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  1. Why boycotts about Arizona immigration law are stalling
  2. Family Medical Leave Act Extended to Include Gay Couples
  3. LGBT Survey from Queer Rising
  4. Congressional Investigation Confirms: US Military Funds Afghan Warlords
  5. What Americans Think the World Will Look Like in 2050
  6. Obama orders Gen McChrystal to US to explain himself after Rolling Stone Article
  7. Rahm Emanuel expected to quit White House
  8. Obama vs. Obama
  9. Next up: Nebraska town to vote on illegal immigration measure
  10. Louisiana Rep. Joseph Cao tells BP exec Lamar McKay to commit ritual suicide
  11. Arizona state senator gets schooled and completely owned by High School reporter
  12. Rush Limbaugh loves BP, thinks escrow fund will go to ACORN
  13. Iraqi son kills dad for aiding U.S., Iraqi police say
  14. White House pushes to have CEO's protected from their own corporate shareholders
  15. How the ultimate BP Gulf disaster could kill millions
  16. The speech we SHOULD have heard from Obama on the oil spill, by Rachel Maddow
  17. Rush Limbaugh thinks hungry children should dumpster dive. yeah.
  18. President Frodo Baggins and the Ring of Power
  19. Joe Lieberman sponsors Internet 'kill switch'
  20. U.S. Only Industrialized Nation With No Paid Leave For New Parents
  21. Big Oil's favorite congressman apologizes to BP for 'shakedown'
  22. Rep. Joe Barton Apologizes to BP
  23. Democrats to let Wall Street regulate itself. What could go wrong?
  24. The "Ridiculous US Political Ad" Video Thread
  25. 8 House members investigated over fundraisers held near financial reform vote
  26. FACT CHECK: President Barack Obama left blanks in oil spill speech
  27. Meg Whitman paid settlement to shoved employee
  28. Why Has the Left Been So Silent on Afghanistan?
  29. American claiming to be hunting Osama bin Laden arrested
  30. The U.S. Wins the Right to Abduct Innocent People With Impunity
  31. In bold move, Colorado alters teacher tenure rules
  32. Surprise! Obama working behind scenes to kill financial reform
  33. Half-dead bitch Margaret Thatcher to meet brain dead bitch Sarah Palin
  34. Wtf ever happened to Osama Bin Laden?
  35. Congressman Bob Etheridge Assaults Student. VIDEO
  36. U.S. Identifies Vast Riches of Minerals in Afghanistan
  37. 108 deepwater oil drilling permits given since gulf disaster
  38. Why are media blocked in the Gulf?
  39. Senator Schumer says it 'makes sense' to 'strangle Gaza'
  40. Another "safe" drill site in the Gulf is spewing oil too
  41. Congressman warns of energy bill killing old southern people
  42. Denmark finds clean energy in trash, but the US lags
  43. Baltimore homes re-possessed over bills of less than 1000 bucks
  44. Our other eco-disaster: mountain-top removal for coal mining
  45. Obama supports ending ban on commercial whaling. Wtf is next? Jesus.
  46. Obama's dept of justice yet AGAIN defends DADT in court
  47. Unknown Senate candidate in South Carolina faces felony charge
  48. Obama goes from "show me which ass to kick" to "let's drill more" in 1 day
  49. California completely does away with election primaries
  50. Can the U.S. take over BP America?
  51. U.S. Rejected Dutch Help on Containing Oil Three Days After Leak Began
  52. Legendary White House reporter Helen Thomas retiring
  53. AP Exclusive: Scuba Diving In The Gulf
  54. Federal Judge Blocks Alaska's Wolf-Kill Plan
  55. Bush, Cheney, DeLay, etc. responsible for the clusterfuck that is the Gulf Oil Spill?
  56. Tea Party attempts to disrupt another town hall meeting, Barney Frank strikes back
  57. AP IMPACT: Many Gulf federal judges have oil links
  58. Mississippi Governor: Oil? What Oil?
  59. Prescott, Arizona elementary school to 'whiten' image of child in mural
  60. 'Raghead' slur is new ugly twist in South Carolina race
  61. Pass the sick bucket: Rush Limbaugh getting married
  62. Haliburton pours cash into coffers of those investigating oil spill. Of course.
  63. Could Oyster Mushrooms help clean the Gulf?
  64. Is Bill O'Reilly comparing gays to al qaida?
  65. Louisiana GOP: Keep on with drill baby drill
  66. Feds halt all drilling in Gulf of Mexico
  67. 'I'd do it again' former President Bush tells Grand Rapids crowd about waterboarding
  68. Sarah Palin blames Gulf oil spill on... environmentalists?
  69. Second guy alleges affair with South Carolina Tea Bag candidate
  70. Obama admin ok's more drilling for oil in Gulf, cuz 1 disaster isn't enough
  71. Sally Quinn is kind of creepy
  72. Meth and hooker loving preacher Ted Haggard to make big announcement
  73. Stop the presses! Tea Partiers 'uncomfortable' with minorities, gays
  74. Oliver Stone: Venezuela's Hugo Chavez is misunderstood
  75. U.S. Kills Al-Qaeda Number 3 for Nine Thousandth Time
  76. Scientists warn of unseen deepwater oil disaster
  77. I can't wait for Barack Obama to become president
  78. 'Schools of the Future' a crock of shit, not educating anyone
  79. Lt. Dan Choi & Capt. Jim Pietrangelo: Dignity Fast
  80. Congressman cries during Gulf Oil spill hearing: has dodgy track record
  81. Michigan considers law to license journalists
  82. Glenn Beck leaves no child behind. Or unmocked
  83. Crazy rhetoric amps up as DADT repeal moves through Congress
  84. Rand Paul advocates denial of birthright citizenship to immigrant children
  85. UN Official to US: End the Drone Strikes
  86. A Disgrace of Historic Proportions
  87. President Obama will skip Memorial Day visit to Arlington National Cemetery
  88. Study: repeal of DADT will lead to a 'free rape zone'
  89. Lori Berenson Paroled
  90. Obama & GOP In Talks To Modify Miranda
  91. California Sex offenders may have driver's licenses marked
  92. Did the Obama administration try to bribe Joe Sestak?
  93. Obama backs immunity for Pope against sexual assault lawsuits
  94. Elena Kagan is a different kind of woman
  95. Lawmen threaten to deport Puerto Rican man to....Mexico
  96. Man sends angry emails to GOP senator, gets indicted
  97. Lawmaker: Obama to Send 1,200 Troops to U.S. Mexico Border
  98. DADT Vote Coming This Week
  99. Obama administration's war on whistleblowers intensifies
  100. U.S. Expanding Secret Military Acts in Mideast Region
  101. Time just stood still: Repugs find candidate too crazy even for them
  102. Sarah Palin-backed repug plagiarizes famous Obama speech
  103. California Supreme Court to consider age bias case against Google
  104. U.S. military told to get ready in Korea standoff
  105. Despite Moratorium New drilling Permits Still Being Issued-With Environmental Waivers
  106. California Gov. Candidate Proposes "Pedophile Island"‎
  107. Obama gets ripped a new one for doing NOTHING about the oil spill
  108. Democrats applaud as Felipe Calderon, failed leader of Mexico, trashes America
  109. Arizona senator to go after "anchor babies", ignore 14th constitutional amendment
  110. Red Cross Confirms 2nd Secret Prison at Bagram- BBC reports torture
  111. Federal Court Bars Bagram Detainees From Civilian Trials
  112. Sarah Palin endorses anti-government candidate...who accepts farm subsidies
  113. Obama burned in effigy by Wisconsin 'patriots'
  114. Ben Nelson, Democrat, can't use an ATM but knows all about the holograms
  115. Equating Sexual Orientation With "Sex Life"
  116. Rand Paul defends criticism of Civil Rights act. But isn't racist. Really.
  117. US Protocol Officer slips on stairs before Mexican Prez's arrival
  118. Worried Girl Asks Michelle Obama If Her Mother Will Be Deported
  119. Eric Holder Gambles With Terrorism Suspects' Miranda Rights
  120. Immigrant crossings into Arizona on the rise
  121. Tea Party leader apparently not a fan of Muslims or 'their monkey god'
  122. Bill O'Reilly compares trannies with Ewoks. I know, right? Like, what?
  123. Wikileaks Founder Has Passport Confiscated
  124. Even MORE asshattery from the Texas 'Education' Board
  125. Obama starts deploying more torture, er interrogation teams to far flung locations
  126. Tea Party fave Rand Paul wins KY Republican Primary; Arlen Specter will lose in PA
  127. Conneticut Atty Gen. Richard Blumenthal Regrets "Misplaced Words" on Vietnam service
  128. New low for Sarah Palin: Funeral crashing.
  129. Texas doctors opting out of Medicare at alarming rate
  130. Bristol Palin's speaker fees disclosed
  131. Indiana Rep. Mark Souder to Resign Amid Allegations of Affair With Staffer
  132. Obama & the Myth of the Public Opinion Excuse
  133. CT Democratic Senate front running candidate lied about serving in Vietnam
  134. "Lies of Sarah Palin" Author Interviewed
  135. Is Laura Bush going to hell? Survey says.. yes.
  136. Illegal immigrant student case ignites debate
  137. Healthcare bill a boon to Ö pro-lifers?
  138. SCOTUS Rules U.S. Can Hold Sex Offenders After Their Sentences Expire
  139. Meet the moron behind the Texas revisionist history book fiasco
  140. Afghan prosecutor issues arrest warrant for US army officer over police killing
  141. U.S. Military proposes medal for troops showing restraint
  142. More on Arizona Banning Ethnic Studies
  143. Pat Buchanan strikes again: too many Jews on the Supreme Court
  144. Schwarzenegger budget eliminates welfare
  145. Decision to Approve Killing of US Citizen Cleric Causes Unease
  146. Feds Let Oil Companies Drill in Gulf Without Needed Permits
  147. AP IMPACT: US drug war has met none of its goals
  148. New Targets of Rights Erosions: US Citizens
  149. Tea Parties rage as taxes hit lowest level since 1950
  150. Candidate for Alabama Gov attacked for supporting evolution, backs down
  151. Yet another family values repug with bad morals: has second family
  152. 96-0 Fed Audit Passes Senate
  153. VP Joe Biden's son had a stroke?
  154. Pres Obama 'Open to Changing Miranda Rule'
  155. President Barack Obama on Xbox and iPad
  156. Laura Bush speaks about car crash which killed friend
  157. Sarah Palin: US law should be based on the Bible and the 10 commandments
  158. Chronicling the Twitter Meltdown of a Glenn Beck Fan
  159. Senior Republicans Distance Themselves from "Drill, Baby, Drill"
  160. Female genital mutilation. Now American Academy of Pediatrics approved.
  161. While Oil Slick Spread, Interior Department Chief of Staff Rafted
  162. Major Corporations May Dump health insurance, pay penalties instead
  163. Anti-gay activist caught with-you guessed it!-a rent boy!!
  164. Freddie Mac: Um, We're going to need another $10.6 Billion
  165. Joe the fake Plumber wins seat on GOP committee in....Ohio
  166. Florida repug candidate's pro-racial profiling campaign ad
  167. Uh Oh. US Exempted BP Drilling From Environmental Study
  168. Black Republicans: They're back!
  169. "Good Job" Michael Brown Spins the Gulf Oil Spill Catastrophe
  170. New Anti-Sarah Palin Signs go up for Discovery Shareholders' Meeting
  171. NJ Gov removes only black judge from State Supreme Court
  172. Rev. Franklin Graham: Obama giving Muslims a pass
  173. Joe Lieberman: strip terrorist suspects of citizenship
  174. Fed Privately Lobbying Against Audit Documents Show
  175. Arizona Republican leader follows White Supremacists on Twitter
  176. Whirlpool takes economic recovery funds, moves plant to Mexico
  177. Suspect in rancher murder not an illegal after all. Huh.
  178. GOP House candidate says gays were 'taken care of' when he was in military
  179. Senate Financial Bill Misguided, Some Academics Say
  180. Did DHS pressure teen to get abortion?
  181. President Obama is Wrong About the Fed
  182. '99ers' dread future without jobless benefits
  183. Virginia covers up barely noticeable breast on state seal
  184. Obama kills at White House Correspondent's Dinner
  185. Dems unveil new legislation to remedy 'Citizens United'
  186. Military tells congress to keep the gay ban in place
  187. Obama ONCE AGAIN defends "defense of marriage act" in court, tho not required to
  188. Obama Criticizes Liberal Supreme Courts of the 60's & 70's
  189. Man Convicted of Breaking Into Sarah Palin's E-mail
  190. Bible college prez caught on-air using interesting word for illegal immigrants
  191. Sarah Palin event requires media to pay anti-abortion group for access
  192. Hidden bits of Arizona immigrant law: ethnic studies ban, no accented English teacher
  193. U.S. Report on Afghan War Finds Few Gains in 6 Months
  194. Oklahoma's new abortion laws: docs can withhold info, patients must watch ultrasound
  195. Spill Baby Spill: White House Orders All New Off Shore Drilling Put on Hold
  196. Miss him? George W. Bush's reputation might be ready for a rebound
  197. What Immigration Crisis?
  198. White House Reporters Afraid To Criticize the White House
  199. Mexicans slam Arizona immigration law, but how do they treat their migrants?
  200. Tucson sheriff won't enforce 'stupid, racist' law
  201. Is Arizona new immigrant law really about voter suppression?
  202. Texas lawmaker to introduce anti-immigration bill
  203. Obama administration defies congressional subpoena on Fort Hood documents
  204. War Propaganda From Afghanistan
  205. Arizona Governor nixes state domestic partner benefits, claims god got her the job
  206. Congresswoman told to 'get back in the kitchen'
  207. Los Angeles school teacher paid for two years to sit at home before dismissal
  208. Arizona governor signs immigration enforcement bill
  209. SEC staffers watched porn as economy crashed
  210. Repug says you can identify illegals by their clothes. Who knew.
  211. Insurance companies cancelling coverage of women with breast cancer using algorithm
  212. WSJ idiot says Liberals making up this racism stuff
  213. Obama dumped DADT repeal back in Februrary - breaking news
  214. Jon Stewart v Fox News take 3457903487 (at least)
  215. Sexting Case Befuddles US Supreme Court, Justices are confused by technology
  216. Americans becoming more distrustful of government
  217. Conservative group demands Sen Graham 'admit he's gay'
  218. Divorce dilemma: Texas says gays can't get divorce
  219. Lt. Dan Choi handcuffs himself to White House fence for gay rights AGAIN.
  220. Dem to Obama: Push immigration or Iíll tell Latino voters to stay home
  221. Is the Defense Department Blocking the DADT Vote?
  222. LGBT protesters annoy Barack Obama during speech by calling for equality. Boo hoo.
  223. Is the NRA encouraging anti-government extremism?
  224. Chairman of Duke Uni Republicans claims he was ousted for being gay
  225. 2nd Amendment activists swarm DC, VA rallies
  226. Obama signs executive order on abortion out of sight of media glare
  227. Racism, Neo-Confederate rebellion reaching a fever pitch
  228. Elderly gay couple separated, home auctioned by CA county, resulting in death
  229. Teabaggers get their own right wing network thanks to Comcast
  230. Feds indict five Blackwater employees
  231. Awesome: Tea Party Rappers!
  232. Tea Party's 'Contract from America' is fiscal suicide
  233. CBS spreads Supreme Court rumor (on potential nominee)
  234. Settlers-vs.-Indians board game rankles tribes
  235. Papers please: Arizona transforms itself into a police state
  236. U.S. contractors failed to train Afghan police to adjust AK-47 sights
  237. Obama orders same-sex hospital visits
  238. Jeb Bush still pulling strings behind the scenes in Florida
  239. Patriotism and Taxes
  240. Ask the card-carrying socialists: Is Obama one of them?
  241. Huh. Everything you thought you knew about Tea Partiers is wrong
  242. Sarah Palin sings same old tired tune: Obama's policies un-American
  243. Tea Party to protest April 15th? But what are they protesting?
  244. Details of Sarah Palin's Speaking Contract Revealed
  245. American Family Association to Muslim-Americans: convert or leave
  246. US Troops Open Fire on Passenger Bus In Afghanistan
  247. New report: Eric Massa even creepier than first thought
  248. Oklahoma Tea Party plans to form Armed Militia
  249. Nebraska Abortion Law: Mental, Physical Screening, No abortion after 20 Weeks
  250. Healthcare Bill May Have Stripped Congress of Coverage