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  1. Briton suspect in Madeleine McCann hunt
  2. Affair with teacher leads to slaying
  3. Former JonBenet murder suspect John Mark Karr interview on Larry King
  4. JonBenet Ramsey hoaxer walks free
  5. John Mark Karr Rejects Plea Deal
  6. John Mark Karr is offered freedom as part of plea deal
  7. Charges dropped in attempted necrophilia case
  8. John Mark Karr's DNA does NOT match in Ramsey case. DA to drop charges!
  9. Jon Benet Ramsey Suspect Heads to US in Style
  10. DA in Boulder C.O.: Easy does it on suspect
  11. Suspect says JonBenet Ramsey death 'an accident'
  12. Arrest Made In JonBenet Ramsey Case
  13. Betty Broderick: Murderer or Wronged Woman?
  14. Child watches dad kill mom, then himself
  15. Alexander Keith's actor caught with child porn
  16. 325,000 names on terrorism list. Yes, 325,000
  17. Man sentenced in sheep abuse case
  18. Muslim nutjobs assault Denmark with hacker attacks
  19. 11-y.o. addict given heroin by her mother
  20. CNN 'Hardball' anchor says rampaging mob of gays + liberals torched Alabama churches
  21. Sicko driver organizes school bus 'fight club'-kids beat each other up
  22. Man sought after gun and hatchet attack at gay bar
  23. Pregnant prisoners in UK suffer barbaric transport conditions
  24. Ski rage! Rumble on the slopes between a 52 yr old man vs 18 yr old girl
  25. 7th Graders beat crap out of UPS driver
  26. Defendant's choice: Army or Jail
  27. Oops! Someone went postal.
  28. Prison sentences in 1825, England
  29. Pregnant mom of 14 arrested; 3 kids found in abandoned house
  30. 2 TONS of marijuana found in US/Mexico tunnel
  31. Teen beats up grandma for not giving him beer money
  32. Woman jailed for leaving kids to go see Springer
  33. Oldest Inmate Executed
  34. Christian book-seller arrested for raping his 2 sons
  35. Illegal to Annoy on the Internet (Bout Fxcking time!)
  36. 12 week old girl raped
  37. Judge gives 2 months to child rapists because he doesn't believe in jail
  38. Men who use prostitutes that are forced into sex, rapists?
  39. Did Virginia execute an innocent man? We might find out soon.
  40. Teen boys get 10 years in jail after having consensual oral w/15 year old
  41. Man slits his three daughters throats, so they won't commit adultery
  42. Gunmen seize rooftop
  43. Students arrested for classroom blowjob
  44. Crips Gang Co-Founder Executed in California
  45. Dying policeman shoots actor
  46. Robbing a bank by phone...
  47. Passengers say they never heard man shot by air marshalls say the word 'bomb'
  48. Murder on Myspace
  49. FBI ten most wanted
  50. Cop tasers cop over soda
  51. Police taser grandma 5 times
  52. Man acquitted for rape because he was asleep
  53. Air Marshalls shoot idiot passenger dead on flight to Orlando
  54. Toddler to be charged with injuring baby?
  55. Mom Goes To Jail For Leaving Son In Car While She Drank
  56. Executed man may have been innocent
  57. Man faces jail time for being stay-at-home dad
  58. Adopted Russian child sexually abused for five years
  59. Grannie tries to poison daughter, grandkids
  60. Students fined for cursing
  61. Schwarzenegger to consider convicted killer's clemency
  62. I guess she was too pretty for jail
  63. Horrifying video/story of ritual royal marine abuse
  64. 'Handicapped' Boy Tortured For Stealing Panties
  65. Dogs Search for Missing Colo. Girl's Body
  66. Stupid Criminals
  67. Onion Rings Lead To Arrest
  68. Man Gives 12 year old girl drugs
  69. Gary Glitter on the run
  70. Illegal Cheese Squeezing
  71. Woman robs bank while talking on cell phone
  72. Aussie Drug Dealer To Be Hanged
  73. Woman Found Guilty of '90 Fire
  74. Man Arrested for Sexually Assaulting Dog
  75. 415 Pounds Of Pot Seized At Border
  76. USC student charged with muder
  77. Woman stabs co-worker over use of Microwave oven
  78. Man uses electric dog collar on step-daughter
  79. Guy Arrested on Charges of Stealing Jet
  80. Kids doing life behind bars? Thoughts?
  81. Boy Rapes his own nan
  82. Puppy hanged by yobs
  83. Dumb criminal of the week award goes to:
  84. Toddler drowns, woman jailed
  85. New Orleans cops taped beating 64 y.o. man