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  1. Did the GOP just admit Katherine Harris stole 2000 Election for Bush?
  2. South Carolina priest: no communion for Barack Obama supporters
  3. Prop 8 supporters upset that gays are pissed off at them. Wtf?
  4. President elect Barack Obama to appear on 60 Minutes Sun. 11/16
  5. Republican Governors don't defend Sarah Palin
  6. Sarah Palin on Larry King Live
  7. Alaska's Troopergate saga: the second report implodes
  8. George W Bush's worst judges: The Sorry Six
  9. Barack Obama's energy policy: listening when we disagree
  10. Barack Obama spokesman says 'Obama ready to RULE on day 1'
  11. Bush: 'I regret saying some things I shouldn't have said'
  12. Shepard Smith disputes argument that media won election for Barack Obama
  13. Sarah Palin would be honored to have a spot in the Obama Administration
  14. Rep. Jon Kyl threatens to filibuster Obama Supreme Court nominees
  15. Michael Reagan: taking wingnut crazy to a whole new level
  16. Artistic director at musical theatre resigns amid furor of supporting prop 8
  17. Iraqi soldier kills 2 US troops in dispute
  18. Did Lindsay Lohan call Barack Obama our first colored president?
  19. George Clooney compares Prop 8 to segregation
  20. AP interview: Former congressman Mark Foley breaks silence on sex scandal
  21. Connecticut to issue same-sex marriage licenses
  22. John McCain: 'I've been sleeping like a baby'
  23. Sarah Palin offered $2 million to appear in porno flick
  24. Angry Sarah Palin now ranting at liberal bloggers, and gets rebutted
  25. Michelle Obama-Hillary Clinton soap opera takes new turn
  26. Barack Obama to explore new approach to Afghanistan war
  27. George Bush to Barack Obama, let's make a deal
  28. Sarah Palin on 2012: God will show the way to the White House
  29. GOP congressman warns of Barack Obama dictatorship; alludes to Hitler
  30. Proposition 8 supporters vent frustration over continued protests
  31. AIG receives another 40 million, celebrates with 300 grand resort bash
  32. Oil depletion: Barack Obama faces hard political decisions
  33. Keith Olbermann goes off on Prop 8.. you can feel the fury coming off him
  34. Latest dumbfuckery from the Fed: Amex gets full bank status, lines up at trough
  35. Michelle Obama prepares for role as first lady
  36. And now the hard work... Sarah Palin sorts clothes
  37. Secret Service issues code names for Barack Obama/Joe Biden
  38. "Barack" a hot name for new babies
  39. Pres. Bush and Pres-Elect Obama's first meeting at White House
  40. Condoms trump abstinence in Obama Admin global AIDS policy
  41. CA governator Ahnuld Schwarzenegger tells gays "Don't give up. Keep fighting."
  42. Barack Obama to close GITMO, ship detainees to US soil for criminal trial
  43. Circuit City files for bankruptcy protection
  44. Bush administration to blame for John McCain's failure, Sarah Palin says
  45. 2 year old supports Obama/Biden
  46. Treasury Department made controversial tax policy change under bailout cover
  47. The immediate fuel supply - thoughts for a new administration
  48. The Great Republican Hope?
  49. America's most dangerous librarians
  50. How did that realignment work out for you, Republicans?
  51. What's ahead for Sarah Palin? Seven challenges (and a lifetime of FAIL)
  52. Right-wing media feeds its post-election anger
  53. President Barack Obama to use executive orders for immediate impact
  54. First Bush-Obama meeting: hard feelings and hand sanitizer
  55. Bill O'Reilly wins/loses argument with himself while interviewing Shep Smith
  56. Fox news cut out from questions at President Elect Obama's press conference
  57. President elect Barack Obama positioned to quickly reverse Bush actions
  58. Literary agents scrambling to sign Sarah Palin to multimillion-dollar contracts
  59. Marriage vs. Civil Unions
  60. George Bush, exiting retard, fucks poor people over with medical needs AGAIN
  61. A butler well served by this election
  62. UK journalist Steve Zacharanda gets sloshed on election night (HILARIOUS VIDEO)
  63. Sarah Palin fans blamed by US Secret Service over death threats against Barack Obama
  64. Top Austrian journalist: incredibly racist anti-Obama rant
  65. 'Mutts like me' - Barack Obama shows ease discussing race
  66. New poll out today, 64% of Republicans say that they want Sarah Palin to run in 2012
  67. Wingnut revisionism: Oh, that ole time slavery was so much better than welfare
  68. Jobless ranks hit 10 million, most in 25 years
  69. List of potential Barack Obama cabinet posts
  70. Running on fumes: GM could soon run out of cash
  71. Barack Obama apologizes to Nancy Reagan for seance remark
  72. Mormons vs Gays due to California Prop. 8
  73. Joe the Pumbler open to run for Congress in 2010
  74. Transgender man elected mayor of Silverton
  75. Sherri Shepherd comes out against gay marriage
  76. Sarah Palin to break silence: fair and balanced interview on its way
  77. President elect Barack Obama holds first press conference
  78. Joe Lieberman hasn't jumped to the GOP because the bribe isn't big enough yet
  79. Campaign manager, Davide Plouffe, to go to the Senate?
  80. Moderates to blame for GOP losses, conservative leader says
  81. Bill Maher: There's got to be something funny about Barack Obama
  82. An answer to Proposition 8: Repealing DOMA
  83. The backstage scenes of Barack Obama's election night vigil, that he posted on Flickr
  84. Blacks and Latinos back California gay marriage ban
  85. Democracy in our schools
  86. Something fishy in Alaska
  87. CNN faked world-first TV hologram on election night
  88. Post election predictions for news junkies (like us!)
  89. President Obama receives congratulations from world leaders
  90. Sarah Palin's backers vow to "make lepers" out of McCain staffers who opposed her
  91. Sarah Palin will be back in 2012, this was just the start
  92. 349,000 illegal immigrants deported in 2008
  93. Before we say good-bye: Sarah Palin's greatest hits
  94. South Park celebrates Barack Obama win
  95. Sarah Palin responds to Africa allegation...she's squirming
  96. Philadelphia to close libraries, pools, in effort to close budget hole
  97. Hatemongers WBC intend to picket Barack Obama's grandma's funeral
  98. George Bush will go down in history books as an incompetent moron
  99. Crazy b*?#! Michelle Bachmann praises Barack Obama's win
  100. The spirit of unity
  101. Melissa Etheridge to California: 'You can forget my taxes'
  102. Joe/Sam the Fake Plumber/tax cheat was once a welfare queen
  103. Bush's dog Barney bites reporter
  104. GOP lawyer dispatched to Alaska to retrieve Sarah Palin's clothes
  105. North Carolina finally called for Barack Obama
  106. President elect Barack Obama launches new website - Change.gov
  107. Publishers say thanks but no thanks to George Bush memoir
  108. Rep. Rahm Emanuel accepts offer to be Barack Obama's chief of staff
  109. President-Elect Barack Obama's approval ratings
  110. US Attorney's decision not to prosecute Barack Obama 'assassination plot' wtf?
  111. Suspects in plot to kill Barack Obama plead not guilty
  112. At long last, it's beginning to feel like America
  113. Living under the George Bush regime
  114. Sarah Palin is sorry
  115. Barack Obama inauguration theme announced-tying it with Lincoln 200 years
  116. John McCain and Sarah Palin go their separate ways, in separate ways
  117. Spinoff: who did you cast your first Presidential vote for?
  118. Joe Lieberman: What? You guys won? I didn't mean all those things! Really!!
  119. Muzzles lifted: Election secrets spilling out
  120. People voted: Obama-Be!
  121. 106-year-old Atlanta woman basks in Barack Obama tribute
  122. Who was President when you were born?
  123. All the President's men (and women)
  124. Barack Obama faces tests in Japan and Korea
  125. No time for laurels; now the hard part
  126. Sarah Palin didn't know Africa is a continent
  127. The end of the monster years
  128. Ralph Nadar calls Barack Obama an Uncle Tom, Shepard Smith is shocked
  129. GOP civil war begins, quietly
  130. Sarah Palin greeted John McCain staff wearing only a towel
  131. Newsweek offers advice to Palin (but she'll never read it)
  132. Condi Rice congratulates Obama tearfully, says she is "especially proud" of his win
  133. Sarah Palin may have spent more than $150,000 on clothes!
  134. So little time so much damage--Bush destruction not finished yet
  135. Legal groups file lawsuit challenging Proposition 8
  136. GOP's circular firing squad quietly begins to load their weapons
  137. Thank you America!
  138. Sarah Palin "can't even imagine" 2012 bid
  139. Barack Obama's grandmother's vote will be counted
  140. President-elect Barack Obama laying low Wednesday
  141. Elisabeth Hasselbeck: "Today is a victory for our country"
  142. The most LOL-worthy right-wing reactions to Barack Obama win
  143. Analysis: Sarah Palin rocked campaign, for good and bad
  144. Sarah Palin faces questions, different landscape when she returns to Alaska
  145. Martin Luther King Jr's speech
  146. How John McCain lost: It's the economy, Stupid!
  147. Sarah Palin in tears after loss
  148. An open letter to Barack Obama from Alice Walker
  149. Early transition decisions to shape Barack Obama presidency
  150. Newspaper covers of Barack Obama's win
  151. Dear "Yes on prop 8" voters: Fuck you.
  152. Former VP candidate Sarah Palin released her medical records..sort of?
  153. Female voters propel Barack Obama victory
  155. For Californians: Prop. 8 winning
  156. World hopes for a 'less arrogant America'
  157. Did economic crisis finally defeat Lee Atwater smear politics?
  158. Barack Obama takes Pennsylvania
  159. Elizabeth Dole's campaign of hate and stupidity loses her the election
  160. Unf&%"*ing believable: Fed hires failed bank exec from Bear Sterns
  161. Disgraceful to the end: McCain robocall falsely claims Fidel Castro endorsed Obama
  162. "Joe the Plumber" beats his kids
  163. CNN totally pwns fake ass Joe the Plumber, who cries like a bitch
  164. President Bush still has time to fuck up more before the president is sworn in
  165. Vibrators in exchange for voting
  166. The official 2008 American Election thread
  167. Tim Robbins has a hard time voting
  168. John McCain's aunt speaks out about the election
  169. John McCain's Nicole Wallace depressed MSNBC reports on Barack Obama voting
  170. Matt Drudge is such a drama queen
  171. Sarah Palin votes, discusses her future
  172. Karl Rove (Satan Jr.) predicts landslide win for Barack Obama
  173. Sarah Palin's future causes Republican rift
  174. Pollster calms paranoid Dems: John McCain win would be exceptionally improbable
  175. Voting "irregularities" thread
  176. Report in: Tell us your voting experience!
  177. Vote by David Lebovitz
  178. Barack Obama's Kenyan family
  179. Prop. 8 ad that is seriously annoying Mormons
  180. Election 2008 breaking stereotypes with Cupcake
  181. Troopergate exonerates Sarah Palin!
  182. Barack Obama's Nevada campaign manager dead of a heart attack
  183. Severed goat's head left on Democratic House candidate Charlie Brown's doorstep
  184. Sarah Palin: Tina Fey, hold on to that “Sarah Outfit”
  185. Electoral College looks better for Obama
  186. Ted Stevens' juror lied about father dying - actually went to horse races
  187. Barack Obama's grandmother dies
  188. Fred Barnes: early voters all poor, old people
  189. Florida Uni McCain chairman resigns, votes for Barack Obama
  190. RNC attacks Barack Obama for expenses related to his grandmother's visit
  191. Even more shrinking crowds for Sarah Palin/John McCain, this time in Ohio
  192. Sarah Palin's camp still hasn't released medical records
  193. Guest list for Fox and Friends for Monday, Nov. 3rd
  194. Earth just shifted on it's axis: Fox News reporter DEFENDS Barack Obama
  195. Rogue Sarah Palin today: Barack Obama thinks terrorists are good guys
  196. Fact Check: The 08' campaign myths that wouldn't go away
  197. 1000 delusional people show up at John McCain rally smelling victory
  198. Homer Simpson votes for Barack Obama
  199. Oprah Winfrey talks about not getting her vote recorded
  200. Onslaught of dirty tricks as election day nears
  201. Stating the obvious, Sarah Palin may be hurting John McCain more than helping
  202. Will the outcome of the election be determined on a 50 yard line?
  203. The mind boggles: Palin part of 'prayer warrior' group i.e. God wants her in charge
  204. Arnold Schwarzenegger mocks 'skinny' Obama
  205. Joe Biden to protestors at rally: politics of division must end
  206. GOP dumb assery: Is Barack Obama the next Jimmy Carter?
  207. Election summary
  208. Joe/Sam the Fake Plumber/tax cheat questions Barack Obama's loyalty to country
  209. Watch McCain lackey try-and fail-to defend Palin's dumbass 1st amendment assertion
  210. Sarah Palin's latest dumbfuckery suggests America at war with Iran
  211. Libby Dole's 'Godless Americans' campaign blowing up in her evil face
  212. GOP probably broke law by revealing asylum status of Barack Obama's aunt
  213. Sarah Palin accuses media of covering for Barack Obama
  214. Why we stand in line to vote
  215. RNC using Hillary Clinton in robocalls against Barack Obama
  216. Crazy John McCain fan refuses to give Halloween candy to children of Obama supporters
  217. The Stench Run: repugs ramp up last minute negative attacks
  218. Election night plans?
  219. John McCain's SNL appearance
  220. Victoria Jackson rants incoherently, O'Reilly actually defends Obama from her crazy
  221. John McCain's last, last ditch attempt: attacking Barack Obama's patriotism
  222. President Bush drops out of sight to avoid hurting John McCain...any further
  223. Sarah Palin falls for prank call from fake French President
  224. American Conservative magazine editor endorses Barack Obama
  225. Prince of Darkness Dick Cheney endorses John McCain
  226. New Rules With Bill Maher - Barack Obama bad for comedians
  227. My Friends the Musical by John McCain
  228. What's up with different ballot styles?
  229. A little reminder of red vs. blue states
  230. Barack Obama's half-aunt from Kenya living illegally in US
  231. AP poll shows Barack Obama backers gleeful, John McCain's glum
  232. Serious rumor, is John McCain senile?
  233. Stop spreading the wealth, socialism must be defeated!
  234. Court orders Dick Cheney's Deputy Chief of Staff to give deposition
  235. Where are John McCain's kids?
  236. Barack Obama vs. John McCain: Dance Off '08
  237. GOP Bob Allen is apparently not only gay but racist as well
  238. Florida GOP official sends racist emails, warns of 'carloads of blacks'
  239. Court tells CIA it can keep torture evidence secret
  240. Countdown Campaign Comment on rank hypocrisy
  241. Hockey Mama for Obama=Evita Palin
  242. Sarah Palin opposes John McCain on defense cuts
  243. John McCain & Barack Obama are ready for some football
  244. Al Gore campaigns for Barack Obama in Florida
  245. You betcha, Sarah Palin claims 1st Amendment rights threatened by criticism
  246. Former adviser to Ronald Reagan endorses Barack Obama
  247. Barack Obama: 'It's gonna get nasty' in final days before election
  248. Barack Obama driving ratings
  249. For those of you voting Nov. 4th...
  250. Wasilla is having a sale on rape kits