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  1. Help Britney Spears!
  2. Britney Spears' high school essay: good luck trying to decipher it!
  3. Survey: What interests YOU in celebrity gossip?
  4. Celebrity Relationship Death Pool
  5. Celebrity butt plugs...(may not be SFW)
  6. Tyra Banks spoofs Beyonce and her psychotic dancing! Pretty funny!
  7. Gwen Stefani goes bald
  8. Tori Spelling making fun of Kelly Ripa / Clay Aiken fued
  9. Blogs Now Free, Encouraged to Let Readers Mouth Off
  10. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes chat - why be a beard?
  11. Celebrity bitch fights
  12. Latest celebrity divorces have one thing in common: toddlers
  13. Celebrity MySpace, do you know any?
  14. Incestuous circles
  15. It's a boy for Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise !
  16. Gossip Rocks Photoshop Contest: Please post some photos you want to see photoshopped
  17. Who will win the 'adopt a foreign orphan' Sweepstakes?
  18. Pete Doherty: How will he end up dying?
  19. Interesting Take On Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes wedding
  20. Ryan Reynolds sexiest Canuck man alive!
  21. Marriage tips for the new Mrs. Cruise/Katie Holmes
  22. Keeping star weddings under wraps
  23. Warren Beatty wins lifetime award
  24. A request for help, my lovely Gossip Rocks
  25. Tina Fey on why Paris Hilton sucks
  26. Who's the bigger saint (a thread purely for laughs - no fighting!)
  27. Do you have a Naomi T-shirt?
  28. Britney Spears smokes plus photo of second kid
  29. People Magazine Sexiest Man Alive 2006
  30. Celebrity charity
  31. So what makes for a sexy pair of legs?
  32. Blurred photo of Tom Cruise holding baby Suri and exiting plane in Rome
  33. Craptastic Celebrity Interior Design
  34. The vintage gossip thread
  35. Kylie Minogue's comeback
  36. Why celebrities smoke
  37. Nifty link to find movie deaths
  38. David Letterman or Jay Leno?
  39. Go vote for the People's Choice awards y'all!
  40. Britney Spears and Dating?
  41. Katie Holmes, from behind
  42. Jessica Seinfeld's cause
  43. Amusing take on Victoria Beckham's new fashion book
  44. Suri Cruise starring in a political ad?
  45. Faith Hill losing at the 2006 CMAs
  46. The Poor Man's Actor
  47. unphotogenic celebrities?
  48. Angelina Jolie: Rant here...................
  49. Jennifer Aniston: Rant Here!
  50. Who would your top 5 celebs be to sleep with?
  51. Worst Celeb Parents (multiple votes allowed!)
  52. Clips from Madonna interview on Today.
  53. Has anybody ever seen this picture of Suri Cruise and her 'mom' and 'dad'?
  54. Defaced Mischa Barton poster
  55. Brandon 'Greasy Elvis' Davis must be obsessed with firecrotch...
  56. Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn v. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie - Which is Realer??
  57. Celebrities who died this year (2006)
  58. Rrhoid or Lisa Rinna? You decide (graphic!)
  59. Penelope Cruz wants to start a family
  60. Was Madonna's adoption unnecessary?
  61. Cage puts up Bel-Air home for $35M
  62. Ron Wood is reportedly bald - his trademark rooster-tail hair is a wig
  63. Celebrity obssession
  64. Jennifer Aniston to Play Ann Coulter in next movie titled "Man-Hater"
  65. Gallery of the Absurd!
  66. Katie Holmes takes her shopping skills to Beverly Hills
  67. Meet a celebutard almost as vapid as Paris Hilton
  68. First alphabet for Madonna's little Baby Dave.
  69. More Celebrity Baby names
  70. New Name for Madonna!!
  71. The "I HATE MADONNA" website!!!
  72. Madonna's Adopting: What do you think?
  73. Britney Spears post baby #2
  74. Robert De Niro - Esquire interview
  75. Dogs hate Paris Hilton
  76. Maybe french women wear bras to bed- Scarlett Johansson
  77. Demetri Martin - Comedian
  78. St. Angelina: What do you think?
  79. The best and worst faces for HDTV
  80. Gisele Bundchen's Apple Ad: SHE's a Mac!!!
  81. Video: Kfed (Kevin Federline) on CSI.
  82. Violent video of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s bodyguard choking some guy
  83. Celeb encounters/stories from flight attendants
  84. Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie's bodyguard roughs up Photog in India--Video
  85. Reverse closet cases
  86. Paying A-listers to party
  87. Tom, Nicole ruined 'Eyes Wide Shut': Full Metal Jacket Star
  88. Racist duo, "Prussian Blue" Tops Billboard Charts
  89. Is Angelina Jolie just being paranoid?
  90. Model falls twice on runway
  91. Addicted to Shirtless...
  92. Celebrity X-Ray
  93. Warren Beatty Reds DVD 25th Anniversary release interviews
  94. Candids from Toronto International Film Festival (09/??/06)
  95. Dita Von Teese as Heather Renee Sweet
  96. Photos of my hero: Rachel Weisz!
  97. Chyna Doll is a disaster! (gets denied entry to club)
  98. Gisele and Lost's Rodrigo Santoro: Video!
  99. What Celebs Are On Your Dream List?
  100. Matthew McConaughey: Proof Werewolves Exist
  101. Thread titles and celeb descriptors
  102. Catherine Zeta Jones Fired
  103. Dumbest Celebutard!
  104. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's Blog
  105. Sienna Miller & Jude Law DRUNK! ! !
  106. Top Five Mismatched Celebrity Couples
  107. What celebs have you seen?
  108. Gisele Bundchen's New Commercial...
  109. Jennifer Aniston in any movie she's ever done, or her real life
  110. Beyonce Knowles without her weave
  111. STOP THE PRESSES: Keith Richards' drunkenness hinders 'Pirates 3' shoot
  112. Lindsay Lohan goes crazy!
  113. Lindsay Lohan and strawberry Nesquick???
  114. Top ten cutest celebrity babies
  115. Matt Damon flips a shit on Jimmy Kimmel
  116. National knicker investigation
  117. VERY rare photo of a young Shakira in a bikini
  118. The Next Big Thing in Brazil-#1 on Youtube...
  119. celebrity swag
  120. Lohan Look Alike?
  121. Did the Devil's Disciple really bring Marilyn back?
  122. Celebs in Euro commercials: Sellouts?
  123. Reality manga photoshop: anime celebs
  124. Jessica Simpson pictures help
  125. Black Parents Can Have White Kids Too!
  126. Ever worked as a movie extra?
  127. First hand experiences: Celebs w/ drugs
  128. Stop the presses!! Celebs more narcissistic than the general public!
  129. Who's the mystery lady?
  130. Bizarre Ben Affleck TV
  131. Who Was Your First Celeb Crush?
  132. Celebrities Bear Their Ugly Side
  133. help air brushed site
  134. Celebrity Photoshop
  135. Super cool site for those of you who like to dig up dirt!
  136. The Evolution of Tom Cruise
  137. HOT VIDEO! Bar Rafaeli will never be Gisele Bundchen!!!
  138. Celebrity Transformations
  139. A Young Jack Webb Actor
  140. Biggest Mouths in Hollywood (literally)
  141. Jessica and Ashlee Simpson's childhood home for sale
  142. Anderson Cooper not down with Kevin Federline
  143. Stupid 'sexy' celebrity poses!
  144. Hollywood at Home
  145. Marc Anthony grabs a handful...
  146. Tattoos: To Ink Or Not To Ink?
  147. Ugliest male actors
  148. Victoria Beckham with digitally enhanced Jennifer Lopez rear end
  149. The 5 Most Drugged-Out Interviews EVAH!
  150. Chris Klein hanging out with a Katie Holmes lookalike
  151. Celebrity Breakups/Marriages 2006 Recap
  152. Make Your Own Face!
  153. Where did the juicy gossip thread go?
  154. World's Ugliest Actress
  155. What do you think is new Hollywood trend?
  156. Hilary Duff, bucktoothed lying moron
  157. 6 degrees of ....
  158. Give Us the Gossip - We Want it Now
  159. What do you think about fake tattoos in movies?
  160. Hilary Clinton sculpture with boobs exposed
  161. Message to Mel Gibson: Jesus was a Jew!
  162. Fascinating Hollywood facts
  163. Celebrity marriages doomed for failure?
  164. Secret Messages in Britney Spears' Songs When Played Backwards!
  165. Myspace ummm lovely girl needs your help to complain to Hugh Hefner.
  166. Mariah Carey's photoshopped tour posters
  167. The Birth of Suri Cruise
  168. Celebrity Ass Crack
  169. First-hand celebrity rumours!
  170. Mel Gibson's Phone Call to Jesus
  171. Male stars & their bits and pieces..
  172. The Hoff: another drunk in better days
  173. Watch Mel Gibson Go From Hunk to Drunk
  174. 12 Step Program for Mel Gibson
  175. Root of the Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton fighting
  176. Celebs you thought were dumb but actually are smart...
  177. Celebrity Mug Shots! (add your own if you got 'em)
  178. Nicole Richie and Lindsay Lohan-- Friends anymore?
  179. Did you watch The Wedding of the Century 25 years ago?
  180. Other sites stealing the "A Drunk Tara Reid" thing!
  181. Random Myspace Ad..
  182. Are these pics fake??
  183. Celebrity heights.
  184. Keanu Reeves all over a reporter with his lips
  185. Contact Any Celebrity!
  186. Questions about Paris Hilton
  187. Young Jessica and Ashlee Simpson
  188. Celebrity blowup dolls
  189. Can a fan believe what celebrities say?
  190. Life cycle of a party girl.
  191. Create your own Suri
  192. I blame Paula Abdual !?!
  193. Party Monsters: The Club Kids
  194. Judy Garland and the Stonewall Riots
  195. not gossip really, just cool cause i saw these people yesterday
  196. Celebrities that look like monsters or animals
  197. Does Suri Cruise exist?
  198. Napoleon Dynamite festival
  199. Jennifer Grey - Dirty Dancing
  200. Tori Spelling Bee
  201. Used celebrities?
  202. Will Brad Pitt Ever Work Again??
  203. Prince Albert of Monaco and Nicole Coste with their son Alexandre
  204. Jennifer Aniston Consolation Letter Generator.
  205. Celebrity Gossip's Gender Gap
  206. President Bush at Graceland
  207. Stupid quotes by England's Prince Philip
  208. Britney Spears Naked on Bazaar cover
  209. Mariska Hargitay's baby
  210. The curse of Paris Hilton
  211. Anna Nicole Smith is a Witch!
  212. Channing Tatum
  213. Britney Spears & Her Manny
  214. Settle an argument: Is this a young Halle Berry?
  215. Next Hollywood split
  216. 12 questions Matt Lauer should've asked Britney Spears
  217. Brooke Shields as Sheena of the Jungle
  218. Bringing Marlon Brando Back To Life for Superman Returns
  219. Kylie Minogue's Banned Commercial and Kissing Geri Halliwell
  220. Tony Orlando and Dawn
  221. SPOOF of Britney Spears Dateline Today Show Interview
  222. Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie Friendship Poll!
  223. Save Dustin Diamond (aka Screech/Saved By the Bell) and his house!
  224. What really happened to Britney Spears's career
  225. Bruce Willis Naked!
  226. Angelina Jolie PSA on Adoption
  227. Top 10 Celeb Quirks
  228. So Little Shiloh Said...
  229. Vida Guerra photoshopped
  230. Name that porno
  231. Guess who??
  232. Who is she?
  233. Worst Legs Ever - Nelly Furtado
  234. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Baby Picture Number 2
  235. The real Russell Crowe
  236. Anna Chlumsky from 'My Girl' -- pity party at table 5!
  237. Top 10 Reasons to Leave Hollywood.
  238. Phoebe Cates Never Ages
  239. Film set hook-ups: Chemistry & 'summer camp' romance
  240. Catfight: Who would win in fantasy matchups?
  241. I found an old People Mag 1992
  242. Goofy celeb names
  243. Team this or that
  244. What Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt means to Namibia
  245. Trista Rehn & Ryan Sutter
  246. Does Sean Preston Federline have a dent in his head?
  247. Celebrities with herpes?
  248. What age are these actresses?
  249. Famous celebrity love triangles
  250. Catherine Zeta-Jones on SNL?