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  1. Christopher Buckley endorses Barack Obama
  2. Angelina Jolie: "Barack Obama would be great for my family"
  3. Has media coverage of Sarah Palin been fair?
  4. John McCain gets BarackRoll'd
  5. GOP supporters now screaming for terrorist attack against Barack Obama
  6. Sensitive Sarah Palin ethics report kept secret, for now
  7. John Kerry: John McCain should be disqualified for hate-filled campaign
  8. Joe Biden calls Sarah Palin out for ignoring psychotic rants at her rallies
  9. Barack Obama to take over your TV (if he hasn't already)
  10. Talk about balls: Sarah Palin clears herself in troopergate probe
  11. This just in: Sarah Palin is fucking stupid
  12. NYT- Sarah Palin and aides made over 3 dozen calls to sack her brother-in-law
  13. Sarah Palin's SATs?
  14. Meet Sarah Palin's radical right-wing pals
  15. Open the debates
  16. A disturbing Missouri billboard about Barack Obama
  17. Sarah Palin thinks if Barack Obama wins then the Presididency would lose its prestige
  18. Delusional Cindy McCain says Barack Obama running dirtiest campaign ever
  19. "How Sarah Palin Won the Election... and Saved America" doesn't yet have a publisher
  20. Young Republicans pose as Barack Obama supporters to misrepresent him
  21. Another look at the ACORN furor
  22. Intel report: Afghanistan facing 'downward spiral'
  23. Alaska Republicans lose bid to halt Troopergate from Alaska Supreme Court
  24. Sarah Palin and the Confederacy of Dunces
  25. AFL-CIO's Richard Trumka on racism and Barack Obama
  26. Does running eBay qualify you to oversee the treasury?
  27. John McCain's camp releases Bill Ayers ad
  28. Inside account of U.S. eavesdropping on Americans
  29. Paris Hilton to Sarah Palin: "You’ve got a hot bod"
  30. Sarah Palin unappealin' to Jon Stewart
  31. Voter purges in 6 states may violate law
  32. Todd Palin had unusual access to wife’s staff
  33. NRA going after Barack Obama
  34. The fatal flaw in John McCain's mortgage plan
  35. Todd Palin's written reponses to the Alaska Troopergate investigation
  36. Maryland cops put 53 non-violent activists on terrorist list
  37. I got an email from McGeezer
  38. Foo Fighters ask John McCain to stop using their song "My Hero"
  39. Nutjob who hates that Barack Obama threatened to shoot voter registration officials
  40. Conservative pundit David Brooks says Sarah Palin 'fatal cancer' to GOP
  41. Desperately seeking Sarah's secrets: Alaska has been inundated with FOIA requests
  42. Remember that Army Brigade on US soil for "crowd control"? It gets creepier.
  43. The worst debate ever
  44. Have Sarah Palin say whatever you want
  45. John McCain calls Americans "prisoners"
  46. Sarah Palin being heckled by an electronic billboard
  47. Conservative Liberty University could swing Virginia
  48. Only 27 days left - I'm getting excited
  49. Since when are poor people allowed to vote?
  50. John McCain's made up McNames
  51. Barack Obama's campaign creating ever-growing infrastructure of community organizers
  52. Why John McCain keeps saying "My Friends"
  53. NYTimes calls out John McCain's race-baiting for the White House
  54. Accused Sarah Palin hacker indicted
  55. Teacher suspended for students' pro-Obama chants
  56. Joe Biden in Tampa, Florida today
  57. Madonna taunts Sarah Palin at NY show
  58. John McCain fires one of his racist campaign members
  59. Troopergate report due for Friday release
  60. After bailout, AIG execs head to California resort
  61. Sarah Palin's museum of trite right-wing tactics: 1980-2008
  62. The GOP (Republican Party) goes back to its ugly roots
  63. Sarah Palin "first biographer" Amanda Coyne on why she didn't write the book
  64. Sarah Palin does rare Q&A with reporters, tells more lies
  65. Drew Barrymore backing gay friendly Barack Obama
  66. U.S. intelligence warns Iraq war could explode again
  67. This town hall didn't help John McCain
  68. Another step toward nationalizing the finance sector
  69. How John McCain could tilt the Supreme Court
  70. Sarah Palin criticizes Joe Biden while he's at mother-in-law's funeral
  71. New Poll: Barack Obama seen as more compassionate than John McCain
  72. Sarah Palin's Alaskan seceding friends colluded with Iran to embarrass the US
  73. 2nd Presidential debate 07Oct08 9pm EST
  74. Why America's problem is cultural, not political
  75. Senate Majority Leader Hillary Clinton
  76. The Palins' un-American activities
  77. John McCain pins hopes on tonight's high stakes debate
  78. The Wasilla Project releases a vid about the rape kits
  79. Chuck Norris says John McCain will die soon, and he will, cuz it's Chuck Norris
  80. Silver Diner: The Obamalette vs. the Mccainlette?
  81. The real Mavericks pissed that John McCain calls himself one
  82. Elisabeth Hasselbeck pisses everyone off again
  83. Sarah Palin may appear on Saturday Night Live
  84. John McCain linked to Nazis. Yay associations!
  85. Sarah Palin is such a Washington outsider she raises money with corrupt WallStreeters
  86. Sarah Palin pals around with people who hate America and want to secede from it
  87. John McCain's goal to undercut Barack Obama is a 2-edged sword
  88. The real Sarah Palin
  89. Poll: Barack Obama gains in states that went for George Bush
  90. Has John McCain's cancer returned?
  91. Shades of 2000: Florida law may disenfranchise new voters
  92. Will John McCain going into attack dog mode work? Maybe not....
  93. Todd Palin to answer questions in Troopergate...sort of.
  94. The end of the Reagan revolution
  95. Senate picture looks rosy for Democrats
  96. Sarah Palin's character attack on Barack Obama may backfire on John McCain
  97. John McCain's link to private group in Iran-Contra case
  98. John McCain's unprecedentedly ugly speech today
  99. Barack Obama widens lead in national poll
  100. John McCain/Sarah Palin supporters on Barack Obama: "Terrorist! KILL HIM! Treason!"
  101. Lehman Brothers sought millions for execs while seeking aid
  102. John McCain: Who is Barack Obama?
  103. The Economist: Examining America's Presidential candidates
  104. Barack Obama now leads by an average of 6 points!!!
  105. John McCain plans federal health cuts including Medicare and Medicaid
  106. The fight on The View over Barack Obama's "connections"
  107. Sarah Palin's Darfur lie; Alaskans know better
  108. John McCain: the Keating 5 scandal was an evil librul plot against him
  109. What was that about Proof being in Pudding?
  110. Sarah Palin thinks she will be President and perhaps soon
  111. Sarah Palin: straight talk express in Clearwater
  112. John McCain didn't inform Sarah Palin that Rev. Wright was OFF the table
  113. 5 Presidential elections even dumber than this one
  114. Sarah Palin questions John McCain's decision to pull from Michigan
  115. Nailin' Paylin....porn flick starring Sarah Palin look-alike
  116. John McCain's brother calls North Virginia 'communist country'
  117. John McCain: lies about his pilot mishaps
  118. Barack Obama and the race issue in rural Virginia
  119. The candidates up close and personal
  120. Has affirmative action run its course?
  121. Rolling Stone on John McCain: "Make-Believe Maverick" is "reckless" and "dishonest"
  122. The candidates as compared to trains LOLZ
  123. Members of Sarah Palin's staff to testify in Troopergate probe
  124. Barack Obama heads John McCain off at the pass: releases documentary on Keating 5
  125. Hannity blasts it all wide open!!!
  126. Sarah Palin set to spoof Tina Fey!
  127. SNL bailout skit - Important question
  128. Sarah Palin defends terrorist comment against Barack Obama
  129. Poll: Troops backing John McCain 68-23%...
  130. New Republican strategy: Try to audit campaign contributions to Barack Obama
  131. Joe Biden's mother in law passes away
  132. Sarah Palin draws crowds of protesters in California 10/4/08
  133. Women who don't vote for me are going to hell -Sarah Palin
  134. Other election news: SNL alum Al Franken poised to unseat Republican MN Senator
  135. Karl Rove twists his knife in John McCain's back some more
  136. New Barack Obama ad calls John McCain 'erratic' on economic crisis
  137. Sarah and Todd Palin tax returns released
  138. Sarah Palin's 'terrorist' attacks on Barack Obama may backfire on John McCain
  139. SNL: VP debate
  140. Second Presidential debate information
  141. Through Sarah Palin, ordinary, non-mystical Americans may reclaim their national gov
  142. The dumbing down of the GOP
  143. John McCain and the POW cover-up
  144. Governor Bush -- remember him?
  145. Here we go... Sarah Palin accuses Barack Obama of being friends w/a terrorist
  146. Racist school teacher in FL against Barack Obama
  147. John McCain campaign to go 100% nasty and negative cuz he can't win otherwise
  148. Sarah Palin says Barack Obama unfit to be president
  149. Sarah Palin: Maverick to Nowhere
  150. Film critic Roger Ebert's take on the V.P. debate
  151. Sarah Palin "annoyed" by Katie Couric
  152. GOP files emergency appeal to halt Troopergate case against Sarah Palin
  153. Sarah Palin lied about not supporting brutal Sudanese regimes
  154. Sarah Palin vows to be more accessible in coming weeks
  155. Why is Hilary Clinton givng Sarah Palin so much credit??
  156. Vladimir Putin rears his head!!
  157. Sarah Palin says debate went well as polls favor Joe Biden
  158. Lax oversight? Maybe $64 million for DC pols explains it
  159. SNL books Queen Latifah to play Gwen Ifill
  160. Sarah Palin says Barack Obama's comments disqualify him for the presidency
  161. Sarah Palin's "Culture of Life"
  162. House passes Bailout bill
  163. The Sarah Palin Debate Flowchart
  164. Two hockey moms weigh in on VP debate
  165. Arnold Schwarzenegger bankrupts California
  166. Best & worst of the VP debate: Hangover day analysis
  167. Judge refuses to block Troopergate investigation
  168. The VP debate official thread
  169. French newspaper mistakes Tina Fey for Sarah Palin. 1 point to Gryffindor.
  170. John McCain cedes ground in Michigan, shifts resources to Maine
  171. Joe Biden will concentrate on issues in tonights debate
  172. Sarah Palin's plan for tonight's debate
  173. Hollywood conservatives attend McCain fundraiser-John McCain a no-show
  174. Bill Clinton slams Sarah Palin, shows fire for Barack Obama
  175. The shadow of the pitchfork
  176. Canadians--which debate will you watch tonight?
  177. What will Republicans try to get things back on their issues?
  178. John McCain: Sarah Palin will do 'fine' tonight
  179. What do you think the country will be like in 4 years if your candidate wins?
  180. David Letterman’s Top Ten on Sarah Palin
  181. John McCain's latest stunt, bash VP moderator Gwen Ifill BEFORE debate
  183. Fox News compares VP debate to David vs. Goliath. Guess who's David.
  184. Can you pass the new citizenship test? I bet Sarah Palin can't.
  185. Skepticism of Sarah Palin growing, poll finds
  186. Canadian firms downplay report they gave Sarah Palin gifts
  187. Sarah Palin draws skepticism even in conservative South
  188. AP poll: Barack Obama takes a 7-point lead over John McCain
  189. Gay Alaskans (yes, they exist) talk about what a freak Sarah Palin is
  190. Sarah Palin didn't just do the swimsuit competition: She plays the flute too!
  191. Ann Coulter (and repugs) gets her crazy on: blames minorities for economic crisis
  192. California Governor Arnold "The Governator" Schwarzenegger vetoes Harvey Milk Bill
  193. Barack Obama’s unreported campaign donations
  194. ‘Unleash’ Sarah Palin? Get real
  195. Sarah Palin now complains that the media 'censors' her
  196. Identifying Sarah Palin's accent
  197. Man paints nude portrait of Sarah Palin (safe for work)
  198. Blaming the blacks: Desperate conservatives criticize VP debate moderator Gwen Ifill
  199. John McCain's Q&A with LGBT newspaper Washington Blade
  200. Solve the credit crisis with no bailout
  201. One good thing about Sarah Palin
  202. New polls show Barack Obama breaking away in battleground states
  203. John McCain: Sarah Palin knows more about energy than anyone else in U.S.
  204. ROFL John McCain gets lost on a 10 foot stage just now
  205. Hype and fear in the news
  206. Sarah Palin. Incest rape victims: choose life, being gay is a choice
  207. WaMu CEO earns $19 million....in 3 weeks!
  208. John McCain is crabby and wants you off his lawn
  209. McCain camp clarifies Sarah Palin's remark on Russia
  210. Sarah Palin has never, EVER seen Russia from her house. Another lie!
  211. PALIN-tology - nearly 200 scandals, lies & issues - Complete list w/links
  212. Sarah Palin implicated by witness in ‘Troopergate’ probe
  213. Five alternative bailout plans
  214. Barack Obama, John McCain & Joe Biden all to vote on bailout bill
  215. Sarah Palin's popularity takes a tumble among Alaskans
  216. More of Sarah Palin's Couric interview: Bashes old people, can't name one newspaper
  217. Sarah Palin wants Joe Six Pack to be president
  218. Americans finally waking up: 70% DISAPPROVAL rating of George W. Bush
  219. MSNBC: who shouldn't be blamed
  220. Deregulation not to blame for financial woes
  221. Newt Gingrich, George Will: Palin not ready, McCain gambling with the Presidency
  222. What a difference a week makes - Barack Obama now leads all polls
  223. National Review, father of neoconsevative publication, blasts house Republicans
  224. How this clusterfuck affects the economy
  225. Republicans made anti-bailout commercials before it even got voted on
  226. The free market preachers have long practised state welfare for the rich
  227. John McCain says Sarah Palin could be next Ronald Reagan or Bill Clinton
  228. Lawmakers scramble to revise bailout bill
  229. John McCain takes hit from bail out collapse
  230. Democratic opposition to bailout came from wide spectrum
  231. A failure to convince the American people
  232. What will really happen now?
  233. 'Freedom Is Not Free': No More of That Fortune-Cookie Bunk
  234. Sergeant Jopek's bracelet
  235. The Sarah Palin pity party
  236. Excerpt from John McCain/Sarah Palin interview with Katie Couric
  237. House rejects bailout plan, stocks take major tumble
  238. Sarah Palin unable to name Supreme Court case other than Roe v. Wade
  239. The US is now a banana republic
  240. Presidential debate: About 57 million viewers
  241. McCain camp to Gwen Ifill: Go easy on Sarah Palin
  242. Bailout bill about to fail, Republicans killing it. Market crashing.
  243. John McCain to pull an Okey Doke on bailout vote!!
  244. John McCain says Barack Obama's policies will deepen recession
  245. Memo to Joe Biden: Let Sarah Palin talk
  246. Sarah Palin heads to 'debate camp' at one of John McCain's 7 houses
  247. Why CIA veterans are scared of John McCain
  248. Barack Obama rally on 9/27
  249. Sarah Palin is ruining my life
  250. Votes are being stolen, now, by hundreds of thousands