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  1. Ann Coulter calls Obama a retard
  2. US justice likely coming soon to Benghazi with extrajudicial executions
  3. The remarkable, unfathomable ignorance of Debbie Wasserman Schultz
  4. Donald Trump has BIG announcement about Pres. Obama!!
  5. George S. McGovern dies at 90
  6. Fort Hood shooting victims want attack called terror
  7. Vote for Romney or You're Fired - endorsed by Mitt himself
  8. Pres. Obama Is Operating in Unprecedented Secrecy While Attacking the Secret Tellers
  9. Green Party candidate Jill Stein arrested outside debate
  10. Right-Wingers [women] Ask: Why 'Let' Women Vote?
  11. Federal Court throws out conviction of Osama bin Laden driver
  12. Leaked Debate Agreement Shows Both Obama and Romney are Sniveling Cowards
  13. Former Senator Arlen Specter dead at 82
  14. 2012 VP Debate
  15. CEO to Workers: I May Fire You if Obama Wins
  16. Another Arkansas Republican legislator - Jesus didn't condemn slavery
  17. Mila Kunis On Jesus And Republicans
  18. Charlie Fuqua, Arkansas Candidate, Endorses Death Penalty For Rebellious Kids
  19. Daily Show co-Creator Launches Lady Parts Justice
  20. Republican Paul Broun: Evolution, Big Bang 'Lies Straight From The Pit Of Hell'
  21. Is the U.S. Admitting Defeat in Afghanistan?
  22. 2012 Presidential Debate Thread
  23. Bush-Appointed Judge Issues Righteous Defense of Birth Control Mandate
  24. Today's Idiot News: Virginia Man Kills Family, Self Over Prospect of Obama Reelection
  25. Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton Lives On Food Stamp Budget For A Week
  26. Will 9 GOP Governors Electronically Flip Romney Into the White House?
  27. Documents show enormous spike in warrantless surveillance
  28. Feds Arrest Mohammed Filmmaker
  29. The Potential For a Diplomatic Drone Disaster
  30. Ralph Nader: Barack Obama’s a 'war criminal'
  31. The U.S. Senate Is Busy Arguing About Dead Polar Bears
  32. Arizona “show-your-papers” law begins
  33. It's on like Donkey Kong! O'Reilly vs. Stewart LIVE
  34. Mitt Romney recorded without his knowledge - oops
  35. Mitt Romney: "I didn't know [gay people] had families"
  36. Court Rules that Woman Who Aborted at Home Cannot Be Prosecuted
  37. Ninth Prisoner Dies at Guantanamo Bay
  38. Democrats put God, Jerusalem back in platform over objections
  39. Stuttering and Sincerity: The DNC
  40. Desmond Tutu: George W. Bush and Tony Blair Should Face Prosecution for Iraq War
  41. ND Senate Candidate Voted For Life Sentences for Abortion In Cases Of Rape, Incest
  42. ICE chief of staff Suzanne Barr resigns amid sexual misconduct claims
  43. Ten ways Americans have lost their freedom
  44. DOJ: No Charges in CIA Detainee Death Investigations
  45. Apple Says No Thanks to App that Tracks Deaths from U.S. Drones
  46. Fact Check - fair look at each party
  47. Paul Ryan's RNC Speech
  48. Personhood Measure Fails in Colorado, Fails to Deter Personhood USA from Being Crazy
  49. SEAL Book: Osama Was Killed Unarmed, Biden Is Like a ‘Drunken Uncle’
  50. Michelle Obama Pictured As Nude Slave in Spanish Magazine
  51. Paul Ryan on abortion exceptions: Rape is just another ‘method of conception’
  52. Remember Afghanistan?
  53. Court Rules That Texas Can Withhold Planned Parenthood Funding
  54. Planned Parenthood Fends Off Its First Criminal Case in Kansas
  55. Missouri Republican claims 'legitimate rape' rarely results in pregnancy
  56. Mitt Romney picks Paul Ryan as VP running mate
  57. How Romney Funded Bain Start-up (long)
  58. Porn Queen Jenna Jameson voices her support for Mitt Romney
  59. President Obama authorizes U.S. support for Syrian rebels
  60. Congress Wants to See President Obama's "License to Kill"
  61. 'Black Women Who Look Like Me Aren’t Lesbians’ Politician Now Has a Google Problem
  62. Who do you think will win the 2012 U.S. Presidential election?
  63. Mysterious crash exposes US Troops Operating in Mali
  64. Marty Golden Cancels 'Feminine Presence' Class
  65. Federal Judge Keeps Mississippi’s Lone Abortion Clinic Open for Now
  66. You Can't Handle the Truth About Fast and Furious So Don't Be Nosy, America
  67. SCOTUS Strikes Down Most Of Arizona Immigration Law
  68. Inge Marler, Arkansas Tea Party Leader, Makes Racist Joke At Event
  69. So, You’ve Decided To Whack A Raghead
  70. U.S. Again Bombs Mourners
  71. Jay Townsend, GOP Spokesman: 'Let's Hurl Some Acid At Female Democratic Senators'
  72. “Militants”: US media propaganda
  73. Guests complain about Bill Clinton's fundraising event
  74. Federal Court Slams Indefinite Detention
  75. Obama backs gay marriage!!!
  76. North Carolina Makes Marriage Between a Man and a Woman the Only Legal Domestic Union
  77. Wait 3 days for a Utah abortion? Why not wait to have sex, too?
  78. Stop the gays from marrying to save the white race says senator's wife
  79. Newt Gingrich drops out of 2012 presidential race, endorses Mitt Romney
  80. What President Obama didn’t mention in Kabul
  81. Mitt Romney’s Sexist Spokesman Is Forced to Resign Because He’s Gay
  82. Stephen King: Tax Me, for F**k’s Sake!
  83. New and Improved Rules for Drone Warfare
  84. Government spying bill gets rammed through house - no privacy for any American at all
  85. Secret Service Colombian Hooker Scandal Now a Hooker-and-Blow Scandal
  86. Life begins 2 weeks before you even have sex, according to Arizona
  87. Hillary Clinton Blows Our Minds By Submitting Her Own ‘Text from Hillary’
  88. Santorum dropping out
  89. Marion Barry Half-Sorry for Telling ‘Dirty’ Asians to Get Out of His Town
  90. Phyllis Schlafly Is Still Alive And Still An Idiot
  91. New Mississippi Law May Force State’s Only Abortion Clinic to Close
  92. Terrible New Law Requires Women to Give Birth to Nonviable Fetuses
  93. House GOP: Rape Prevention Measures an Unreasonable Luxury
  94. Ladies Who Can’t Afford Birth Control Should Just Google It, Says Legislator
  95. Wisconsin Lawmaker Says Women Should Stay in Abusive Marriages
  96. The conflicting Afghan shooting reports
  97. Big Brother on campus
  98. John Edwards is First Name Uncovered in Manhattan prostitution ring investigation
  99. Wisconsin bans Women From buying private abortion coverage
  100. The right not to know - One Woman's Ordeal with Texas' New Sonogram Law
  101. Rick Santorum wants to ban pornography
  102. Arizona Senate judiciary committee endorses controversial contraceptive bill
  103. Mitt Romney On Planned Parenthood: We Will 'Get Rid' Of It
  104. US Will Release Gitmo Prisoners to Taliban In Prisoner Swap
  105. Richard Nixon’s Surprisingly Touching Love Letters Will Confuse Your Genitals
  106. What America Lost When Dennis Kucinich Lost
  107. US offered Israel advanced weaponry —to delay attack until after election
  108. NSA whistle-blower: Obama “worse than Bush”
  109. Limbaugh Doubles Down Sexist Attack Against Sandra Fluke, Demands She Post Sex Tape
  110. Conservative Blogger Andrew Breitbart Dead
  111. The Drones Are On Their Way Folks
  112. Anti-Gay Governor’s Gay Hairstylist Quits Over Her Dickery
  113. Arizona Sheriff and GOP candidate comes out the closet after misconduct claims
  114. In My Day Gals Put Aspirin Between Their Knees, and Other Helpful Suggestions
  115. Warning for rage inducement: Fox Contributor on Women & Rape in the Miliatary
  116. Chuck Woolery doesn't think blacks or gays deserve civil rights
  117. Privacy Death Stars Approved By Congress
  118. Repulsive progressive hypocrisy
  119. U.S. drones targeting rescuers and mourners
  120. Civilian Deaths Due to Drones Are Not Many, Pres Obama Claims
  121. Sanctions v. negotiations on Iran
  122. Pres. Obama quietly sells arms to human rights-abuser Bahrain
  123. Did Mitt Romney Convert His Dead Atheist Father-in-Law to Mormonism?
  124. The human rights “success” in Libya
  125. Rick Santorum thinks pregnancy through rape is God's gift
  126. Western justice and transparency
  127. Did Newt Gingrich Out Brit Hume’s Dead Gay Son?
  128. A Documentary Makes the Case Against Torture by Interviewing the Tortured
  129. Chris Dodd- SOPA's Paid Crusader
  130. Santorum Campaign Worker Believes God Doesn’t Want a Female President
  131. 10 reasons the U.S. is no longer the land of the free
  132. Cyndi Lauper's 'True Colors' Removed From Mitt Romney Smear Ad After Complaint
  133. Edging toward intervention in Syria
  134. The Scandal That Isn't on the Pissing Marines Video
  135. When Mitt Romney Came to Town
  136. Apropos of the Foxxcon suicides in China...
  137. Happy 10th Birthday, Guantanamo Bay
  138. Pres. Obama Okays Monitoring of Reporters
  139. US & Israel murdering Iranian scientists?
  140. The White House's new 1%-approved stooge
  141. The rise of the political lie
  142. My Guantánamo Nightmare
  143. Rick Santorum: A Father in Jail is Better Than Two Gay Parents at Home‎
  144. Newt Gingrich to blacks: demand more paychecks than food stamps
  145. Hard-line U.S. Policy Tips Iran Toward Belligerence
  146. Democratic Party Priorities
  147. Was Teen Killed By CIA Drone a Militant -- or Innocent Victim?
  148. Iowa: The Meaningless Sideshow Begins
  149. Michele Bachmann "Suspends" Campaign
  150. Ron Paul's barfy anti-abortion, anti-choice commercial
  151. The NDAA's historic assault on American liberty
  152. Progressives and the Ron Paul fallacies
  153. Ron Paul Ad
  154. Former U.S. President Richard Nixon a drunk (duh), wife beater and gay
  155. Under Pres. Obama, an emerging global apparatus for drone killing
  156. Convicted for words, not deeds
  157. U.S. Exits from Iraq without Incident
  158. Obama to approve indefinite detention and torture of Americans
  159. How Homeland Security Helped Jamaica Massacre 73 Civilians
  160. If I were a poor black kid...as imagined by upper middle class white guy
  161. 40 Celebrities Who Are Republicans
  162. Joe Arpaio Is Criticized Over Handling of Sex-Crimes Cases
  163. Police employ Predator drone spy planes on home front
  164. Rick Perry heckled over gays in military campaign ad‎
  165. Lowe's Pulls Ads for "All-American Muslim" After Protests
  166. Who Are The Female Firefighters In This Pearl Harbor Photo?
  167. U.S. Outraged a Foreign Country Would Torture Someone
  168. 20 Things You Should Know About the Bill That Could Ruin America
  169. Student Wins Right to Hang Confederate Flag in Dorm room
  170. So Americans Might Get Detained Now?
  171. Guantanamo Forever?
  172. Tensions Flare After US Air Strike Kills 25 Pakistani Soldiers
  173. Six Afghani Children Killed in Airstrike, Americans Yawn
  174. Fascist pigfucker cop peppersprays peaceful students point blank in face
  175. President Obama kisses Hugo Chavez in new Benetton ad
  176. 2012 Gay Agenda Planning
  177. The human toll of the U.S. drone campaign
  178. Herman Cain - sexual harassment charges
  179. Personhood Amendment in MS
  180. The killing of Anwar Awlaki’s 16-year-old son
  181. How America operates its drone empire
  182. Rick Perry: "Im being attacked because I'm a Christian"
  183. Living Under Alabama's New Immigration Law, HB56
  184. In Today's Episode of Total World War: US Sends Troops To Uganda
  185. How the Bush Administration Got Reporters to Stop Writing So Many ‘Bodybag’ Stories
  186. So, About that Iranian Assassination Plot
  187. Anthony Weiner Complained of ‘Backwards’ In-Laws to Sex Chat Pal
  188. In Economy Related News, Things Are Still Bad And Holiday Jobs Will Be Slim
  189. The due-process-free assassination of U.S. citizens is now reality
  190. Crony Capitalism: $737 Million Green Jobs Loan Given to Nancy Pelosi's Brother-In-Law
  191. President Obama: A disaster for civil liberties
  192. Guantanamo tribunal for USS Cole bombing suspect
  193. You Should Probably Start Preparing For War With Pakistan
  194. Pam Olsen: "Gay marriage causes tornadoes."
  195. The ACLU Report on President Obama and core liberties
  196. President Obama Nixes EPA’s Proposed Smog Standards
  197. How US firms profited from torture flights
  198. Boehner tells Obama to reschedule speech
  199. Mitt Romney plans to quadruple size of Calif. home
  200. Obama administration takes tough stance on banks
  201. Social Security disability on verge of insolvency
  202. U.S. Troops may stay in Afghanistan until 2024
  203. History wasn't Michelle Bachmann's favorite subject, y'all
  204. Fox News pretends Ron Paul doesn't exist(?)
  205. Where Do Today's Presidential Hopefuls Stand On Gay Issues?
  206. $360M lost to insurgents, criminals in Afghanistan
  207. Warren Buffett: Stop Coddling the Super-Rich
  208. Michelle Bachmann does not judge gays, y'all
  209. Michele Bachmann wins Iowa Straw Poll
  210. LOL anti-gay marriage politician accused of having sex with 18 year old
  211. Completing the Theft from the Social Security Trust Fund
  212. Michelle Bachmann is worried about the Renaissance, y'all
  213. What's This? The Dow Jones Is Dropping?
  214. Ann Coulter joins gay conservative group
  215. Did Newsweek choose Michele Bachmann cover photo to make her ‘look crazy’?
  216. Afghan president: 31 Americans killed in NATO helicopter crash
  217. Firm gives $1 million to pro-Mitt Romney group, then mysteriously vanishes
  218. George W. Bush explains slow reaction to September 11 attacks
  219. Tea Party 'pro-family' leader refuses to pay child support
  220. He’s labeled a sex offender — for sleeping with his own wife
  221. Another Congressman Charged With Being A Creep
  222. AP sources: Leon Panetta to OK end of military gay ban
  223. Tea Party thugs intimidate and disperse peaceful gathering of MoveOn
  224. Man's call for President Obama's assassination is free speech, not crime, court rules
  225. Is the US Searching For A Way To Stay In Iraq?
  226. The secret war in Somalia
  227. Obama tries to have Don't Ask, Don't Tell reinstated... AGAIN. For some reason.
  228. Hacker Who Turned in Bradley Manning Is a Bigger Scumbag Than We Imagined
  229. The CIA's Secret Sites in Somalia
  230. America's creditor identifies its budget problem
  231. UN torture official accuses US of rule violations
  232. Sarah Palin: 'I can win' the presidency
  233. For The Unemployed The Job Crisis Isnt Looking Up
  234. Michelle Bachmann will ban all porn if elected
  235. How the Bubble Destroyed the Middle Class
  236. Reports: Pres. Obama pushing for cuts to Social Security, Medicare
  237. Pres. Obama under fire over detention of terror suspect on US navy ship
  238. Court orders gay military service ban lifted
  239. The minimum wage: Job killer?
  240. Some States Are About To Crack Down On Unemployment Fraud
  241. DOJ Cracks Down On Medical Marijuana
  242. Meet Your Newest Presidential Candidate, ‘Thaddeus McCotter’
  243. Rick Santorum: What does John McCain know about torture?
  244. Justice Department to Drop Investigations Into CIA Officials Involved in Torture
  245. The missing facts in President Obama’s news conference
  246. US Now Drone Bombing in Somalia
  247. 5 Ways The United States Can Get Out Of Debt
  248. Glenn Beck and family attacked in New York
  249. Congress vs. the president on war powers
  250. Michele Bachmann is as stupid as Sarah Palin