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  1. Pamela Anderson, packing on the pounds?
  2. Bloody hell what do I need to do to get an ass like Lady GaGa?
  3. Tracy Anderson can give you a body like Madonna's
  4. Angelina Jolie 'embarks on extreme diet'
  5. Kelly Clarkson: "I'm always the same size"
  6. Nikki Mckibbin from Celebrity Rehab 2
  7. Marissa Miller: sans retouching
  8. Mischa Barton's "obsessed with meth & coke, oops I mean Pilates"
  9. Kelly Clarkson: 'Of course celebrities have cellulite'
  10. Kate Moss says she’s not pregnant and just ‘put on pounds in the right place’
  11. Rachel Zoe looks better!
  12. Megan Fox's diet secret: apple cider vinegar
  13. Ellen Muth from 'Dead Like Me'
  14. Nick Carter
  15. Sarah Jessica Parker's muscular arms
  16. Kate Winslet refuses appearance on Craig Ferguson show due to his weighty comments
  17. Kim Kardashian opens her mouth again - 'I'm twice as big as Jessica Simpson'
  18. Turning pounds into dollars
  19. Boo fucking hoo: 'I cried while trying to shed my baby weight,' says Jessica Alba
  20. Tori Spelling on 90210 set
  21. Tom Cruise shows off his bod
  22. Rebecca Romijn's body post babies
  23. Denise Richards goes jogging
  24. Jenny McCarthy at the 6th Annual Leather And Laces Celebration
  25. Kate Hudson has portable liposuction kit
  26. Runway models at Dior/Armani 2009
  27. Sylvester Stallone's 62-year-old six pack
  28. Jessica Simpson packs on the pounds
  29. Horatio Sanz of SNL's weight loss
  30. Jaime Pressly's post baby body
  31. Britney Spears shows off abs in new tour photos
  32. An Open Letter
  33. Boy George puffs up
  34. Nicolette Sheridan in bikini
  35. Kate Hudson in bikini
  36. Model Gemma Ward
  37. Whitney Port in bikini: ideal body?
  38. Jennifer Carpenter from "Dexter": holy crap!
  39. Sally Hawkins
  40. Emma Thompson fills out
  41. Lindsay Lohan: very thin again
  42. Stress to blame for Jennifer Connelly's weight loss
  43. Wynonna Judd signs on for diet pill ad
  44. Kristen Johnston: Sarah Jessica Parker finds attention on my weight "weird"
  45. Luke Wilson
  46. John Goodman 400lbs!
  47. Alanis Morissette slims down
  48. Gwyneth Paltrow’s detox diet - like the cabbage soup diet but fancy
  49. Kevin Federline
  50. Stacey Ferguson: I'm working out every day for wedding
  51. My figure is down to 20 minutes of Pilates a day, reveals Kate Winslet
  52. Star Jones in a bikini
  53. Tori Spelling
  54. Oprah Winfery has ANOTHER New Year's diet resolution??
  55. Paris Hilton's arms
  56. How Claire Sweeney piled on 2 stone-on purpose!
  57. How much did Mischa Barton gain?
  58. Janet Jackson
  59. Bridal Corpse--Monique Lhuillier ad campaign
  60. Models at Corona Show: inappropriately skinny?
  61. Tom Cruise's weight loss
  62. Jordan Bratman
  63. How Full House's Candace Cameron lost her "chubby" weight
  64. Rachel Zoe responds to skinny talk
  65. Oprah Winfrey admits to tipping the scales at 200 Lbs.
  66. Jessica Alba gets thinnified (antoher pic added)
  67. When did Jennifer Connelly get so thin?
  68. Rihanna: 'I'm a very picky eater'
  69. Gwyneth Paltrow shares her shaping up secrets
  70. Isla Fisher: women are subject to "body fascism" when pregnant
  71. Sienna Miller skinnier than Keira Knightley?
  72. Ricki Lake: 'I can't believe I was fat'
  73. Debra Messing is proud of her 'healthy' weight loss
  74. Kristen Johnson update
  75. Eva Longoria Parker opts for all-fish diet
  76. Lara Flynn Boyle: extremely thin
  77. Jennifer Lien aka Kes from Star Trek Voyager
  78. How Halle Berry lost the weight
  79. Keri Russell
  80. Minnie Driver: "I still have a marshmallow tummy"
  81. 'Destiny's Child' Michelle Williams
  82. Gloria Estefan gaining weight?
  83. 30 famous people who have suffered from Bulimia
  84. Stacey "Fergie" Ferguson: I've "gained 13 pounds" for Nine
  85. Kate Beckinsale: "I'm not aiming to be Gisele Bundchen"
  86. Angelina Jolie keeps fit playing video games
  87. Rachel Zoe
  88. Kevin Smith vows to lose weight after breaking a toilet
  89. Tori Spelling: “I’m struggling to lose the baby weight”
  90. Britney Spears working out
  91. Naturally skinny people-cursed or blessed?
  92. Carnie Wilson: "I lost 50 pounds!"
  93. Kelly Ripa
  94. Mariska Hargitay: “Everything in moderation”
  95. Do Cheryl Burke and Lacey Schwimmer of Dancing With The Stars need to lose weight?
  96. Kirstie Alley update
  97. Tara Reid's back view
  98. Mad Men's Christina Hendricks talks about her figure
  99. Hollywood’s thinnest stars insist: I’m not anorexic!
  100. Faith Hill's birthday gift to herself: bikini photo shoot
  101. Is Paris Hilton’s weight loss aging her?
  102. Katrina Bowden from '30 Rock'
  103. Eva Longoria Parker: "I'm still a size 0!"
  104. Taylor Momsen: "I'm naturally thin"
  105. Angelina Jolie couldn't stop eating Hot Pockets, ice cream after pregnancy
  106. Kristen Johnston is still a stick
  107. Jennifer Love Hewitt: US cover story surprise to me
  108. Samantha Ronson's secret to a bikini body
  109. Dana Delany: 'Desperate Housewives weightloss is competitive'
  110. Sophia Bush: 'Even skinny girls have cellulite'
  111. The secret of Jessica Alba's post-baby body
  112. Charlotte Church loses weight after pregnancy
  113. Moore of Demi
  114. Taylor Momsen.....shrinking violet?
  115. Samantha Ronson.......healthier days
  116. Lindsay Lohan getting skinnier
  117. Rose Byrne: skinny at the Emmys
  118. Kim Kardashian: Don't let my size fool you!
  119. 90210 girls on cover of US for weight
  120. Gwyneth Paltrow: 'I just cannot diet'
  121. Kevin Federline piles on the pounds
  122. Isla Fisher got thinner
  123. Perez Hilton has shed ten inches from his waist
  124. Hillary Swank to pile on pounds for role
  125. Mary-Kate Olsen finally has some thighs!
  126. Jessica Stroup
  127. Model Kate Moss: "I was never anorexic"
  128. Whitney Port: skinnier?
  129. Britney Spears: How I got my body back
  130. Allegra Versace
  131. Queen Latifah loses 20 pounds
  132. Jennifer Aniston debuts her new "Fat Legs Look" in Hollywood
  133. Kim Kardashian: I'm trying "to lose weight in my butt"
  134. Jennifer Love Hewitt reveals new thinner body
  135. Chanel Iman: too thin?
  136. Geri Halliwell claims she only does non-strenuous yoga & that she eats junk food
  137. Kate Bosworth in bikini
  138. Kristen Johnston: still ana?
  139. The new 90210 girls: skinny enough??
  140. Another Nicky Hilton post
  141. Megan Fox forced to gain 10 lbs in 3 weeks for Transformers sequel
  142. Jodie Kidd dumped 'after gaining weight'
  143. Has Jennifer Hudson lost weight?
  144. Patricia Arquette plumps up
  145. Rachel Hunter criticized for weight gain
  146. Jessica Simpson weight gain?
  147. Nicky Hilton: too thin again
  148. Jennifer Lopez wears bikini four months after having twins
  149. Steve Jobs: The incredible shrinking CEO
  150. NI says that Kirstie Alley collapsed weighing (just) 240lbs
  151. Britney Spears 'wants to eat like Victoria Beckham'
  152. Skin and bones: Keira Knightley at the premiere of her new film
  153. Karolina Kurkova "shocks" audience during San Paolo fashion week
  154. Does website "The Skinny" photoshop pics?
  155. Natalie Cole electrifies her fat
  156. Keira Knightley "eats like a horse"
  157. Kate Beckinsale thinks she's fat
  158. Jack Black saw his butt on the big screen, plans to lose weight
  159. Anne Hathaway starved for 'The Devil Wears Prada'
  160. Kristen Johnson's weight loss (3rd Rock from the Sun)
  161. Catherine Zeta Jones shrinking?!?
  162. Cameron Diaz: Burger and fries weakness
  163. Is Cheryl Cole too skinny?
  164. Queen Latifah swimsuit
  165. Terri Seymour (Simon Cowell's gf)
  166. Kirstie Alley
  167. Christiane Filangieri (Italian actress)
  168. Mario Batali: Gwyneth Paltrow "works out three hours a day"
  169. Nicole Richie
  170. Jessica Simpson, big mouth, big boobs and scarily skinny twig legs!
  171. Alanis Morrissette
  172. Eva Herzigova
  173. Reese Witherspoon in a bikini
  174. Lisa Marie Presley on cover of National Enquirer
  175. Jennifer Garner on Self and Health
  176. Jessica Biel's workout and diet
  177. Hilarie Burton: a bit thin
  178. Natalie Portman at Cannes
  179. What has happened to Colin Farrell?
  180. Heidi Klum on losing the baby weight: "You can't kid yourself"
  181. Elisabeth Hasselbeck bares her body after baby
  182. Jessica Simpson wants Daisy Duke body back
  183. Celebrity skin and bones
  184. Madonna's trainer: How to lose 20 pounds in 6 weeks
  185. Mariah Carey: "Dieting bores me"
  186. Christinia Ricci thinks she's too fat; her deflated funbags beg to differ
  187. Kelly LeBrock lost 12 lbs in 3 weeks on diet w/ unlimited chocolate, cake & cheese
  188. Mike Tyson goes from heavyweight boxer to just plain heavy
  189. Denise Richards, Maui and the wonders of Photoshop
  190. Leona Lewis told to use Mariah Carey's trainer
  191. Hollywood's deadliest diets
  192. Paris Hilton: thinner
  193. Anna Kournikova
  194. Mariah Carey says she fits in her high school jeans
  195. Now fashion mags make models 'fatter'
  196. Anna Friel: 'Weight obsession is incredible'
  197. Mischa Barton in bikini
  198. Jennifer Lopez wakes up at 4am to shed kilos
  199. Stacey "Fergie" Ferguson's vinegar diet
  200. Katie Price looks almost unrecognisable
  201. Mischa Barton running errands
  202. WTF? Jason "Gummy Bear" Davis
  203. How Britney Spears lost 15 Lbs in four weeks
  204. Kate Bosworth leaving a restaurant
  205. Sarah Jessica Parker says, 'I eat everything'
  206. Maria Menounos lookin' hella tight working on her fitness
  207. Denise Richards: no weight-loss talk in front of daughters
  208. Yo-yo dieter Janet Jackson reveals her ultra-thin waist
  209. Kim Kardashian: I just can't stop eating junk food
  210. Peter Andre wants to fight the flab 'Rocky' style
  211. Jennifer Love Hewitt deflates her butt
  212. I'm in no rush to lose my baby weight, says Jennifer Lopez
  213. Jodie Foster reveals thin frame in low-cut dress
  214. Oprah Winfrey hits 246 POUNDS! (after 'final showdown' with Stedman Graham)
  215. OK! cover story: Jennifer Aniston's magic diet
  216. Kathleen Turner spreads out
  217. Nigella Lawson
  218. Jared Leto in "Chapter 27"
  219. Trinny Woodall bares skin and bones in a red gown
  220. Laurence Fishburne
  221. The bizarre diet secrets of the stars
  222. Poll: Kim Kardashian's ass, real or no?
  223. Carnie Wilson
  224. Kim Kardashian bikini angles
  225. Kate Bosworth's scary legs!
  226. Kelly LeBrock at 200 lbs?
  227. Is Star Jones gaining weight?
  228. Russell Crowe and his chunk
  229. Katie Price
  230. "Supermodel" Rachel Hunter - not so super anymore
  231. Courteney Cox 'drops two dress sizes'
  232. Nicky Hilton's scary legs
  233. Aretha Franklin's feeling lighter
  234. Dan Aykroyd
  235. Milla Jovovich is slim again
  236. Mary-Kate Olsen: 'Anorexia nearly killed me'
  237. Michael Ball won't need a fat suit anymore
  238. Nicole Richie sheds baby weight just two weeks after giving birth
  239. Julianne Moore is always hungry
  240. Brigitte Nielsen
  241. George Michael
  242. Kelly Osbourne talks weight
  243. Lena Headey too 'emaciated' for role in the TV Terminator
  244. Katie Holmes's diet
  245. Marilyn Monroe looking bad after losing a lot of weight
  246. Dustin Hoffman - gifted Simon Cowell's man boobs for Christmas
  247. Keely Shaye Smith bikini photos
  248. Trista Sutter (ex-Bachelorette) finally happy with her weight
  249. Myleene Klass back in shape & modelling again just 5 months after giving birth
  250. Allegra Versace doing well in recovery from anorexia