in ten days': J. Crew's Jenna Lyons
  75. Rob Kardashian packing on the pounds - the burger/doughnut thread
  76. Boy George Slimmed Down
  77. Rex Reed Calls Melissa McCarthy 'Hippo' and 'Tractor-Sized,' Faces Angry Backlash
  78. Honey Boo Boo's mother, Mama June Shannon, loses 102 pounds
  79. Denise Richards looking thin
  80. Model Cameron Russell: "Models Are the Most Physically Insecure Women On the Planet"
  81. Woman has 8 foot ass, kids with pageant names, ugh
  82. Jennifer Connelly Spotted In NYC, looking really skinny
  83. Jared Leto
  84. Chaz Bono goes on public mission to lose at least 50 pounds
  85. Marissa Jaret Winokur loses 60 pounds
  86. Irish actress Antonia Campbell-Hughes
  87. Vanessa Lachey's post-baby weight loss
  88. Ella Bleu Travolta Gaining Weight
  89. Stacy London (US Host of What Not to Wear) Reveals Her Struggle with Eating Disorders
  90. Is this Mariah Carey?
  91. Magazine Airbrushes Out Karlie Kloss' Protruding Ribs [NSFW]
  92. Salma Hayek Says She’s At Her “Limit Of Chubbiness” At All Times
  93. Did Lady Gaga eat her meat dress?
  94. Lisa Lampanelli Got Thin
  95. Blake Lively's diet 'Being 25 years old!'
  96. Jennifer Connelly looks scary skinny in jogging photos
  97. Tracy Anderson Criticizes Mothers Who 'Let Their Bodies Go'
  98. Nigella Lawson loses a couple of dress sizes
  99. Jordin Sparks loses 50lbs
  100. Jennie Garth noticeably slimmer after split from Peter Facinelli
  101. Matthew McConaughey
  102. Site that gives scope to sizes, height and weight
  103. Pro-Anorexia Site "Skinny Gossip": Kate Upton Is a "Fatty"
  104. Claire Richards from Steps opens up about eating disorder
  105. Has Emma Watson lost weight as of late?
  106. Marianne Faithfull
  107. Why TV's 650lb Man - who lost 400lbs and found love - is morbidly obese once more
  108. Billy Joel
  109. Looking Healthy, & Happy, Ashley Olsen shows off Body in Tiny Bikini!
  110. Bollywood Star Aishwarya Rai Shows Post-Baby Body Obsession Thrives In India, Too
  111. Bryce Dallas Howard walking off the baby weight
  112. Khloe Kardashian klaims to have lost 20lbs in 20 days
  113. Warren G slims down and tones up without Celebrity Fit Club
  114. Model Natalia Vodianova Explains it Is Better to be Skinny Than Fat, Dummies
  115. Julia Roberts in Bikini
  116. Perez Hilton shows off his 80+ lbs weight loss
  117. Miley Cyrus Responds To Anorexia Rumors
  118. Perennial yo-yo dieter, Janet Jackson, shows off NutriSystem weight loss
  119. Vogue Italia editor Franca Sozzani addresses Harvard University on body image
  120. Anne Hathaway Not On Starvation Diet For Movie Role, Says Rep
  121. Carnie Wilson Has Weight-Loss Surgery – Again
  122. Rihanna: I'm eating McDonald's, but can't stop losing weight
  123. Jennifer Lopez Is Human; Shows Off Stretch Marks In Pre-Airbrushed Bikini Photos
  124. Scarlett Johansson is in a bikini
  125. Carnie Wilson says her weight is back up, sees herself in her daughter
  126. Stephanie Seymour reveals the results of her exercise regime after shedding 10lbs
  127. Peaches Geldof’s Weight Loss, Juice Diet and Pressure to Be Thin
  128. Renee Zellweger
  129. 'Strong is the new skinny': Fitness guru Jennifer Nicole Lee *NSFW*
  130. Angelina Jolie's starving herself as a statement for the hungry kids around the world
  131. Jessica Biel: “I dream of food: cake, pasta, bread and croissants”‎
  132. Kelly Preston loses 39 lbs on Kirstie Alley's plan
  133. Britney Spears: 'It's hard to be motivated to go to the gym'‎
  134. Alanis Morissette: My Relationship with Food and Fat‎
  135. ‘Twilight’ author Stephenie Meyer
  136. Miley Cyrus And Demi Lovato Love Their Curves
  137. Model horrified as her 'scary' image is used on dating site for men who want to cheat
  138. Mariah Carey shows off her Weight Loss: 30lbs in 3 months
  139. Kristen Stewart: “I’m naturally skinny, so I don’t have to exercise or diet.
  140. Jennifer Lopez: 'I fired a manager who told me to lose weight'‎
  141. Article in Men's Fitness about fat Cosplayers at NY Comic Con
  142. Demi Lovato on her eating disorder
  143. Christina Aguilera's BIG tribute
  144. Axl Rose tries to hide the fat with a trenchcoat
  145. Melissa McCarthy “tries not to give too much energy” to body criticisms
  146. Ricki Lake: "I'm Losing a Lot of Weight" on Dancing with the Stars
  147. Courteney Cox: Beauty over 40 a 'slippery slope'‎
  148. Pauline Quirk (Brit actress) loses 7 stone
  149. Megan Fox looking curvier
  150. John Mayer gorging on Hot Pockets, 'heavy with regrets' at losing Jennifer Aniston
  151. Bethenny Frankel: “I’m too thin. Because I’m so busy, I’m not always hungry”
  152. Victoria Beckham is on the 'five hands' diet
  153. 'People who say they can't lose weight are lying': Mila Kunis on losing 20lb
  154. Gerard Butler shows off his trim new look at a Hollywood luncheon
  155. 'She's a fat b****': Kelly Osbourne reignites feud with Christina Aguilera
  156. Entourage's Jerry Ferrara Loses 55 LBS
  157. Jenny McCarthy tweets old picture of her 211lb pregnant body
  158. Alison Sweeney lost 30 pounds
  159. Jonah Hill
  160. Lynne Spears
  161. Sharon Osbourne
  162. Claudia Schiffer
  163. Jill Scott on her 63 pound weight loss: 'I'll never be a stick figure'‎
  164. Dave Chappelle
  165. Sherri Shepherd, 44, slimming down for wedding & pregnancy attempt
  166. Princess Beatrice
  167. Tom Jones sheds 30 pounds‎
  168. Kim Kardashian Preparing for "Wedding Slimdown"
  169. Heidi Montag Claims She's Working Out 14 Hours A Day
  170. Paris Hilton: Love Made Me Gain-Then Lose-Weight
  171. Paula Abdul
  172. Terry Crews
  173. Joseph Antonio Cartagena, AKA rapper Fat Joe ‘scared’ into weight loss, drops 88 lbs.
  174. Minka Kelly wins Gold Gym's Hottest Body in Hollywood award
  175. How to Get Jennifer Aniston's Toned Arms for Summer
  176. Dawn French has lost 3 stone
  177. "Biggest Loser" winner sheds 129 pounds
  178. Jerry Ferrera Turtle from Entourage
  179. 'I hope I'll look like this forever': Kendra Wilkinson
  180. Khloe Kardashian: “I’m tired of pretending that I’m happy with my weight”
  181. Britney Spears' "Boyfriend" Jason Trawick Lost 50 Pounds!
  182. Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Bulks Up for 'Fast Five'
  183. Kate Middleton
  184. RHOBH's Taylor Armstrong
  185. Kimora Lee Simmons: I Lost 25 Pounds "By Not Eating"
  186. Scarlett Johansson: pregnant or weight gain?
  187. Kim Kardashian claims she doesn't care if she's a size 4 or 14 . Whatever
  188. Fears for Candice Swanepoel as Victoria's Secret model displays shocking weight loss
  189. Uma Thurman - weight loss, plastic surgery or makeup?
  190. My Name is Earl star Ethan Suplee drops 200 lbs over 11 years
  191. Ross Mathews (Ross the Intern) is the newest face for Jenny Craig
  192. Raven Symone done gone anorexic
  193. Megan Fox Struggling to Gain Weight
  194. Snejana Onopka
  195. 'I keep the hamburgers to a minimum': Aretha Franklin
  196. LeAnn Rimes
  197. Girl with beautiful butt does squats on t.v.
  198. Jessica Simpson Better Lose Weight Or She Isn't Getting Married
  199. Khloé Kardashian Aims to Be Bikini-Ready by June (of 2011?)
  200. Why Hugh Jackman Eats "6,000 Calories a Day"
  201. Paris Hilton [racist skank] puts on the chunk
  202. For Def Leppard's Phil Collen, making muscles is as important as making music
  203. Model Brooklyn Decker: "I Was Wrecking My Body" With Fasts, "Crazy Diets"
  204. Lisa Rinna: Feel free to hate me because I'm a size zero
  205. Carrie Fisher is the new Jenny Craig spokesperson for 2011
  206. Richard Simmons Channeling His Inner Monkey
  207. 'I thought I looked fabulous when I was heavy,' says trimmed down star Raven-Symone
  208. Olivia Palermo
  209. Kourtney Kardashian Talks Shedding Baby Weight
  210. French model known for anti-anorexia ads dies [NSFW]
  211. Skinny Model Allie Crandell Banned from Fashion Web Site
  212. Ginnifer Goodwin: I've Been Dieting Since I Was 9
  213. Sugar Plum Fairy dancer doesn’t want apology from critic who called her fat
  214. Carnie Wilson Sacked For Not Losing Weight
  215. Kim Kardashian back to working out after "falling off the wagon"
  216. Bristol Palin maintains curves despite DWTS routines
  217. Mila Kunis talks about dropping 20 pounds for ‘The Black Swan’
  218. Britney Spears Says Her Two Boys Keep Her In Shape
  219. Jennifer Hudson looking chubbish again?
  220. How Gwyneth Paltrow Dropped 20 Lbs. After Country Strong
  221. Nadine Coyle [Girls Aloud]
  222. Holy Shit! Portia de Rossi: I Once Ate "300 Calories" a Day
  223. 'Yes, I have lost weight' admits not-so-plus-size supermodel Crystal Renn
  224. Rachael Leigh Cook slams celeb airbrushing
  225. Whitney Port Confesses to Extreme Dieting While on 'The Hills'‎
  226. Christina Hendricks Tells Friends She's on a Diet
  227. Mariah Carey Pregnant or gain?
  228. Pierce Brosnan Getting a Gut
  229. Winona Ryder
  230. Anthony Hopkins explains how he dropped 75 pounds in two years
  231. Tiffani Thiessen likes being fat, so fuck off
  232. Wynonna Judd sheds weight by 'meditative walking'
  233. Kate Gosselin:“The Truth about My New Body”
  234. Victoria Beckham bans size zero models in New York Fashion Week show
  235. Katie Holmes - Unflattering dress or putting on the chunk?
  236. Mariska Hargitay proud to be Size 8
  237. Jessica Simpson: better today or a year ago?
  238. Kelly Osbourne
  239. Nikki Blonsky doesn't care what people think
  240. True Blood's Kristin Bauer is always hungry
  241. Ann Taylor website glitch reveals un-retouched images
  242. Drew Carey - 70 lb weight loss
  243. Former N Sync star Joey Fatone
  244. Scarlett Johansson Hair/Weight
  245. Salma Hayek Does Juice Cleanses‎
  246. AnnaLynne McCord is too skinny
  247. Kat Von D
  248. Jessica Biel won’t eat bread, dairy, sugar, salt or meat while she’s working
  249. Sigrid Agren and Karlie Kloss - skinny
  250. Serena Williams talks body image & refusal to diet