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  1. Brigitte Nielsen
  2. George Michael
  3. Kelly Osbourne talks weight
  4. Lena Headey too 'emaciated' for role in the TV Terminator
  5. Katie Holmes's diet
  6. Marilyn Monroe looking bad after losing a lot of weight
  7. Dustin Hoffman - gifted Simon Cowell's man boobs for Christmas
  8. Keely Shaye Smith bikini photos
  9. Trista Sutter (ex-Bachelorette) finally happy with her weight
  10. Myleene Klass back in shape & modelling again just 5 months after giving birth
  11. Allegra Versace doing well in recovery from anorexia
  12. Janeane Garofalo
  13. Poverty campaigner Bono piles on the pounds after Christmas
  14. Ex-EastEnder Natalie Cassidy's fitness DVD tops the charts
  15. Pregnant Brooke Burke offers her fitness secrets
  16. Celebrities' diet breakers
  17. Kim Kardashian wants to eat better
  18. How darts champ Andy Fordham lost 10 stone
  19. Ashley Olsen: "I'm the skinny one!"
  20. Angelina Jolie disturbed by the anorexia police
  21. Cher overlooks daughter Chastity Bono's growing weight problem
  22. Simon Cowell loses his man-boobs for Christmas
  23. Awww...poor Jennifer Lopez is feeling fat...tear
  24. Tara Reid
  25. Lily Allen reveals: 'I used to feel short, fat and ugly'
  26. Madonna eats porridge to gain weight
  27. Nia Vardalos
  28. Janice Dickinson calls Tyra Banks fat
  29. Cindy Crawford prefers her current body to her supermodel days body
  30. Jamie-Lynn Sigler recalls eating-disorder pain
  31. Jennifer Love Hewitt has piled on the pounds
  32. My belly was HUGE after 3 babies - but was £7,000 tummy tuck solution worth it?
  33. The denial, ignorance, and downright stupidity of fashion designers
  34. Sara Rue
  35. Victoria's Secret 2007 models
  36. Nicky Hilton
  37. JK Rowling: I'm putting on weight thanks to my 'eat more' diet
  38. Mum loses half body weight to win slimmer of the year
  39. Mel B can't keep her eyes off her newly toned stomach
  40. Isla Fisher gets her petite body back - THREE weeks after giving birth
  41. Jennifer Garner losing weight?
  42. Victoria Beckham told to 'fatten up' before Spice Girls world tour
  43. It's the hunks who turned into chunks
  44. Meat Loaf (Michael Lee Aday) bans photographers on his UK tour due to weight gain
  45. Catherine Zeta-Jones laughs off anorexia rumors
  46. Is Nigella Lawson getting fat?
  47. Post-baby, size 4 Trista Sutter not happy with her weight
  48. Miss England told to 'fatten up' if she wants to win world title
  49. Nicole Kidman bulks up on the Bridget Jones diet
  50. 12 women's body types - which are you??
  51. The FAT PIG DIET: by a thinner Michael Winner
  52. Angelina Jolie is even skinnier than ever
  53. Britney Spears' laxative diet
  54. Pete Doherty's new addiction sees him pile on the pounds
  55. WEIGHT WARS: Geri Halliwell and Mel B
  56. Is Sarah Jessica Parker taking her Carrie Bradshaw role to the extreme?
  57. Clay Aiken is fat!
  58. Dame Helen Mirren: Women are to blame for the size zero problem
  59. Is stick-thin Angelina Jolie losing her curves? (Um, yes!)
  60. Milla Jovovich has gained 70 pounds while pregnant
  61. Brittany Snow: dieting was 'my best friend'
  62. Skin and bone: Courtney Love out in London
  63. Fashion company's shocking advert in the fight against size zero (NSFW)
  64. Eating disorder sufferers enraged by Kate Beckinsale's comments
  65. The size 12 star of TV show who's 'too fat' for top model agency
  66. John Lewis to use size 14 mannequins
  67. Keira Knightley claims she's "twice the size" of most Hollywood actresses
  68. Amy Winehouse bulks up
  69. Meet Olga Sherer....the most skeletal model in the land
  70. Skeletal Joely Richardson looks a shadow of herself
  71. Catherine Zeta Jones's recipe for getting back into shape
  72. Angelina Jolie addicted to diet pills?
  73. Dying for fashion: How one young girl's dream turned into a nightmare
  74. Michelle Pfeiffer's doughnut diet
  75. Jade Goody dumps bikini diet for junk food binge
  76. Painfully thin Renee Zellweger continues her disappearing act
  77. Natalie Cassidy and other soap stars
  78. How much do you think Kimberley Walsh weighs? (Pics included)
  79. Even super skinny stars suffer from every girl's worst nightmare: stretch marks
  80. Lollipop ladies
  81. Angelina Jolie looking very thin
  82. Hilary Duff admits past eating disorder
  83. Courtney Love diets herself into cryptkeeper status
  84. George Clooney has lost weight
  85. Star Jones: I had gastric-bypass surgery
  86. Kelly Osbourne gets photoshopped for Chicago
  87. Has Jennifer Lopez gained weight?
  88. Who is your favorite large-sized celebrity?
  89. Janet Jackson's weight ups and downs
  90. This move is killing my body
  91. Tori Spelling: I've lost 22 pounds
  92. Nick Carter reclaims teenage physique
  93. Val Kilmer looks like a comic version of himself
  94. Jennifer Love Hewitt is chub!
  95. Brandon "Greasy Bear" Davis (Zarif) loses some grease
  96. Kim Zimmer balloons
  97. Rachael Ray's weight explodes
  98. Stretching the truth: How lean Coleen McLoughlin lost her curves
  99. Spanx allowed: Kimberley Walsh's slimming secret
  100. Charlotte Church
  101. David Spade's take on celebrity weight loss and gains
  102. Keira Knightley told to fatten up
  103. America's Next Top Model's Jaslene Gonzalez looks like death
  104. Super size zero Renee Zellweger wastes away
  105. Kelly Clarkson on Elle magazine
  106. Angelina Jolie Explains Why She Is So Thin
  107. Angelina Jolie Opens Up About Her Weight Loss
  108. Serena Williams shows off her fuller figure at the beach
  109. Do you think Gwen Stefani looks good after having Kingston?
  110. Heidi Klum: “Some people are just born skinny”
  111. How the Thin White Duke (David Bowie) got his figure back
  112. Australia's next Top Model winner: Alice Burdeu
  113. Shapely Serena Williams proves she is one weighty opponent
  114. Britney Spears's butt
  115. Rihanna Reveals How She Got Buff
  116. The dance guru who is helping Hollywood's A-list to shed the pounds
  117. Adriana Lima's weight gain
  118. Aretha Franklin diets in a bid to lose weight before her wedding
  119. Marcia Cross: Baby Weight Is Almost Gone
  120. Rachel Bilson: a miniature person
  121. 'They measured my fingers to see if I was fat'
  122. Mother's fears for 'super-skinny' Amy Winehouse
  123. Too much grease for tubby John Travolta
  124. Keira Knightley's Court Win
  125. Jordin Sparks called obese by anti-obesity activist!
  126. Dita Von Teese's weight
  127. Janet Jackson's new diet secret - photoshopping!
  128. Quick-change Sharon Stone shows off her cellulite
  129. Do I want to be a Skinny B***h? Fat chance
  130. These women hate their bodies - but they dared to bare all on TV? [NSFW]
  131. Would you be a size zero?
  132. The mother of THIRTEEN who is a size zero
  133. Beyoncé Knowles ate pork scratchings when she was on a diet
  134. Are you thin on the outside, but fat on the inside?
  135. Wow!! Check out Ricki Lake!
  136. Skeletal Cate Blanchett shocks NY fashion gala
  137. Bryce Dallas Howard's weight
  138. Weight So The Heck What!!
  139. Gisele Bundchen has put on 15 pounds since giving up smoking
  140. The Great Kate Weight Debate
  141. John Lewis unveils its 'size normal' model girls
  142. Young Tyra Banks gorged on fatty food to gain weight
  143. Britney Spears getting back to "fighting weight"
  144. Kathy Griffin wants to lose weight
  145. How Alicia Silverstone slimmed down
  146. I lost weight the hard way says Courtney Love
  147. Britney Spears' dramatic body transformation
  148. What a waist! It's a cinch for Girls Aloud...
  149. The real Star Jones story
  150. Weight and Celebrity Photoshopping
  151. Gwen Stefani: 'I've always been on a diet'
  152. Victoria Beckham's wine diet
  153. Jenna Jameson losing weight and fans
  154. Allegra Versace with a feeding tube
  155. Valerie Bertinelli wants to lose 30lbs and is the new celebrity face for Jenny Craig
  156. Brigitte Bardot, the first size zero
  157. Freaky celebrity diets
  158. Star Jones' flabby arms
  159. Courtney Love's amazing weight loss
  160. Chloe Lattanzi (Olivia Newton John's daughter) admits to anorexia
  161. Abercombie and Fitch's Photoshopping
  162. Myleene Klass: "I couldn't cope being a size 8"
  163. Anorexic Allegra Beck Versace relapses - hospitalized
  164. Beth Ditto is becoming obese
  165. I just hate having a supermodel sister-in-law!!!
  166. Gisele Bundchen's weight gain
  167. "Podgy" George Michael....
  168. Sienna Miller failed to lose enough weight for Edie Segdwick role
  169. Kelly Ripa's weight
  170. Hilary Duff blames the media for her weight drop
  171. Size zero vs size 18
  172. What do you believe??
  173. Shrinking Trinny Woodall
  174. Best body
  175. Star Jones is unrecognizable
  176. Elizabeth Hurley’s pre-wedding ‘caveman’ diet
  177. Anne Hathaway would rather lose out on a part than lose weight
  178. Lindsay Lohan looks “really thin” again
  179. Jared Leto’s weight transformation
  180. Salma Hayek is packin' on the pounds
  181. Joss Stone thinks she's big
  182. Ramos sisters had heart defects
  183. It's Size Zero vs the Thighs Hero
  184. Celebrity Calorie Counter: How much are they eating?
  185. Tricks of the trade: Shave off pounds like Jessica Simpson!
  186. Colleen Camp
  187. Claudia Schiffer defends skinny models
  188. REAL Celebrity Sizes (again)
  189. John Lewis weighs into the size zero debate
  190. Norah Jones asked to lose weight for movie
  191. Are these stick-thin models really anorexic..?
  192. Liv Tyler: 'I've Been on a Diet my Whole Life'
  193. Yet another dead anorexic model
  194. Paris Hilton's parents planning an intervention?
  195. Kate Winslet sues magazine over diet claims
  196. Is Angelina Jolie anorexic?
  197. Mandy Moore took a while to accept her size
  198. Jessica Simpson's weight fluctuation
  199. Remember how fat Christina Aguilera was?
  200. Janice Dickinson: I wish my models would 'come down' with anorexia
  201. Gwen Stefani admits to her 'obsession with weight'
  202. Kate Bosworth gets her curves back
  203. Tyra Banks addresses the unflattering swimsuit photos
  204. Demi Moore: "I stopped dieting so my daughters wouldn't obsess about their weight"
  205. Danny Bonaduce now looking fit and muscular
  206. Richie Sambora looking flabby
  207. Victoria Beckham bans size zero models
  208. Mary-Kate Olsen isn't anorexic, she's just blonde
  209. Tyra Banks speaks out about her weight gain
  210. Bridget Moynahan losing weight to compete with Gisele Bundchen
  211. Keira Knightley sues over anorexia allegations
  212. Compare your body fat percentage to the stars
  213. Gisele Bundchen blames families for anorexia
  214. Jessica Simpson weight gain rumors
  215. Guess Britney Spears' weight
  216. Grazia magazine -- stars' real sizes revealed
  217. Rachel Zoe: I don't promote dangerous diet habits
  218. Tyra Banks in a bathing suit: skinny wrists, big thighs (01/03/2007)
  219. Ashlee Simpson in a bikini
  220. Cassie is so skinny...
  221. Victoria Beckham credits her figure to strict diet, not eating disorder
  222. How all American Idols got thin
  223. Brandon Davis: beached whale, greasy bear or both?
  224. Celeb secrets to staying thin?
  225. Ruben Studdard wants other Alabamians to lose weight
  226. Skinny or not, celebrity women are still women
  227. Katie Holmes Xmas shopping
  228. Sienna Miller went on a vodka diet to lose weight
  229. Cameron Diaz urges Hollywood to take responsibility over size zero celebrities
  230. If celebs actually looked like us
  231. Ellen Pompeo wants to gain weight
  232. Carnivore diet responsible for Gisel Bundchen's sexy figure
  233. Italy moves to stop ultra-skinny models
  234. Dr. Robert Rey's wife - Hayley
  235. Carrie Underwood... how far will she go?
  236. Courtney Love getting fat again?
  237. PJ Harvey's weight
  238. Nicole Richie is on the road to recovery, she has gained 5 pounds
  239. Size 12 model branded 'too fat' for TV competition
  240. Debbie Rowe gains weight
  241. Ruben Studdard on colonics and why he became a vegetarian
  242. Twiggy thinks actresses are too skinny
  243. Average-sized models sell just as many products
  244. Yet another model drops dead
  245. Average European is overweight
  246. Nicole Richie starting to gain weight or still skinny?
  247. Victoria Beckham’s fury at skinny celebs website
  248. Mischa Barton slams skinny celebs (WTF?)
  249. Kate Winslet slams skinny celebs
  250. Milla Jovovich thinks she's TOO THIN to conceive