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  1. Is the NRA encouraging anti-government extremism?
  2. Chairman of Duke Uni Republicans claims he was ousted for being gay
  3. 2nd Amendment activists swarm DC, VA rallies
  4. Obama signs executive order on abortion out of sight of media glare
  5. Racism, Neo-Confederate rebellion reaching a fever pitch
  6. Elderly gay couple separated, home auctioned by CA county, resulting in death
  7. Teabaggers get their own right wing network thanks to Comcast
  8. Feds indict five Blackwater employees
  9. Awesome: Tea Party Rappers!
  10. Tea Party's 'Contract from America' is fiscal suicide
  11. CBS spreads Supreme Court rumor (on potential nominee)
  12. Settlers-vs.-Indians board game rankles tribes
  13. Papers please: Arizona transforms itself into a police state
  14. U.S. contractors failed to train Afghan police to adjust AK-47 sights
  15. Obama orders same-sex hospital visits
  16. Jeb Bush still pulling strings behind the scenes in Florida
  17. Patriotism and Taxes
  18. Ask the card-carrying socialists: Is Obama one of them?
  19. Huh. Everything you thought you knew about Tea Partiers is wrong
  20. Sarah Palin sings same old tired tune: Obama's policies un-American
  21. Tea Party to protest April 15th? But what are they protesting?
  22. Details of Sarah Palin's Speaking Contract Revealed
  23. American Family Association to Muslim-Americans: convert or leave
  24. US Troops Open Fire on Passenger Bus In Afghanistan
  25. New report: Eric Massa even creepier than first thought
  26. Oklahoma Tea Party plans to form Armed Militia
  27. Nebraska Abortion Law: Mental, Physical Screening, No abortion after 20 Weeks
  28. Healthcare Bill May Have Stripped Congress of Coverage
  29. Hutaree Militia: at crossroads of Christianity and terrorist violence
  30. The Unbearable Whiteness of Being...a Teabagger
  31. Tea-party fave Carl Paladino's racist, graphic emails revealed
  32. Army Officer Joins Birthers, Defies Orders
  33. Glenn Beck hit by Haiku storm
  34. The Sarah Palin Network
  35. 31 y.o Chris Cox (Richard Nixon's grandson) engaged to his 19 y.o. girlfriend
  36. How the Afghan War has Dropped Off the Political Landscape
  37. Bristol Palin's sad little PSA on teen sex
  38. Arizona House approves concealed weapons bill
  39. Man who threatened Nancy Pelosi cries during court hearing
  40. Keith Olbermann On President Obama's Assasination Program
  41. No more Burger King on Afghanistan base? Soldiers grumble.
  42. Rudy Gulliani conveniently forgets that his hero, Reagan, was anti-nuclear
  43. New low for Glen Beck: smears Obama's parents 'mother was a commie'
  44. Really Old Fart Pat Buchanan has to have 'cyberattack' explained
  45. Taliban release video of captured US soldier
  46. Anwar al-Aulaqi is first US citizen on list of those CIA is allowed to kill
  47. Virginia Governor declares Confederate History Month
  48. Texas: The most prison rape-y of all the states
  49. Black conservative tea party backers take heat
  50. Er, Is Hamid Karzai Still A US Ally?
  51. Abortion Ban Will Be On 2011 Ballot in Mississippi
  52. Keep Guantanamo Out Of Afghanistan
  53. White House bets that defending weak financial reform bill will make it look strong
  54. Ralph Nader: 'The right-wing has won through intimidation'
  55. CIA Deputy Director Helped Cover Up Detainee Death
  56. US Admits Role in February Killing of Afghan Women
  57. Students come together and sing away the hate of Fred Phelps and his fucktards
  58. Obama supports Bush mining and toxic dumping policy in court
  59. Extremists to Governors: Resign or be removed....
  60. Doctor refuses to treat Obama supporters
  61. Bear Stearns Was Secretly Bailed Out By The Fed
  62. Things That Would Not Happen In Washington Today
  63. A citizen's arrest of Karl Rove at his book signing? (Close, but not quite)
  64. What Happens when you Tweet President Obama death threats?
  65. Wikileaks.org to screen classified US air strike Monday
  66. Army Backtracks On Relaxing 'DADT' Enforcement
  67. Rep. Hank Johnson Thinks Guam Could Capsize
  68. Wasting Millions More On Abstinence Only Education
  69. Shocker: Illegal Government Spying is Illegal
  70. Who's The Enemy Again?
  71. Robert Gibbs Endorses Denial of Civilian Trials
  72. GOP deficit hawk spends 1 million on staff, blames Obama
  73. Sarah Palin's secret Cal State University speaking fee sparks outcry
  74. Teabonics: the idiot, badly spelled language of the Teabaggers. Serious lulz.
  75. Fox News was using 2 year old footage of LL Cool J interview for Sarah Palin's show
  76. Willow Palin (one of Sarah's trash children) is some kind of Alaskan crime lord
  77. Saving the environment is as bad as destroying it, the latest Obama "wtf" comment
  78. Obama Packs Debt Commission with Social Security Looters
  79. President Obama: Drill, Baby, Drill
  80. UCF fraternity gets 53 Glenn Beck fans towed
  81. Dept. of Justice goes all out, AGAIN, to defend Don't Ask, Don't Tell in court
  82. Big Pharma Wins Big With Health Care Reform Bill
  83. Father of dead marine ordered to pay Westboro Church legal fees
  84. The Fate of a Potential Gay Nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court
  85. Born in the USA? Someone doesn't think so
  86. Sen. Schumer: We should track child beaters like we do sex offenders
  87. Rep. Patrick Kennedy leaves note for the late Sen. Ted Kennedy on gravesite
  88. Caller: Too many black people calling in to C-span. Seriously
  89. Update: Advocacy group files against Sean Hannity charity
  90. GOP spent funds on lavish hotels and BONDAGE CLUB
  91. Aetna CEO: Yes, your premiums are going up and what else you should expect
  92. Sarah Palin swills a box of wine and drunk-facebook-posts
  93. Obama fucks over bald eagles
  94. Tea Party on the Dole...
  95. Family learns pre-existing conditions apply at birth
  96. Road rage incident over Obama sticker
  97. Shrill Sarah Palin stumping for John "My Friends" McCain
  98. Senate Republican holds up jobless benefits
  99. Dem Senator Kaufman: Our Bank Reform Plan Won't End Too Big To Fail
  100. Women in Missouri get fucked over re: abortion thanks to Obama's health thingy
  101. The death of the public option, or how to suspend your belief in the face of evidence
  102. Georgia AG refuses to sign anti-HRC lawsuit, faces impeachment
  103. Now that the House has to Vote again on reconciliation why not add a public option?
  104. In a Setback for Democrats, Health Care Going Back to the House for Another Vote
  105. Sarh Palin's PAC puts Dems in her gunsights...literally
  106. Republican Candidate Defends 'Buckwheat' Comment
  107. 24% of GOP-ers Think Obama May Be Antichrist
  108. Could legal challenges to HRC topple Medicare, Social Security?
  109. Brother of HRC supporter has gas line cut after address posted online by tea party
  110. GOP Senators refusing to work after 2PM; citing obscure rule
  111. G W Bush shakes hands with Haitians then wipes hand on Bill Clinton's shirt
  112. Oops. Healthcare bill forgot to cover pre-existing coverage for children
  113. Is the US Government Spying on Wikileaks.org?
  114. DADT Repeal Falling Victim to Foot Dragging
  115. Drone Killings are Illegal, Professor Tells Congress
  116. FACT CHECK: Spinning the new health care law
  117. Joe Biden - "This is a big ****ing deal."
  118. The Red State Sex Fetish
  119. Tea Party Time out: 7 ways to calm the conservative temper tantrum
  120. HRC passes, Militia leader says: break Democratic Party windows. So they did.
  121. First political ads bought by corporations appear in, where else, Texas
  122. More on the 'Neutralized' Special Interests In the Health Care Bill
  123. ACORN Disbanding
  124. In a huge switch, John McCain threatens zero GOP co-operation for rest of year
  125. Canadian university to Ann Coulter: Watch your mouth, bitch.
  126. Rep Broun introduces Ten Commandment bill: people of all religions should reflect
  127. Conservative bloggers openly threatening to kill Obama
  128. Newt Gingrich says Civil Rights destroyed Democrats
  129. US considering expanding Bagram with same purpose as Guantanamo Bay
  130. Obama sells out women, signs exec order to include anti-choice crap in health bill
  131. Proving Age Discrimination is Harder Than Ever
  132. Michelle Bachmann: 'Amaracas Congresswoman'
  133. Tea Party: For an anti-tax group they don’t know much about taxes
  134. Tea party protesters use racial epithet against Georgia's John Lewis
  135. More Ex-Cons on the Streets, Fewer Jobs
  136. Maryland trying to secede from the South
  137. GOP Rep.Broun seems to side with the south in the great Civil War debate
  138. Fact sheet about the health care bill: how awful it is indeed
  139. NY Times Reporter Confirms Obama Made Deal to Kill Public Option
  140. Conservatives mock 11-year-old's story of his mum's death
  141. Creationism in.....Connecticut?
  142. Chris Matthews to health care opponent: what you're talking about doesn't exist
  143. Retired US General links Bosnian genocide to gays in military
  144. The Glenn Beck Apocalypse!
  145. Glenn Beck, GOP Congressman: Sunday Health Care vote is an affront to God
  146. Sean Hannity Freedom Concerts a scam, looks like he's a thief
  147. Gay American soldiers chain themselves to White House fence in protest
  148. Report: US sending hundreds of bunker-buster bombs to staging area for Persian Gulf
  149. J.D. Hayworth: Gay Marriage Law Could Produce Man-Horse Nuptials
  150. Michael Moore: The Pure Greed of Obama's Phony Health Care Reform
  151. Insurer targeted HIV patients to drop coverage
  152. Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann photo op will cost you 10 grand
  153. Tea Partiers once again attacking Congress with crazy signs
  154. Sen. Bunning is back: blocking nominees over CANADIAN smoking law
  155. GOP Congressman calls for revolution against American government
  156. Texas repug: Demons have invaded the Capital
  157. Obama Threatens to Veto Greater Intelligence Oversight
  158. The Case for Partisanship
  159. Virginia's Attorney General gets crazier: SS# used to 'track you'
  160. President Obama's Out of Control Health Care Costs
  161. Florida Rep Grayson rips Sarah Palin a new one...and how!
  162. Virginia Attorney General pushing Obama birther claims
  163. Woman highlighted in Obama health care fight now fighting for life
  164. Glenn Beck still on pace for complete meltdown
  165. Guns from Pentagon, Las Vegas shootings tied to Tennessee police
  166. Glenn Beck calls Bruce Springsteen anti American
  167. New, double-pronged Rove-Cheney attack on reality
  168. Unsurprisingly, wife of Supreme Court Justice Thomas starts teabagger group
  169. Utah GOP leader resigns after hot tub confession
  170. Lesbian Air Force sgt. discharged after police tell military
  171. CIA caused entire French village to go mad with LSD?
  172. Texas education board approves Conservative Curriculum changes by far right
  173. Republican Collectivism
  174. States May Hold On To Tax Refunds for Months
  175. In Defense of Dennis Kucinich
  176. Nancy Pelosi: No Public Option in Final Bill
  177. Miami Herald columnist Leonard Pitts to Sarah Palin: 'Run, Sarah, run'
  178. The Democrats' Scam Becomes More Transparent
  179. Rush Limbaugh would go to Costa Rica if Obama's healthcare plan passes
  180. Births to Minorities Are Approaching Majority in U.S
  181. Federal Court: 'Under God' is constitutional
  182. President Obama donating $1.4 million Nobel prize money to charities
  183. Juanita Goggins (1st black female in SC legislature) found frozen to death in home
  184. House Rejects Plan to Leave Afghanistan by Year’s End
  185. Sanders: Obama Has Tragically Lost The Youth, Antagonized Unions
  186. Official Dogma: Iraq War A Success
  187. Joe Biden condemns new Israeli settlements, Israel not happy
  188. Andrew Young's going to jail over John Edwards sex tape
  189. Rush Limbaugh continues to prove he's a racist
  190. Eric Massa and Glenn Beck conspire for train wreck TV
  191. Linda McMahon (yup, Vince's wife) Running for Senate
  192. SCOTUS to hear case involving Fred Phelps' protests at military funerals
  193. New Glen Beck advertiser! He sells Crisis Seeds!
  194. Glenn Beck urges listeners to leave churches that preach social justice
  195. Sarah Palin: God wrote notes on his hand, too.
  196. Sarah Palin admits crossing border for Canadian health care
  197. E-mail compares first lady Michelle Obama to Tarzan's Cheeta
  198. Oath Keepers are a whole 'nother kind of crazy: REAL CRAZY
  199. Officers: Pakistan arrests American-born al-Qaida
  200. Hugo Chavez mocks Hillary Clinton as "blond Condoleezza"
  201. Pentagon gunman was 9/11 conspiracy theorist acting alone, say officials
  202. In Reversal, Obama Team Leans Towards 9/11 Military Trials
  203. Rep. Alan Grayson (D) of Florida leading in his state's Republican primary
  204. RNC document mocks donors, plays on 'fear'
  205. Drunk, anti-gay, republican senator arrested leaving gay nightclub
  206. How to tick off an ally, US to vote on Armenian genocide
  207. Who Are The Actual 'Crazy' People In American Politics?
  208. Charlie Rangel Steps Down as Chairman of Ways & Means Committee
  209. Eric Massa to retire amid allegations he sexually harassed a male staffer
  210. NE reporting John Edwards to be indicted by grand jury
  211. Sarah Palin joined FOX news because there's too much "opinion" in media. Sigh.
  212. Chicagoans hope stories will help overturn gun ban
  213. GOP Sen. Jon Kyl: Unemployment Benefits Make People Not Want To Get A Job
  214. Introducing a fantastically wealthy but tragically dumb person: Lady Rothschild
  215. Buzz and bullets: Gun fans cheer Starbucks' policy
  216. President Obama yet to kick smoking habit, should eat better
  217. Repugs mock the sick, the needy - Rush Limbaugh leads the pack
  218. Former president George Bush: Faith helped in tough times
  219. Senator leads witch hunt to prosecute climate change scientists
  220. South Dakota tells schools to teach global warming in 'astrological terms'. Seriously
  221. House ethics committee rules it's ok to steer contracts to campaign donors
  222. Arizona repug says blacks worse off now than under slavery
  223. Sarah Palin FINALLY comes up with an excuse for those crib notes on her hand
  224. Kentucky Repug blocks unemployment benefit extension, says tough shit
  225. Stunt babies! There were two Trig Palins?
  226. Muslim woman files complaint over head-scarf firing
  227. Nevada governor an incredibly bad liar
  228. NYT drops massive bomb on Gov. Paterson
  229. Tea-Bag Leader calls Obama 'half white racist'
  230. Md. attorney general: State to recognize same-sex marriages performed elsewhere
  231. Sarah Palin's Spokesperson (Meg Stapleton) Resigns
  232. Tea Party/GOP infighting erupts into an all-out war
  233. Anthem Blue Cross to hike rates 39% in California in giant spasm of stupid
  234. Nevada Governor Gibbons denies sex assault: hasn't had sex in 15 years
  235. Bad credit sidelines some jobless workers
  236. Under the bus again: Obama drops LGBT provisions from health care proposal
  237. Dick Cheney hospitalized with chest pains
  238. GOP filibuster foiled as Scott Brown and 4 other Republicans vote for jobs bill
  239. Disabled children are God's punishment for abortions, says Republican shitbag
  240. U.S. Army: New camouflage for Afghanistan
  241. Invisible homeless in the suburbs
  242. More Palin Hypocrisy: Grandson has government health insurance
  243. A cautionary tale in healthcare reform
  244. Alexander Haig dies
  245. Rapper: Mitt Romney "assaulted" me
  246. CPAC speaker condemns CPAC for allowing gay conservative group
  247. Dick Cheney makes surprise appearance at CPAC: repugs faint with joy
  248. National Enquirer is officially in the running for the Pulitzer Prize
  249. Sarah Palin lashes out at "Family Guy"
  250. Keith Olbermann's Special Comment on the Tea Partiers