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  1. Anyone watching the live stream trial of Quinton Tellis (Jessica Chambers victim)
  2. Rapist gets joint custody with victim, 12 yrs old at time of rape
  3. Walking Pimple Who Posted “It’s Not Murder If They’re Black,” Arrested 2 Years Later
  4. Reports of at least two dead & 24 injured in Gun attack at Las Vegas Country Festival
  5. Killer Clown Doorstep Murder - Woman Arrested 27 Years Later
  6. Parents of U-VA Student, Otto Warmbier detained in N. Korea, give first tv interview
  7. 8 y.o. boy killed while defending his younger sister from sexual attack
  8. Man Murders Wife, Says the Cough Syrup Made Him Do It
  9. Reason 5,487,324 of Why I Hate People
  10. Woman who set man on fire, doused him with urine, dies
  11. Cop buys clothes for shoplifting teen
  12. Man Charged With Killing Missing Journalist After Crowdfunded Sub Sinks
  13. What we know about the 'deep web' kidnapping of a 20-year-old British model
  14. Pistol Packin' Tennessee Bride Pulls Gun on New Husband
  15. St. Paul teen, missing for 40 years, identified as victim of John Wayne Gacy
  16. Australian woman Justine Damond killed in police shooting in Minneapolis
  17. 11-year-old Keansburg girl was stabbed to death, prosecutor says
  18. Cosmo Dinardo charged in Buck Murders
  19. FL State's Attorney Gets a DWB
  20. US Army: ISIS Terrorist Arrested in Hawaii
  21. Pervert Clown Goes Down for 30 Years
  22. Murder babes: The grisly killing that made Thailand re-examine its own media culture
  23. Family of Michael Brown receive almost same settlement as family whose dog was killed
  24. Manson Family Patricia Krenwinkel Up For Parole
  25. Sick Bastard William Spingler Fondles 103-year-old Mother-inlaw
  26. FL Therapist is Certifiably Batshit Herself
  27. Cops find body of wife killed 'before Valentine's Day'
  28. Miami Man appearing like the Joker arrested after allegedly pointing loaded gun
  29. Oregon man kills mom on Mother's Day, brings severed head to grocery store
  30. Florida man accused of murder asks to show penis to jury in oral-sex choking defense
  31. Moors Murderer Ian Brady Finally Dead at 79
  32. 4'11" TN Woman Beats Home Invader Badly
  33. Anyone in Victoria, BC? ? Wondering about the Lindsay Buziak unsolved murder in 2008
  34. Anyone in Victoria, BC? ? Wondering about the Lindsay Buziak unsolved murder in 2008
  35. Cleveland Police Search for Suspect Who Posted Homicide Video on Facebook
  36. Freezer-raiding thief takes delicious steaks and placenta
  37. WTF? Canadian Steals Entire Cell Phone Tower
  38. Montana Woman Likes Middle School Skaters
  39. Killing of 3 teens during burglary may test Oklahoma 'stand your ground' law
  40. White Supremacist Stabs Interracial Couple
  41. KC Man Attempts to Molest Toddler in Broad Daylight; Mom Beats His Ass
  42. War Machine on Trial for Nearly Beating Christy Mack to death
  43. Morgue Employee Accidentally Cremated (fake news)
  44. UK Dad Rapes Lesbian Teen Daughter
  45. FL Man Has 54 Xanax in his Anus at County Jail
  46. No Justice In Idaho Coat-Hanger Assault Case
  47. GA Couple Sentenced for Racist Threats at Kid's Birthday Party
  48. Judge removes 2 from court during sentencing for deadly DUI crash
  49. Anyone else following the Sarah Dunsey alleged kidnap?
  50. Jerry Sandusky's son arrested for sexual assault on child
  51. Hummer-driving Charity Thief Dead at 56
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  54. Hormel supplier accused of animal abuse
  55. 1976 murder of Karen Klaas (Bill Medley's ex-wife) finally solved via familial DNA
  56. 115 Year Sentence for Raping 82yo Grandma
  57. Brave Ohio teen faces down in Court the men who chained her up and abused her
  58. Killer Cop's Testimony Not Backed Up by Audiotapes
  59. 4 dead after driver deliberately hits pedestrians in Melbourne CBD
  60. Returning to the story of PTA Mom Kelli Peters ...
  61. MD Man Shoots at Wife Over Grilled Cheese Sandwich
  62. BREAKING: Shooter at Fort Lauderdale Airport
  63. OH Creeper Shoots Semen at Female Walmart Shoppers
  64. C'mon 2017, do it right and make Charles Manson your first victim! Please!
  65. Kennedy Cousin Michael Skakel's Murder Conviction Reinstated for Killing 15-Year-Old
  66. Greek Ambassador to Brazil killed by cop having affair with his wife
  67. Bridalplasty contestant found in LA shallow grave, man arrested
  68. Dylann Roof Trial
  69. Sandy Hook Truther Arrested for Threatening to Kill Parent of Murdered Child
  70. "Supermom" Sherri Papini Kidnapping - Real or Hoax?
  71. Fake news leads moron to shoot up pizzeria
  72. Baltimore Tutor Breaks 7yo Boy's Jaw
  73. Florida man in tutu breaks into farmers' market
  74. Florida woman shoots 'too loud' house guests
  75. Conservative Media Outlet Asks If Serial Rapist Daniel Holtzclaw is Innocent
  76. Rehab Mogul: 20/20
  77. Naked FL Man with Wires in His Junk Arrested
  78. DV Dad Tries to Kill Kids and Himself; Kids Live!
  79. Ex Teacher Slits His Throat in Court Upon Jury's Verdict He Raped 13 YO Girl
  80. Woman Charged with First-Degree Murder in 1989 Cold Case Killing of Kansas Student
  81. Judge Defends 60 Day Sentence in Child Rape/Incest Case
  82. New Mexico Mom Allegedly Confessed to Watching Daughter’s Rape Before Her Death
  83. Couple disappears 6 weeks ago, baffling Facebook posts add to mystery
  84. FBI investigating YouTube video in connection with missing teen (Kayla Berg)
  85. West Wild Hogs Arrested for kidnapping little girl
  86. The Scary Clown Trend
  87. San Diego woman discovered details of her rape on a pickup-artist blog
  88. Last Video of NYC Jogger Moments Before Murder
  89. Ohio police post shocking photos of adults who overdosed with 4-year-old in vehicle
  90. Police raid huge Amish party and arrest 75 teens for underage drinking
  91. Jacob Wetterling’s Remains Found 27 Years After He Was Kidnapped
  92. $30 Million Drug Bust on Cruise Ship in Australia
  93. JonBenet Ramsey's brother gives his first-ever interview with Dr. Phil
  94. Munchausen Murder
  95. Another Florida Face-Eating Freak
  96. Abused Child Thought Her Name Was "Idiot"
  97. 6 Year Old Beats Newborn to Death While Mother Left Them Unattended in Car 30+ mins
  98. Monster Drowns 3-month-old Baby in Front of Entire Family
  99. Justice of chandra levy! Feds announce "new information" in case
  100. John Hinckley Jr - President Reagan's Shooter Released
  101. Texas Jails Rape Victim to Ensure Her Testimony
  102. Pennsylvania Man Charged w/ Possession, Distribution of Child Pornography.
  103. FL Man Arrested for Impregnating 10yo
  104. Cops Shoot and Kill Unarmed Black Men in Baton Rouge and St. Paul
  105. Naked PA Woman Escapes Captivity
  106. Gun-nut Mom stabs/shoots both daughters dead on dad's birthday
  107. 238 Arrested in Sweep of Suspected Child Sex Predators
  108. Horrible Black Widow Stacey Castor dies at 48 in prison
  109. British MP Jo Cox Murdered after Being Shot Three Times and Stabbed Repeatedly
  110. Two French Police Officers Killed In Attack Claimed By ISIS (and posted on FaceBook)
  111. FIFTY Dead, 53 Injured by Shooter at Orlando Gay Bar
  112. Promising athlete no longer wants to eat pretzels due to harsh jail sentence
  113. Shooting at UCLA, 2 confirmed dead
  114. Son of Canadian Tycoon Charged With Torture Murder of Girlfriend
  115. Italian University Student Burned Alive By Her Ex-Boyfriend
  116. Protests in Brazil After the Gang Rape of a Teenage Girl Was Mocked on Twitter
  117. Jury Convicts Road-Raging Cop Who Shot Woman in the Head
  118. Mom Found Guilty of Killing Son 25 Years After His Missing Photo Was Featured on Milk
  119. Man Who Burned Bodies of Men He Killed Makes Bail After Invoking "Stand Your Ground"
  120. FL Man Kills Brother Over Burger
  121. The Serial Killer Thread
  122. 23 year old pedophile disemboweled
  123. Father Kills 4-Year-Old Daughter While Waving Loaded Gun, Then Blames Other Daughter
  124. Pentagon Deliberately Misled Congress About Military Sexual Assault Cases
  125. Leslie Van Houten, Former Manson Family Member, Granted Parole
  126. Man Claiming to Be 'Sovereign Citizen' Arrested for Child Sex Abuse,Imprisoning Women
  127. A Woman Has Been Arrested for Killing Her Husband and Feeding Him to Her Dog
  128. Woman Who Commissioned "Ghost" Photos With Dead Daughter Now Charged With Her Murder
  129. First-Grade Girls Accused of Plotting to Poison Classmate With Silica Packets
  130. Car stolen with sleeping toddler inside
  131. Indy Man Rapes/Murders/Dumps 1-year-old girl
  132. Explosions at Airport and Subway Kill at Least 34 in Brussels - ISIS claim attack
  133. Man Posed as Daughter's Online Boyfriend to get Nude Photos of Her
  134. Sheriff: Rape kit system unnecessary; most accusations false
  135. Russian on Bath Salts Uses Severed Head as Sex Toy While Cross-Dressed
  136. FL Man Arrested for Being Naked and Molly'd Up In Model Home
  137. German Man Burns Pregnant Girlfriend to Death
  138. NJ man allegedly beats mother to death 2 days after being released from prison
  139. PTA Mom Wins Millions in Civil Suit After Two Other Parents Planted Drugs in Her Car
  140. Man who sought to create 'incest family' sentenced to 10 years in prison
  141. Trinidad Mayor Blames Woman for Her Own Violent Death at Carnival
  142. Oklahoma Man Decapitates Grandparents at Daycare
  143. Florida: Man Throws Alligator Through Wendy's Drive-Thru Window
  144. 24-Year-Old Transgender Man With Asperger's Killed By Arizona Police
  145. 3-Year-Old Finds Loaded Pistol on Nightstand, Fatally Shoots 9-Year-Old Sister
  146. 15-Year-Old Rape Victim in India Seeks Medical Treatment, Is Raped Again at Hospital
  147. Have you guys been hearing about this Nicole Lovell story?
  148. Woman Found Dead In Florida Motel With Two Monkeys (the monkeys are fine :)
  149. Return of Kings: Supporters of website touting 'legalising rape' to meet in Australia
  150. CO Man Arrested for Showing his Twig and Berries in Florida
  151. FL Woman Has No Idea How Drugs Got Up Her HooHa
  152. Mount Sinai Doctor Accused of Ejaculating on Sedated Patient's Face
  153. Queens Woman Accused of Holding Korean Children Captive for More Than Five Years
  154. Border officers find ton of pot in fake carrots
  155. Husband’s face bitten by wife over Hilary Duff dispute
  156. 'Cover-up' over Cologne sex assaults blamed on migration sensitivities
  157. High School Basketball Players Charged With Aggravated Rape in Hazing Incident
  158. Marine Sgt. Tristan Clinger, 28 missing in NJ found dead
  159. Eagle Scout finds state park gunman's remains in Utah cave 5 years later
  160. Woman on meth rides motorized cart through Walmart while drinking wine, and eating
  161. Doc Brown's replacement of Delorean with Dodge Challenger fails spectacularly
  162. ‘Ginger extremist’ sentenced for plot to kill Prince Charles
  163. Woman Charged with Murder after driving through pedestrians on Vegas Strip
  164. Nineteen-Hour 'Standoff' Ends With Law Enforcement Officers Destroying An Empty House
  165. Oklahoma City Cop Guilty of Raping Poor Black Women
  166. Sydney mother convicted of domestic violence after hitting daughter in public
  167. Florida Gator gobbles up a suspected burglar hiding near a lake
  168. Nikki Minaj's Brother Charged with Raping 12yo
  169. Mass Shooting - San Bernardino, CA
  170. Spelling mistake in “suicide note” reveals Christmas Day murder plot
  171. 'Up to 16' injured after shooting in New Orleans park
  172. Mali attack: gunmen take 170 hostages at Bamako hotel
  173. Transgender woman Vicky Thompson found dead at (all male) Armley jail
  174. Explosion blamed on Nigeria's Boko Haram kills 32, wounds 80
  175. Paris shootings and explosions near Stade de France kill 18
  176. Administering fatal penis enlargement nets woman five-year prison term
  177. Woman jailed for posting photos of neighbour's dog online
  178. FL Woman puts restaurant chair leg up her ass
  179. Woman 'punched in face' by policeman and arrested for 'hugging and kissing partner
  180. Barbara Walters to interview father of JonBenet Ramsey
  181. Transgender woman sent to all-male prison
  182. Eian Santiago, the 3yo boy, Shot Dead During Cops And Robbers Game
  183. Couple Refuses to Go to Jail Until Police Let Them Smash Just One Last Time
  184. British journalist and student Jacky Sutton found dead at airport in Istanbul
  185. Peephole lawsuit: US sports journalist seeks $75 million in damages
  186. Pervert Rolf Harris makes 'Two Little Boys' poems mocking victims
  187. One dead, five injured in reported shooting at ZombiCon in Florida
  188. Teen Who Allegedly Forced Pal To Kill Himself Now Faces 20 Years In Prison
  189. FL Man Arrested for Wheelchairing Under the Influence
  190. Boy, 11, Shoots Dead 8-Year-Old 'Over Puppy'
  191. Shootings in Parramatta NSW Australia. 15yo boy shoots Police Officer.
  192. Aavielle Wakefield, the five month old baby girl, killed in a drive-by shooting
  193. Georgia executes, Kelly Gissendaner the first woman since 1945
  194. Gunman Opens Fire at Oregon College, Multiple Fatalities
  195. Llama drama: Meerkat Specialist 'glassed female colleague in llama keeper love clash'
  196. Elderly man wants Nutella, gets punched in the face
  197. Teenage girl jailed for murdering mother after watching Isis beheading videos online
  198. Woman Arrested After Having Sex with Unconscious Man in Virginia Parking Lot
  199. Loaded Gun Found In Texas Woman's Vagina
  200. Colonel?! WWE Female Wrestler Stalker Shot at Facility
  201. Wendy's Employee Arrested for Adding "Special Sauce" to Woman's Burger!!
  202. Reporter and Photographer Shot Dead on Live TV
  203. KY Man Digs Up Dead Dad to Settle Argument
  204. George Zimmerman Teams Up with Anti-Muslim Gun Shop to Make Confederate Flag Art
  205. Sheriff: Domestic Violence Victim Could've Prevented Her Murder if She'd Had a Gun
  206. Alabama Mayor Beaten with Bat After Bat-Owner Sees Him Having Sex with His Wife
  207. Jenson Button And Wife Gassed In Home, Robbed Of $465K Worth Of Stuff
  208. Tabatha Lee Grooms arrested after boyfriend refuses sex
  209. FL Man Gets off on My Little Pony...and child porn
  210. Neighbor mows lawn late, gets shot in the face and run over with the mower
  211. Video of Sam DuBose's Death Drastically Different From the Police Report
  212. FL man hurt after using old dryer for target practice
  213. Australia body-in-suitcase NOT Maddie McCann, suggestion is purely attention-seeking
  214. Met Police accused of covering up London Underground serial killer 'who slayed 18'
  215. College Sophomore Arrested After Throwing Newborn In Trash Can
  216. Man Killed by Sex Worker in West Virginia Could Be Linked to 10 Other Attacks
  217. Love Triangle Involving Cousins Leads to Very Redneck Arson
  218. Movie Theatre Shooting in Louisiana
  219. How a first crack cocaine offense led to a life sentence
  220. Jack Garcia, the nine-year-old boy beaten to death for eating birthday cake
  221. Mistress Kidnaps and Kills Wife of ex-NFL Player
  222. Counterfeiter Blames Obama
  223. Man travels cross-country to have sex with horses
  224. President Obama commutes 46 drug sentences
  225. Motel 6 Security video shows attempted armed robbery of former HLN Host Lynne Russell
  226. Lorraine Barwell, 1st prison custody officer to die in the line of duty, man charged.
  227. Sarah Sands, 32, gulity of manslaughter of Michael Pleasted (77), pedophile.
  228. Today In Key West News
  229. Philadelphia Cops Beat, Kick and Tase Man for Riding Bike Wrong Way
  230. Nine Dead in Shooting at African-American Church in Charleston SC
  231. Two men escape maximum security prison in upstate New York
  232. Texas Cop Suspended After Footage Emerges of Brutal Pool Party Arrests
  233. Ingmar Guandique's (Chandra Levy's convicted killer) case to be reopened
  234. Eight Men Jailed in Malala Yousafzai Attack 'Secretly Acquitted'
  235. 14 y/o Girl Beaten to Induce Abortion: 4 Relatives Arrested
  236. UK Woman Jailed For Making Loud Sex Noises
  237. 'No Diet Coke for you': Islamophobia claim prompts United Airlines boycott
  238. Silk Road Creator, Ross Ulbricht, Sentenced to Life in Prison (with No Parole).
  239. At Least Two Subway Riders Have Been Arrested for Man-Spreading
  240. DNA Test On Pizza Crust Leads To Warrant For Suspect In Killing Of D.C. Family
  241. Alleged prostitute sentenced to 6 years in Google exec's death aboard yacht
  242. Miami Beach Police Sent So, So Many Racist, Sexist Emails
  243. Father Apparently Confesses to Family's Murder in Facebook Post
  244. Woman faces 25 years for putting foot's dead skin in family's milk
  245. Man Faces 15 Years in Florida For Sex On The Beach
  246. Andrea Yates's Ex: I've Never Blamed Her for Drowning Our Five Children
  247. Tuna Company Charged Over Worker Cooked Alive With 6 Tons of Fish
  248. Cop Who Killed Rekia Boyd Out of 'Fear' Found Not Guilty on All Counts
  249. Report: FBI Overstated Forensic Evidence In More Than 200 Trials
  250. Oklahoma Governor Signs Bill Approving Nitrogen Gas For Executions*