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  1. Barack Obama hits back at John McCain over patriotism attacks & Iraq
  2. Saddleback bloopers
  3. An election just like any other
  4. Nancy Pelosi says God sent us Barack Obama
  5. Hillary Clinton is VP favorite among delegates
  6. "The lack of any consistent lines of attack against John McCain is becoming palpable"
  7. Former POW says he won't vote for John McCain
  8. Michael Bloomberg to be on Presidential ballot in VA
  9. Barack Obama calls right-to-lifers liars, they call him liar back
  10. John McCain cheated on answers at evangelical forum
  11. Dems offer lesson in misleading on taxes
  12. Barack Obama to Wesley Clark: your services not needed
  13. Seeing tougher race, allies ask Barack Obama to make ‘hope’ specific
  14. Shoulder Season: an opinion of the current world climate
  15. Is John McCain winning over evangelicals?
  16. Rep.: Half of House Dems may vote Hillary Clinton at DNC
  17. Democrats brace for Barack Obama's VP pick via text mail this week
  18. Barack Obama and John McCain answer questions at religious forum
  19. Oh fucking hell: John Kerry to be Barack Obama's vice pres pick?!?
  20. John Edwards' chief fundraiser explains why he paid off Rielle Hunter
  21. Jackson Browne sues John McCain, RNC for using his song in ad
  22. Donors pick up convention tabs
  23. Tax deceptions
  24. Lobbyists not pictured here
  25. The truth about tire pressure
  26. Dems soften edges on abortion
  27. Russia threatens to nuke Poland over US missile defense plan
  28. George W. Bush still raking in cash for GOP
  29. A selection of anti Obama merchandise
  30. Democratic buyer remorse with Barack Obama and Clinton drama
  31. Barack Obama goes insane, puts Hillary Clinton's name up for nomination
  32. The troops overseas love Barack Obama, not so much John McCain
  33. Let's play guess the candidate! GOP.com
  34. John McCain adviser got money from Republic of Georgia
  35. John McCain helps break Abramoff scandal, then takes money from his corrupt partner
  36. Barack Obama goes after Republican votes with 'Republicans for Obama'
  37. What sank Hillary Clinton's campaign? Incompetence and infighting
  38. Report: Hillary Clinton was told to cast Barack Obama as un-American
  39. Doubt cast on citizens delivered by midwives in Texas
  40. Barack Obama's new ad turns 'celebrity' label back on John McCain
  41. John Edwards is just latest MSM embarrassment
  42. Inquiry in Ohio could hurt Barack Obama vote
  43. Are Democrats now pro-life?
  44. Anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan on the ballot against Nancy Pelosi
  45. The Republican party: The party of stupid
  46. Barack Obama: “America is no longer what it once was”
  47. When war goes corporate
  48. Dem that ran KKK ad loses in landslide
  49. What was that about tax and spend Liberals?
  50. Exxon evil? Not when the money goes to the Dems
  51. White supremacists hope Barack Obama win prompts backlash
  52. Lawsuit exposes rift between gays & blacks in the DNC
  53. Senate Democrats to Barack Obama: Hit John McCain harder! Stop being a wuss!
  54. Popular Mechanics prove John McCain is an ignorant tool
  55. John McCain memo leaked: paint Barack Obama as a 'job killing machine!'
  56. Florida man held for threatening to assassinate Presidential candidate Barack Obama
  57. Hillary Clinton planning to derail Barack Obama at Democratic convention
  58. The Straight Talk Express becomes the No Questions, Get Out Express
  59. Barack Obama on energy: Republicans take pride in being ignorant
  60. Could Barack Obama still lose the nomination?
  61. Those damn cookies
  62. Poll: Nearly half of those polled hearing too much about Barack Obama
  63. The biggest flip-flops of 2008
  64. When 'skinny' means 'black"
  65. Newspaper: Black reporter booted from John McCain rally
  66. Cyndi Lauper lashes out at George Bush
  67. The Barack Obama/ John McCain Energy Charade
  68. Author claims White House knew Iraq had no WMD
  69. Barack Obama caves on offshore oil drilling
  70. Nancy Pelosi advises Dems 'drill for votes'
  71. Is it Barack Obama/Evan Bayh 08??
  72. Bill Clinton: I am not a racist
  73. Barack Obama now wants full voting rights for FL and MI delegates
  74. Gwyneth Paltrow urges ex-pat Americans to vote Barack Obama
  75. Kathy Hilton pissed off by John McCain ad
  76. Barack Obama / Wesley Clark '08?
  77. Barack Obama too skinny to be president?
  78. Poll: John McCain's attack strategy paying dividends
  79. KBR bans personal cell phone use
  80. Bush tours America to survey damage caused by his Presidency
  81. Barack Obama says John McCain's campaign is cynical, not racist
  82. Barack Obama says he opposes slavery reparations, apology
  83. Barack Obama is The One
  84. When journalists applaud Barack Obama they're betraying their profession
  85. 'Vote Republican' - Wal-Mart pressures employees
  86. Big Oil: "Let us pollute or you'll all die."
  87. 'Is John McCain stupid?' - asks the Wall Street Journal
  88. Finally! Hillary Clinton for VP drive folds, as hopes for dream ticket fade
  89. John McCain planned to attack Barack Obama if he DID visit wounded troops overseas
  90. Dems attach more money for troops to energy bill Republicans are filibustering
  91. John McCain plays the race card
  92. Barack Obama's energy plan: inflate your tires
  93. Barack Obama campaign site: “Kike Filth” trying to steal election
  94. Once again, Barack Obama has called you a racist
  95. John McCain's new ad portrays Barack Obama as a celebrity not a leader
  96. Ludacris calls Hillary Clinton a bitch
  97. Barack Obama to House Dems: If sanctions fail, Israel will likely strike Iran
  98. House panel votes to cite Karl Rove for contempt
  99. Karl Rove calls Barack Obama "arrogant". He means "uppity negro."
  100. Family values Republican held fundraisers in Vegas strip clubs
  101. Barack Obama says he'll order review of executive orders if elected
  102. Alaskan Senator Ted Stevens indicted
  103. John McCain flip flops on his no-new tax pledge
  104. John Edwards, Hillary Clinton top favorites & top unfavorites for VP
  105. Congress to ban toxic kids toys; Bush says he'll veto
  106. Record deficit for next president
  107. Republicans filibuster bipartisan bills to help homeless kids, stroke victims, etc
  108. Jon Voight: My concerns for America
  109. Columinst Robert Nova diagnosed w/brain tumor. Pedestrians/bicyclists sigh in relief
  110. The ten worst job interview questions. Ever
  111. John McCain takes aim at Barack Obama’s character
  112. John McCain flip-flops on immigration
  113. John McCain flip-flips on oil drilling, sees oil campaign donations skyrocket
  114. Barack Obama visits England
  115. Barack Obama taps Warren Buffett, others for economy `fine tuning'
  116. Barack Obama defends tour, says John McCain shifting on war
  117. Wis. Democrats oust disgruntled Hillary Clinton delegate over John McCain support
  118. How hospitals are killing E.R. patients
  119. John McCain says he was against the Iraq war. Uh, no.
  120. John McCain rejects 'audacity of hopelessness' for Iraq
  121. Barack Obama, John McCain seek demographic force like soccer moms
  122. He ventured forth to bring light to the world
  123. Pentagon blocks Barack Obama from visiting wounded troops. Highly illegal.
  124. House Judiciary Committee takes step to investigate allegations of serious misconduct
  125. Please do not vote for a Democrat billboard.....
  126. Voters greet Barack Obama trip with praise, skepticism
  127. In Germany, Barack Obama urges joint fight against terror
  128. Vigorous debate held on military's 'don't ask, don't tell'
  129. Widow wants San Francisco sanctuary law changed after illegal charged with murder
  130. Vijay Kumar: Why I left the left
  131. Hip-hop star Nas protests FOX News 'Obama smears'
  132. Barack Obama panders to the Palestinians on Jerusalem
  133. Barack Obama panders to the Israelis, implies nuclear option is on the table re: Iran
  134. Mr. Obama in Iraq -did he really find support for his withdrawal plan?
  135. Corporate media covers for John McCain's mistakes
  136. Barack Obama ban: What not to wear where?
  137. John Edwards caught with mistress and love child!
  138. Foreign tour a media bonanza for Barack Obama
  139. Eventually we will all hate Barack Obama too
  140. Campaign Cola lets you drink to the best candidate
  141. Are Barack Obama and John McCain getting same campaign coverage?
  142. Young, gay and murdered in Junior High
  143. Poll indicates voters will reject California gay marriage ban
  144. Soldier in famous Iraq War photo never defeated 'demons'
  145. Most homeless in San Francisco have city-funded home
  146. John McCain thinks rape jokes make him "authentic"
  147. Army to shoot live pigs for medical drill
  148. Second tax rebates on the way? Democrats weigh in on possiblity
  149. Network anchors to follow Barack Obama's trek abroad
  150. What else Jesse Jackson said
  151. New spoof video on Barack Obama and John McCain
  152. George Bush says no funding for hospitals who deny pro-life staff
  153. Department of Health and Human Services to classify contraception as abortion
  154. The abject failures of the Democrat controlled congress
  155. John McCain scams the finance system yet again, press ignores it
  156. US soldier who deserted over Iraq is deported by Canada
  157. May we mock, Barack Obama?
  158. John McCain assailed for opposing adoptions by gays
  159. Bush's dumbfuck speech about the economy: You're all a bunch of whiners
  160. Mortgage scandal a bipartisan affair
  161. Barack Obama purges web site critique of surge in Iraq
  162. Indiana University says sorry to janitor scolded over KKK book
  163. Outrage over the Obamas cover feature image by the New Yorker
  164. Officials: 9 US troops killed in Afghanistan
  165. Israel's peculiar position
  166. Bernie Mac makes off-color joke at Barack Obama fundraiser
  167. We're all worth 1 million less thanks to Bush
  168. Karl Rove ignores subpoena
  169. Arlington Cemetary official fired for honoring wishes of Iraq soldier's family
  170. George Bush: Klassy to the end
  171. Jesse Jackson on Barak Obama's "nuts"
  172. Make sure your child can speak Spanish- Barack Obama
  173. Barack Obama Brandenburg speech proposal draws Angela Merkel's ire
  174. Hillary Clinton supporters defecting to John McCain: a myth?
  175. Congressional approval falls to single digits for first time ever
  176. A powerful easy way to tell Barack Obama to get FISA right
  177. Wesley Clark 'moving on'
  178. Too smart to vote for John McCain; feminists would have to be insane to vote McCain
  179. Dickless Cheney cuts climate report to ribbons to avoid tougher pollution controls
  180. Hillary Clinton diehards throw support behind John McCain
  181. How domestic surveillance affects you and me
  182. Barack Obama will give convention speech at stadium
  183. John McCain and Barack Obama practise their u-turns
  184. Employers use federal law to deny benefits
  185. Hillary Clinton supporters still not embracing Barack Obama, poll says
  186. Hell gets a little more crowded: hatemonger Sen. Jesse Helms (R-NC) finally dead
  187. Barack Obama dives into abortion debate, raises eyebrows
  188. 'Black National Anthem' brings Denver City Council president hate mail
  189. What? The Iraq War was about oil and George Bush is connected? NO WAY
  190. Why more Jews won't be voting Democrat this year
  191. The coming Bob Barr-Ron Paul political alliance
  192. Barack Obama's voters protest his switch on Telecom Immunity
  193. Barack Obama's ad's false claims
  194. John McCain ad distorts Barack Obama's energy position
  195. George W. Bush's third term
  196. "What if we threw out all the illegal immigrants"
  197. The flip flop obsession
  198. Equal pay for women promised by Barack Obama, but practiced by John McCain
  199. Barack Obama vows to expand George Bush's faith based programs
  200. Wesley Clark blasts John McCain's military service
  201. John McCain debates himself on immigration and loses
  202. Oh no she didn't: Bill Clinton wants Barack Obama to kiss his ass
  203. After meeting gay Republicans, John McCain vows to be more anti-gay
  204. Keith Olbermann and Glenn Greenwald feud over FISA
  205. Recent rulings spotlight election's supreme stakes
  206. Grim proving ground for Barack Obama's housing policy
  207. Major turbulence ahead for U.S. airlines
  208. Barack Obama makes John McCain's campaign look incredibly stupid again
  209. Oil spill ruling leaves Alaska victims stunned (not enough $$$ for retirement)
  210. SCOTUS strikes down DC gun ban
  211. Foreclosure Aid bill passes the Senate, Bush threatens to veto
  212. John McCain secretly meets with gay Republicans, gets cooties
  213. Leaders of the Free World!
  214. John McCain is aware of the internet. Just FYI.
  215. Bush admin refuses to pen report from EPA that calls for tougher air pollution laws
  216. Dems who flipped on FISA immunity see more telecom cash
  217. Ralph Nader: "Barack Obama is trying to act white cuz whitey loves it"
  218. Court rejects death penalty for raping children
  219. Georgia sex offenders challenge church volunteer ban
  220. Senate Democrats eviscerate 4th amendment, refuse to filibuster FISA bill
  221. John McCain says eBay will save poor people!!!!
  222. RNC retains $50 million cash advantage over DNC
  223. John McCain campaign: "another terrorist attack would really help us."
  224. MoveOn to Barack Obama: Keep your word and Filibuster FISA
  225. Attack book about Barack Obama planned for summer
  226. Who will you/would you vote for in the November presidential election?
  227. John McCain: "I do not support Roe v. Wade. It should be overturned."
  228. How ignorant can they get: Meet Michelle Obama, my (black) friend!
  229. John McCain breaks more campaign laws while visiting Canada, eh
  230. President Bush and the Justices behaved badly
  231. Public funding on the ropes
  232. White House win on FISA
  233. Barack Obama's lame claim about John McCain's money
  234. IRS goes after pastor who told congregation that God wanted them to vote republican
  235. John McCain didn't love America till he was a POW
  236. Iowa tells politicans to stay away, John McCain ignores them for a photo op
  237. George Bush blathers on about Iraq like it's 2003
  238. John McCain flip-flops on offshore oil drilling, and is an idiot to boot
  239. Barack Obama breaks earlier pledge on public financing
  240. John McCain screws up again, this time by using Fred Thompson to attack Barack Obama
  241. Barack Obama: NAFTA not so bad after all
  242. John McCain uses his thieving crackhead wife to attack Michelle Obama. LOLZ.
  243. John McCain picks 180 flip-flopper Rudy Giuliani for National Security Advisor spot
  244. John McCain lies about 9/11 - Yawn. Wake me when something new happens
  245. US torturing and abusing detainees who were never charged
  246. Muslims barred from picture at Barack Obama event
  247. 67% support offshore drilling - Rassmussen
  248. Way to show that Democratic Party unity!!
  249. John McCain flip-flops on offshore oil drilling, Barack Obama bitchslaps him for it
  250. Barack Obama bitchslaps GOP on terror, calling them incompetent