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  1. New Rules With Bill Maher - Barack Obama bad for comedians
  2. My Friends the Musical by John McCain
  3. What's up with different ballot styles?
  4. A little reminder of red vs. blue states
  5. Barack Obama's half-aunt from Kenya living illegally in US
  6. AP poll shows Barack Obama backers gleeful, John McCain's glum
  7. Serious rumor, is John McCain senile?
  8. Stop spreading the wealth, socialism must be defeated!
  9. Court orders Dick Cheney's Deputy Chief of Staff to give deposition
  10. Where are John McCain's kids?
  11. Barack Obama vs. John McCain: Dance Off '08
  12. GOP Bob Allen is apparently not only gay but racist as well
  13. Florida GOP official sends racist emails, warns of 'carloads of blacks'
  14. Court tells CIA it can keep torture evidence secret
  15. Countdown Campaign Comment on rank hypocrisy
  16. Hockey Mama for Obama=Evita Palin
  17. Sarah Palin opposes John McCain on defense cuts
  18. John McCain & Barack Obama are ready for some football
  19. Al Gore campaigns for Barack Obama in Florida
  20. You betcha, Sarah Palin claims 1st Amendment rights threatened by criticism
  21. Former adviser to Ronald Reagan endorses Barack Obama
  22. Barack Obama: 'It's gonna get nasty' in final days before election
  23. Barack Obama driving ratings
  24. For those of you voting Nov. 4th...
  25. Wasilla is having a sale on rape kits
  26. John McCain doing SNL this Saturday
  27. It was a matter of time: Conservatives run Rev. Wright ads
  28. How would God vote?
  29. Top McCain advisor states the bleeding obvious: of course she's not ready
  30. Obvious: Joe Biden more prepared than Sarah Palin
  31. Alaska pays BIG BUCKS for Sarah Palin to govern from afar
  32. John McCain's election day plans: Mexican food and a movie
  33. Right wing radio blowhard: Equality is NOT an American value
  34. John McCain offers tax windfall for Cindy the beer heiress
  35. Sarah Palin fumbles another energy speech: tells solar workers 'Drill Baby Drill'
  36. Another GOP operative hops off the Hate Talk Express
  37. Boy shocked after man powers up McCain/Palin campaign sign
  38. Elizabeth Dole beats strong competition, wins worst attack ad award for the week
  39. Democrats for John McCain
  40. John McCain flak Michael Goldfarb tripping over his own piles of anti-Obama BS
  41. Alec Baldwin calls Sarah Palin “Bible Spice”
  42. Funny political pictures
  43. Neocon Senator warns that Barack Obama sympathizes with homos and tards
  44. The latest dumbfuckery: Voting for Barack Obama will SEND YOU TO HELL! booga booga!
  45. Joe the Plumber stands John McCain up
  46. Careless with the Constitution - by George Will
  47. The Exxon recession
  48. In a brilliant move, Bush builds a deadly disease lab in a hurricane danger zone
  49. Watching for a Republican rout
  50. Tom Delay reminds us all why he is so universally loathed
  51. In effort to extend 15 minutes, Joe the Fake Plumber gets agent
  52. Bill O'Reilly wants to arrest everyone, starting with Barack Obama flacks
  53. McCain's last ditch effort: tying Obama to Muslim world
  54. ABC News - Sarah Palin vows to remain player in 2012: 'Not doing this for naught'
  55. Elizabeth Dole ad fabricates audio of opponent shouting 'there is no God'
  56. Sarah Palin faces new ethics complaint over kids' travel
  57. Official Barack Obama 30-minute advert thread
  58. Sarah Palin's silly energy speech
  59. John McCain Miami rally, getting ugly down here
  60. Veepzilla! How Sarah Palin is stomping all over GOP Tokyo
  61. Is McCain camp involved in cover up of 1964 fatal car accident?
  62. Double standard for Sarah Palin only proves how much she's succeeded
  63. Hours for early voting extended in Florida
  64. Barack Obama Ad uses winking Sarah Palin
  65. Sarah Palin screws her favorite consignment store over accidentally
  66. Fox news clarifies: Joe the Fake Plumber doesn't know dick about foreign policy
  67. Sarah Palin: Barack Obama wants to re-write Constitution
  68. Sarah Palin to return to Alaska...to vote
  69. Dolphins owner to sell if Barack Obama wins
  70. John McCain aide wrongfully being pinned with that big shopping spree
  71. John McCain campaign: Our health plan doesn't work
  72. John McCain tying Barack Obama to Palestinian, but McCain funded his work
  73. McCain aides torn between letting Palin be a 'scripted robot or scripted ignoramous'
  74. Barack Obama: I'm a better dancer than John McCain
  75. Joe the Fake Plumber as foreign policy expert: Obama will bring death to Israel
  76. Future Pres. Barack Obama blasts off 19% lead in early voting; 53:34% poll shows
  77. John McCain aide calls Sarah Palin a whack job
  78. George Bush stops by RNC to wish GOP luck
  79. Polls show little movement for John McCain in Pennsylvania
  80. Growing number believe John McCain is an extension of Dubya
  81. RNC says McCain campaign asked for money to buy Sarah Palin's fundie fashions
  82. Poll on Sarah Palin-need your help! SOS!
  83. Once again, it's time to ask: Are you a real American?
  84. John McCain & Sarah Palin on CNBC
  85. NY poll: Barack Obama doubles John McCain
  86. Phony VA flyer advises citizens to vote on Nov 5th
  87. Michelle Obama to Jay Leno: I buy my own clothes!
  88. New Wisconsin flyer disguised as from Barack Obama campaign
  89. The Republican shipwreck
  90. Dozens of call center workers quit over John McCain attacks
  91. GOP draws the battle lines: if you're against Palin you are out
  92. Hypocrite Sarah Palin wants to 'share the wealth' in Alaska
  93. Fundies hard at work: depict disastrous future under Obama
  94. Sarah Palin is no Everywoman
  95. Politics in the work place, yay or nay?
  96. The Three Ashleys
  97. Barack Obama rally in my city!
  98. 'Obama Wins!,' newspaper declares
  99. Paging Dr. Lieberman: Joe Lieberman says John McCain will live 'at least till 85'
  100. Skinheads assasination plot foiled
  101. Old man Ted Stevens convicted on all counts!
  102. Pentagon panel: Joe Biden was right, prep for 'crisis'
  103. Barack Obama begins closing arguments for Presidency
  104. Barack Obama mask listed as 'terrorist' costume on Amazon
  105. John McCain aides fire back, basically calling Sarah Palin a diva retard
  106. "He's a nigger" woman shouts at Palin rally
  107. Former Mitt Romney aides on McCain campaign behind Sarah Palin trash-talk
  108. Sarah Palin says 150K worth of clothes were never hers; McCain campaign disowns her
  109. A letter to the Red States
  110. John McCain forgetting who endorsed him
  111. Dumb & Dumber, Sarah Palin and Elizabeth Hasselbeck blast Wardrobe-Gate
  112. John McCain picks Tailhook Sexual Harassment Scandal veteran to oversee transition
  113. "Song for Sarah (Mrs. Palin)" by Vlad and Boris
  114. Sarah Palin's 'going rogue,' McCain aide says
  115. Why do you support John McCain?
  116. Why America's nightmare has barely begun
  117. Sarah Palin, ultimate reality TV star
  118. Karl Rove says John McCain has a steep hill to climb
  119. Wisconsin court rejects lawsuit challenging new voters; AG vows to appeal
  120. 100,000 people at Barack Obama rally in Denver; John McCain gets 1,400. HAH.
  121. 50 grand of Sarah Palin's wadrobe has been "given back", whatever the eff that means
  122. GOP fears historic Obama landslide will unleash civil war for the future of the party
  123. Barack Obama: John McCain is to President Bush as Robin is to Batman
  124. Could John McCain lose his home state to Barack Obama?
  125. Sarah Palin thinks her favorite movie is the "most relevant" thing
  126. Which voter's poll is most accurate?
  127. Rollin' with the hate talk express
  128. Sarah Palin unhinged: Barack Obama tax plans could mean nightmare communist state
  129. Anchorage Daily News endorses Barack Obama
  130. Barack Obama's big lead in the polls is real
  131. Apparently, voting for Barack Obama means you caused the 2nd Holocaust
  132. Joe Biden owns a partisan "journalist"
  133. Bill Clinton to campaign with Barack Obama
  134. Voting for Barack Obama means end to Boy Scouts and other stupid fundie predictions
  135. Barack Obama and Bill Clinton in Florida Wed. 10/29
  136. What will we miss about Election 08
  137. Sarah Palin's Alaskan Pipeline deal has flaws
  138. Sarah Palin: Over ambitious bitch diva, apparently
  139. New Barack Obama ad
  140. The zingers just keep coming from Joe Biden
  141. John McCain can't make attacks stick to Barack Obama
  142. Sarah Palin calls genetic research "wasteful pork"; science laughs in her stupid face
  143. What not to wear to the polls on Election Day
  144. Opie and The Fonz endorse Barack Obama-this is great
  145. Sarah Palin insurgency in John McCain camp
  146. Tough transition expected for new president
  147. What if the whole world could vote?
  148. The Budweiser 'WAZAAAAAAAAAAAAP' guys, 10 years later in 2008
  149. Hockey goalie hurts hip after Sarah Palin drops ceremonial puck
  150. John McCain aide pushed Barack Obama mutilation hoax story
  151. Treasury Department now set to bailout INSURANCE COMPANIES
  152. Joe the fake plumber 'scared for America' if Barack Obama wins
  153. OWN IT, BITCHES! - Princess Sparkle Pony to John McCain/Sarah Palin
  154. John McCain's brother Joe curses out 911...because of traffic jam
  155. Michele Bachmann tapes (fake) apology ad for Barack Obama comments
  156. More racist fuckbags, John McCain supporters all (surprise), spew more ignorance
  157. Sarah Palin testifies in Troopergate
  158. Apple speaks out against proposition 8
  159. John McCain advisor endorses Barack Obama
  160. Sarah Palin denies $150,000 wardrobe; blames sexism
  161. Apple (and Google) donates $100,000 to fight Prop. 8
  162. Corrupt tax evading lying moron to run for congress: JOE THE PLUMBER. I shit you not.
  163. HOAX: McCain volunteer admits "Obama supporter mutilated me" story was a lie
  164. Sarah Palin lays out policy agenda for special needs children
  165. Economist: The rise of the Obamacons
  166. OMG - Highest paid staff member for John McCain is Sarah Palin's makeup artist!
  167. John McCain ad uses Joe Biden to attack Barack Obama on security
  168. Sarah Palin refuses to label abortion clinic bombers as terrorists
  169. John McCain picture book! (Picture heavy)
  170. Sarah Palin won't label herself a feminist, but did in September
  171. Will Ferrell back as Dubya on SNL-10/23
  172. Gotcha Sarah: John McCain palling around with terrorists
  173. Latest poll shows Barack Obama ahead in Florida
  174. Sarah Palin porn film re-enacted by Ricky Gervais and Thandie Newton
  175. California gay marriage ban backers target businesses
  176. McCain/Palin ticket crumbling; high level aides shopping resumes around
  177. Black turnout is strong in South's early voting
  178. Orrin Hatch: The world is just ‘jealous’ ‘because we’re so powerful and strong’
  179. Karl Rove says Pennsylvanians DO cling to guns and religion..then tries to back off
  180. John McCain issues challenge: name a single issue he's changed on
  181. John McCain urged Reagan admin to meet terrorist groups without preconditions
  183. Alaskans say they don't recognize the new Sarah Palin
  184. Ron Howard resurrects Opie for Barack Obama
  185. President Bush remains delusional: history will show these tax cuts work
  186. Latest GOP smear: Barack Obama is a 'Muslim Socialist'
  187. Latest lame excuse: Sarah Palin needed clothes
  188. Scott McClellan-former Bush Press Secretary, backs Barack Obama
  189. AP story - John McCain waving the white flag???
  190. Republican County election clerk mocks Barack Obama as a "black Hitler"
  191. GOP strategist: Palin's clothing allowance fine; Obama flying to grandma 'outrageous'
  192. John (pot-meet-kettle) McCain says Barack Obama will 'say anything to elected'
  193. Sarah Palin is a picky one: SNL costume designer says Palin wanted nicer clothes
  194. John McCain says Sarah Palin's clothes will be donated to charity
  195. Barack Obama rips 'anti-America' crap at Va. rally
  196. ACLU assails 100-mile border zone as 'constitution-free'
  197. E-mail I got about Sarah Palin
  198. 2008 General Election will make history: Vote early, Vote NOW!
  199. Sarah Palin's new clothes may mean tax trouble
  200. The 7th seal of retardation opens: Elizabeth Hasselbeck to campaign with Sarah Palin
  201. John McCain kicks off 'Joe the Unlicensed Plumber' tour in Florida
  202. John McCain bashes George Bush (forgets voting with him 90% of the time)
  203. California Prop 8 a toss-up
  204. Stars pay thousands to support Barack Obama/John McCain
  205. Larry David: Waiting for 11/4 is like waiting for biopsy results
  206. Colin Powell's endorsement gives Barack Obama bump in polls
  207. Another gotcha question for Sarah Palin on global warming
  208. Hal Turner: Sean Hannity's soul mate of hate
  209. Ridiculous direct mail in battleground states
  210. The punditocracy's Seven Biggest Blunders of the 2008 election
  211. Religious voters moving toward Obama
  212. Sarah Palin MAY release medical records
  213. Shoes of an elitist...
  214. The Obamas discuss dressing on a budget
  215. Sarah Palin: My wedding hope for Bristol and other crap
  216. Sarah Palin's personal-shopper is multi-talented; is the voice of robo-calls
  217. John McCain campaign flunky tries to defend Sarah Palin's 'VP/senate' comments.. lulz
  218. There seems to be some tension between Sarah Palin and John McCain..
  219. Muslims for McCain confront anti-Barack Obama protester
  220. Message to Barack Obama: F$%# You!
  221. Political Action Groups: No cavalry coming for John McCain
  222. Rudy Giuliani's robocalls for John McCain
  223. Michelle Bachmann is losing her own GOP ads
  224. What mulattos think of Barack Obama
  225. Does Barack Obama have a trump card?
  226. The Bradley Effect, revisited
  227. Barack Obama to target John McCain's home state?
  228. Ellen DeGeneres to Sarah Palin: Shame on you!
  229. Sarah Palin says John McCain favors gov forcing rape victims to carry baby to term
  230. Code Pink anti-war protestor tries to slap Karl Rove in handcuffs LOL
  231. John McCain utters the word 'cunt' in a speech, Cindy glares at the back of his head
  232. Sarah Palin: God will do the right thing on Election Day
  233. John McCain will conference call Al-Qaeda today?
  234. Barack Obama and John McCain: How they speak to voters
  235. Call center workers in 2 states quit over anti-Barack Obama scripts
  236. Citizens of dozens of foreign countries prefer Barack Obama over John McCain
  237. What is happening to GOP electoral tactics?
  238. Bi-polar disorder: Is the race really tightening up?
  239. Compare the John McCain from 2 years ago to John McCain today - scary
  240. Sarah Palin displays the latest in donkey fashion
  241. Fox predicting heavy losses for GOP in House and Senate
  242. On Al-Qaeda web sites, support for John McCain
  243. When do we vote?
  244. John McCain bores audience with tales of cuban missile crisis, his bad piloting, etc
  245. You betcha, Sarah Palin has big plans for America if elected
  246. Ann Coulter and others jump on anti-American bandwagon
  247. NYT Magazine lifts lid on Sarah Palin choice, infighting, worry and angst
  248. White House emails in attorney purge: the missing link?
  249. The Sarah Palin effect: from bad to worse
  250. Apparently it costs a lot to look this stupid: RNC spends $150K to clothe Sarah Palin