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  1. Flag pin flip flop
  2. Controversy over Barack Obama Curious George tee shirt
  3. John Edwards endorses Barack Obama, praises Hillary Clinton also
  4. Sean Penn warns Barack Obama at Cannes Film Festival opening
  5. Hillary Clinton should be allowed to finish out campaign because she's 'sensitive'
  6. Truth Serum
  7. Tar Sands: The oil junkie's last fix
  8. Barack Obama's inability to hire good help rears its head- again
  9. Campaign brought sexism out of hiding
  10. Who is really responsible for the high prices you pay for gasoline?
  11. Terrified Republicans reluctantly embrace their nemesis, John McCain
  12. Ron Paul to stage revolt against John McCain at GOP convention
  13. Latin American group sues Dems over Texas caucus
  14. Barack Obama sacks adviser over talks with Hamas
  15. Barack Obama needs a history lesson
  16. Hillary Clinton donors threaten congressional Dems with cash cutoff AGAIN
  17. Vote for Hillary Clinton - she's whiter, and white people matter more
  18. Legalization of Marijuana - yes or no?
  19. Bush fires FEC commissionner who exposed John McCain's campaign violations
  20. Michigan Sucks! No health benefits for gay partners in Michigan
  21. What is the difference between Democrats and Republicans?
  22. Hillary Clinton has LOST even if Michigan and Florida votes were counted. It's over.
  23. Barack Obama wins in North Carolina, but trails Hillary Clinton in Indiana
  24. Christopher Hitchens: Is Michelle Obama responsible for the Jeremiah Wright fiasco?
  25. Rush Limbaugh initiates "Operation Chaos", tells neocons to vote for Hillary Clinton
  26. Barack Obama's Rev. Wright "stole a wife"
  27. Polls: Barack Obama falters with working-class whites
  28. Border Patrol lets some illegals go over and over again
  29. Head of NRCC says they would rather run against Obama
  30. New pastor Otis Moss compares Wright to Jesus, backs up predecessor on AIDS, drugs
  31. Are you confused yet?
  32. The geographically challenged candidate
  33. Tall tales about Tuskegee
  34. Hillary Clinton advisor clip was doctored
  35. The truth vs. Barack Obama
  36. Preacher thrown out of John McCain rally for asking a question
  37. Dick Cheney says 'F#@$ the whales' and blocks new law to protect them
  38. Surprise, surprise: George Bush worst president ever
  39. Illegal aliens march, demand rights
  40. DC Madam Deborah Jeane Palfrey commits suicide
  41. North Carolina Attorney General investigates suspicious robo calls
  42. Where were Barack Obama's friends?
  43. Coffee machine bests "in touch with common man" Hillary Clinton. Epic Fail.
  44. Barack Obama pal is an enemy too
  45. More superdelegates jump to Barack Obama
  46. DNC vs. John McCain
  47. John Paul Stevens VS. Barack Obama on voter fraud
  48. Al Sharpton whines that Barack Obama told him off
  49. Newt Gingrich joins Rush Limbaugh in pushing Hillary Clinton's campaign
  50. New Rev. Wright remarks leave Barack Obama wounded (Hillary Clinton up +9 in Indiana)
  51. "Shocking charge: John McCain & Connie Stevens affair!"
  52. Republicans know how to run the economy. No really. I mean it.
  53. Rev. Wright to Barack Obama: Coming after you
  54. Democrats self-inflicted confusion
  55. The truth about Barack Obama & William Ayers: follow the money
  56. Susan Estrich: Who needs friends like the Rev. Jeremiah Wright?
  57. Elizabeth Edwards slams media "Cliff Notes" coverage
  58. Barack Obama donor received state grant
  59. Hillary Clinton's superdelegate lead drops from 106 to 23
  60. Barack Obama's alleged homosexual accuser resurfaces via Puerto Rican TV
  61. Bill Clinton tells Hillary Clinton to ramp up the attacks on Barack Obama
  62. Barack Obama still takes in oil money
  63. Hillary Clinton lies about husband's terrorist pardonings
  64. Democrats may push $172 billion for war
  65. Barack Obama should be the last one to complain about dirty GOP tactics
  66. Blacks think Hillary trying to destroy Obama in 2008 so she can run in 2012
  67. Dealer of gun used in Virginia Tech shootings visits campus
  68. John McCain good for NOBODY, opposes equal pay bill in Senate!
  69. While the Democrats brawl.......
  70. DNC rules provide for FL and MI delegates to be seated
  71. John McCain's pastor says New Orleans was destroyed by God because of gays
  72. Nancy Pelosi hearts George Bush and his war
  73. Rev. Wright offering fresh fodder to Barack Obama critics
  74. Hillary Clinton keeps repeating she wants Florida and Michigan votes
  75. Dems back off health care promises
  76. The next George McGovern
  77. Barack Obama & Iraq: What happens when rhetoric meets reality
  78. Hillary Clinton: won some battles, but lost the war
  79. Will the Democrats commit political suicide?
  80. Hillary Clinton lies some more, what else is new..
  81. What does the North Carolina debate retreat mean?
  82. GOP strategist: Racism would give John McCain 15% advantage over Barack Obama
  83. Michael Moore backs Barack Obama over Hillary Clinton's 'disgusting' campaign tactics
  84. Four groups of voters may be key to election
  85. Very interesting Barack Obama video
  86. Colorado lawmaker removed from podium over Mexicans remark
  87. Mad TV political ads
  88. Ut oh... possible FDLS caller is... a Barack Obama delegate???
  89. 35,000 spectators greet Barack Obama at Independence Park in Philly
  90. Camille Paglia comes out against Hilary Clinton
  91. ABC hosts heckeled after debate; "The crowd is turning on me."
  92. Debate questions I'd still like to ask
  93. Substance abuse, liars and emails
  94. Barack Obama tied to lobbyists
  95. Jimmy Carter and Hamas
  96. Barack Obama's claims of independence questioned
  97. Dems enter the Dead Zone
  98. Arab world hates us - thanks George Bush (and Darth)!
  99. Carl Bernstein’s view: What a Hillary Clinton presidency would look like
  100. Food costs rising fastest in 17 years
  101. Here's a reason why the US government won't stop illegal immigration
  102. Matt Drudge: John McCain tells frustrated staff to cease attacks on Hillary Clinton
  103. Democrat rivals defend abortion
  104. What Hillary Clinton wishes she could say
  105. Hillary Clinton portrays herself as a pro-gun churchgoer
  106. 12 reasons why "bitter" is bad for Barack Obama
  107. Jimmy Carter and Al Gore to end Hillary Clinton's bid
  108. Meeting David Wilson - Racism in America
  109. Online: A never-ending supply of gruesome street-fighting
  110. Bill Clinton: My wife is old and forgets major events in her life (Bosnia sniper etc)
  111. Bill Clinton's post-presidential perks cost taxpayers
  112. U.S. travel restriction on "terrorist" Nelson Mandela to be lifted
  113. Millions wasted on US government credit cards
  114. Barack Obama's pastor Jeremiah Wright a former Muslim?
  115. Barack Obama advance: 'get more white people'
  116. Kay Bailey Hutchison's stalker indicted
  117. Illinois law would bypass Electoral College
  118. Iraq's Tet happened and no one cared
  119. Mark Penn resigns from Hillary Clinton's campaign..
  120. Oral history: The Monica Lewinsky scandal ten years on
  121. 10 things you should know about John McCain (but probably don't)
  122. Bill & Hillary Clinton have made nearly $109M since 2000
  123. US crowds mark Martin Luther King anniversary
  124. John Edwards will not accept VP nomination
  125. Confidential document in Congress warns of conflict in America
  126. Ann Coulter: Barack Obama's 'How to Handle White People'
  127. Hillary Clinton "3AM Sequel Ad" misfires
  128. Hillary Clinton compares herself to Rocky Balboa
  129. USA 2008: The Great Depression
  130. Hillary Clinton's new strategy: claim Barack Obama wants to stop votes
  131. Screenwriter Nora Ephron calls Hillary Clinton a liar
  132. Barack Obama will likely win Texas delegate count..
  133. Philadelphia police officers punished over racist stickers
  134. Al Gore: Democrat race will resolve itself
  135. Fair weather friends: Bill and Hillary Clinton cut loose New Hampshire
  136. Senator Pat Leahy (D-VT) calls for Hillary Clinton to drop out of the race
  137. Pennsylvania senator Bob Casey to endorse Barack Obama
  138. Hillary Clinton viewed most negatively amongst voters; leads pack in negative ratings
  139. Reverend Jeremiah Wright's letter to the New York Times
  140. Chelsea Clinton has quick response for Lewinsky question
  141. Karl Rove offers Barack Obama some dubious advice
  142. Double Negative - The return of Doughface Liberalism
  143. Hillary Clinton as "Queen of Mean"
  144. Barack Obama's Pastor Jeremiah Wright slurs Italians in magazine article
  145. Pastor Dean J. Snyder on Reverend Jeremiah Wright...
  146. NBC-WSJ poll: New Hillary Clinton lows
  147. AK-47s are turning up more in US
  148. Hillary Clinton belongs to a cult trying to bring back zombie jesus
  149. Saddam Hussein's spies bankrolled Democrats' trip to Iraq
  150. World forensic experts: Sirhan Sirhan did NOT kill Robert F. Kennedy!
  151. Hillary Clinton donors threaten financial blackmail to Nancy Pelosi and DNC
  152. Barack Obama's year old letter to Bernanke and Paulson regarding housing crisis
  153. Time for Barack Obama to lose Tony McPeak
  154. Hillary Clinton comments on Rev. Wright
  155. Current talking point attack lies about Hillary Clinton
  156. Shi'ite ceasefire over in Iraq; attacks on US troops resume
  157. Detroit Mayor caught in sex scandal
  158. Barack Obama closing the gap in Pennsylvania April 22 Democratic Primary
  159. Hillary Clinton's long defeat: the audacity of hopelessness
  160. Victim’s kin: Virginia Tech families offered money not to sue
  161. Do as I say not as I do: Bill Richardson
  162. Three myths about the Democratic race
  163. Hillary Obama / Barack Clinton. Truly scary!
  164. Barack Obama plays defense on Rev & re-votes...
  165. Hillary Clinton camp denounces Barack Obama co-chair for Lewinsky comments
  166. Senator Hillary Clinton linked to embargo scandal
  167. Why Barack Obama's preacher problem is not going away
  168. The day Hillary Clinton knew she had lost
  169. United States death toll in Iraq hits 4,000
  170. Tony Rezko was on Barack Obama's staff in 2004
  171. Both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton embellish their roles in the Senate
  172. Plan for Superdelegate 'Mini Convention' seeks to end Democrats' internal warfare
  173. Hillary Clinton's own nasty Pastor problem
  174. John McCain may be old, but he's still a threat
  175. A Brief for Whitey by Pat Buchanan
  176. John Edwards not expected to endorse
  177. It's raining John McCain, WTF!
  178. Hard financial facts turning against Hillary Clinton
  179. Passport breach has links to Barack Obama advisor
  180. Barack Obama re-takes the Gallup polling lead after racial speech
  181. Campaign press gets way too close to John McCain (Dems at war, GOP on Spring Break)
  182. Barack Obama camp: Hillary Clinton would be 'deeply flawed' nominee
  183. Raging Cajun James Carville compares New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson to Judas
  184. Barack Obama's speech leaves a few question marks
  185. Barack Obama aide: Bill Clinton like Joe McCarthy
  186. Barack Obama's Speech: A brilliant fraud
  187. Political candidate legally changes name to 'Pro-Life'
  188. Hillary Clinton lies about trip to Bosnia
  189. '3 AM Girl' denounces Hillary Clinton's campaign
  190. Is Hillary Clinton's 'Firewall' the politics of racism?
  191. Barack Obama has no excuse: by Armstrong Williams
  192. Hillary Clinton advisor: About 10% chance of winning
  193. Bill Richardson endorses Barack Obama
  194. Reverend Jeremiah Wright snippets in sermon context
  195. If Iraq is better, it's because of John McCain, world asks "WTF?!"
  196. John McCain aide suspended over video forward
  197. SHOCK POLL: 1 in 5 Dems defect to John McCain if their candidate loses nomination...
  198. Bill Clinton spilled his guts about Monica Lewinsky to Rev. White
  199. Hillary Clinton sits beside vetted Rev. White at fundraiser. Gasp.
  200. John McCain, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama's passport files breached
  201. Barack Obama: Grandmother "typical white person"
  202. A nagging Jeremiah Wright question
  203. Barack Obama puts his foot in his mouth again!
  204. Barack Obama church published Hamas terror manifesto
  205. Hillary Clinton takes lead over Barack Obama in Gallup poll
  206. Mike Huckabee defends Barack Obama and Reverend Jeramiah Wright
  207. Hillary Clinton's "experience-building" schedule as First Lady shockingly bare
  208. Two-thirds of Americans think the war wasn't worth fighting. Dick Cheney says, "So?"
  209. John McCain takes the lead in polls as Democrats feud (thanks Hillary Clinton!)
  210. Newly released Hillary Clinton schedule: she worked on passing NAFTA! (lied to OH)
  211. John McCain keeps lying about Iraq; Barack Obama smacks him for it
  212. Anti-Barack Obama pastor unleashed: 'he was born trash'
  213. Why Barack Obama's speech on race was such a political home run
  214. Five years after starting the Iraq War, Bush has no regrets
  215. 56% say Rev. Wright makes them less likely to vote for Barack Obama
  216. Barack Obama's speech won't make Wright or race go away
  217. Hillary Clinton's Civil War pt.2
  218. Are we our brother's keeper!
  219. I'm black and for Hillary Clinton - get over it
  220. Barack Obama's response to Jeremiah Wright
  221. Barack Obama's speech: too little too late?
  222. Barack Obama's speech was brilliant, but...
  223. Don't forget the movement
  224. Barack Obama confronts racial division in U.S. in speech
  225. Former NJ gay Gov. admits to TGI Friday's threesomes with his wife & driver
  226. Report: New New York governor admits affair
  227. Speeches, myths and the mess
  228. Bill Clinton rejects criticism that he's been race-baiting in campaign
  229. Hillary Clinton to start a Democratic civil war in slash and burn campaign
  230. Bomb kills 43 killed in Iraq while McCain and Cheney visit
  231. A free-spirited wanderer who set Barack Obama’s path
  232. Political dirty double standard!
  233. Barack Obama's crisis and Martin Luther King Jr's hard truths
  234. I had a threesome with Governor Jim McGreevy and wife
  235. Barack Obama attended Hate America sermon
  236. Barack Obama's earmarks included wife's hospital
  237. Barack Obama silent on earmarks as Ill. Senator
  238. Barrack Obama's mother - an unconventional life
  239. Hillary Clinton earmark requests: You ask, we don't tell
  240. Barack Obama admits more extensive Antoin Rezko ties
  241. Barack Obama: On my faith and church
  242. Barack Obama 'pained and angered' by Jeremiah Wright's remarks
  243. Baby Boomer women have lost their collective minds
  244. The Queen of Earmarks? RNC calls Hillary Clinton 'President of Pork'
  245. Barack Obama is my cool art teacher, Hillary Clinton is my mean science teacher
  246. Dr. Laura Schlessinger blames Eliot Spitzer's wife
  247. Barack Obama's pastor: God damn America, US to blame for 9/11
  248. Barack Obama's spiritual advisor: Hillary Clinton ain't never been called a N*gger!
  249. Geraldine Ferraro: Oops I said it BEFORE!! Black man flashback!!
  250. US Veterans Dispatch: John McCain unfit to serve as Commander in Chief