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  1. Unions and unemployment: the battle over the Employee Free Choice Act gets ugly
  2. DOJ drops "enemy combatant" designation
  3. Chuck Norris wants to be President of Texas, when it secedes from U.S.
  4. Anti-healthcare reformer hired by GOP stole millions from gov using ripoff hospitals
  5. Texas Rethugs try to refuse stimulus money for unemployment
  6. SC Republicans to fire 7,500 teachers rather than take any stimulus money
  7. Joe the Fake Plumber: One small slap for America
  8. Sarah Palin: more earmark hypocrisy
  9. Rush Limbaugh calls Andrea Mitchell a "Butt Boy"
  10. Laura Ingraham mocks Meghan McCain for being "plus-sized"
  11. Meghan McCain doesn't pretend to understand what she yaps about
  12. Sarah Palin's REAL ambition for 2012!
  13. Army fires more soldiers cuz they're gay.. tic tock, Obama
  14. RNC chairman continues to confuse, is apparently against a ban on gay marriage
  15. Hooker loving Republican throws tantrum at airport, employees shrug and call security
  16. Banks planned on looting the American public for decades
  17. Man planned dirty bomb for inauguration
  18. Muntadher al-Zaidi sentenced to 3 years for shoe-throwing incident
  19. Pres Obama wants to review earmarks in budget, Dems start pussying out
  20. US automaker threatens to leave Canada unless it gets money and union concessions
  21. Barack Obama is an evil human-race-enslaving robot
  22. Victoria Jackson's conservative idiocy: Obama wants to be Castro
  23. The USPS (Postal Service) still matters
  24. Ari Flescher STILL says Saddam Hussein caused 9/11, wtf!?
  25. RNC chairman says abortion is a "personal choice" and being gay is like "being black"
  26. Investigative reporter Seymour Hersh describes 'Executive Assassination Ring'
  27. Michael Steele: Congressional Republicans are scurrying mice
  28. The missing $1,000,000 tax bracket
  29. Bristol Palin breaks off engagement to her "babydaddy". BIG SURPRISE
  30. Baby Daddy John Edwards creeps back into the spotlight
  31. If private insurers compete with government, they'll lose
  32. Did Obama's tax cut already hit my paycheck?
  33. Delusional Bush supporters still think he did a fantastic job
  34. AOL users rate President Obama's first 50 days as a Socialist
  35. S.C. governor wants to use part of stimulus cash, that he bitched about, to pay debts
  36. It's not the Depression, top Obama adviser says
  37. LEAVE RUSH LIMBAUGH ALONE!! just leave him alone!!! *cry*
  38. Katie Couric's Sarah Palin interview wins Cronkite Award
  39. Congress approves President Obama's spending bill
  40. Pres. Obama apparently doing too much now, last week he was doing too little
  41. Jim Cramer and Joe Scarborough whine about Jon Stewart kicking their asses
  42. Religious right isn't happy with Pres Obama, which means he's doing everything right
  43. Richard Gerbil (uh Gere) now thinks he can speak for Hillary Clinton
  44. Student who hacked Sarah Palin's Yahoo account gets 3 new charges
  45. 1 in 50 American children experiences homelessness
  46. A family's year of 'buying black'
  47. Illegal immigrants might get stimulus jobs, experts say
  48. Majority of Republicans see no clear leader, especially not Limbaugh or Palin
  49. Connecticut group files to back Sarah Palin for President
  50. Is talking to Taliban the right approach?
  51. US Economy will begin to recover in 5 years: Investment guru Warren Buffett
  52. Americans United for Change still hitting Rush Limbaugh
  53. Republican strategy: Drive down Dem poll numbers. Who cares about America.
  54. Don’t rely on George W Bush’s signing statements, Barack Obama orders
  55. President Obama reverses ban on stem cell research
  56. Meghan McCain runs Ann Coulter over with her father's Straight Talk Express
  57. Pres calls reporter to ask seriously if "Obama a socialist?" question was a joke
  58. Note to Freepers:threatening the President may result in visits by the Secret Service
  59. Does the POTUS have problems with African-Americans in his cabinet?
  60. Catholic hypocrisy: Repub death penalty judges good, Dem pro-choicers bad
  61. Republicans bitch and moan about earmarks.. unless they're for their own state
  62. Older job-seekers face special hurdles
  63. Attorney General, George Wallace's daughter observe Selma anniversary
  64. How the Republican Party has conned America for thirty years
  65. Frank Shaeffer: open letter to the Republican traitors
  66. The questions the U.S. healthcare debate ignores
  67. Sarah Palin chooses Alaskan Supreme Court judge
  68. John McCain says to go ahead and let General Motors fail
  69. Clueless GOP still imploding without leadership
  70. Why Rush Limbaugh is wrong: A conservative's lament
  71. President Obama ponders outreach to elements of the Taliban
  72. Ex-SAS chief in Afghanistan slams 'worthless' war
  73. Democrats pushing Howard Dean for Surgeon General
  74. "Birthers" slapped around by Federal judge
  75. Rush Limbaugh says Ted Kennedy will be dead before health care bill passes
  76. Prom queen Michelle Obama poses with her first love
  77. Stephen Colbert gives Rush Limbaugh tip of the hat
  78. Neocons keep ripping bits off of RNC chairman Michael Steele
  79. Best thing to have Rush Limbaugh's fatfuck face plastered on it
  80. The Bobby Jindal racism issue
  81. Parody of Michael Steele taking the GOP "to the streets"
  82. Michelle Obama helps out at a soup kitchen
  83. Michael Steele criticizes school he once vowed to help
  84. Sanjay Gupta opts out of Surgeon General position
  85. John Edwards admits he fathered love child (according to the National Enquirer)
  86. 'Boss Hog' Rush Limbaugh challenges Barack Obama to debate
  87. The high price gays pay for lack of (financial) rights
  88. Mormons now blaming the Catholic church for their own Prop 8 bigotry.. lolwut?
  89. Study says Sarah Palin's good looks worked against her
  90. President Obama's popularity peaks
  91. Cleveland (yes, Ohio!) Tea Party mob crazees
  92. RNC won't tell FOX "NEWS" what it did with Sarah Palin's clothes
  93. Federal Union boss calls Rush Limbaugh's comments 'unacceptable'
  94. Karl Rove to testify!
  95. Mormon shitbags going after civil unions in Illinois now
  96. LOL~! The Dems have a website where you too can send Rush Limbaugh an apology letter
  97. GOP leaders whine about Dems using Rush Limbaugh as a distraction
  98. Barack Obama, if you've lost Maureen Dowd, you've lost snarky Americans
  99. Russian scholar says US will collapse — next year
  100. President Obama moving to restore Endangered Species Act
  101. The rise and fall of the GOP's first black Chairman
  102. Christopher Buckley: How Rush Limbaugh tried (and failed) to replace my dad
  103. Blacks, whites hear Obama differently
  104. Campaign against Obama health plan run by notorious conservative PR firm
  105. John Murtha: We'd need 600,000 troops to pacify Afghanistan
  106. GOP to Michael Steele: Quiet about Rush Limbaugh or you're fired
  107. Parents! Involve your kids in anti-Sarah Palin wolf killing coloring project!
  108. Rich people whine: Opposition to Obama's tax increase on wealthy
  109. John McCain sank his daughter's love life like Sarah Palin sank campaign
  110. Candidates line up to fill Rahm Emanuel's seat in Chicago
  111. DOJ releases Bush post-9/11 memos
  112. Employee Free Choice Act - it's worse than Islamofascist terrorist gays!
  113. Legal assault on "Defense of Marriage Act" kicks off with a bang
  114. Right wing nut Alan Keyes: Barack Obama is an abomination
  115. SoS Hillary Clinton admits diplomacy won't stop Iran
  116. 1993 memo reveals GOP opposed health care reform cuz 'it would work, be bad for GOP"
  117. Rod Blagojevich lands six figure book deal
  118. Legalizing marijuana in California would create a $1 billion tokin' tax
  119. Congresswoman wants to end 'don't ask, don't tell'
  120. Another nominee owes taxes, but will now pay so it's all good
  121. Canadian PM Stephen Harper to Barack Obama: We'll never defeat Afghan insurgents
  122. Fatty strikes back! - Rush Limbaugh tells neocons to stop giving money to RNC
  123. Sen. Dick Durbin: Race factored in Roland Burris seating
  124. Report: Iran stole Marine One specs
  125. Pres. Obama appears to be embracing Bush's lawless, omnipotent executive power
  126. Anti-choice religious nuts gearing up over Obama's pick for health secretary
  127. The time for saying "please" is over - Prop 8 must be overturned
  128. Howard Dean screaming and crying after being by-passed as health secretary
  129. Michael Steele, GOP uncle tom, challenges Rush Limbaugh for leadership of Republicans
  130. Shepard Smith continues to irritate Faux News: defends civil liberties
  131. Republican politician partially apologises for comparing gays to murderers
  132. Rahm Emanuel: Rush Limbaugh is the voice, energy, intellect of GOP
  133. More TV ads project images of racial harmony
  134. Republican 'rapper' sounds stupid at CPAC, makes me wince. Enjoy!
  135. Ann Coulter's diarrhea of the mouth continues at CPAC
  136. US intel: Iran supplying anti-helicopter missiles to Taliban
  137. Mitt Romney wins CPAC straw poll
  138. RNC Finance Director (and Palin PAC Treasurer) forced to quit
  139. Barack Obama taps Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius for HHS secretary
  140. Barack Obama's budget: huge ambitions, huge obstacles
  141. Babies with HIV are punishment for promiscuity says senator
  142. Hate group numbers up by 54% since 2000
  143. Meet the new, 13-year-old, face of Conservatism
  144. Sarah Palin backs Alaskan parental consent abortion bill
  145. Barack Obama sets firm 18-month timetable to end Iraq war
  146. Porn in the USA: Conservatives are biggest consumers
  147. Repubs Worst Week (snicker snicker snicker)
  148. Sarah Palin modifies "Invite the Governor" webpage to ask if "First Family" invited
  149. Nutjob tries to kill Obama with AIDS ridden letter. Seriously.
  150. Bobby Jindal admits Katrina story was false
  151. Obama administration may rescind 'conscience rule'
  152. Michael Steele and Michelle Bachman display their stupidity at CPAC
  153. Some pictures from CPAC
  154. Joe the Plumber entertains CPAC with list of who he would smack or shoot in congress
  155. CPAC audience roars with applause when speaker suggests Obama wasn’t born in U.S.
  156. Bloomberg: Obama doesn't need his cousin's advice on terrorism
  157. Lawyer: Freed Gitmo prisoner Binyam Mohamed experienced “nightmare we can’t imagine”
  158. Joe the Plumber's 'book' signing nets 11 people.. only 5 books sold. HAH!
  159. Pentagon ends ban on Iraq war dead pictures (5 years too late)
  160. AG Eric Holder says Feds will stop medical marijuana raids
  161. Republicans begin voting for their next political star who'll crash & burn
  162. Barack Obama - The Unusual Suspect
  163. Bobby Jindal being ripped for his idiotic volcano comment
  164. Defenders of controversial chimp cartoon walk familiar, if dubious, line
  165. Rush Limbaugh to hold "Female Summit" to find out why they hate him
  166. Rush Limbaugh warns conservatives not to go after Bobby Jindal
  167. California mayor sends e-mail with watermelons on White House lawn
  168. More gun control not a viable answer to crime
  169. Conservative columnist calls Bobby Jindal's response "insane"
  170. Bobby Jindal gives his moronic GOP response to State of the Union address
  171. President Obama's speech to Congress 2/24/09
  172. Settlement: Sarah Palin must pay Alaska $7,000 for children's travel expenses
  173. Michael Steele on civil unions: "Are you crazy?"
  174. House passes Captive Primate Safety Act
  175. GOP retribution against pro-stimulus Republicans: cut their funding next election
  176. Bailout bank blows millions partying in L.A.
  177. National Abstinence Education Association throws Bristol Palin under a bus
  178. Commerce Secretary, Act 3: Barack Obama likely to tap Gary Locke
  179. Milk screenwriter on Harvey Milk, 30 years later
  180. Brainless whore Sarah Palin wants to shoot Beluga whales or some shit now
  181. FBI, police rescue child prostitutes around US
  182. Now, I don't like to dwell on the past BUT...
  183. Is this the beginning of the end of America?
  184. Bushmeat, an African delicacy, facing New York crackdown
  185. Former President George Bush goes to hardware store that offered him a job
  186. U.S. report tracks spread of stalking
  187. Outrage: Obama admin tries to kill Bush admin "missing e-mails" investigation
  188. President Obama: Tax cuts will be felt by April 1
  189. Barack Obama nixes plan to tax motorists on mileage
  190. Comedian Lisa Lampanelli rips Barack Obama and Sarah Palin (Funny!)
  191. Barack Obama extends federal aid for Gulf Coast
  192. Joe Biden tells America to track stimulus on wrong website
  193. Greta Van Susteren, Scientology and SarahPac (Sarah Palin)
  194. Joy Behar (the View) kicks Ann Coulter's stupid ass around the block. Total pwnage.
  195. Mormon freaks compare gays to Islamic terrorists, ship own kids to offshore gulags
  196. Texas may let hunters shoot pigs from helicopters
  197. Michael Steele to re-invent GOP with hip-hop and youthiness
  198. How much does your state hate the poors?
  199. President Obama throws $75 billion lifeline to homeowners
  200. Iraqi shoe thrower: George Bush's 'soulless smile' set me off
  201. Canadian press practically vomits on itself in excitement over Pres. Obama's visit
  202. Attorney General Eric Holder: U.S. a 'nation of cowards' on race discussions
  203. Sarah Palin owes taxes on per diem, state says
  204. Surprise: Racist cartoonist Sean Delonas hates gays, says al Qaeda loves Dems
  205. Barack Obama sign vandalized
  206. North Dakota bans abortion. North who? *looks for a map*
  207. New York Post cartoon shows Obama as a chimp and possibly calls for his assassination
  208. President Obama looking at Swedish banking model; repugs coming onboard
  209. GOP Problem Solver: Tax cuts can cure ANYTHING! Even Sarah Palin!
  210. General Motors seeking $30B in aid.. and plans to layoff almost 50,000 workers
  211. Bobby Jindal may reject some stimulus money
  212. Michele Bachmann spouts more crazy stuff and lies
  213. Right-wing fundies rip down Prez Obama's picture in CO. airforce base on Prez Day
  214. Killing them with kindness? The key to Obama's (Reid's) strategy of "compromise"
  215. Dick Cheney reportedly "furious" with George W. Bush over Scooter Libby
  216. Bristol Palin opens her slut trap and says a bunch of shit, bitchslaps her mother
  217. Columnist Ann Coulter defends white supremacist group
  218. New Sarah Palin biography: Son Trig had heart defect at birth
  219. Levi Johnston's mother gets new court date with anti-Palin attorney
  220. Bill Clinton says don't blame him for the economic crisis
  221. As credit dries up, more owners seek microloans
  222. Historians rank Abe Lincoln best president, George W. Bush seventh worst president
  223. Roland Burris adamantly denies misleading Ill. House
  224. Student sues L.A. City College district over gay-marriage speech
  225. Laid-off lawyer in predicament she never imagined
  226. Is the U.S. repeating Soviet mistakes in Afghanistan?
  227. A torture report could spell big trouble for Bush lawyers
  228. Congress approves $787 billion stimulus package
  229. Wingnut Jesus freaks want new, respectful name
  230. Evangelical morons call stimulus bill.. anti-christian
  231. In Ford’s Theater, President Obama invokes forbidden word
  232. Another nominee (Commerce Secretary) bites the dust
  233. Thousands of US weapons astray in Afghanistan: auditors
  234. What recession? Surprise retail sales increase in January
  235. Happy 45th B-Day to middle-aged anger bear Sarah Palin!
  236. Congress, White House agree on $790B stimulus bill
  237. Bobby Jindal tapped to give highly-psychotic GOP response to Barack Obama
  238. Ken Starr, Prop 8 leader, outlines his gay-hating strategy to other religious bigots
  239. Wall St CEOs to defend use of bailout to Congress
  240. Prez Obama needs to ditch his Clinton-era economic team of FAIL
  241. Bill would drop travel restrictions to Cuba
  242. 'Dirty' Deeding
  243. Patrick Leahy says Congress likely to investigate Bush
  244. Sarah Palin backs out CPAC Conference; Michele Bachman will still go (phew!)
  245. Sarah Palin's Attorney General resigns
  246. Just when you think it cant get any worse... look out Massachusetts
  247. FOX news (hah) caught plagiarising GOP stimulus bill rant
  248. Was Abraham Lincoln a racist?
  249. The 180-degree reversal of Barack Obama's State Secrets position
  250. Tim Geithner blocks tougher conditions for Wall Street welfare sponges