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  1. Obama grades himself
  2. White House abandons any public option, caves to Joe Lieberman. What fucking losers.
  3. Houston elects first openly gay mayor
  4. Homeland Insecurity
  5. Did Sarah Palin really have plastic surgery? You betcha!
  6. Women at war face sexual violence
  7. SHOCK POLL: 44% want Bush back over Obama...
  8. White House Pharma deal shuts down Senate health care debate
  9. Baghdad bombers remind Barack Obama that leaving Afghanistan is easier said than done
  10. Gov. Mark Sanford's wife files for divorce
  11. Atheists not eligible to serve in North Carolina?
  12. Tea Party activists want mandatory Christmas Carols in schools
  13. Anti-gay rhetoric rises in Houston Mayor election
  14. Bouncers assault gay man for dancing with another man at nightspot in Queens
  15. Black lawmakers grow impatient with White House
  16. Obviously insane, Obama appoints Palin aide to head Alaska pipeline project
  17. My friend the President
  18. Rush Limbaugh, racism in full flow, somehow ties Tiger Woods scandal to Obama.
  19. Rack Warren, Mentor tied to effort behind Uganda's 'Kill the Gay' Bill
  20. Senate Democrats chop public option out of health care?
  21. Republican sex scandal #8463: Former Mo. House speaker charged with assault
  22. Pearl Harbor Day 2009: three enduring mysteries
  23. Cash for Exxon? Yes. Cash for climate change? No.
  24. Going Rouge: An American Nightmare on sale on Amazon
  25. Man arrested after throwing tomatoes at Sarah Palin
  26. Tennessee Mayor accuses Barack Obama of hating the Charlie Brown Christmas Special
  27. U.S. feeling the heat at UN climate conference
  28. Been clueless for years on Osama Bin Laden locale, says Robert Gates
  29. Orlando McDonalds tells transgender applicant "we don't hire faggots".
  30. Secret Service counts 91 breaches since Carter administration
  31. Max Baucus under fire after nominating girlfriend for US Attorney
  32. GA house speaker Richardson (R) resigns over affair, Ex-wife tells all
  33. President Karzai wants 'flexibility' for U.S. troop timetable in Afghanistan
  34. Sarah Palin agrees with birthers and lies about Trig
  35. C.I.A expanding drone attacks in Pakistan
  36. Robert Gibbs vs. reporter in heated White House briefing
  37. Too many Hawaiians in Hawaii for Sarah Palin?
  38. Victory at last! Monty Python in Afghanistan
  39. Bernie Sanders fights to block Ben Bernanke confirmation
  40. SCOTUS sides with Obama on detainee photos
  41. Democrat Nelson threatens to filibuster health care if it isn't MORE anti-abortion
  42. West Point cadet to Chris Matthews: We are not the enemy
  43. Sarah Palin still wants to be called Governor; doesn't like foreign journo types
  44. Sarah Palin to be keynote speaker at "Bowl Expo 2010"
  45. President Obama, the great disappointment?
  46. Senator Obama's questions for President Obama
  47. The pretense of knowledge
  48. The Salvation Army is a gay hating evangelical church. Don't give them ANYTHING.
  49. Young, gay Asian becomes mayor of Campbell, California
  50. Iraqi shoe-thrower finds out what it was like
  51. Insured Federal employee forced to pay $5,000 for abortion of anencephalic fetus
  52. Top conservative blogger officially 'breaks with the right'
  53. 30,000 more troops set to go to Afghanistan
  54. Sarah Palin's latest Rogue gaffe
  55. 7 stories President Obama doesn't want told
  56. GPS tool helps illegal immigrants cross US border
  57. Sarah Palin: once a quitter, always a quitter, even when she announces on Twitter
  58. Across USA, food stamp use soars and stigma fades
  59. No surprise here: Bush administration had Bin Laden in its grasp and let him get away
  60. Best Buy ad's mention of Muslim holiday irks some customers
  61. The right reform for the Fed
  62. Saddam Hussein was telling truth in missing Gulf War pilot
  63. Top 10 uses for Sarah Palin's book 'Going Rogue'
  64. We pay them to lie to us
  65. Sarah Palin's tardcarcass being hauled around on jet paid for by 'christian' charity
  66. Tricked again! Sarah Palin agrees Canada should drop public health care
  67. Lobbyists pushed off advisory panels
  68. State dinner crashers, sad and lonely reality wannabes
  69. Glenn Beck's hilarious and misogynist reason for not running with Sarah Palin in 2012
  70. Sarah Palin & Michelle Bachmann to headline Tea Party's convention of crazy
  71. Dana Perino forgets 9/11 occurred under Bush
  72. Aging witch Sarah Palin spews hate at the President
  73. CBC TV character tries to interview Sarah Palin
  74. State Dinner arrival photos
  75. Gov. Mark Sanford impeachment trail begins
  76. You must be this much of a dick to recieve support from the Republican Party
  77. Stop the presses for real: Lou Dobbs mulling 2012 presidential run
  78. Sarah Palin's brilliant supporters try to explain her policies
  79. Praying for healing, lobbying for a provision
  80. Martha Stewart calls Sarah Palin "dangerous" and "confused"
  81. Militia movement resurfaces across nation
  82. Sarah Palin facelift complication?
  83. Sarah Palin fans go rogue, boo her on book tour in Indiana
  84. Tea partiers turn on each other
  85. Paul-Grayson Bill to audit Fed passes key hurdle
  86. Packing heat at Starbucks for all the world to see
  87. Michelle Bachmann not ready to give up the Crazy Crown to Sarah Palin
  88. Crazy Christians pray for God to kill President Obama (secret coded t-shirts!)
  89. Sarah Palin's campaign chaperone hits back hard, ripping old Sarah a brand new one
  90. Who would Sarah Palin pick to run with in 2012? GLENN BECK! YOU BECKCHA!
  91. $6.4 Billion stimulus goes to phantom districts
  92. Timothy Geithner singled out in TARP watchdog report on AIG bailout
  93. Who does Sarah Palin talk to while showering?
  94. Sarah Palin: Levi Johnston is a porn star and still delusional
  95. Outrage in Washington over President Obama's Japan bow
  96. The sleazy advocacy of leading 'Liberal Hawk' Peter Galbraith
  97. Shocking to no one, Sarah Palin's book goes rogue with some key facts
  98. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed to be tried in New York
  99. Palin agonistes
  100. A reporter's solemn encounter with President Obama at Arlington National Cemetery
  101. Random thoughts
  102. The Jew hating, gay bashing, Westboro Church comes to NY- Oh boy
  103. Stimulus job numbers 'wildly exaggerated': Boston Globe
  104. Death penalty is considered a boon by some California inmates
  105. VP Biden's Secret Service motorcade strikes and kills pedestrian
  106. Newt Gingrich waves the cross
  107. Jon Stewart catches Sean Hannity falsifying footage of GOP protest
  108. Bitter Pill: White House deal should net Big Pharma $137 Billion
  109. Fox debunks Sarah Palin's coin conspiracy
  110. Economic myths
  111. The Obama betrayal list - every week, new items of horror
  112. Conservatives panties in a bunch over Sesame Street episode
  113. Illegal workers in Huntington Beach, California are Americans
  114. US House passes Health Care bill
  115. Teabaggers whine in D.C., arrested outside of Nancy Pelosi's office
  116. Democrats' plan to help 'uninsurables' questioned
  117. Maine votes to strip gays of rights, like so many other states
  118. GOP sweep: Republicans win Virginia & New Jersey governor races
  119. Sarah Palin's thwarted concession speech and other news from new book
  120. Joe Biden makes Sarah Palin look like an idiot...again
  121. Bloated windbag Glenn Beck compares health reform to 9/11
  122. Obama's latest use of secrecy to shield presidential lawbreaking
  123. Ford surprises with $1B profit; sees profit in '11
  124. Did President Clinton meet N. Korea's Kim Jong-il or his look-alike?
  125. Barack Obama lifts 20-year ban on U.S. entry for those with HIV
  126. Congressional ethics report leaks, revealing names
  127. Self-governance works
  128. Democrats in House present $894 Billion health package
  129. Lou Dobbs claims his critics fired gunshots at him, blames 'culture war'
  130. Obama travels to Dover AFB to salute coffins of 18 Americans killed in Afghanistan
  131. Health care: Most wouldn't have public option
  132. Gloom spreads on economy, but GOP doesn't gain
  133. Moderate Democrats cool to government-run health plan
  134. 8 U.S. troops killed in Afghanistan
  135. Levi Johnston to "leak some things" on Sarah Palin on Early Show tomorrow
  136. As "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" rages in US, Canada marks anniversary of gays in military
  137. Fox says no rule requires news to be the truth
  138. 14 Americans killed in 2 Afghan helicopter crashes
  139. George W. Bush: "I regret standing in front of that 'Mission Impossible' banner."
  140. First look: Official Obama family portrait
  141. Bill making violence against gays a hate crime headed to White House
  142. Different if they were white? How the Media treat murder
  143. American Idea
  144. Too small for insurance
  145. Didn't you know- Choice Kills!
  146. South Carolina Republican chairmen "apologize" for Jewish remark
  147. Sarah Palin will be on Oprah
  148. John McCain wants President Obama to pardon boxer Jack Johnson
  149. Obama appoints a pro-privatization Bush aide to Social Security board. Way to go.
  150. Justice Dept. to stop pursuit of medical marijuana use
  151. The gang rape and the Republicans
  152. The danger of President Obama's dithering
  153. GOP lawmakers looking for Muslim spies on Capitol Hill
  154. Another Goldman executive named to key government post as its profits skyrocket
  155. Judge refuses to dismiss gay marriage ban suit - asks a brilliant question
  156. NYT: Taliban, AQ, jihadis tighten alliance in Pakistan
  157. Hillary Clinton is more popular than Barack Obama, new Gallup poll shows
  158. Taliban strength in Afghanistan nears military proportion
  159. Hold on to your flipperbabies and BumpIts, Sarah Palin heading some new organization
  160. How the left can avoid the GOP's mistakes during the Bush years
  161. Insurance industry: If you pass any health reform, we'll jack up our premium rates
  162. In 2008 Afghanistan firefight, US weapons failed
  163. Why the Nobel Peace Prize should go to nuclear weapons
  164. Obama says will end 'Don't ask, don't tell' policy
  165. Human Rights Campaign: Obama has till 2017 for gay rights, so shut up till then
  166. President Obama: Taliban is not our enemy, can have a place in Afghanistan's future
  167. Most Americans see Afghan fight worth US bloodshed: poll
  168. Oklahoma to post women's abortion details online
  169. Should the Supreme Court allow a Christian cross in a war monument?
  170. Obama's Gitmo blame game
  171. Should women back Sarah Palin in 2012?
  172. Obama: Withraw from Afghanistan? Never.
  173. President Obama angry at Gen McChrystal's speech on Afghanistan
  174. Ten US soldiers killed in ambushes in Afghanistan
  175. SCOTUS Watch: Gun case could broaden legal basis for wide range of rights
  176. Tips for spotting terrorists
  177. Victory: Chicago loses the Olympics
  178. Anti-Census sentiment
  179. Palin family news: Todd quits job; Sarah wants cosmetic deal
  180. John McCain's Campaign Manager: Sarah Palin in 2012 as GOP nominee would be disaster
  181. Judge orders release of Dick Cheney interview with FBI
  182. What Silvio Berlusconi's tan Obama 'jokes' say about Italy
  183. FACT CHECK: Loose facts in health horror story
  184. Michele Bachmann thinks health reform will lead to "school sex clinics"
  185. Empire State Building goes red for Communist China, sparking protest
  186. No one wants to hire Sarah Palin as a guest lecturer
  187. Most Americans willing to fund healthcare reform
  188. Pet Care Tax deduction Act introduced to U.S. House of Representatives
  189. Liberal areas greedier, Bible Belt excels in envy, wrath, lust and pride?
  190. Right-winger floats idea of military coup to solve "Obama problem"
  191. New infomercial revives 'birther' controversy
  192. Useless Democrats help Abstinence-only education funding go through
  193. Homeless sex offenders ordered out of woods
  194. Cute Barack Obama photos
  195. Sarah Palin’s “Going Rogue” in bookstores November 17
  196. White House to insurance industry: no public option will happen, shhhh don't tell
  197. Secret Service probing Facebook poll on Obama
  198. Fear of fascism, ‘Gay Agenda’ dominate conservative kickoff for midterm elections
  199. For French, US health debate hard to imagine
  200. Obama aide Messina caught "trying to buy off" Primary challenger
  201. Clergy abuse settlements can lead to new suffering
  202. Awkward First Families photo
  203. Surprise! WH admits it might not meet deadline for closing GITMO
  204. 5 US troops killed in southern Afghan attacks
  205. Teen birth rates higher in highly religious states
  206. Hugo Chavez caps off week of crazy speeches at the U.N.
  207. Men accused of unrelated bomb plots in Illinois, Texas
  208. Obama will bypass Congress to detain suspects indefinitely
  209. The right wing screeches again, another person gets fired
  210. Al Franken reads the 4th Amendment to Justice Department official
  211. Gun enthusiasts blame election of President Obama for ammo shortage
  212. US census worker found hanged in Kentucky with "FED" scrawled on his chest
  213. Moammar Gadhafi slams Security Council in 1st UN visit
  214. Ted Kennedy's replacement has been chosen?
  215. Jon Hamm, Will Ferrell & co defend the "real" health care victims
  216. Anti-ACORN Bill ropes in defense contractors, others charged with fraud
  217. Because she knows what she's talking about: Sarah Palin criticizes Obama’s tariffs
  218. What makes blue dogs blue: House negotiations on Health Care
  219. National Organization for Marriage President: We’ll win in Maine
  220. How Blue Dog Dem Rep. Mike Ross is in the pocket for drug companies
  221. Fox news producer caught on video rallying 9/12 protest crowd
  222. Funniest protest signs of 2009
  223. What teabagger signs say Vs. what they mean
  224. New Book: Barack Obama had his choice of chicks during campaign, wife not amused
  225. Glenn Beck: Barack Obama better for country than John McCain would have been
  226. Right-wing hatemongering fueled by (evangelical/fundamentalist) Christianity?
  227. Joe "You Lie!" Wilson was for immigrant healthcare funding before he was against it
  228. The anti-socialist/Teabagger pledge! Sign it today!
  229. Gen McChrystal: More forces for Afghanistan or 'Mission Failure'
  230. CNN's Rick Sanchez rips Faux News a new one
  231. Afghanistan troop request may contain political fail-safe
  232. President Obama open to newspaper bailout bill
  233. "I'm not going to tell some gay kid in the audience that he can't get married"
  234. Sen. Tom Coburn’s (R-OK) Chief of Staff: ‘All pornography is homosexual pornography'
  235. The return of McCarthyism
  236. Are Obama’s judges really liberals?
  237. Republicans rally against charges of racism
  238. White House asks NY Gov. Patterson to drop out of the race
  239. Who will harness the rage?
  240. The last time right-wing hatred ran wild
  241. Barack Obama admin: dismiss gay couple benefits lawsuit
  242. Mad Man: Is Glenn Beck bad for America?
  243. Media heckled at "Values Voter" summit
  244. 75 percent of Oklahoma high school students are idiots
  245. Baucus Bill sticks to Whitehouse Pharma deal that supposedly wasn't struck
  246. Some white people have basically lost their minds
  247. Rush Limbaugh: Obama's America - White kids get beat up with the black kids cheering
  248. Red Sex, Blue Sex: Why do so many evangelical teens get pregnant?
  249. Doctor gets Air Force medal for helping ship detainees to be tortured overseas
  250. A C-section is a pre-existing condition, say goodbye to your health insurance