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  1. Extreme reaction causes Tony Blair to rethink book-tour strategy
  2. Why don't black Americans swim?
  3. Indian rape victims subjected to "finger test"
  4. Argentines risking all to carry huge wads of cash
  5. Afghanistan's dirty little secret- Boy Rape
  6. 4 Israelis Killed In West Bank- Hamas Claims Responsibility
  7. 8 Killed in Cancun Bar Attack
  8. Report: 100 Russian skinheads attack concertgoers
  9. This Is What Happens To A Drunk, Now Paraplegic Learner Driver
  10. Philippines mourns, Hong Kong angry after hijack deaths
  11. Albino Girl, 11, Beheaded In Swaziland Witchcraft Ritual
  12. At Least 150 Women Raped in Weekend Raid in Congo
  13. Iran creates unmanned bomber as messenger of death and friendship
  14. Australian Federal Election - Sat 21 August 2010
  15. France sends scores of Gypsies back to Romania
  16. Jakarta, Indonesia, introduces women-only trains to avoid groping
  17. On Facebook: Israeli soldier posed with bound Arab
  18. Ethicists Charge Doctor With Trying to Prevent Homosexuality in the Womb
  19. Iraqi General: Iraq not ready for U.S. pullout
  20. Iran stoning woman 'admits murder conspiracy'
  21. Canada needs more prisons due to "increase in unreported crime"?
  22. The pointless war in Afghanistan - in pictures
  23. Taxpayer-funded "revirginization"?
  24. The Plight of Women In Afghanistan: A Disturbing Picture- Maybe NSFW
  25. China: No more "shame parades"
  26. Khmer Rouge Jailer Kaing Guek Eav Found Guilty of War Crimes
  27. Dead Animals Left At Planned Parenthood Clinic
  28. Uzbek women allege forced sterilization
  29. Syria bans full Islamic face veils at universities
  30. Swedish feminists burn $13000 in salary protest
  31. Burka ban would be 'un-British'‎
  32. Spain to consider banning burqas in public
  33. Fucktards BP behind release of terrorist Abdel Baset al-Megrahi
  34. Thousands demonstrate against Argentina plans to legalise same-sex marriage
  35. France's Burka Ban Overwhelmingly Passes Through Parliament
  36. Gay asylum seekers win protection from deportation
  37. 58,000 stray dogs in Baghdad killed in 3-month span
  38. Companies brace for end of cheap made-in-China era
  39. Iran bans mullets, spikes, and ponytails for men
  40. How Goldman Sachs and others gamble with food and cause millions to starve
  41. Britain's IVF free-for-all
  42. What is your view about Iran?
  43. Sexual Assaults Add to Miseries of Haitiís Ruins
  44. Julia Gillard becomes Australia's first female Prime Minister after leadership spill
  45. Radiation Levels 'Abnormal' Along Korean Border
  46. "I killed, cut off heads" says repentant Mexico hitman
  47. Brazilian judge refuses abortion for fetus without brain
  48. Orania, South Africa: Where apartheid lives on
  49. Somali Islamic Militants Killing People for Watching World Cup Matches
  50. What is your comment about Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, president of Iran?
  51. 13 Year Old Afghan Suicide Bomber Kills 40 at Wedding
  52. Dutch Government Tells Women on the Dole: Find a Husband
  53. "Christian" geezers shut down Bed & breakfast in BC rather than let gays stay
  54. Egypt: Men Married to Israeli Women Can Be Stripped of Citizenship
  55. Bhopal gas trial convicts eight in India
  56. Women in north Italy to be paid not to have abortions
  57. Meet the face of Big Brother in NSW (Oz)
  58. Irony Alert: Iran Slams Europe for 'Intolerance' Towards Burka
  59. Taliban Attacks Afghani Peace Conference: Jirga Hit By Suicide Attack
  60. Woman stabs nine in China train rampage: report
  61. Soaring costs force Canada to reassess health model
  62. Louisiana Senator goes to bat for BP
  63. Israel Attacks Unarmed Aid Flotilla in International Waters, Several Dead
  64. Fiscal crises threaten Europe's generous welfare benefits
  65. Ireland of the welcomes, and the racism
  66. Do accused rapists deserve anonymity?
  67. Rape? Meh, it's not so bad.
  68. Judge in Malawi Convicts Gay Couple of Unnatural Acts, Gross Indecency
  69. France has first 'burka rage' incident
  70. Awesome: Saudi Woman Beats Up Virtue Cop
  71. Rape-aXe Antirape Condoms to Be Handed Out at World Cup
  72. 9 killed in latest attack at China school
  73. Lars Vilks, Muhammad Cartoonist, Attacked During Lecture
  74. British Prime minister Resigns
  75. YEMEN: A young woman explains why she wears the niqab, the all-covering veil
  76. Toronto gay pride denied federal funds by ruling right-wing assholes
  77. Italian city fines Muslim woman for wearing burqa
  78. Nigeria: Senator allegedly marries girl, age 13
  79. UN elects Iran to its commission on Ö womenís rights
  80. Iran's Suntan Crackdown
  81. Gordon Brown caught on microphone calling a voter a "bigot"
  82. Thai troop clash with protesters kills 1, wounds 18
  83. Man stabs 15 students, 1 teacher in south China
  84. French police fine Muslim driver for wearing veil‎
  85. Nepal to host gay weddings on Everest
  86. Sluts cause earthquakes, says Iranian cleric
  87. YEMEN: Islamic lawmaker decries child marriage ban as part of 'Western agenda'
  88. Homophobia sweeps Africa: murdered gay man dug up, spit on, dumped at parents house
  89. Thailand clashes leave 18 dead
  90. Europe's Roma say woes deepen amid economic crisis
  91. Eugene Terreblanche, notorious South African white supremacist, dead
  92. Belgian Committee backs banning veil in public
  93. Cardinal accuses Hugo Chavez of persecuting foes
  94. Iceland: the world's most feminist country
  95. Eugenics survivors seek justice
  96. Breaking: South Korean navy ship sinking, North suspected
  97. China's Female Astronauts: Must Be a Married Mom
  98. Nicolas Sarkozy: France To Ban The Veil
  99. Most ridiculous lawsuits of 2009
  100. Ukrainian women berate 'Neanderthal' PM for sexist remarks
  101. Tehran Accused of Arming Taliban With Weapons and Explosives
  102. Women, girls rape victims in Haiti quake aftermath
  103. Gerry Adams attacked for no-gays St Patrick's Day celebration
  104. Children of Gaza: Scarred, trapped, vengeful
  105. Forbes anounces world's richest people
  106. Australia on internet watchlist with Iran, North Korea
  107. Hitler: A "pro-life" poster child?
  108. Ads tell women: "Abortion changes you"
  109. Lars Vilks: I've got myself an axe in case anybody breaks in through the window
  110. Yamani or Your Life
  111. Spain Expands Legal Access to Abortion
  112. Breast ironing, a painful practice for Cameroon's girls
  113. Ahmadinejad: 9/11 Attacks A 'Big Lie'
  114. Divorced Before Puberty
  115. Abortion laws kill Kenyan schoolgirls
  116. Arianna Huffington's, Political Oscars 2010: The Envelopes, Please...
  117. AP Interview: Hamas spy unafraid, criticizes Islam
  118. Five European states back burka ban: Poll
  119. EU Parliament: British MEP calls EU pres a 'damp rag', calls Belgium a 'non-country'
  120. Making miscarriage murder
  121. Dying Junkie Refused Second Liver Transplant
  122. Halal Burgers? Another French Brouhaha Over Islam
  123. Greece loses EU voting power in blow to sovereignty
  124. Dubai Police says Hamas man killed by European hit squad
  125. 'Robin Hood Tax' campaign's hilarious new ad with Bill Nighy
  126. The crossdressing cannibal child soldiers of Liberia
  127. Kenyan religious leaders bay for the blood of gays: mob attacks 3 men
  128. Anonymous strikes again: goes after Australian government for Internet porn ban
  129. Election candidate in headscarf causes uproar in France
  130. Vancouver wrestles with homelessness
  131. 12 year old married to 80 year old
  132. Anti-abortion group targets black women with billboards
  133. Goa's tourism boss links sexual assaults to bikinis
  134. Female soldiers break their silence
  135. Time to end pelvic exams done without consent
  136. Australian PM's nephew fined for Ku Klux Klan stunt
  137. Sweden rattled by Somali militants in its midst
  138. UK taking CCTV to the next level: using military style spy drones on civilians
  139. New Zealand PM says soldier in SAS photo is Willie Apiata
  140. Afghan capital Kabul hit by Taliban attack
  141. France moves closer to banning full Muslim veil
  142. In Italy, racial tensions explode into violence
  143. Britain to outlaw Islam4UK, which some say glorifies terrorism
  144. N. Ireland MP Iris Robinson stands down after affair with toyboy. Plus....
  145. Miss Newfoundland and Labrador fights back after seal hunt opponents deface photo
  146. Mexico cartel stitches rival's face on soccer ball
  147. Yemen teeters on brink of failure
  148. 'Socially infertile' may cause IVF overload
  149. Police shoot man attacking Danish Muhammad cartoonist
  150. Gun statistic email, true or false?
  151. Iranian police gun down protesters, kill at least 5
  152. 86 yr old India Governor resigns over 3 woman sex tape surfaces
  153. Blood diamonds are back
  154. Al-Qaida link in failed plane attack
  155. Woman attacks Pope
  156. Spanish lawmakers vote to legalise abortion
  157. Nazi sign stolen from Auschwitz Death Camp
  158. The dark side of Dubai
  159. Why one Auschwitz survivor avoided doctors for 65 years
  160. Sarah Palin to fundraise for abortion-givin', death-panel-havin' Canadian hospital
  161. Sarah Palin hedges on debating Al Gore
  162. Women challenge Irish abortion ban in European court
  163. Pepsi sponsors anti-gay concert in Uganda
  164. Coordinated bombings in Baghdad kill at least 121
  165. Rape In Afghanistan A Profound Problem, U.N. Says
  166. Uganda considers death sentence for gay sex in bill before parliament
  167. Swiss vote on anti-Islam move to ban new minarets
  168. Figures show Scotland's 'obesity epidemic'
  169. Swedish politician causes a stir with 'sex play' outburst
  170. The sky's the limit when it comes to feral children
  171. Failed N.Ireland car bombing highlights terror threat
  172. India gives separate voter identity to 'third gender' population
  173. 20 years ago today - Berlin Wall falls
  174. Aceh's morality police on the prowl for violators
  175. The inspiring story of Mariatu Kamara, who survived Sierra Leone's war
  176. Afghan girls are burning themselves to escape their marriages
  177. For runaways, sex buys survival
  178. Right wing Canadian women rock!????
  179. More bullshit: Creole Cream biscuits are "racist"
  180. Lebanese to Israel: Hands off our hummus!
  181. Hamid Karzai agrees to runoff election
  182. Nearly 90 percent of Afghan women suffer from domestic abuse
  183. Iran blames U.S. and Britain in attack
  184. Rio gangs shoot down police chopper, 2 cops dead
  185. '£1 a mile toll' to drive in London: Boris Johnson plans new levy on top of C-charge
  186. The Hunted
  187. Obama awarded Nobel Peace Prize
  188. French Roman Polanski backer in controversy of his own
  189. Who's afraid of the "artificial hymen"?
  190. In a Guinea seized by violence, women are prey
  191. Who wants a burger? And possibly permanent paralysis.
  192. Sick of pink. Breast cancer and profit
  193. Clinton Global Initiative : Global Education Campaign
  194. New German Minister is kind of a dick
  195. Obama, Brown, Sarkozy accuse Iran of second secret enrichment plant
  196. Iranian police crack down on curvy mannequins
  197. Fat camp: Mauritania edition
  198. Dwindling coal reserves and the siren song of "Clean Coal"
  199. Scandinavia fights female circumcision at home and abroad
  200. Chinese babies stolen by officials for foreign adoption
  201. Children in modern Britain living like 'times of Dickens'
  202. Cigarette smuggling still booming
  203. A hatch of hope for South Africa's abandoned babies
  204. The women who kill to get babies
  205. UK troubled by violent anti-Islam protests
  206. France accuses IAEA of hiding Iran bomb evidence
  207. Forget trees and carbon: trees and rain is the real problem
  208. The man who had his nose and ears cut off by the Taliban for daring to vote
  209. Mali's President scuppers women's rights law
  210. Norwegian UN diplomat slams UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon
  211. The coming oil crisis
  212. Many women believe men are sometimes justified in hitting their wives
  213. And Australia loves you for it L Ron
  214. German Greens pull racist campaign poster
  215. Torture and execution of Iraqi gays on rise
  216. Vladimir Putin is so hot
  217. Symbol of unhealed Congo: Male rape victims
  218. Quakers to conduct gay weddings
  219. Dutch "Abortion Ship" has wind taken out of its sails
  220. Mob beats Chinese steel factory executive to death
  221. Shocking abortion ban denies life-saving treatment to girls and women in Nicaragua
  222. Not a victim, but a hero
  223. China drunken driver who killed 4 to get death
  224. The Purity Myth: How America’s obsession with virginity is hurting young women
  225. Report: North Korea's Kim Jong Il has pancreatic cancer
  226. We are creating a nation of Mummy's Boys
  227. Uganda will outlaw female circumcision
  228. Does teleworking really cut emissions?
  229. India to review gay ban
  230. Neda's family evicted from home, denied her body for burial
  231. The actions of Joseph Schultz, a young German soldier in 1941
  232. UK doctor calls for ban on abortion clinic ads, says they promote promiscuity
  233. President Nicolas Sarkozy says burqas are 'not welcome' in France
  234. South Africa's rape crisis: 1 in 4 men say they've done it
  235. 'Neda' becomes rallying cry in Iranian protests
  236. Twitter good for something after all: images of violence in Iran sent to the world
  237. Racist violence drives Romanians from homes in Northern Ireland
  238. UN food stolen from the starving in Somalia fake camp fraud
  239. 'I faced anti-abortion protesters at the Kansas termination clinic'
  240. Iran elections: both rivals declare victory
  241. Pirate Party wins EU Parliament seat
  242. Khmer Rouge torturer recounts baby-killing policy
  243. The deadly toll of abortion by amateurs
  244. Tackling e-waste
  245. Cinema comes to Riyadh for first time in decades
  246. BNP wins first ever seat on European parliament
  247. Love connection: Hamas gets into matchmaking biz
  248. Hard-right Dutch maverick Geert Wilders ahead in EU polls
  249. Grand Theft Auto: How Stevie the Rat bankrupted GM
  250. Nicolas Sarkozy is a 'sex dwarf'? WTF?