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  1. Lying Twat Kayleigh McEnany's Facebook Page: this is what we're up against. VOTE BLUE
  2. How did Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump earn as much as £120m last year?
  3. Rep Alexandira Ocasio-Cortez response to Ted Yoho
  4. Saying Goodbye to Aunt Jemima: Erasing a legacy or removing a racist image?
  5. The Learning Thread: How to be an ally in a racist 2020
  6. Has Anyone Been Following the Myka Stauffer Situation??
  7. WTF Is Jared 'Prince-of-Darkness' Kushner Doing?
  8. James Comey & the Giant Impeach:The eternal saga of 45 the Cheeto Christ Stupid Czar
  9. Andrew Gillum, Florida's almost Gov, found in Miami Beach hotel room with drugs
  10. Race to the White House 2020
  11. Cory Booker Drops Out of Presidential Race
  12. Mike Huckabee: Chick-fil-A is Betraying Customers by Avoiding Anti-LGBTQ Groups
  13. Diplomat’s wife Anne Sacoolas kills British teen & flees to US to avoid charges
  14. James Comey & the Giant Impeach:The eternal saga of 45 the Cheeto Christ Stupid Czar
  15. Beto O'Rourke
  16. ‘Someone’s Gotta Tell the Freakin’ Truth’: Jerry Falwell’s Aides Break Their Silence
  17. Ross Perot Dead at 89
  18. "molecules of US freedom" aka "freedom gas"
  19. Military coup underway in Venezuela
  20. National Enquirer for sale as tabloid feels heat from its own scandals
  21. Ed Buck, Democratic donor faces questions over 2nd dead man in his home
  22. Dancing FBI Agent Shoots Guy in Leg and Faces No Jail Time
  23. Banned From Facebook For Calling GHW Bush White Trash
  24. Mass shooting Jacksonville Florida
  25. Fake diploma? Florida candidate 'apologizes,' stays in race
  26. Who are Trump's "only the best people"?
  27. Cult 45 The politics catch-all thread
  28. Jury May Have Sentenced a Man to Death Because He’s Gay
  29. Howard Schultz steps down from Starbucks, stops ruling out future presidential run
  30. Former Senator Harry Reid undergoes surgery for pancreatic cancer
  31. Genealogist digs up Tomi Lahren’s family tree after she attacks immigrants .....
  32. More open racism in Trump's America
  33. The Witch Hunt Continues. No Collusion!
  34. America’s Creepiest Economist
  35. A politician visits the Holocaust Museum, WTF ensues
  36. A view into the cesspit of hate
  37. Holy fuck, Kentucky. Get it together. (and Texas and Florida, you weirdos)
  38. Tremendous people. All the best people. The general politics thread.
  39. Racist America "Are White People Being Assaulted at Showings of 'Black Panther"?
  40. Jeff Sessions to outlaw marijuana in states that have already legalized it
  41. It's Mueller Time! The new politics catch-all thread.
  42. Two-person, two-year-old company with no physical offices gets $300 million contract
  43. (White) privilege
  44. In New Memoir, Hillary Clinton Asks Why People Hate Her So Much
  45. September 16, 2017: BATTLE OF THE CLOWNS!
  46. The difference between being black and white 2015
  47. Clip from 1994 documentary about racism
  48. Kid Rock to run for US Senate?
  49. Oklahoma State Senator, Bryce Marlatt, R- Woodward - Lewd acts against Uber Driver.
  50. Louisville police chase ends in police mob attacking suspect
  51. Trump's America #4: ComCast worker racially profiled and ticketed
  52. Trump's America #3: Racist asshole at Starbucks goes on rant after coffee spill
  53. Racist Florida cop makes up law to ticket black man
  54. Racist asshole fired after clip of his rant goes viral
  55. Kentucky mayor always doing "inappropriate licking"
  56. US Congressman Instructs 'Christendom' to Kill Every 'Radicalized Islamic Suspect'
  57. Caroline Kennedy and her children reflecting on JFK's 100th birthday
  58. Ben Carson calls poverty 'state of mind' in interview
  59. The Manchurine candidate - Trump rule past 100 days
  60. President Obama - Profiles in Courage award speech 2017
  61. Arizona lawmaker: stop forcing education ‘down everybody’s throat’
  62. Florida State Senator Frank Artiles Resigns After Calling Colleagues The N-Word
  63. Pentagon: US dropped largest non-nuclear bomb in Afghanistan
  64. Even Darth Cheney Thinks Russian Ties are Bad
  65. Oklahoma's Trump loving Senator Ralph Shortey found in motel with teen male prositute
  66. Two little friends want to confuse their teacher MUST READ AND SEE
  67. Iowa lawmaker a "Sizzler U" graduate
  68. How Hyperpartisan Political News Gets Made
  69. Little Caesars Founder Mike Ilitch Quietly Paid Rosa Parks' Rent For Years
  70. Women are "hosts" says Oklahoma douchebag/lawmaker
  71. Hillary Clinton Supporter, Ruline Steininger, Dies At 103
  72. Korean Grandma Assaulted by Woman Screaming ‘White Power’ in L.A.
  73. Inaugurination and beyond: Trump thread part three
  74. President Obama awards Joe Biden Presidential Medal of Freedom with Distinction
  75. Free Weed for Inauguration!
  76. Nonprofit Run by Donald Trump’s Sons Offers Inauguration Access for $1 Million
  77. Political cartoons, memes etc.
  78. America's first elected Somali politician branded as 'Isis' in taxi ride to White Hou
  79. Oklahoma repubs - please don't feed the animals
  80. Do we still want to talk about this Trump thing?
  81. Trump Hit With Thanksgiving Surprise As Green Party Files For Recount In WI, MI, and
  82. Grandson of U.S. Rep. Danny Davis shot dead in Englewood over gym shoes
  83. Planned Parenthood Donations for Pence
  84. Election Results 2016
  85. Madonna offers a blow job to every Clinton voter, promises to swallow
  86. Thanks, Canada! We love you too!
  87. Louisiana Republican Admits to ‘Improper’ Texting with Teen Boy After Sexting Allegat
  88. Less than 40 days until US Elections. The Polls.
  89. Donald Trump Says The Earth Is Flat
  90. Hollywood Stars Pay Big to Hobnob with Hillary
  91. Naked Donald Trump Statue Appears in Union Square
  92. Did Hillary Clinton Have a Seizure on Camera?
  93. DNC Chairwoman Wasserman Schultz resigning
  94. Racism ....facts, expressions, art, experiments and lessons to be learned
  95. Military Drops Ban on Transgender Troops...
  96. Funding Islamophobia: $206m went to promoting 'hatred' of American Muslims
  97. 2016 Presidential candidates when they were young (aka - "Chris Christy, WTH?")
  98. Congress sneakily blocked an LGBT rights bill, and the House floor erupted
  99. Judge Resigns After Allegedly Trading Spankings, Nude Photos For Reduced Sentences
  100. Democratic Party Officials to Vote on Eliminating Superdelegates
  101. Toddlers Have Already Shot 23 People This Year
  102. John Kasich Explaining a Story From the Torah to Yeshiva Students Is Peak John Kasich
  103. San Francisco First City in America to Mandate Six Weeks of Fully Paid Parental Leave
  104. Florida Gov. Rick Scott gets an earful at Starbucks:
  105. NC Loses 400 Tech Jobs Due to Anti-LGBT Bathroom Law
  106. Todd Palin in 'Serious' Snow Machine Crash
  107. Feminist Glaciology: $412,000 for Ice and Gender study
  108. Supreme Court Reverses AL Anti-Gay Adoption Law
  109. Ted Cruz's booger
  110. How Should a Feminist Vote?
  111. Presidential Candidate, Kasich Defunds OH Planned Parenthood
  112. Picture Ted Cruz and Ben Carson Meeting Angrily In a Storage Closet....
  113. Illinois Judge Agrees to Hear Suit on Cruz’s Presidential Eligibility
  114. The Pope and Donald Trump at war-Trump not Christian
  115. A Kentucky Lawmaker Wants Men Seeking Viagra to Bring the Doc a Note From Their Wife
  116. U.S. Presidential election - 2016
  117. Michigan Gov Threw Wife Decadent Party with Tacky-Ass Cake While State Is Poisoned
  118. Albright: 'special place in hell' for women who don't support Clinton
  119. Gloria Steinem: women are supporting Bernie Sanders 'for the boys'
  120. Juveniles No Longer Subject to Solitary Confinement in Federal Prison
  121. Jeb Bush Keeps Calling Malia Obama 'Malala'
  122. GOP Legislator Harasses Teens Visiting Regarding Teen Issues
  123. Ted Cruz is not eligible to be president (says Constitutional law professor)
  124. Armed 'Y'all Quaida' losers take over federal wildlife refuge
  125. Presidential Hopeful Marco Rubio's Bombshell Cocaine Scandal
  126. Outrage! CEO in favour of diversity. Must be racist/sexist!
  127. University Head, President Jerry Falwell Jr, Urges Students To Carry Guns
  128. Anti-abortion groups target IUD use
  129. The Reagan Administration’s Unearthed Response to the AIDS Crisis Is Chilling
  130. Three Dead, Nine Wounded After Attack at Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood
  131. Vermin Supreme 2016: Alternative US presidential candidate promises free ponies.
  132. Protesters Toting Shotguns and "Big Daddy Infidel" Buttons*Gather at Texas Mosque*
  133. Marco Rubio Isn't Happy Paris Attacks Happened But He's Kind of Happy They Happened
  134. Southwest Airlines Is Allowing Its Racist Passengers To Kick Muslims off Thier Flight
  135. Texas Votes Against Fact-Checking Its Terrible Textbooks
  136. At Least 100,000 Texas Women Have Performed Their Own Abortions
  137. 2000 Known and Suspected Terrorists Have Made Legal Firearms Purchases in US
  138. Texas Joins Alabama and Michigan in Refusing Refugees From Syria
  139. Bush Sr.'s New Book Trashes Bush Jr.'s Cheney and Rumsfeld
  140. Middle-Aged White Americans Are Dying at Faster Rates
  141. Texas Raids Planned Parenthood Clinics
  142. Joe Biden, Narc in Chief
  143. 12 maps that explain what divides America
  144. Ben Carson Calls For Arming Kindergarten Teachers
  145. Carly Fiorina's use of anti-abortion video is 'totally irresponsible', experts say
  146. Troll Hijacks HLN Segment on Edward Snowden to Defend Edward Scissorhands
  147. Speaker of the House of Representatives John Boehner to Resign at End of October
  148. Texas School Has Child Named Ahmed Arrested for Bringing a Homemade Clock to School
  149. Ohio family poses with dead dad to warn about drug addiction (confronting photo)
  150. Let's Watch These Texas Cheerleaders Commemorate 9/11 With a Tasteful Cheer Routine
  151. Can we talk about this Trump thing?
  152. Marco Rubio Explains Science: A Human Cannot Become a Cat
  153. Conservative Forum Disinvites Donald Trump over 'Blood' Comment About Megyn Kelly
  154. State Rep Accused of Inventing Gay Sex Scandal to Hide His Real Affair
  155. Clinton Marriage A Sham According To Secret Service Agent
  156. Planned Parenthood Sells Aborted Foetus Parts?
  157. Washington Redskins Lose Trademark
  158. Dark Mysteries Behind Clinton Chef, Walter Scheib’s Drowning in New Mexico
  159. Obama Sings Amazing Grace
  160. Supreme Court Brings Marriage Equality To The Entire Country
  161. Politicians rent diverse, enthusiastic crowds
  162. South Carolina Calls For Removal of the Confederate Flag
  163. President Barack Obama Uses N-Word As He Says US Is Still Racist
  164. Uniquely Nasty: The U.S. Government's War on Gays
  165. Jeb Bush In 1995: Unwed Mothers Should Be Publicly Shamed
  166. Disgraced Virginia Legislator To Marry Teenager Involved In Sex Scandal
  167. Angry Anti-Choice Pol Wants to 'Set Myself on Fire' Over Abortion
  168. Anti-Gay State Rep Outed By Guy He Was Trying To Pick Up On Grindr
  169. David Petraeus Sentenced to Two Years’ Probation, Fined $100,000
  170. Two Hostages Killed in Counterterrorism Strike- US Admits
  171. 'Intolerant Jackass Act' proposed to counter initiative to legalize killing gays
  172. Vet Says Veterans' Suicide Line Repeatedly Put Him on Hold
  173. Oklahoma Becomes Second State to Ban Second Trimester Abortion Method
  174. Hillary Clinton Launches Presidential Champagne, err Campaign
  175. Everything We Know About the UVA Rape Case [Updated]
  176. Obama and Castro in historic US-Cuba meeting
  177. An Edward Snowden Monument Has Risen in Brooklyn
  178. Obama Paves Way For Nuclear Armed Iran
  179. Potential 2016 Presidential Candidates Weigh In On Vaccination Debate
  180. State Of The Union
  181. Can Connecticut Force A Teenage Girl To Undergo Chemotherapy?
  182. Cops Who Turned Their Backs at NYPD Officer's Funeral Are Most Threatening Protesters
  183. Everyone Needs to Hear John McCain's Speech on the CIA Torture Report
  184. Obama's Entourage - seriously?
  185. Ballot Initiative Aims to Protect Confederate Heritage
  186. Federal Judge Orders U.S. to Release Video of Gitmo Force-Feedings
  187. Are we at war with ISIS?
  188. UK embassy apologises for 'burning White House' tweet
  189. Gov. Rick Perry of Texas Is Indicted on Charge of Abuse of Power
  190. Former Reagan Press Sec'y James Brady Dies
  191. 19-Year-Old Cheerleader Asshole Who Kills Endangered Animals
  192. Supreme Court Rules in Contraceptive Case
  193. SCOTUS Unanimously Strike Down Abortion Clinic Buffer Zone Law
  194. Mississippi Tea Party leader dead in apparent suicide
  195. Gay Marriage now legal in Pennsylvania!!
  196. Study: US is an oligarchy, not a democracy
  197. Slate columnist Reihan Salam says the childless should pay higher taxes
  198. Honey Maid Tells Homophobes to Take a Hike in Best Response Ad Ever
  199. Senator Wants Women to Take Pregnancy Tests Before Drinking at Bars
  200. Michele Bachmann Claims Gay People Have 'Bullied The American People'
  201. How Democratic is your name?
  202. Virginia ban on gay marriage ruled unconstitutional
  203. Idaho bill would allow doctors or cops to refuse service to LGBT people
  204. Kansas State House Passes Bill Allowing Refusal Of Services To Same-Sex Couples
  205. Feds to provide benefits, services to all same-sex marriages
  206. Clay Aiken announces run for Congress in NC
  207. Rep. Joe Barton (R-Texas) on climate change and wind power
  208. Barack Obama says marijuana is a bad habit but minorities are unfairly punished
  209. Sherri Shepherd's Not Antigay, She Just Thinks That We'll Burn In Hell For Being Gay
  210. GOP Congressional Candidate: Spousal Rape Shouldn't Be a Crime
  211. E-mails among Christie appointees suggest political vendetta
  212. Clay Aiken reportedly considering run for Congress
  213. Barbara Bush hospitalized
  214. Justice Scalia says atheism "favors the devil’s desires."
  215. Clintons Caught in Megabucks Pay Outrage
  216. Another Screwed Up Drone Strike Leaves 13 Dead in Yemen
  217. Michigan Passes Bill Requiring Women to Purchase 'Rape Insurance'
  218. Noah’s Extremely Bad Animal Husbandry Advice
  219. ​Hey, It's Not Too Late to Blame Marina Oswald for JFK's Death!
  220. Obama - Hero or Satan?
  221. Lawsuit over traffic stop nightmare (and body cavity search)
  222. Illinois Becomes Fifteenth State To Approve Marriage Equality
  223. CIA, DoD had doctors torture detainees after 9/11
  224. America's Nuclear Waste Is Just Sitting All Over the Place
  225. Fetus's Lawyer Convinces Judge to Confine Drug-Free Pregnant Woman
  226. Drone Strikes Killing More Civilians Than the U.S. Acknowledges
  227. The abortion that could cost a mom her family
  228. Malala Yousafzai Meets President Obama, Asks Him to Stop Drone Attacks
  229. How a Telecom helped the government spy on me
  230. Maine Residents Can Officially Import Cheaper Prescription Drugs From Other Countries
  231. Anniversary of an endless war
  232. America's Cold-Blooded Syrian Stalemate Policy
  233. US Government Shutdown Bitch Thread
  234. ACA Provokes 21 States Into Banning Abortion Coverage By Private Health Insurers
  235. President Obama Orders Release of Report Justifying Air Strike in Syria
  236. Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) "Dogfighting is fine and children ought to be able to watch"
  237. Macy's Convinces Rick Perry That Women Don't Need Equal Pay
  238. Glenn Greenwald's Partner Detained in London for Terror Questioning
  239. Cory Booker Gave CNN Chief's 14-Year-Old Son a Job
  240. How basketball (and Democrats) gave us mandatory minimum sentences
  241. Lavabit, email service Edward Snowden reportedly used, abruptly shuts down
  242. Family insurance in jeopardy at small companies
  243. Exclusive: U.S. directs agents to cover up program used to investigate Americans
  244. The FBI remotely taps into private cell phones and computers to spy on us
  245. Teaching science in Kentucky will lead to "genocide and murder" say idiots
  246. San Diego Mayor Allegedly Told Staffer to ‘Not Wear Panties to Work’
  247. Halliburton Admits Destroying Gulf Oil Spill Evidence, Gets Probation
  248. Anthony Weiner in New Sex Chats?
  249. Who Needs Spanish? Or Why Mexicans Should All Die From Tornadoes - An OK Love Story
  250. In Major Ruling, Court Orders Times Reporter to Testify