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  1. Perez Hilton could play new role: A&R Man
  2. The moron tv reporter on the red carpet at the Oscars
  3. Five most embarassing Oscar acceptance speeches
  4. If you were famous where would you feature most on GR?
  5. The Perfect Celebrity Faces?
  6. Famous Morph
  7. Boys will be boys, girls will be hounded by the media
  8. Does Sarah Jessica Parker look like a foot?
  9. An interesting music video recap of the whole Britney Spears mess
  10. Can you PLEASE explain Conan O'Brien???
  11. Top 15 trophy wives
  12. Take the Jennifer Aniston Quiz to see how chintastic you are
  13. Britney Spears yells at Sam Lufti in her British accent (watch from 04:20 to the end)
  14. Celebrity KARAOKE on Ellen DeGeneres (funny)
  15. Could Joshua Jackson be Suri Cruise's dad??
  16. Pain from a name: Beckhams' torment
  17. Britney Spears' secret childhood...
  18. Do you believe Britney Spears will *ever* genuinely get better?
  19. Amy Winehouse on Planet Hiltron
  20. Thread help please
  21. Stacey Ferguson on Kids Incorporated
  22. 40 Celebrities who are also authors
  23. Celebrity Photoshop before and afters
  24. John Safran vs $cientology
  25. New Betty Suarez dolls ready to hit market in May (Ugly Betty)
  26. Celebrity Ripped Club: 8 non-athletes who've gotta be on steroids
  27. Who is this skinny celebrity?
  28. John Mayer has sexy time too.. MAYBE NSFW
  29. Beyonce Fashion Diva hits the runway as the most stylish game for phones
  30. Fishlips and Shitt a.k.a. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt
  31. Guess who?
  32. Whose butt?
  33. Katie Holmes and Joshua Jackson vs Tom Cruise. Happy or not?
  34. Celebrity couples who have stayed together
  35. Do the paparazzi go too far sometimes?
  36. Most overrated actors of all time
  37. Tom Cruise Scientology video - UNMASKED!
  38. The CATTY catwalk: Forget the fashion, the real action is in the front row
  39. Montel Williams turns tables on FOX
  40. Maria Sharapova takes over Beyonce's spot...
  41. Forbes list of the 20 highest grossing female musicians of 2007
  42. Guess who this is
  43. Vanessa Paradis's "live" performance
  44. Where are the SAG 2008 photos?
  45. Halle Berry: Where's the baby daddy???
  46. Do we know Entertainment Lawyer's gender?
  47. Denise Richards/Pamela Anderson kiss
  48. Your celebrity crushes!
  49. Guess who?
  50. "Scientology straightening closeted actors for years" says author
  51. Leonardo DiCaprio & Gisele Bundchen: share a thought
  52. Gossip from NZ site
  53. Sandy and Danny now and then
  54. LAPD cracks down on Stalkerazzi
  55. Do you want to be a Scientologist?
  56. Ten things you never knew about Johnny Depp
  57. Who thinks Britney Spears is mentally ill, as opposed to just plain stupid?
  58. Paris Hilton wants all of you!
  59. Old pic of Victoria Beckham before she got all rexi-sexy!
  60. Paris Hilton falls down
  61. Living legends of sex
  62. Amy Winehouse in an amateur porno?!
  63. Nightmare celebrity girlfriends
  64. What do you think will happen with Nicole Richie's baby?
  65. Jennifer Aniston makes me want to write beauteous art (and/or pony/chin jokes)
  66. Dear Britney Spears... get a grip! Agony aunts send a message to the star
  67. The 20 most bizarre celebrity baby names
  68. Celebrities who have cool names (be it stage name or not)
  69. Funny celebrity New Year resolutions for '08
  70. Mariska Hargitay: 'SPECIAL' Victims Unit
  71. Piers Morgan's heroes and villains of 2007
  72. 2008 celebrity babies
  73. What stars' New Years resolutions should be
  74. What celebrity would you kiss New Year's eve?
  75. Nicole Richie's baby name
  76. Fed up with Lainey
  77. Let's solve a Hollywood mystery thread!
  78. Jamie Lynn Spears’ pregnancy: pint-size edition
  79. Ho ho ho
  80. Celebs who look like horses
  81. Britney Spears' Christmas occupation
  82. Britney Spears' parenting advice to sister Jamie Lynn
  83. The Best Celebrity Quotes of 2007
  84. Tony Romo
  85. Black TV reporter with vitiligo: turns white on screen
  86. Celebrity Love: interesting facts
  87. Jamie Lynn Spears' baby-naming thread!!!
  88. Santa's reindeer, celebrity edition
  89. Jessica Simpson's major recycled movie poster
  90. Caption this Carson Daly, Roger Clemens photo
  91. Caption this Celine Dion photo
  92. Which guy has the worst hygiene of 2007?
  93. Britney Spears' 12 days of Christmas
  94. Forbes' list of the most overpaid Hollywood actors
  95. Amy Winehouse's 12 days of Christmas
  96. Who is the most annoying "celebrity" of 2007?
  97. Look how tiny Eva Longoria is!
  98. Caption this Justin Timberlake photo
  99. Best quotes of 2007
  100. America's Got Talent auditions
  101. Caption this Marilyn Manson photo
  102. Caption this Dog the Bounty Hunter and Sylvester Stallone photo
  103. Top 10 celebrity arrests 2007
  104. Caption this Hayden Panetierre photo
  105. Best of 2007: favorite new mama
  106. Caption this Paris Hilton photo
  107. Caption this Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, John Mayer photo
  108. Questions about Hollywood you want answered
  109. Top Ten baby names for Jessica Alba
  110. What are your predictions for 2008?
  111. Guess who?
  112. Caption this Tom Cruise and Will Smith photo
  113. Guess who
  114. Guess who?
  115. Is it me or...
  116. Ashley Olsen lets it rip at Whole Foods?
  117. Guess Who?
  118. Tips for maintaining sanity while shopping
  119. Guess Who?
  120. A friend is involved in Scientology. Should I interfere?
  121. Best mugshot of 2007?
  122. Daily News lists Top 50 Dumbest People in Hollywood
  123. Celebrity Quote of the Day
  124. Britney Spears' stripsearch
  125. James Franco and Mila Kunis do The Hills
  126. Reese Witherspoon & Angelina Jolie lead list of highest-paid actresses
  127. The 50 Smartest People in Hollywood
  128. Top 10 Shocking Hollywood Secrets
  129. What Celebrity is this?
  130. Tom Cruise does Thanksgiving...Scientology style
  131. Jangelina Jolaniston
  132. Who will be the next victim of Scientology?
  133. Victoria Beckham does Thanksgiving
  134. Caption this Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon picture...
  135. Celebs that irk you
  136. Kate Hudson has breasts!
  137. Photoshop improvements on famous mugs
  138. Did you know if you google image "staph infection"...
  139. **The Official Gossip Rocks Mafia Thread**
  140. "My fears for Little Miss Croc Hunter- Bindi Irwin"
  141. Guess Who
  142. Oprah Winfrey's top 11 blunders of 2007
  143. The most hated man in Hollywood talks about life as Perez Hilton
  144. Guess who
  145. Cool/Funny/Dramatic celebrity audition tapes for movie/TV
  146. Zac Efron pimping the ponytail
  147. What young celebrity is this?
  148. Before they were famous: The ten most regrettable celebrity commercials
  149. Britney Spears better as a blonde or as a brunette?
  150. What's with this hairstyle?
  151. We’re supposed to believe this is Britney Spears?!
  152. Jennifer Aniston at a bonfire burning
  153. Misinterpreted Photo of the Day: Britney Spears
  154. European cinematic couples
  155. Will Smith and Tom Cruise are soulmates?
  156. Britney Spears is pregnant... here's the pic
  157. 'Ten celebrities I have spent the night with'--confessions of a flight attendant
  158. Any best pics of Britney Spears you like?
  159. Biggest celebrity 'oops'
  160. Are they or aren't they? The fascination with celebrity baby bump watch
  161. The funniest Britney Spears cartoon ever
  162. Top 10 underrated Hollywood celebrities
  163. Halloween PSA
  164. Celebrity offspring
  165. Scientology Kills
  166. How long will Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes stay married?
  167. List all the crazy shit Britney Spears has done
  168. Celebrity Halloween costumes!
  169. Who are YOU sick to f#cking death of hearing about?
  170. Britney Spears at home
  171. Celine Dion - how much airbrushing?
  172. Us Weekly's Britney Spears look-alike contest
  173. Old Angelina Jolie interview
  174. Link to the A List!
  175. Is Britney Spears looking for a new man??
  176. Best actors
  177. Britney complaining to, then flirting with the paps
  178. How many rings around Zsa Zsa Gabor's tree?
  179. P Diddy's biggest love is himself
  180. A Gift for Grim (and all Chiniston bashers)
  181. Young Kim Kardashian
  182. Entertainment Lawyer's Gossip Party in LA
  183. Celebrity driving test
  184. A song for all the moms out there
  185. The 'Why the hell are they famous' thread
  186. Inside Gwyneth Paltrow's Hamptons home
  187. No more Britney Spears threads - yea or nay?
  188. Meet your new TV sluts: the Kardashian sisters (Pic)
  189. Is Vanessa Hudgens fired for the pictures?
  190. Britney Spears' new makeover Y'all
  191. AFI to honor Warren Beatty
  192. PEREZ HILTON: Mr Gossip steps into the real world
  193. This is Angelina Jolie's lookalike!
  194. Top Ten List- your famous hookups
  195. Kevin Federline's finances
  196. Mariah Carey's 'lame' commercial for her new fragrance
  197. Britney Spears: an astrological recovery chart
  198. When Britney Spears 'Jumped the Shark'
  199. Britney Spears attacks man with Cheeto
  200. Chris Crocker appreciation thread !
  201. Nickelback - I wanna be a Popstar!
  202. Ciara can't sing
  203. Famous mime Marcel Marceau dies
  204. Tom Cruise, a shoe thief
  205. View co-host doesn't know the shape of the planet
  206. Funny celeb encounters
  207. Paris Hilton pregnant with Santa Claus' love child- gives Ho-Ho-Ho new meaning
  208. Britney Spears at Home- Mickey Mouse Club
  209. Britney Spears on Tyra Banks show
  210. Dane Cook having relations with a penguin as Jessica Alba tapes it
  211. Jessica Simpson wasted during a Fashion Week interview
  212. OMG, a Britney Spears fan freaks out
  213. Celebrities and personality disorders
  214. Sarah Silverman gets heckled with "You're ugly!" during her monologue
  215. Celebs- Good or Bad?
  216. GossipRocker works at Bryant Park Fashion Week Party
  217. Stupid finger in mouth pose
  218. Brad Pitt's branded belly
  219. 13 best celebrity camel toes
  220. Inside Paris Hilton's new home
  221. I hate them but man do I want to **** them!
  222. The ten most unlikely celebrity porn stars
  223. Guess who!
  224. Anyone for celebdaq?
  225. Not that attractive Zach Braff's ability to pull what seems like any woman EVER!
  226. Megan Fox' first movie role was with the Olsen twins, LOL!
  227. Stephen Colbert - the actor
  228. Britney Spears finally removes rat's nest extensions
  229. How they get upskirt photos of Paris Hilton
  230. Still trying to start a podcast - found something neat
  231. GossipRocker returns from LA
  232. Nirvana baby talks about the famous 'Nevermind' album cover
  233. Britney Spears' Parenting and Driving manual
  234. Tattoos for tots: Maddox Jolie-Pitt and Romeo Beckham
  235. Suzi Quatro unzipped
  236. Eddie Murphy rumor
  237. FDNY Firefighters calendar - limited edition for 2008
  238. Christopher Walken plays chef!
  239. Cameron Diaz and Nicky Hilton pop each other’s zits
  240. Katie and Peter Andre's baby photos
  241. Tori Spelling selling her wedding items on Ebay
  242. Miss White Trash pageant
  243. Inside scoop on Usher's wedding cancellation
  244. Celebrity mouth breathers
  245. The Duggars welcome their 17th child and want more kids!
  246. Where in the world is Lindsay Lohan??
  247. Pete Doherty before he was famous
  248. "Lindsay Lohan: Fully Loaded".. Hilarious!
  249. The Official.....................dead yet?!!!! thread
  250. Lindsay Lohan tops America's Top 25 Celebrity Hot List