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  1. John McCain paints Barack Obama as Robin Hood
  2. Meet the spreadsheet psychic
  3. KKK flyers threaten Barack Obama
  4. 8 year anniversary of the 2000 debates
  5. Batshit insane Michelle Bachmann calls for McCarthy witchhunt
  6. More "real" America BS from the John McCain campaign
  7. Racists for Obama?
  8. John McCain hires more racists who trashed his family back in 2000. Way to go.
  9. Sarah Palin praises Joe the Plumber for ruining Barack Obama's 'photo-op'
  10. Barack Obama compared to CHARLES MANSON at First Dude rally
  11. Barack Obama picks up two big endorsements in battleground states
  12. Barack Obama gives a speech to an estimated 100,000 people in St Louis
  13. NYT article on Cindy McCain 10/18/08
  14. Barack Obama has 4-point lead on John McCain, McCain's numbers starting to rise
  15. Official poll: Who are you voting for?
  16. Energy debate fact check #2 - is energy independence good for the nation?
  17. Bruce Springsteen mocks Sarah Palin
  18. Cindy McCain's tax return
  19. Peggy Noonan shoots Sarah Palin from a helicopter, guts her, and mounts her head
  20. Rolling Stone: It's already stolen
  21. John McCain's ties to G. Gordon Liddy
  22. John McCain amps up the lies in his latest ad
  23. Repugs not hiding their racism anymore: Barack Obama is 'uppity'
  24. Cash in your chips/slips- the election is over according to Paddy Power
  25. Voters contend they were duped into registering as Republicans
  26. GOP swamp-hag cow accuses Barack Obama of being 'unamerican', gets ass handed to her
  27. Sarah Palin speaks to the media, says nothing of substance
  28. Joe Biden slams Sarah Palin's 'pro-America' comment
  29. Sarah Palin explains what parts of country not Pro American
  30. Snidely McCain bullies as usual...
  31. Now people are physically attacking the media at McCain/Palin 'rallies'
  32. The Onion is psychic - read this humor article from 2001
  33. Cult of 'Joe the Plumber' greets Barack Obama in Virginia
  34. Commentary: Barack Obama, icy cool under fire
  35. Ohio can continue screwing up - so says the Supremes
  36. Barack Obama and exurbanite white voters (long article)
  37. Did you see the SNL special tonight?
  38. Barack Obama's Rolling Stone interview (October 2008)
  39. Anyone watching the charity event with Barack Obama and John McCain?
  40. Lobbyist denies affair with John McCain...and he does pander to special interests
  41. John McCain 'loves' his odds
  42. John McCain and Barack Obama talk infidelity
  43. John McCain on women's health care: he doesn't get it and here's his record
  44. Mother of autistic child says 'My son is not a political pawn'
  45. Secret Service blocking reporters at Sarah Palin rallies
  46. Wave of McCain robo calls linking Obama to Ayers/terrorism may violate state laws
  47. Newsletter depicts Barack Obama with watermelon, ribs
  48. Could Todd Palin even get a security clearance?
  49. James Taylor schedules 5 free concerts for Barack Obama
  50. Sarah Palin plays gender card at Maine rally
  51. Joe Biden puts smackdown on 'Joe the Plumber'
  52. Barack Obama ignores polls, remembers 'spanking' by Hillary Clinton in N.H.
  53. John McCain wanted Barack Obama's chair?
  54. Stephen Baldwin is an idiot
  55. Joe the plumber isn't a plumber, is a tax cheat related to Charles Keating
  56. Video of ignorant trash after Sarah Palin rally
  57. John McCain's aggressive attacks don't ruffle Barack Obama in final debate
  58. Muslim DVD rattles voters in key battleground states
  59. Behind the GOP's voter fraud hysteria
  60. Where John McCain lost it (in the 3rd debate)
  61. GOP site endorses e-mail smears, said 'waterboard Barack Obama'
  62. Even Faux News realizes John McCain didn't win the debate
  63. Match-o-matic-who do you support?
  64. The Republican war on Barack Obama
  65. US confronts possibility of long, deep recession
  66. Colin Powell is ready to endorse
  67. Breaking news: US and Iraq agree to surrender in 2011
  68. Third Presidential debate 10/15
  69. Jon Bon Jovi not happy with Sarah Palin touching his tune
  70. Sarah Palin may face multi-million dollar lawsuit from that Trooper
  71. False claims exposed of Kenyan pastor who protected Sarah Palin from witches
  72. Sarah Palin didn't see Russian energy meeting being held in Alaska
  73. McCain camp jumps on Jesse Jackson's comments about Israel
  74. Secret Service investigating threat from Scranton Palin rally
  75. Sarah Palin as President - funny
  76. Ojamas: Barack Obama pajamas
  77. Barack Obama dominating among early voters in five swing states
  78. Prince of Darkness, Dick Cheney, goes to hospital for abnormal heart rhythm
  79. Keith Olbermann's special comment to John McCain
  80. Gray vote no longer reliably red
  81. Incendiary new ad attacks Barack Obama's 'wrong values'
  82. New poll: pessimism on the rise in the States
  83. Number of working poor on the rise
  84. Bill Ayers funded by Republicans
  85. Desperate Sarah Palin comment for the day: Barack Obama running against Bush
  86. It's official: U.S. in recession (Duh)
  87. GR's last debate drinking game...
  88. Vera Baker Barack Obama's secret girlfriend - did Barack Obama have an affair?
  89. Hillary Clinton supporters aid Sarah Palin
  90. Hayden Panettiere PSA: Vote for John McCain
  91. Russia amused by Sarah Palin
  92. Stop the presses: Whatever Sarah Palin says, she's exaggerates
  93. Christopher Buckley resigns from National Review following Barack Obama endorsement
  94. White House officials agree Sarah Palin should be off GOP ticket
  95. Bush strategist: John McCain knows he put country at risk with Sarah Palin pick
  96. John McCain transition chief aided Saddam Hussein in lobbying effort
  97. Sarah Palin screwed herself by sending "Troopergate" to Alaskan Personnel Board
  98. Freeptards want to postpone the election for fraud y'all
  99. Shocker: Sarah Palin has checkered history on ethics
  100. Email I received regarding Barack Obama..'Where did he get the money?'
  101. Zogby: Statistical dead heat
  102. Howard Stern's exposé on Barack Obama supporters
  103. Roseanne Cash: "Why I would be a better VP than Sarah Palin"
  104. Sarah Palin: There's no black people coming to dinner at my White House
  105. Polls show Barack Obama still surging, John McCain fading
  106. Hillary Clinton says she's not interested in new position
  107. Laugh at a campaign pitch? Sure. Visit the grandparents? Not so much.
  108. SCENARIOS: How candidates are faring in key states
  109. John McCain to do Letterman - no this time it’s for real
  110. John McCain: Bill Ayers will come up in debate
  111. Barack Obama gets blue-light special rate for primetime TV address
  112. John McCain's camp falsely reports crowd size
  113. Barack Obama wins!!! Scholastic election
  114. John Cleese on Sarah Palin
  115. John McCain to unveil new economic plan today
  116. The Bristol Palin babydaddy automated 'everything's fine-o-tron' response generator!
  117. Troopergate ain't over: Fired Alaskan Commisioner files complaint about reputation
  118. Journalist: Truth is not subjective
  119. Which is the party of socialists again? Gov't to partially nationalize banks.
  120. Military spouses not happy with Cindy McCain statements
  121. Oh fer.. now John McCain says people at Barack Obama rallies call HIM a terrorist
  122. A heavier shoe to drop in Sarah Palin's Troopergate scandal?
  123. Todd Palin is the Dick Cheney of Dumbasses
  124. Sarah Palin could be impeached in Alaska
  125. If the Bradley Effect is gone, what happened to it?
  126. Fl. Governor Charlie Crist bailing on John McCain?
  127. Bill Kristol: Fire the whole John McCain campaign staff
  128. Republican actor Dennis Hopper: "I pray God that Barack Obama is elected"
  129. Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel rally for Barack Obama in Vegas
  130. Obama-McCain implicit association test
  131. The Barack Obama middle-class rescue plan
  132. Sarah Palin mistakes fans for protesters at Virginia rally
  133. John McCain was for ACORN before he was against it
  134. Tina Fey: I’m ‘done’ if Sarah Palin wins
  135. How John McCain could still win
  136. POW Levi Johnston gives prepared statement from John McCain camp captors
  137. Blood in the water in North Carolina
  138. Failed lawyer nut is the one behind the Barack Obama is a Muslim meme
  139. Poll shows Barack Obama leads John McCain by 10 points
  140. Ari Melber on 'The Hate Talk Express'
  141. National Debt clock runs out of digits
  142. Hard to believe but President Bush ratings sink even lower
  143. FOX News panel can't name an idea Barack Obama shares with Bill Ayers
  144. Why do blue collar workers vote Republican?
  145. John McCain's week starts off rocky
  146. Oregon students lynch cardboard Barack Obama
  147. John McCain: Wrong for the Right
  148. John McCain/Sarah Palin attack agenda backfiring badly
  149. Republican guest on FOX tacitly admits voter fraud issue a set-up to challenge Obama
  150. Lindsay Lohan to dress up as scary Sarah Palin for Halloween
  151. John McCain vows to 'whip' Barack Obama in final debate
  152. Racists for John McCain
  153. RedState co-founder can't bring himself to vote for John McCain
  154. Fox News' faux documentary on Barack Obama sets new low
  155. What Barack Obama will face in his presidency
  156. Barack Obama, Democrats on track to landslide victory
  157. Clintons FINALLY to start stumping for Barack Obama
  158. Maryland nuns branded terrorists
  159. Fire stoked by John McCain/Sarah Palin raging out of control
  160. Former (MI) governor backs away from John McCain ("He is not the McCain I endorsed")
  161. John McCain wants Barack Obama to condemn attacks on his race-baiting rallies
  162. Ben Bernanke vows to learn from Great Depression
  163. Bill and Hillary Clinton launch campaign swing for Barack Obama in Pa.
  164. Writer compares John McCain to an elderly Gollum from Lord of the Rings
  165. Lippygate: is Sarah Palin's lip liner permanently tattooed on?
  166. Video: Sarah Palin "rally" attendee holds "Obama monkey"; hides upon noticing camera
  167. Counterproductive price-gouging laws
  168. 'Hockey Mom' Sarah Palin booed -- at big hockey game
  169. More mixed messages from John McCain
  170. Sarah Palin blurs line between church and state as Governor
  171. Pastor at John McCain rally criticizes Hindus, Buddhists and Muslims
  172. Sean Hannity defends Ted Nugent's threat to Barack Obama
  173. What the Troopergate Report really says
  174. Sarah Palin heightens rhetoric on abortion during campaign speech
  175. Bristol Palin and fiance forced to consider summertime wedding
  176. All that money you've lost — where did it go?
  177. Barack Obama notes John McCain's effort to temper GOP comments
  178. Conservatives' race baiting miscalculation. Asshats
  179. NY Post says Sarah Palin has signed to appear on SNL, dogonit
  180. Get yer crazy on: What Ted Nugent would do if he wuz Prez
  181. Ronald Reagan endorses Barack Obama
  182. 'Hockey Mom' Sarah Palin going after NASCAR dads
  183. New York county prints ‘Barack Osama’ on ballots
  184. Time to ask John McCain: Have you no sense of decency left?
  185. David Letterman vs. John McCain: round two
  186. Betty White calls out Sarah Palin
  187. The Right and mainstream America: a universe apart
  188. Sarah Palin: The view from Alaska
  189. Saturday Night Live parody of 2nd debate
  190. Alaska scrambles to gather Sarah Palin's private e-mails
  191. Sarah Palin's body language and why it should worry you
  192. Report finds Sarah Palin abused her power
  193. John McCain sort of tries to calm his crowds down
  194. Today's polls, 10/10/08
  195. Contrasting rallies: Barack Obama and Sarah Palin
  196. John McCain: Negative attack ads show you have no vision
  197. How much nationalization is appropriate? (regarding the economic crisis)
  198. Rolling Stone: Mad Dog Palin, what her candidacy says about America
  199. John McCain defends his rabid crowds
  200. John McCain campaign now attacks Michelle Obama over Bill Ayers
  201. George W. Bush: Helping candidates lose elections in other countries, too
  202. Calendars show Gov. Sarah Palin's foreign policy experience
  203. Barack Obama's education paid by radical Muslims Please trounce this rumor
  204. Presidential energy debate fact check #1: is offshore drilling the answer?
  205. African American tells John McCain to take it to Barack Obama
  206. Alaska Troopergate hearing may "take hours"
  207. Christopher Buckley endorses Barack Obama
  208. Angelina Jolie: "Barack Obama would be great for my family"
  209. Has media coverage of Sarah Palin been fair?
  210. John McCain gets BarackRoll'd
  211. GOP supporters now screaming for terrorist attack against Barack Obama
  212. Sensitive Sarah Palin ethics report kept secret, for now
  213. John Kerry: John McCain should be disqualified for hate-filled campaign
  214. Joe Biden calls Sarah Palin out for ignoring psychotic rants at her rallies
  215. Barack Obama to take over your TV (if he hasn't already)
  216. Talk about balls: Sarah Palin clears herself in troopergate probe
  217. This just in: Sarah Palin is fucking stupid
  218. NYT- Sarah Palin and aides made over 3 dozen calls to sack her brother-in-law
  219. Sarah Palin's SATs?
  220. Meet Sarah Palin's radical right-wing pals
  221. Open the debates
  222. A disturbing Missouri billboard about Barack Obama
  223. Sarah Palin thinks if Barack Obama wins then the Presididency would lose its prestige
  224. Delusional Cindy McCain says Barack Obama running dirtiest campaign ever
  225. "How Sarah Palin Won the Election... and Saved America" doesn't yet have a publisher
  226. Young Republicans pose as Barack Obama supporters to misrepresent him
  227. Another look at the ACORN furor
  228. Intel report: Afghanistan facing 'downward spiral'
  229. Alaska Republicans lose bid to halt Troopergate from Alaska Supreme Court
  230. Sarah Palin and the Confederacy of Dunces
  231. AFL-CIO's Richard Trumka on racism and Barack Obama
  232. Does running eBay qualify you to oversee the treasury?
  233. John McCain's camp releases Bill Ayers ad
  234. Inside account of U.S. eavesdropping on Americans
  235. Paris Hilton to Sarah Palin: "You’ve got a hot bod"
  236. Sarah Palin unappealin' to Jon Stewart
  237. Voter purges in 6 states may violate law
  238. Todd Palin had unusual access to wife’s staff
  239. NRA going after Barack Obama
  240. The fatal flaw in John McCain's mortgage plan
  241. Todd Palin's written reponses to the Alaska Troopergate investigation
  242. Maryland cops put 53 non-violent activists on terrorist list
  243. I got an email from McGeezer
  244. Foo Fighters ask John McCain to stop using their song "My Hero"
  245. Nutjob who hates that Barack Obama threatened to shoot voter registration officials
  246. Conservative pundit David Brooks says Sarah Palin 'fatal cancer' to GOP
  247. Desperately seeking Sarah's secrets: Alaska has been inundated with FOIA requests
  248. Remember that Army Brigade on US soil for "crowd control"? It gets creepier.
  249. The worst debate ever
  250. Have Sarah Palin say whatever you want