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  1. Obama will sign DADT repeal if someone else magically makes it appear on his desk
  2. How Christian were the Founding Fathers?
  3. World's worst op-ed section explains the Teabaggers....badly
  4. Blackwater allegedly put prostitute on payroll
  5. Virginia bans Satan micro-chips. I shit you not.
  6. Gay activist soldier reports for active duty
  7. Does the car industry hate gays?
  8. How the current US gov will deal with clearing all the snow in DC
  9. Mystery swirls around George W. Bush 'Miss Me Yet?' billboard
  10. Obama's commitment to 'indefinite detainee' abuse
  11. No joke! South Carolina now requires 'subversives' to register, pay 5 bucks
  12. Frustrated job seekers deciding to call it quits
  13. John Murtha dead at 77
  14. Rahm Emanuel and Failure of 11 Dimensional Chess
  15. Wall Street owners unhappy with their purchase
  16. Has America as a nation jumped the shark?
  17. Why Sarah Palin named Trig Trig (because this deserves its own thread)
  18. The hunt for Osama Bin Laden
  19. Sarah Palin writes crib notes on her hand for Tea Party speech and Q&A
  20. Sarah Palin closer than ever to running for POTUS
  21. Remember those Obama back-door taxes? Reporter behind story fired for making shit up.
  22. Oliver North: After gays allowed into military, pedophiles will follow
  23. Lynch Mob Mentality: Simply labeling a person "terrorist" is not proof
  24. Sen Shelby puts blanket hold on nominee process over earmarks. Dick
  25. Michael Steele: after taxes a million dollars isn't a lot
  26. The expanding US war in Pakistan
  27. Whoops! Sarah Palin has not been paying her taxes.
  28. Dem senators pissed at White House for not leading on anything
  29. Andrew Cuomo hits BOA with fraud charges
  30. Parties battle to curry favor with Wall Street
  31. Lawyers, guns and money
  32. What exactly did Bush and Cheney do wrong?
  33. Family Research Council thinks homosexuality should be illegal
  34. So what happened when the UK allowed gays to serve openly in the military?
  35. Rush Limbaugh: 'I love the women's movement -- especially when walking behind it'
  36. Falsifying claims: Growing number of phonies claiming military hero status reported
  37. Obama calls out conservative Democrats
  38. No defense for this budget
  39. Bomb kills 3 US military trainers in NW Pakistan
  40. Signs of republican paranoia continue to grow
  41. A harassment-free school opens in L.A.
  42. I will forever respect Admiral Mike Mullen
  43. Sarah Palin wants Rahm Emanuel fired for calling liberals 'retarded'
  44. Earth religions, Pagans, Wiccans, get worship area at Air Force Academy
  45. Bill would let clergy refuse to marry gays
  46. Hypocritical Democratic senators spend weekend with tobacco/energy/bank lobbyists
  47. Taliban fighters can't be bought off
  48. Michelle Obama unveils campaign against childhood obesity with help of daughters
  49. GOP's Meg Whitman disavows 'proud racist' councilman
  50. Uh oh..China is pissed at the US
  51. President Obama goes to GOP lions' den -- and mauls the lions
  52. Education Secretary Arne Duncan calls Hurricane Katrina good for New Orleans schools
  53. Two Hit, Three Down-The Biggest Lie
  54. Feds seek plea deal with The Eunuch Bomber
  55. America's secret Afghan prisons
  56. Remember the illegal destruction of Iraq?
  57. Hillary Clinton jumping ship after Obama's 1 and only term ends
  58. 9/11 trial may be moved from NYC
  59. Heavier politicians viewed more positively?
  60. Watch Obama dance around the gay marriage question in Tampa
  61. AP: 10 whoppers from the State of the Union address
  62. Chris Matthews forgot Obama was black during SOTU
  63. Highlights from the State of the Union address
  64. Strategery: Obama to ask for a repeal of 'Dont Ask Dont Tell' tonight
  65. Your disappointment in Obama is your teaching moment
  66. The 2010 State of the Union Drinking Game!
  67. Revealed: See who was paid off in the AIG bailout
  68. Presidential assasinations of U.S. citizens
  69. Shhhh...U.S. 'deeply involved' in Yemen counterterror operations
  70. Has President Obama done everything wrong?
  71. Who is Barack Obama?
  72. ACORN filmmaker arrested for attempting to bug Sen. Mary Landrieu's office
  73. Teen pregnancy rates rise with increased funding for abstinence programs
  74. Under fire, Obama’s chief of staff calls liberal strategy ‘fucking retarded’
  75. It's official: Obama is an idiot - decides to freeze spending in a recession
  76. 7 things about the economy everyone should be worried about
  77. Blackwater in Pakistan: Robert Gates confirms
  78. S.C Lt. Gov Andre Bauer says poor "owe" for government services
  79. Little Rock shooter claims Al-Qaeda ties
  80. Tom Harkin, Dem groups working to end filibuster
  81. Dems dropping 'pre-existing conditions' clause from mangled health bill, loser idiots
  82. Justice Dept recommends about 50 GITMO detainees be held indefinitely
  83. Tea Party convention imploding!! :)
  84. Pat Buchanon stokes racism: 'Has Obama lost white America?'
  85. Sen. Arlen Spector tells Michelle Bachmann to 'act like a lady'
  86. Newly elected Senator Brown's wife starred in dodgy rock video back in the day
  87. Bow to your Overlords: Supreme Court ends limits on corporate campaign spending
  88. 'Oaths Keepers' leader arrested for child rape; cops find grenade launcher in house
  89. We don't have the votes for the Healthcare Bill: Nancy Pelosi
  90. Lobbying thrived in 2009, the numbers don't lie
  91. Pakistan rejects US call to go after militants
  92. Goldman Sachs profits hit $4.8 Billion, pay up 47%
  93. Obama's domestic policy betrayal - a handy list
  94. The Fort Hood Report: Why no mention of Islam?
  95. India outsourcers hiring staff as US demand grows
  96. Massachusetts loss should trigger Obama's reset button
  97. A sober assessment of past and present Democratic governments from an insider. Sad.
  98. Glenn Beck turns on Scott Brown 'This could end with a dead intern'
  99. Cindy McCain joins campaign protesting gay marriage ban
  100. Republican Scott Brown wins the late Sen. Ted Kennedy's Massachusetts Senate seat
  101. Marines get shiny new guns with bible references stamped on the sights. Lovely.
  102. Harper's Magazine claims GITMO inmates were killed during questioning
  103. Why Jon Stewart failed to make John Yoo squirm
  104. Face veils: Bans in Europe fail to take hold in U.S.
  105. Male on male sexual harrassment on the rise
  106. How the US funds the Taliban
  107. Rise of the "Preppers": America's new survivalists
  108. Bad news on Don't Ask, Don't Tell: no repeal, more bigotry, White House cowardice
  109. Katie Couric wins DuPont Award for Sarah Palin interviews
  110. Glenn Beck goes 'all Katie Couric' on Sarah Palin
  111. Ex-UN weapons inspector charged with child sex offence
  112. Vermont wants to break from the U.S.
  113. 8 y.o. and family face constant delays at airport due to 'terror watch' list
  114. Lush Limpdick-erm-Rush Limbaugh uses Haiti to brand Obama a socialist, etc.
  115. Tentative deal reached to tax 'Cadillac' medical benefits
  116. Obama staffer wants 'cognitive infiltration' of 9/11 conspiracy groups
  117. Guantanamo guard reunited with ex-inmates
  118. Sarah Palin to be keynote speaker at Alcohol Wholesalers Convention, Las Vegas
  119. Lawmaker Sally Kern wants to make it tougher to get a divorce in Oklahoma
  120. New 2012 GOP contender in the mix?
  121. Is the dollar as weak as conservatives say?
  122. Amish families exempt from insurance mandate
  123. Obama received 20 million from healthcare industry during election, holy shit
  124. Will the Supreme Court let corporations buy elections?
  125. Obama's Black Widow. The NSA and FISA.
  126. America slides deeper into depression as Wall Street revels
  127. FED fights TO keep details of $2 trillion bailout program secret
  128. Class warfare? You're soaking in it
  129. Sarah Palin signs deal with FOX news to be a regular moron on their tardchannel
  130. You never explain why they want to do us harm...
  131. Sarah Palin: not just an ignoramus but mentally unstable as well?
  132. Rod Blagojevich: 'I'm blacker than Barack Obama'
  133. Book: Barack Obama, Joe Biden clashed in '08
  134. Sen. Harry Reid "apologizes" for past racial remarks on Obama
  135. McCain campaign advisor to trash Sarah Palin on '60 Minutes' tomorrow
  136. Obama disregards laws he dislikes, unless it's about gays and then he's powerless.
  137. Joe Biden's mother dead at 92
  138. Rudy Giuliani takes cue from Man Coulter: US never attacked on own soil under Bush
  139. Former Bush Jr. and Sr. counsel charged with trying to kill his wife
  140. Michael Steele comments have GOP aides pleading, 'Get him to stop'
  141. Officials: Anti-Muslim images are protected speech
  142. Tim Geithner's NY FED Pushed AIG to Keep Sweetheart Deals Secret
  143. USO ships frilly care packs to female troops in Iraq and Afghanistan
  144. For-profit colleges target the military: How valuable is the education?
  145. Northern California evangelicals linked to Uganda's anti-gay bill
  146. 'Avatar': Why do conservatives hate the most popular movie in years?
  147. Dear God...Lush Limpdick-whoops-Rush Limbaugh has a young girlfriend
  148. Rush Limbaugh seems to have enjoyed his Hawaiian encounter with socialized medicine
  149. Use of potentially harmful chemicals kept secret under law
  150. Eric Massa (D-NY) says Dick Cheney has "Political diarrhea of the mouth’
  151. Barack Obama shines Sarah Palin's shoes in e-mail sent by government worker
  152. Iraqis outraged as Blackwater case thrown out
  153. Airport pat-downs often ineffective security stop
  154. AP sources: Afghanistan suicide bomber invited on base
  155. Karma strikes - Rush Limbaugh in the hospital in serious condition
  156. Line forms to the right, ladies: Karl Rove divorced!
  157. Health care tax will hit the middle class hard
  158. Democrats caving and dumping cap-and-trade emissions plan, big shocker
  159. U.S. airstrikes and the joys of anonymity
  160. U.S. widens terror war to Yemen
  161. Joe Lieberman: The United States must pre-emptively act in Yemen
  162. Inept nurses free to work in new locales
  163. Army Command sergeant major pleads guilty after sexual contact with subordinate
  164. Man who was arrested in September near Capitol with guns/ammo a former Bush employee
  165. Health care industry stocks explode as bill progresses
  166. After ripping Hillary Clinton & John McCain, Obama embraces their policies
  167. New GITMO closing date: 2011 'at the earliest'
  168. Why require people to buy health insurance?
  169. Hawaii going to the dogs..or rats. Apparently the result of repug policies
  170. Barack Obama doesn't think he compromised anything on the health bill. Delusional.
  171. How Barack Obama undermined the Obama presidency. A long read.
  172. Politician's husband shows up at gay bar to drunkenly heckle opponent
  173. Obama admin violates judicial order: refuses benefits to gay partner of fed employee
  174. Iraqi insurgents intercept live video feeds from Predator drones
  175. Sarah Palin's cellulite
  176. U.N. officials say American offered plan to replace Hamid Karzai
  177. Teabaggers sing!
  178. Howard Dean: Kill the Healthcare Bill
  179. Presdent Obama transfers his balls to Joe Lieberman in White House ceremony
  180. President Obama as helpless victim in healthcare? Nonsense.
  181. May Day 2010: A cry to God for a nation in distress
  182. Sarah Palin stiffs hairdresser; Costco removes tomatoes from shelves for signing
  183. Couple arrive at the White House for a tour, end up at invitation only breakfast
  184. President Obama's big sellout
  185. D.C. City Council votes to legalize gay marriage
  186. Welcome to GITMO North
  187. Wall Street bankers put Obama on hold
  188. Poll: More want Obama to stick to policies than to be bipartistian
  189. Why is it the Dems can't seem to accomplish anything?
  190. Missouri billboard warns Washington: PREPARE FOR WAR
  191. 22 million missing Bush White House e-mails found
  192. Getting real tough with the bankers
  193. Obama grades himself
  194. White House abandons any public option, caves to Joe Lieberman. What fucking losers.
  195. Houston elects first openly gay mayor
  196. Homeland Insecurity
  197. Did Sarah Palin really have plastic surgery? You betcha!
  198. Women at war face sexual violence
  199. SHOCK POLL: 44% want Bush back over Obama...
  200. White House Pharma deal shuts down Senate health care debate
  201. Baghdad bombers remind Barack Obama that leaving Afghanistan is easier said than done
  202. Gov. Mark Sanford's wife files for divorce
  203. Atheists not eligible to serve in North Carolina?
  204. Tea Party activists want mandatory Christmas Carols in schools
  205. Anti-gay rhetoric rises in Houston Mayor election
  206. Bouncers assault gay man for dancing with another man at nightspot in Queens
  207. Black lawmakers grow impatient with White House
  208. Obviously insane, Obama appoints Palin aide to head Alaska pipeline project
  209. My friend the President
  210. Rush Limbaugh, racism in full flow, somehow ties Tiger Woods scandal to Obama.
  211. Rack Warren, Mentor tied to effort behind Uganda's 'Kill the Gay' Bill
  212. Senate Democrats chop public option out of health care?
  213. Republican sex scandal #8463: Former Mo. House speaker charged with assault
  214. Pearl Harbor Day 2009: three enduring mysteries
  215. Cash for Exxon? Yes. Cash for climate change? No.
  216. Going Rouge: An American Nightmare on sale on Amazon
  217. Man arrested after throwing tomatoes at Sarah Palin
  218. Tennessee Mayor accuses Barack Obama of hating the Charlie Brown Christmas Special
  219. U.S. feeling the heat at UN climate conference
  220. Been clueless for years on Osama Bin Laden locale, says Robert Gates
  221. Orlando McDonalds tells transgender applicant "we don't hire faggots".
  222. Secret Service counts 91 breaches since Carter administration
  223. Max Baucus under fire after nominating girlfriend for US Attorney
  224. GA house speaker Richardson (R) resigns over affair, Ex-wife tells all
  225. President Karzai wants 'flexibility' for U.S. troop timetable in Afghanistan
  226. Sarah Palin agrees with birthers and lies about Trig
  227. C.I.A expanding drone attacks in Pakistan
  228. Robert Gibbs vs. reporter in heated White House briefing
  229. Too many Hawaiians in Hawaii for Sarah Palin?
  230. Victory at last! Monty Python in Afghanistan
  231. Bernie Sanders fights to block Ben Bernanke confirmation
  232. SCOTUS sides with Obama on detainee photos
  233. Democrat Nelson threatens to filibuster health care if it isn't MORE anti-abortion
  234. West Point cadet to Chris Matthews: We are not the enemy
  235. Sarah Palin still wants to be called Governor; doesn't like foreign journo types
  236. Sarah Palin to be keynote speaker at "Bowl Expo 2010"
  237. President Obama, the great disappointment?
  238. Senator Obama's questions for President Obama
  239. The pretense of knowledge
  240. The Salvation Army is a gay hating evangelical church. Don't give them ANYTHING.
  241. Young, gay Asian becomes mayor of Campbell, California
  242. Iraqi shoe-thrower finds out what it was like
  243. Insured Federal employee forced to pay $5,000 for abortion of anencephalic fetus
  244. Top conservative blogger officially 'breaks with the right'
  245. 30,000 more troops set to go to Afghanistan
  246. Sarah Palin's latest Rogue gaffe
  247. 7 stories President Obama doesn't want told
  248. GPS tool helps illegal immigrants cross US border
  249. Sarah Palin: once a quitter, always a quitter, even when she announces on Twitter
  250. Across USA, food stamp use soars and stigma fades