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  1. Nicolas Sarkozy is a 'sex dwarf'? WTF?
  2. The uprising China would have us forget
  3. Why can't the automobile industry get a handle on low-carbon cars?
  4. Left out of D-Day events, Queen Elizabeth is fuming
  5. Pro-Israel lobbyists threaten funding for Toronto's gay pride
  6. This explains a few things: Abu Ghraib photos show rape
  7. Catholic orders plead poverty in Irish abuse
  8. North Korea shakes its little fist, threatens to nuke everybody, cries a little
  9. Canada's Governor General eats heart
  10. Protestant soccer mob beats Catholic man to death
  11. Iran sends six warships into international waters
  12. Deadly Indian riots after Sikh shooting in Austria
  13. North Korea tests nuclear weapon 'as powerful as Hiroshima bomb'
  14. Iran's nuke program: It's real and it's spectacular
  15. U.N. chief names Bill Clinton as envoy to Haiti
  16. Sri Lanka rebels, Tamil Tigers, concede defeat in civil war
  17. KUWAIT: In a first, four women elected to parliament
  18. Moscow police violently break up gay pride rally
  19. Austrian neo Nazis attack concentration camp survivors, some shot with pellet guns
  20. Somali pirates using London contacts: report
  21. Transitioning to a society of sloth?
  22. Pakistan pounds Taliban; fighters pour into Swat
  23. The flip-side of same-sex marriage
  24. Question about abortion
  25. Israel: Boycott, divest, sanction
  26. ABC News exclusive: Torture tape implicates UAE Royal Sheikh
  27. Irish women challenge abortion ban in European court
  28. Threatening fliers against homosexuals posted in Baghdad
  29. Stone-throwing Afghan crowd swarms women's protest
  30. 1,500 farmers commit mass suicide in India
  31. Iraqi leaders 'ignoring murder of homosexuals'
  32. Pakistan, a nuclear power, is in danger of collapsing from extremists within months
  33. Are we being lied to about 'pirates'?
  34. Daughter is denied the right to identify her sperm donor father
  35. Iraqi salesman saves baby after bomb kills mother
  36. Raped, beaten, hacked and flung into a mass grave ... she was only 10
  37. Hamid Karzai bows to international calls to scrap Afghan 'rape' law
  38. ECHR finds that Internet publication rule does not breach right to freedom of speech
  39. Canada's Science Minister won't confirm belief in evolution
  40. ABC show addresses homophobia in NJ bar
  41. Saudi women to boycott lingerie shops
  42. Israeli soldiers' T-shirts depict shooting Arabs
  43. Israeli soldiers allege indiscriminate killing in Gaza
  44. Misery
  45. Iowa turkey farm pays mentally retarded workers 37 cents an hour
  46. My six year old likes President Obama
  47. Meet Maria Sergeyeva, rising star in Russian politics
  48. Sent back by Britain. Executed in Darfur
  49. The success of drug decriminalization in Portugal
  50. Sign the petition regarding the AIG bonuses
  51. Iraqi footballer shot dead by fan
  52. Fascism on the rise in Austria yet again.. stupid retards
  53. Women in Congo speak out about rape despite taboo
  54. We are breeding ourselves to extinction
  55. Four youths flogged for gang rape in Somalia
  56. NKorea puts troops on alert, warns of war danger
  57. Iceland's economic meltdown: a lesson from the frontline of global finance
  58. A U.N. resolution seeks to criminalize opinions that differ with the Islamic faith
  59. Girls being force-fed for marriage as junta revives fattening farms
  60. Brit Bankers threaten to quit UK if bonuses capped; world laughs
  61. Neo Nazis on the march again in Germany
  62. Indian extremist group targets Valentine's Day
  63. North Korea's back to testing missiles
  64. The Canadian solution
  65. The unkindest cut: a Czech solution for sex offenders
  66. Gordon Brown's advisor sacked banker who got it right
  67. Nejamin Netanyahu: Israel won't listen to US concession demands re: Palestinian issue
  68. Russian cities face civil unrest as Russian economy collapses
  69. I wrote Arnold Schwarzeneggar and got a response lol
  70. Canadian bank CEOs take pay cuts
  71. British workers strike as economic unease spreads
  72. Rush Limbaugh caught with male prostitute
  73. Most Germans want their own Barack Obama
  74. A Prince and four peaks: peak oil, gas, coal and uranium
  75. Jacques Chirac mauled by "clinically depressed" poodle
  76. Why does the U.S care about Israel?
  77. Senior Saudi cleric says girls can marry at age 10
  78. President Bush pardons Border Patrol agents
  79. Maryland police and their weird war on 'terror'
  80. Ahmet Yildiz murdered for being gay.. by his own family
  81. Israel rejected Hamas ceasefire in December. Nice.
  82. Britain ready to take in Guantánamo prisoners
  83. For Kurdish girls, a painful ancient ritual
  84. The left and militant Islam - an interesting article
  85. Dennis Prager: Nothing says "I love you" like marital rape
  86. Big surprise: 'Virginity pledges' don't work
  87. Pakistan moves thousands of troops to Indian border
  88. Shoe-throwing reporter offered a Palestinian bride
  89. Some thoughts on oil prices below $40 per barrel
  90. Iraqi shoe reporter said to be badly beaten
  91. Robin Williams on Barack Obama and various other subjects
  92. Queen Elizabeth II reins in extravagance as credit crunch grips
  93. Iraqi reporter throws shoes at Bush, calls him dog
  94. Do worry about the deficit
  95. US death sentences at lowest for 30 years
  96. Why are gasoline (and oil) prices so low -- and where are they headed?
  97. A village that banned violence against women
  98. Suicide on TV condemned in Britain
  99. NZ columnist: Women would stop getting beaten if they'd just stop having abortions
  100. Inside the villages where every woman is victim of hidden war
  101. The short, disgusting life of the Hummer - a retrospective
  102. Canada's Government about to fall? (not that anyone cares)
  103. Muslims condemn Mumbai attacks, worry about image
  104. Iranian court upholds stoning death sentence for woman convicted of adultery
  105. Afghan teacher wants acid thrown on her attackers
  106. New Orleans ranks No. 1 in crime
  107. Indonesia's Papua plans to tag AIDS sufferers
  108. In Mexico's drug war, bad cops are a mounting problem
  109. Liberals clinically mad, concludes top psychiatrist
  110. Malaysia Islamic body bans yoga for Muslims
  111. Ch-ch-changes: pollutants may also be causing gender ambiguity in humans
  112. For gays in India, fear rules
  113. Water wars
  114. Norway tops gender equality list
  115. Secularist voted Jerusalem mayor
  116. UK Industry Taskforce sounds alarm on Peak Oil
  117. AIDS attitudes in China
  118. Enemies could see opening for peace, or violence, with Obama Presidency
  119. Jeff Rubin: Oil prices caused the current recession
  120. Petition against the Mormon church
  121. REAL Denver State Senate results
  122. Barack Obama's win eclipses national news in Britain
  123. The Bush Aftermath: "American nightmare"
  124. Can someone interpret this religious email?
  125. Don't Vote ad
  126. Australia to implement mandatory internet censorship
  127. The most liberal places in America
  128. MC Yogi "Vote 4 Hope" video
  129. Gays and building families
  130. Tourist finds sexual harassment common in Egypt
  131. You must tithe before worshipping me: Pay up bitches
  132. America the Weak
  133. Organic agriculture is better than industrial agriculture
  134. Barack Obama Postsecret card, slightly worrying..
  135. A message from The Queen ;)
  136. British media should treat Islam more sensitively than Christianity, claims BBC boss
  137. Canada votes to re-elect Conservatives
  138. Canadians, are you ready to vote?
  139. Japan calls USA's removal of N. Korea from terror list "Extremely regrettable"
  140. Oil and gas -- The next meltdown?
  141. North Korea removed from Axis of Evil
  142. The end of growth
  143. Liberal leader Stephane Dion makes embarrassing gaffe on TV
  144. Why are the perpetrators of Darfur genocide running a UN anti-poverty program?
  145. Asian, European Markets plunge on opening Friday
  146. Is Barack Obama depressing the market?
  147. Steps to halt the (global economic) slide
  148. Tibet moving on climate change threat
  149. Top 25 censored stories for 2009
  150. "We risk a disintegration of global finance within days."
  151. US cuts funding for condoms in Marie Stopes' African clinics
  152. The love lives of the ancient Romans
  153. Zeitgeist The Movie (rev. ed.): Origins of religion, source of god, human control
  154. PETA is human abuse
  155. Russia just sent war ships to Venezuela
  156. The (much quieter) bank panic
  157. Nato plan for rapid-reaction force to counter Russian agression
  158. How Vladimir Putin tripped up the Russian economy
  159. Not another End of Oil story...
  160. U.K. Judges rule it is legal to ogle man boobs
  161. Fury over ‘Muslim Massacre’ internet game
  162. Russia threatens to seize swathe of Arctic
  163. Do we need population control?
  164. Obama-mania hits Brazil; 6 politicians officially rename themselves 'Barack Obama'...
  165. The real culprits in this meltdown
  166. Georgia: Intercepted calls prove self-defense
  167. Pakistan orders troops to open fire if US raids
  168. UN: 'Iran is expanding enrichment activities, we're at a dead end'
  169. U.S. sanctions Hugo Chavez aides in growing crisis
  170. Iranian women sentenced to jail for campaigning for women's rights
  171. Is the world gonna end on Wednesday?
  172. North Korea 'uses doubles to hide death of Kim Jong-il'
  173. Canadian PM dissolves Parliament
  174. Autism and Vaccines: Why bad logic trumps science
  175. Didgeridoo book upsets Aborigines
  176. Egyptian women talk about their experience of sexual harassment
  177. Russia's Vladimir Putin saves TV crew from Siberian tiger
  178. Josef Stalin acted rationally in killing millions, claims Russian textbook
  179. Japanese Prime Minister resigns
  180. Australia suffering 'man drought'
  181. By 2015, deaths will surpass births in the EU, study reveals
  182. South Ossetia seeks to merge with Russia
  183. Vladimir Putin accuses U.S. of orchestrating Georgian war
  184. Europe of the future: Germany shrinks, France grows, but UK population booms
  185. Legalised abortion in Mexico City faces supreme court fight
  186. Japanese create stem cells from wisdom teeth
  187. Women-only beach in Egypt allows modesty and tanlines
  188. Two women sentenced to ‘re-education’ in China
  189. China flaying animals alive (WARNING: Graphic Images)
  190. Russia hits back at NATO warning
  191. Taliban kills 10 French soldiers - raids US base
  192. No sign of Russia's genocide claim
  193. U.S. mistakes don't excuse Russia's attack
  194. Going to extremes: changing energy-consuming habits
  195. George (pot-meet-kettle) Bush accuses Russia of 'bullying and intimidation'
  196. Georgia-Russia conflict shows EU's energy vulnerability
  197. Taliban wages war on aid workers
  198. Book about finding Mr. Right disprupts Egypt's boys club
  199. Kids working in African gold mines
  200. AIDS group says Zimbabwe using rape as a tool of terror
  201. Flat-Earthers: The people who really think the earth is flat
  202. Acclimatising to (climate) change
  203. Oil price falls! Peak Oil a non-problem!
  204. The politics of Olympics: Does it displace the poor?
  205. War has started - Putin says - Russia invades Georgia
  206. Sexual assault in military 'jaw-dropping,' lawmaker says
  207. Calls for end to Saudi child marriages
  208. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, literary giant who defied Soviets, dies at 89
  209. Istanbul bombings heighten tensions in an increasingly divided Turkey
  210. A third of Muslim students back killings
  211. MS-13 gangs invade Toronto...again
  212. Cocaine traced to Venezuelan jungles
  213. Blasts in Indian city kill at least 29
  214. Iran to hang 30 convicts Sunday
  215. Violent Hispanic gang spreading in Canada
  216. A snapshot of prison gangs and youth gangs in Canada
  217. Grandmother arrested on race charges after telling rowdy Asian students to 'go home'
  218. Stop Honorcide
  219. Islam to become Russia’s predominant religion by 2050?
  220. Terrorists take advantage of Canada's leniency
  221. A textbook case: teaching intolerance one schoolbook at a time
  222. What happens to seized drug money?
  223. Albany to expand domestic violence law to include dating relationships
  224. Saudi textbooks still teaching hate: report
  225. Escaping the Amish
  226. Egypt's men blame women for harassment
  227. Which British Monarch deserves the failure crown?
  228. Employee quits over "So Gay" ad
  229. France denies citizenship to veiled Muslim woman
  230. Where is the Afghan female runner?
  231. Plans to clear undergrowth from gay sex spot branded discriminatory
  232. Barack Obama stickers for free
  233. Schoolboys punished with detention for refusing to kneel in class and pray to Allah
  234. CONSPIRACY! Students developing ethanol producing bacteria stabbed 190 times!
  235. Sharia law SHOULD be used in Britain, says UK's top judge
  236. Does patriotism matter?
  237. Bulgarian extremists attack gay parade with rocks
  238. Palestinian rockets fired at Israel despite truce
  239. Fiat apologizes to China for Richard Gere commercial
  240. India woman bouncer a big hit
  241. Female circumcision: a tradition steeped in blood
  242. Ahmadinejad says West failed in Iran nuclear crisis
  243. In South Africa, Chinese is the new Black
  244. AIDS fight drains health cash
  245. HIV positive outsiders banned from America
  246. Should the US separate hate speech from freedom of speech?
  247. Government trying to secretly make intellectual property trade agreement
  248. Modern Geishas in Japan — pretty tradition or outdated idea?
  249. Albinos hunted, terrorized in Tanzania
  250. 2008 Pc