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  1. Can Britney Spears make a comeback?
  2. Young Britney Spears on Sabrina the Teenage Witch
  3. Happy Birthday! David "the Hoff" Hasselhoff
  4. Oprah Winfrey's Lab chokes to death
  5. Paris Hilton gets into her favorite position while surfing
  6. Photoshop of Horrors!
  7. David Beckham won't be lonely, Frank LeBoeuf has just bought a house in LA, too
  8. Misinterpreted photo of the day
  9. The Beautiful People, the Uglier the Better
  10. Osama Bin Laden Jr.'s very strange wife from the UK
  11. Eva Longoria's tacky wedding cake
  12. Britney Spears preparing for life on the streets
  13. Is David Beckham's wang getting supersized?
  14. Orlando Bloom looking manly as ever
  15. If you were famous, what demands would you make?
  16. Brooke Hogan - got a boobjob now can't stop playing with them?
  17. Avril Lavigne is SO punk, she has a PINK mic!
  18. Hilarious celebrity pics
  19. Is Nicole Richie pregnant?
  20. New unphotoshopped pictures of Adriana Lima
  21. If celebs were not celebs-funny
  22. What celebs could pass in old Hollywood?
  23. Since I don't know where to post this...
  24. Paris Hilton really is a Lady [NSFW]
  25. Where the hell is Nicole Richie?
  26. I hate these actors! If you care to see....
  27. Joel Siegel Dies of Cancer :-(
  28. Megan Fox loves to paint her face
  29. Bon Jovi top US album countdown
  30. A stab at Owen Wilson, Vince Vaughn, and Will Ferrell
  31. Did Jennifer Aniston forget her panties too?
  32. Strand one person on a desert island
  33. Guess the celebrity tattoo!
  34. Celebitchy's White Trash Mom Awards!
  35. Angelina Jolie Photoshop Before and After
  36. If Fergie were really "Fergalicious"!!
  37. VS Model Marisa Miller pisses herself!!
  38. Why the hell is Nicole Richie famous?
  39. A question about the HQ celebrity photos.
  40. Hilarious celeb photoshopping
  41. Paris/Lindsay/Nicole/Britney Recap
  42. Stars and Their Egos
  43. Kirsten Dunst doesn't have time to reach the disposal.
  44. Sinead O'Connor - 40 and still GORGEOUS
  45. Paris Hilton in jail! The music video!
  46. Do you think she looks like Marilyn Monroe?
  47. The Celeb Poem Thread
  48. Have you been mistaken for a celebrity?
  49. 12 things other inmates are hearing from Paris Hilton
  50. People's 2007 Hottest Bachelors
  51. Check out Clive Owen's wife
  52. Jayden Spears Looks like he has FAS
  53. Has this ruined Paris Hilton?
  54. Forever Young Celebrities
  55. The Quotes Thread (with pics)
  56. Can you join up the celebrity love chains?
  57. Paris Hilton's Wax Figure.
  58. I don't like their looks
  59. The Paris Hilton prison diaries -- hilarious!
  60. Model falls on the runway
  61. Paris Hilton and her helium voice
  62. Paris Hilton free for 3 weeks and 2 days!!!
  63. Where are these Paris Hilton picture from?
  64. The end of the paparazzi?
  65. Psychic Mary Occhino predicts the fates of the ultra-famous
  66. The Nanny Diaries, Scarlett Johansson's new film & the truth
  67. Malibu Party For the Crumblies! (Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell)
  68. Vintage Dina Lohan
  69. What's your favourite Britney Spears belly?
  70. What is your favourite Mischa Barton?
  71. Putting famous celebrity babies on tabloid covers
  72. Top 10 fictional pirates -- yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!
  73. Perez Hilton vs. X17 is getting dirty
  74. Paul Newman says he's too old for acting
  75. Hollywood stars and their silver-screen doubles
  76. So where is Ted Casablanca going next?
  77. Forbes top 10 billionaire heiresses
  78. Big fight between Rosie O'Donnell and Elizabeth Hasselback
  79. Oops Mischa Barton accidently flashes us a nipple
  80. List of celebrities who posed for Playboy
  81. Freak your friends with Criss Angel
  82. Guilty pleasure celebs
  83. "Blond & Blonder" Premiere Party Venue
  84. Weird fact about Andy Garcia!
  85. Joey Buttafuoco and Amy Fisher's date for love
  86. Does anyone else doubt Entertainment Lawyer?
  87. Save Paris Hilton?
  88. Proof that Angelina Jolie does hold Shiloh
  89. Paris Hilton's official apology - what should it say?
  90. Paris Hilton Mentioned in context of Griffith Park Fire
  91. Is this the strangest coupling ever?
  92. Petition to hold Paris Hilton accountable
  93. Should Angelina Jolie resume the relationship with her dad?
  94. Did Perez Hilton and Paris Hilton have a falling-out?
  95. Does Paris Hilton deserve to go to jail?
  96. Lindsay Lohan's Most Shocking Moments on VH1
  97. Venting about Britney Spears' "comeback" concert
  98. Oprah and Tommy Hilfiger: What happened?
  99. Vote for the MTV movie awards
  100. The true test of a celebrity's beauty: what she looks like bald!
  101. My daughter is dating actor Matt Dillon
  102. Is Jody Gibson the new Heidi Fleiss? Trick book records unsealed by court
  103. Tony Curtis, finally caught without his wig! (03/10/07)
  104. Victoria & David Beckham and Britney Spears lookalikes
  105. Online Paper Dolls
  106. Ten reasons celebrities should not have kids
  107. Celebs who literally have big heads
  108. Big-headed celebrities...
  109. Donald Trump, "The top 10 reasons why you're not a billionaire"
  110. What's Rosario Dawson doing?
  111. Did you have a parent similar to Alec Baldwin?
  112. Joan & Melissa Rivers replaced by Lisa Rinna
  113. Salma Hayek wins studio backing for films with a Latino twist and mainstream appeal.
  114. Poll: Was Denise Richards A Hooker?
  115. Donny Osmond's dreams come true with Jimmy Kimmel
  116. Princess Diana's memorial site in Paris, France
  117. Celebrity Airbrushing: Before and After
  118. J. Harvey from A Socialite's Life is gonna get me fired
  119. 100 Unsexiest Men for 2007
  120. Hayden Panettiere the Breast Licker
  121. Celebrity butterfaces
  122. Anna Nicole Smith's baby's daddy poll
  123. Elizabeth Berkley helps girls build self-esteem
  124. Tyra Banks strips down to her underwear on her show
  125. Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie never looked better!
  126. Would you go out on a date with a celebrity?
  127. Apple Martin's unfortunate eyebrows
  128. Remember these celebs? Where are they now?
  129. Pete Doherty serenades Kate Moss-video
  130. Funny Blog About John Travolta
  131. Sweat-stained celebrities
  132. Personal MySpace photos of Hayden Panettiere
  133. Ridiculous Anna Nicole Smith Pic!
  134. The "Girls kissing Girls" phenomenon: a study in hoochies
  135. Full set of Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn getting cozy
  136. What celebrity kids would look like
  137. Top 10 Weirdest Celebrity Baby Names
  138. Tara Connor's embarrassment
  139. Hilarious drawings of celebs
  140. Paris Hilton as Audrey Hepburn -- I think I may be sick
  141. Juicy celebrity dirt!
  142. Melissa Joan Hart almost naked and pregnant?
  143. Howard Stern
  144. Lorraine Chase goes au naturel
  145. Twiggy: The face of Marks & Spencer takes the day off
  146. How Are You Like Angelina Jolie?
  147. Matthew Gray Gubler is sexy ... but not his fingernails
  148. Countdown to next Jolie-Pitt adoption
  149. Remember when...Britney Spears was HOT?
  150. Celebrities' freak pictures
  151. Celebrity drug confessions
  152. Celebrity scents on trial......
  153. David Charvet & Brooke Burke feed the homeless
  154. Toxic wife syndrome
  155. General gossip snippets......
  156. Angelina Jolie's 'orphan cart'
  157. Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise 'kissing'
  158. I'm Bringing SexyBack!
  159. Beyonce and Jay-Z getting nasty
  160. Beyonce on verge of break up
  161. Crazy celebrity myths...
  162. Many gossip blogs are down
  163. Question: Whatever happened to Jimmy Farrell?
  164. Illogical reasons you hate celebrities
  165. Possible answer to pregnant starlet BI?
  166. Paris Hilton wears visible contact lenses
  167. Ricky Martin.... and lil' Ricky...?
  168. Fun facts about Jennifer Aniston
  169. Things you don't quite believe about celebrities
  170. Elizabeth Hurley's wedding rings
  171. Scarlett Johansson's 'Fun Fearless Female' Cosmopolitan quiz
  172. Celebrities who have killed people
  173. QUESTION: Anna Nicole Smith's death: need clarification
  174. Did anyone else see this - Paris Hilton accused of perjury?
  175. Watch celebrities try another language!
  176. Jennifer Hudson: What's next for her?
  177. Ugliest celeb smiles
  178. Drew Barrymore passes a joint to Cameron Diaz
  179. Which Celebs Do You REALLY HATE (and I mean HATE)?
  180. Brandon Davis at a pre-Oscar party!
  181. WOW It's Suri Cruise!
  182. Tyra Banks feels up Katherine McPhee
  183. Daniel Radcliffe's (Harry Potter) penis unveiled
  184. Celebrity Changes from X17
  185. Worst-smelling celebs
  186. Britney Spears Song - "I Shaved My Head! F You!"
  187. Wanna grow hair on Britney Spears' shorn head? Try Chia Brit
  188. Aishwarya and Abhishek: What Happened?
  189. The Britney Spears' Future Thread!
  190. Gross! Celebs picking their nose
  191. First new Van Halen Picture 2007
  192. Want Britney Spears to tell you a story?
  193. Hey I'm a Dakota Fanning fan and uhh yeah, lol I love her!
  194. Sharon Stone batshit at some German peace event; calls Richard Gere an asshole
  195. Who will be in the next "It crowd"?
  196. Eva Longoria's tacky wedding invite
  197. Who are your favorite lesbian crushes?
  198. My issue with this celebrity...
  199. Full House's Jodie Sweetin and The Hill's Jason Wahler are a hot new item?
  200. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's children
  201. My artwork
  202. Maybe Britney Spears didn't lie about Justin Timberlake's small penis...
  203. Eddie Van Halen finds cure for cancer
  204. In memory of Anna Nicole Smith
  205. Perez Hilton boycott - who is with me??
  206. Christina Aguilera is the Sh--!
  207. Celebrities that have fallen out of favour
  208. Celebrities you love
  209. Which are the most accurate tabloids?
  210. List Your Top 5 Celebs That You Hate
  211. Factory Girl, Edie Sedgwick, and Paris Hilton
  212. Fake names celebrities use to register at hotels
  213. Stalking John Mayer and Jessica Simpson
  214. Kevin Federline's Nationwide Insurance Super Bowl commercial
  215. Rachel Ray is so annoying
  216. The Britney Spears Torture Game
  217. Worst magazine covers of all time
  218. First photos of Michael Jackson's kids
  219. Jengelina, a combo of Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie
  220. Beyonce: Is the gig up? (age scandal again)
  221. What colour are Suri Cruise's eyes?
  222. Paris Hilton will be a headline act
  223. Celebrities eating
  224. Is Britney Spears buying love with money?
  225. A topless Judi Dench and Helen Mirren
  226. Britney Spears Being Stalked By Paps At Drive Thru
  227. Britney Spears buys Justin Timberlake a birthday card
  228. Picture of Nicole Richie licking cocaine off a plate
  229. Who do you think is lying about their age?
  230. Finally! A pic of Jayden James Federline
  231. Mandy Moore's MySpace message
  232. Gwen Stefani doesn't wear fur
  233. Goldie Hawn almost nip-slips
  234. Top ten most controversial kisses
  235. LOL! Victoria Beckham is a blogger
  236. Celebs continue obsession with weird religious stuff
  237. Charlize Theron has the best legs in Hollywood
  238. Eddie Van Halen and Fender
  239. Now I ain't sayin she's a gold digger
  240. The Magic of Nose Shading
  241. Song about Lindsay Lohan rehab on myspace!
  242. Jamie Lynn Spears' personal photos
  243. Sacha Baron Cohen's Borat Golden Globes speech! Hilarious!
  244. Angelina Jolie's attitude on the red carpet
  245. Interesting old Angelina Jolie interview on Youtube
  246. Jessica Simpson's flat ass in wax
  247. Gwen Stefani is not perfect!
  248. "Pregnant" Katie Holmes shopping - video
  249. Jake Gyllenhaal singing Dreamgirls!
  250. Caption this David Beckham and Ronaldo photo!