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  1. What really happened in Fallujah?? Very scary documentary
  2. Conspiracy video from FOX NEWS...big struggle going on there....
  3. Minnesota gubernatorial candidate a vampire - WTF?
  4. 9/11 Suspects are Alive and Well
  5. CIA blows up village, 17 dead men, women and children in missile strike
  6. How the US might engineer an invasion of Iran
  7. Respected Vietnam Vet and representative Murtha getting Swift-Boated
  8. Al Gore to blast Bush's 'police state' in major speech
  9. Bush will bring troops home so republicans can hold onto congress
  10. They're fighting for our freedom!
  11. Ex-judge gets a new view of prison...from the inside.
  12. Supreme Court nominee Alito, in his own words.
  13. Bush signs executive order giving him SOLE AUTHORITY to enact Martial Law
  14. Millions of seniors denied drugs...Thanks Bush!!!!
  15. Supreme Court Nominee Alito wants dictatorial powers for President
  16. Wiretap 'whistleblower' says MILLIONS affected by Bush warrantless spying
  17. Bush appoints another unqualified wingnut with religious issues to head refugee dept.
  18. Bush lies about economy, thinks its fantastic.
  19. IRS, and Department of Justice tracking Liberal blogs
  20. IRS caught collecting political affiliations of taxpayers
  21. Bush to criminalize protesters under Patriot Act as "disruptors"
  22. British army officer says US forces racist, incompetent and delusional
  23. Bush's rush to appoint.
  24. The Real Choice in Iraq
  25. Alito's fantasy world
  26. Bush and No Child Left Behind...
  27. NJ lawmakers passes freeze on death penalty
  28. Justice Dept evacuated...
  29. Dick Cheney in/out of hospital.
  30. Homeland Security opening private mail
  31. Howard Dean owns Wolf Blitzer
  32. George Bush proposes broader language training
  33. Case Dropped Against U.S. Officer in Beating Deaths of Afghan Inmates
  34. All Parts of New Orleans to be Rebuilt
  35. Black Hawk crash in Iraq kills the 12 aboard
  36. DeLay resigns from House post permanently
  37. Warrant-less spying whistleblower to testify
  38. When is Bush Getting Impeached?
  39. Did Fidel Castro kill John F. Kennedy?
  40. Bush signs anti-torture bill with the provision that he will ignore it.
  41. Letterman to Bill O'Reilly: 60% of your act is crap
  42. Bush frustrated with resistance to Patriot Act
  43. US plans to attack Iran
  44. Military support for Bush tumbles
  45. Bush to end funds for rebuilding Iraq.
  46. Bush trying to pull a fast one?
  47. The Donald to run for New York Governor? Say it ain't so...
  48. "I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Monica Lewinsky."
  49. Bush likens Iraq to postwar Japan
  50. Congressional investigators find an Oil for Food figure hiding in plain sight.
  51. Congress can't usurp the president's power to spy on America's enemies.
  52. Centrist Democrats hit anti-Bush tactics
  53. Monitoring of Muslims Done Without Search Warrants
  54. Bush Admin to help Anna Nicole
  55. Bush signs clemency for 11 people...
  56. F#ck Christmas, and FOX news too. (political rant)
  57. GOP support for Frist fades
  58. Innocent man freed after seven years
  59. Delay files for re-election
  60. Bush lied about wiretaps
  61. Your daily Bush v2
  62. Mexican President Vincente Fox calls border wall 'shameful'
  63. Dems deny they approved wiretaps
  64. Bush denies he's a dictator.
  65. FBI spied on protest groups.
  66. House opens door to Arctic drilling.
  67. Trent Lott sues his insurance company
  68. U.S. ran secret Afghan prisons.
  69. Bush just admitted to a crime
  70. Bush ordered CIA to spy, WITHOUT WARRANTS, on US citizens.
  71. Bush's apporval rating falls...AGAIN
  72. War reaches the $500Billion mark
  73. Winter choices in America: heat or eat...and the White House doesn't really care
  74. Patriot Act renewal: House for, Senate not so sure.
  75. US trade deficit hits alltime high.
  76. Katrina victims living in barns
  77. Accusations of illegal CIA abductions 'credible'
  78. Bush denies that he's 'living in a bubble'
  79. New revelations on White House leaks/Plame story
  80. The world according to Bill O'Reilly (FOX news talking head)
  81. Senate Repug Frist threatens to strip Dems of fillibuster option
  82. Eugene McCarthy dead.
  83. Historic agreement on environment: Bush admin forced to sign on.
  84. New allegations of Secret prisons, torture.
  85. Bush Approval Rating Rises
  86. Poland to investigate secret prisons
  87. Faux-Democrat Lieberman about ready to jump ship to GOP
  88. U.S. using mercenaries?
  89. Tax cuts for rich to continue
  90. GOP to run "white surrender flag over Dem pictures" campaign
  91. Canada pisses off Dick Cheney. GO CANADA! WOO!
  92. Diebold to get sued for fraud???
  93. Condi won't gaurantee an end to prisoner abuse.
  94. Pakistan honours George Bush in "A Textbook of English"
  95. Rummy to resign?
  96. FEMA'S Brownie knew NO wasn't prepared back in 2004
  97. US attacks UN on secret jail issue
  98. Nobel laureate slams Bush, Blair.
  99. Hecklers cause Coulter to cut speech short
  100. COURT TESTIMONY: Voting machines rigged for Bush in Florida...
  101. Victims: Racism a factor in slow Katrina response
  102. Condi still avoiding questions on secret CIA jails.
  103. Bin Laden still alive and kicking...and hating the US
  104. Howard Dean: US won't win war in Iraq, stop being stupid!
  105. Rumsfeld attacks media reports for.... reporting stuff that happens.
  106. Condi defends US treatment of terror suspects.
  107. Kennedy Honors, Bush and Hollywood
  108. Ugh..watching US troops on History channel..
  109. Dean says Repugs will scapegoat immigrants next year
  110. 'We don't torture.' Bush still looking for ways to do exactly that.
  111. CIA kidnapping ghost flights over Canada..
  112. US grudgingly admits illegal CIA kidnappings
  113. What Bush really means..
  114. Repugs want to create totally secret government agency.
  115. Two US allies pull out of Iraq
  116. 1000th execution takes place; 1001 could come as soon as Friday
  117. Continued criticism of Bush's speech.
  118. U.S. buys positive press.
  119. Most doubt Bush's, ahem, 'plan for victory'
  120. George Bush, meet reality.
  121. Highlights 'cough' from Bush's new Iraq strategy.
  122. Europeans split with US on AIDS
  123. Alito outlined plan to limit abortions in '85
  124. Death toll from traffic accidents 390 times that as from terrorism
  125. Pilots complain about Dick Cheney's airspace
  126. New Orleans Mayor gets an earful
  127. Bush says No Iraq pullout without victory.
  128. Bush says Iraqi forces in a state of readiness.
  129. VA. gov spares condemned man's life one day before he was to be executed.
  130. Supreme Court to hear abortion rights case.
  131. Congress holidays without approving heating-relief funds for poor.
  132. Former Powell aide: Cheney 'created climate for war crimes'
  133. refusal to show ID sparks test of rights.
  134. Another conservative sight for teens.
  135. US abortion rights in the balance?
  136. Repug quits congress in bribery scandal.
  137. Miami SWAT teams plan random ID checks everywhere.
  138. Bush pushing immigration plan
  139. EU warns of penalties for secret CIA prisons.
  140. Bush still playing with women's reproductive rights.
  141. Bush deaf and blind to bad news on Iraq.
  142. A conservative childrens website? Wtf, indoctrination sure comes early..
  143. Cheney picking at you/us like turkey leftovers.
  144. It's all about the oil, pt 2.
  145. Current human rights abuses in Iraq could eclipse those of Saddam
  146. Americans laments tarnished US image abroad
  147. GOP SEnator suggests fireside chats from Bush
  148. Bush's 3rd term 'a disaster', on track to being 'worst president ever'.
  149. Pentagon to get more powers to spy on US citizens
  150. Iraq want's more control with war
  151. Things are not good in the White House.
  152. Former FEMA head to start disaster preparedness consulting firm.
  153. US approaches 1000 execution since '77
  154. Recruitment, equipment suffering
  155. Majority Believe White House Misleads Public, Poll Shows
  156. New Bush/Blair revelations? CAll in the secrecy gag rule
  157. Bush to veto tax cuts for Katrina victims due to tax increase for oil companies?
  158. 3 Brigades to be withdrawn from Iraq... Maybe
  159. Baltimore city council: end Iraq War.
  160. Protesters storm Bush's ranch
  161. Bush grants reprieve to 2 prisoners.
  162. Delay aide pleads guilty
  163. US/Brits to take control of Iraqi oil
  164. Bush had plans to bomb Al-Jazeera.
  165. Cheney to raise funds for Delay.
  166. Dick Cheney: X marks the spot.
  167. House votes to cut 700 mln in food stamps.
  168. A few facts on the state of abortion rights.
  169. Bush used 'gossip' to build case for war.
  170. Iraq/Vietnam parallels.. then and now.
  171. CIA torture techniques described! ABC exclusive!
  172. New Bush Appointment
  173. Pentagon to probe (heh) Iraq War architect for fixing information
  174. Patriot Act up for renewal... sputters, stalls, crashes.
  175. "Bush & Cheney condone and approve of torture" - Former CIA director
  176. FEMA to kick hurricane evacuees onto the streets of NY?
  177. Washington at war over...the war.
  178. Is the U.S.A guilty of war crimes?
  179. Cheney jumps on the 'rewriting history' bandwagon
  180. Bush vs. Bush: Poppy and Jr. aren't talking
  181. Strange Karl Rove story
  182. Clinton attacks Bush
  183. Torture ban bill passes Senate...will Bush veto?
  184. PBS Boss broke law by interfering with programming.
  185. US to withdraw from Afghanistan...Uk to plug the leak.
  186. REpugs pushing for plan to end war. Wow.
  187. Jeb doesn't rule out run for White House.
  188. Drones to fly over cities: big brother watches even more closely.
  189. Will voters reject one-party rule in 2006?
  190. Bush pushing seniors on drugs.
  191. 6 in 10 Americans say Bush is a lying twat.
  192. Frothy senator Santorum backs his badonkadonk away from Bush
  193. Bill O'Reilly says it's ok to bomb San Francisco.
  194. Bush spin on Iraq: the Dems did it!
  195. Bush and Cheney to salute vets.
  196. Muhammed Ali gives Bush the 'crazy sign'.
  197. Bush vs. McCain...torture.
  198. Pat Robertson predicting gloom and doom for Pennsylvania.
  199. Remedial Ethics 101
  200. Repub. twit Frist more concerned about secret prison leak than the torture in em
  201. Get a free copy of the US constitution
  202. Bush Borrowed More Than All Previous Presidents Combined, Group Says
  203. Moderate Republicans 1, House Republicans 0
  204. Google says Bush = Failure
  205. Caption Bush
  206. congress vs. oil company pigs
  207. Good job California voting against Rep. Inititives!
  208. Breasts not bombs.
  209. Kansas votes for intelligent design...Penn seems to still be intelligent.
  210. Dems do well in off-year voting; Texas bans gay marriage.
  211. Dick Cheney hunting plans...
  212. Returning GI's to get free poontang.
  213. Bush-Cheney ties strained.
  214. Frist & Hastert call for investigation into leaks about secret prisons.
  215. Family fighting HMO for 4-year-old's life
  216. War On Terror Courts Illegal?
  217. Liberal church may lose funds over anti-war sermon
  218. Would Hillary make a good president?
  219. George Bush and Torture
  220. President Carter on US politics today
  221. U.S. owes Iraq, American taxpayers millions in Halliburton ripoff
  222. Michael Moore's Hypocrisy
  223. Grinch Republicans Futile Attempts To Stop Mexicans
  224. Shock! Republican head of public broadcasting misusing funds..
  225. Everybody in the world hates Bush !
  226. Brownie is a moron.
  227. Thoughts on Bird Flu?
  228. Where should America invade next?
  229. CIA holds suspects in secret prisons.
  230. New study: loss of arctic tundra.
  231. Some conservatives question whether Rove should stay.
  232. Secret Dem meeting in DC over reasons for Iraq war
  233. Wilson demands Rove resignation.
  234. The George W. Bush Loyalty Quiz
  235. WTF? Poll shows USA distrust of Canada
  236. Army recruiters
  237. Bush nominates another a*&^%#le!
  238. Katrina Evacuees facing eviction.
  239. US admits it's counted 26,000 Iraqi dead.
  240. Repugs urge reining in Cheney.
  241. Berlusconi says he tried to stop invasion of Iraq.
  242. Cheney to testify in open court???
  243. Dubya does it again
  244. Will indictment shatter GOP security image?
  245. Great Video: Republican gets owned by callers
  246. Libby Indicted
  247. Libby to be indicted in CIA case, lawyers say
  248. DeLay: Neoconservatism being criminalized.. what a joke.
  249. Major republican donor INDICTED! HAHAHAHAH
  250. Miers debacle hits struggling president