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  1. Jennifer Hudson shows off her size 6 figure on the cover of People
  2. 120-Pound Australia’s Next Top Model Contestant Asked to Lose Weight
  3. Wentworth Miller (Prison Break)
  4. 'I'm too fat for fashion,' says UK Size 8 actress Gemma Arterton‎
  5. Robert Downey Jr. Gained 20 Pounds of Muscle for 'Iron Man 2'
  6. Jennifer Aniston eats like a baby
  7. Tori Spelling has always been scary skinny, so says Candy Spelling
  8. Gwyneth Paltrow Talks Packing On The Pounds After 'Iron Man 2'
  9. Jennifer Lopez Didn't Care About "Flabby Belly" After Twins' Birth
  10. Lane Bryant says ABC and Fox censored plus-size lingerie ad
  11. The Results of Skinny Bashing
  12. Sarah Jessica Parker is 'obsessed' with the gym
  13. Calvin Klein announces they will no longer use size 0 models
  14. Skinny Celebs - the real reason: my theory
  15. Iman's daughter Zulekha Haywood undergoes gastric band surgery
  16. Kimora Lee Simmons Cops to Airbrushing
  17. Jennifer Hudson Reveals Her New Body
  18. Jennifer Hudson becomes Weight Watchers rep
  19. Getting too skinny for tour?
  20. Ellen Pompeo ten pounds heavier after pregnancy
  21. How does Amanda Seyfried look this good? By eating an 'awful' raw food diet
  22. Nadine Coyle's legs
  23. Alessandra Ambrosio, Brooklyn Decker and Crystal Renn in Bikinis
  24. Forest Whitaker's weight loss
  25. Julie Bowen in a bikini
  26. Suzy Amis (James Cameron's wife)
  27. Mind your heart, boys!
  28. Vince Vaughn Fattens Up
  29. Iselin Steiro (Model)
  30. How Kirstie Alley Lost 20 Lbs. – Organically
  31. Matt Lucas
  32. Kristen Johnson update
  33. Ice dancer Tanith Belbin has put on weight, and she couldn't be happier
  34. Kelly Osbourne shows off slim new body
  35. Kevin Smith at Macworld
  36. Kevin Federline shows off his gut in camo undies on Celebrity Fit Club
  37. Vlada Roslyakova at Fausto Sarli Alta Moda
  38. Dennis Quaid shows off his beach body
  39. Jennifer Garner drops 3 dress sizes
  40. Victoria Beckham & Jennifer Lopez wear same dress size
  41. Rachel Zoe calls eating disorder rumors "silly"
  42. Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson
  43. Katharine McPhee poses in a bikini, talks about bulimia and depression
  44. Octomom Nadya Suleman reveals her bikini body, insists there was no PS help
  45. Catherine Zeta Jones' stick legs
  46. Sally Hawkins from Happy-Go-Lucky
  47. Jason Alexander is the newest spokesperson for Jenny Craig
  48. "Letting fatties roam the site is a direct threat to our business model"
  49. Jamie Bell shows off a muscular physique in images from his new film
  50. Meg Ryan
  51. V Magazine pits a plus-size model against a skinny one
  52. Is that Meat Loaf? No it's 'fatman' Val Kilmer
  53. 'Subway Guy' Jared Fogle falls off the diet wagon
  54. Chris Noth
  55. Kim Kardashian’s bikini Tweet
  56. Ashley Greene says she shaped up for New Moon by not eating
  57. 'Precious' star Gabourey Sidibe: "My first diet started when I was six years old"
  58. Heidi Klum "excited" about walking runway five weeks after baby!
  59. Kate Moss slammed for skinny remarks
  60. Cindy Crawford urges women to change fashion
  61. Gemma Ward to quit modeling over weight gain attacks
  62. Kelly Osbourne loses 20 lbs on the DWTS diet
  63. Kourtney Kardashian: I'm sick of gaining weight
  64. Mariah Carey
  65. Manorexia or just skinny?
  66. 'Biggest Loser' contestant's tragic past
  67. Pamela Anderson: Big lunch, or something else?
  68. Cindy Crawford 'too healthy' for today's fashion industry
  69. Octomom Nadya Suleman: How I lost 145 pounds!
  70. Kloe Kardashian:"I want to be a skinny pregnant person"
  71. Miranda Kerr skinny
  72. Filippa Hamilton, size 4 model, fired for being too fat
  73. Tyra Banks
  74. Stephanie Pratt
  75. Raven-Symone loses 35 pounds
  76. Jim Carrey shows off fuller figure for Three Stooges
  77. Four ways French women stay thin
  78. Alison Moyet
  79. Nicole Eggert is ready to join the fat farm
  80. Jennifer Love Hewitt shares dieting tips
  81. Trevor Donovan (90210): Nice or No thanks?
  82. Japanese man aged 74 scoops bodybuilding championships
  83. Victoria Beckham exercises every few hours
  84. Nadya Suleman demonstrates how she lost the baby fat by doing workout in park
  85. London Fashion Week stylist quits over designer Mark Fast's using UK size 14 models
  86. Angelia Jolie “is getting close to 100 pounds”
  87. Miranda Kerr's arms
  88. Kim Kardashian reveals her incredible shrinking derrière
  89. ‘I’ve lost a stone in three weeks!’ Kelly Osbourne drops two dress sizes
  90. Adriana Lima pregnant
  91. Kim Kardashian: painted on abs
  92. The obese woman who's made millions from extreme diet blamed for the death of a bride
  93. Anna Kournikova leaving the gym
  94. Steve Jobs makes appearance
  95. Kim and Khloe Kardashian: Khloe is a size 6, Kim is 114 pounds...
  96. Sophie Reade reveals her stone weight gain in the Big Brother (UK) house
  97. Leg fat etiquette
  98. Helen Mirren sports a one-piece black and white swimsuit
  99. Sharon "I haven't had work done" Stone *cough BS* in a bikini
  100. Jennifer Garner
  101. Lara Stone
  102. Geri Halliwell in bikini bliss
  103. The Cheeky Girls: 500 calories a day was all we ate
  104. Plus-size model Crystal Renn fits in her own skin
  105. Kelly Brook in an orange bikini
  106. Jennifer Tilly in an animal print swimsuit
  107. Pussycat Doll Ashley Roberts in a bikini
  108. Mena Suvari in a green bikini
  109. Carmen Electra in a bikini!
  110. Meet model Lizzi Miller: Size 12, 180 pounds
  111. 'Cosby mom' Phylicia Rashad has lost 35 lbs
  112. Cindy Crawford at 43: "I have cellulite"
  113. Buy ‘The Heidi Montag Workout’ for 20 bucks
  114. Sherri Shepherd is a size 6...um yeah
  115. Victoria Beckham too skinny
  116. Britney Spears in a bikini(s)
  117. NE says that Kirstie Alley has only 4 years to live...
  118. Tess Daly shows off amazing bikini body... just ten weeks after giving birth
  119. Jordana Brewster is super THIN!
  120. Celebrity holiday photos that would benefit from a little airbrushing
  121. Has Angelina Jolie lost weight again?
  122. Lily Allen in a bikini
  123. Sophie Monk in a bikini
  124. Ashlee Simpson-Wentz 'lucked out' with losing baby weight
  125. Daily Mail claims 'Britney Spears celebrates victory in battle of the bulge'
  126. UK Big Brother glamour girl Sophie Reade piles on the pounds
  127. John Travolta ‘eating himself to death’
  128. Natasha Henstridge in a bikini
  129. Sherri Shepherd makes big bathing suit debut
  130. Jon Gosselin shows off stomach
  131. Courtney Love looking healthier
  132. Jennifer Love Hewitt is back in a bikini
  133. Kevin Federline ordered to lose 45 lbs for his reality show
  134. Jennifer Love Hewitt is proud of her figure again
  135. Debbie, er, Deborah Gibson blathers on about how she dropped 17 pounds
  136. AnnaLynne McCord - the 'healthy and normal' 90210 girl
  137. Sinew by sinew, the making of Madonna's mighty muscles
  138. OK!: Jessica Simpson’s “revenge diet” after Tony Romo split
  139. January Jones is in trouble for being too thin
  140. Thar he blows: Jack 'Whaleman' Nicholson
  141. Kevin Federline shocks "fans" over new size
  142. Tara Reid
  143. Ex-Eastender Jessie Wallace flexes her muscles on GMTV
  144. Tyra Banks is on a diet
  145. Kelly Brook shows off her curves
  146. Gwen Stefani shows off killer abs
  147. WAG Claudine Keane shows off her bikini body 2 months after giving birth
  148. So long Cheryl Cole's stick-thin frame, today's women want curves like Nigella Lawson
  149. Trinny Woodall (of "Trinny & Susannah") muscles up
  150. After 150lb weight loss, Ruby Gettinger says friends have tried to sabotage her
  151. Obese is the word: Recluse John Travolta piles on the pounds
  152. Davina McCall, 41, shows the amazing results of her Super Body Workout in St Tropez
  153. Actor Christian Bale goes method again as he loses weight for new film role
  154. Alanis Morissette regains her sleek physique after comfort eating through love split
  155. Renée Zellweger to pack it on again to play Bridget Jones
  156. Brendan Fraser
  157. Britney Spears ‘puts Kevin Federline on diet’
  158. How Khloe Kardashian lost 20 pounds
  159. Mischa Barton blames wisdom teeth for bloated appearance
  160. How Cheryl Cole has turned herself into The Human Barbie
  161. Gwenyth Paltrow's juice detox diet
  162. How Jessie Wallace shed two stone (28 lbs) in six weeks
  163. Does Ciara have a size 28 waist?
  164. Britney Spears receives body criticism again
  165. Super fit Mel B
  166. Screw the health kick - Kerry Katona smokes as she begins 'intensive' regime
  167. OK!'s 10 Best Bodies of 2009
  168. Trimmer-than-ever Lily Allen shows the benefits of a year of non-stop gigging
  169. I'm not bothered by my weight... I've got body blindness, says Dawn French
  170. Jewel posts a bikini picture on Twitter
  171. Amy Adams in a bikini
  172. Kristin Davis
  173. Princess Beatrice unveils her slim new figure in a stylish little red dress
  174. 'I'm happy with my body now,' says Sophie Anderton as she shows off new curves
  175. Eva Mendes says she isn't too thin
  176. Ashlee Simpson getting too skinny
  177. Has Sarah Palin lost weight recently? Possibly due to stress?
  178. Courtney Love
  179. Kirstie Alley ‘breaks down over her weight’
  180. For the last time: What size was Marilyn Monroe?
  181. Stephen Fry: How I lost six stones in just six months
  182. Alessandra Ambrosio weighs less than...
  183. In your opinion, who has the best celebrity body?
  184. Denise Richards on staying in shape
  185. Hilary Duff gaining weight
  186. Mariah Carey has put on 15 pounds and loves it
  187. Anna Kournikova: ana again?
  188. Curvy Kerry Katona steps out in maternity-style top after piling on the pounds
  189. Nadine Coyle weighs her food while at restaurants
  190. Jennifer Lopez: Getting body back took "a lot of work"
  191. Melissa Joan Hart reveals her bikini body
  192. She's still got it! Victoria Principal shows off her enviable figure - at age 59
  193. Jessica Biel puts on weight when she visits England
  194. Mandy Moore has no desire to be a swizzle stick
  195. Tennis star Daniela Hantuchova is no longer the Slovakian Skeleton
  196. Boy George enjoys the bank holiday sunshine with friends
  197. Sienna Miller reveals her post-Balthazar Getty super-skinny legs
  198. Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen's wife and the LighterLife diet - safe?
  199. 'I feel great': Confident Kim Kardashian cavorts around in a bikini after overhauling
  200. Bond girl Gemma Arterton puts her shapely figure on show in a string bikini
  201. Britney Spears unveils bikini body as she shows off 'new man'
  202. Once super-slim Natasha Henstridge goes hiking to trim down her curvaceous figure
  203. Skinny Trinny Wodall: How there's even less of TV fashion guru
  204. No more love handles: Gaunt Jennifer Love Hewitt loses all her womanly curves
  205. Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen's wife debuts her new 5 stone lighter figure
  206. Leighton Meester in bikini
  207. Jerry Hayes from The Biggest Loser
  208. Megan Fox says ‘Transformers’ was ‘the fattest’ she’s ever been
  209. Lindsay Lohan says she’s eating properly
  210. Julia Roberts in bikini
  211. Nia Vardalos explains how she lost 40 lbs
  212. It's not easy being a beefcake for Rocky star Dolph Lundgren
  213. The diet is off for Anna Faris
  214. Rebecca Romijn claims she lost 60 lbs after twins with breastfeeding & no exercise
  215. Drew Barrymore lost weight filming Grey Gardens
  216. Kelly Osbourne doesn't want to lose weight
  217. Stars' real sizes revealed
  218. Kevin Federline offered Nutrisystem spokesman deal
  219. Miss Universe Australia contestant deemed malnourished by doctors
  220. Lindsay Lohan's shockingly skinny again after break-up from Samantha Ronson
  221. Members of Congress battle the bulge
  222. Jessica Simpson complains her trainer is making her do squats
  223. Kim Kardashian defends herself; insists she's a size 2
  224. The hourglass figure
  225. No more hotpants for Daisy: Dukes Of Hazzard pin-up Catherine Bach piles on pounds
  226. Male Hollywood stars getting fatter
  227. Eva Longoria's face
  228. Annalynne McCord bikini body
  229. Danielle Fishel balloons
  230. Extreme celebrity weight gains and losses
  231. Fearne Cotton shrieks after discovering she's a pin-up for anorexic women
  232. Chunklard Ed Westwick needs to be refitted for new costumes
  233. Bono and his moobs
  234. Fabulous at 40: Helena Christensen sizzles in a purple bikini
  235. Kathy Griffin's bikini bod
  236. Has Jennifer Love Hewitt lost too much weight?
  237. Kathy Ireland's shocking weight gain and loss
  238. Cameron Diaz
  239. Star Jones "still" feels like she weighs 300 pounds
  240. Tyra Banks
  241. Hello Captain Obvious - Madonna's exercise & food regime = look four years older
  242. Mischa Barton told to gain weight for show
  243. Scarlett Johansson
  244. The REAL reason Angelina Jolie is so thin
  245. Valerie Bertinelli celebrates her upcoming 49th birthday by posing in a bikini
  246. Beyonce's rep: 'Dress made her look curvier'
  247. Ben Stiller
  248. Adele gets 50lbs taken off her in Vogue
  249. Jaslene Gonzales needs calories
  250. Pamela Anderson, packing on the pounds?