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  1. South Africa’s “corrective rape” epidemic
  2. Model who killed, cooked husband denied parole
  3. Man Convicted Of Sexual Assault For Sabotaging Girlfriend’s Condoms
  4. New Jersey Murderer Captured In Portugal 41 Years After Dramatic Escape
  5. Natalee Holloway's father petitions Alabama court to declare her legally dead
  6. 1 Child dead, over 200 animals found in squalid Chicago home
  7. Mother Rapes Baby Son And Sends Video To Her Boyfriend
  8. Sex Offender Registries May Not Be Very Effective
  9. County Attorney Accused Of Making Rape Jokes, Ignoring Child Porn
  10. NYC ‘Rape Cops’ Juror Suggests The Woman Consented
  11. 15yo student kills teacher for aborting his baby
  12. New incest case with Fritzl echoes shocks Austrians
  13. Men responsible for Wallow fire face federal charges
  14. Waterloo Iowa teen killed in yet another senseless gay bashing
  15. Aruba Part 2, the Robin Gardner edition
  16. Police: La. man decapitated disabled son, 7
  17. Woman Facing a Decade in Prison for Stealing One Can of Beer
  18. Wisconsin State Fair mob attack: Police seek hate crime charges
  19. Mother Arrested For Forcing 6 Year Old Daughter To Record Her Having Sex
  20. 'Dougherty Gang' Caught After High-Speed Police Chase
  21. White teens beat and drive over a black man - hate crime in Jackson, MS
  22. 8 shot to death in Ohio, including child
  23. NYC high school teacher arrested for sex with underage student in motel
  24. Drunk Driver Douses Self in Human Poop to Throw Cops Off His Scent
  25. Illicit Milk Kingpin Arrested on Conspiracy Charges
  26. Warren Jeffs Prosecution Plays Audio Sex Tape, Rests Case
  27. Swede caught trying to split atoms at home
  28. Man Pleads Guilty to Trying to Kill Wife with Puffer Fish Poison
  29. Ohio Rescuers Sue Woman They Saved From Fiery Crash
  30. DB Cooper- Where Are You? Feds May Have a Suspect
  31. Your Eight-Year-Old Son Is Not a Good Choice for Designated Driver
  32. AWOL soldier admits to terrorist attack plans
  33. Accused Rapist Takes Revenge On Alleged Victim By Framing Her For Robbery
  34. Mom convicted in son’s jaywalking death: ‘This will never end for me’
  35. Sperm sniffing dog helps nab rape suspect
  36. Tewksbury Man claims to have cracked Zodiac Killer's code
  37. California principal denies molestation allegations
  38. Man Arrested for Filming Coworkers with Hidden Urinal Camera
  39. Amish Teen Leads Cops on Drunken Buggy Chase
  40. How A Rape Case Went Off The Rails
  41. Kid Allegedly Kills Parents, Throws Party After Hiding Corpses in House
  42. Yet Another San Diego Domestic Violence Tragedy
  43. Robber held as sex slave after attempting to rob hair salon
  44. Body of naked, bound woman found dead in home of multimillionaire boyfriend
  45. Man charged in Brooklyn boy's killing; confession emerges
  46. Child Rapist Allowed to Watch Porn in Prison
  47. Guy Kills Priest, Takes Family to Disney World in Victim’s Car
  48. Rodney King Arrested for DUI
  49. Time to end the perp walk?
  50. Woman Cuts Off Husband’s Penis, Throws It in Garbage Disposal
  51. Elizabeth Smart, Network Pundit?
  52. Skull Discovered in David Attenborough's Garden Closes 1879 Murder Case
  53. Grandma Assaults Grandson With Garden Hose For Eating Too Much Bacon
  54. Mom killed baby in a drunken rage, then strapped him in a BabyBjorn and went shopping
  55. Four (stellar spellers) jailed after 'RAPEST' tattooed on teen's forehead
  56. Boy Who Died Locked in a Cage Wrote About Wanting His Family to Like Him
  57. Police: Baby died from morphine in breast milk
  58. Famed crime boss James 'Whitey' Bulger arrested in Santa Monica, California
  59. Police: Liposuction Done On Teen In Condo Bedroom
  60. New York pharmacy theft results in four killed
  61. Man Robs Store to Get Medical Care in Jail
  62. Woman Admits To Somehow Stashing Stolen Mink Coat In Her Underwear
  63. Jerusalem rabbis 'condemn dog to death by stoning'
  64. Baggy pants lead to college football player's arrest at SF airport
  65. Convicted Texas Sex Offender Dies While Raping Elderly Woman
  66. Kansas City girl, 5, may face murder charges in drowning
  67. Dozens Of Children's Bodies *NOT* Found in Texas
  68. Teens Accused Of Beating, Burying Puppy
  69. Man Set on Fire For Defying Rabbi
  70. 11-year old California student punches teacher in nose in class
  71. Woman cuts off rapist's penis, takes it to Bangladeshi cops
  72. Egyptian businessman Mahmoud Abdel-Salam Omar busted for sexually abusing hotel maid
  73. Man who gave trooper the finger has charge dropped
  74. Italian Scientists to Stand Trial for Manslaughter in Quake Case
  75. Washington man shot with arrow, daughter arrested
  76. The Most Dangerous Cities in America
  77. APNewsBreak: Calif. freed 450 high-risk parolees
  78. Man Arrested for Masturbating On Airplane
  79. Casey Anthony's Trial Begins
  80. Virginia girl found eating herself in cage in mobile home
  81. FBI Probes Unabomber Connection to Tylenol Murders
  82. Texting tragedy: Fatal-crash driver goes to court
  83. Defense Says Elizabeth Smart Isn’t That Damaged, Pushes For Lighter Sentence
  84. Hero Cops Escort Cellphone Loudmouth Off Train
  85. NY police question IMF head in hotel sex assault
  86. Iran to blind criminal with acid in 'eye for an eye' justice (warning: graphic)
  87. Man beheads woman in supermarket on Spanish resort island
  88. Man Charged with Bathroom Sexual Assault of Severely Disabled Woman on College Campus
  89. 3 Men Accused of Gang Raping Girl on Spring Break
  90. Murder Appeal Raises Confederate Flag Issue
  91. Two deaf men stabbed when sign language mistaken for gang signs
  92. Man Stabs 3yr Old Daughter To Death And Brags About It On Facebook
  93. 10-year-old accused of killing neo-Nazi father may pursue insanity defense
  94. 100 sled dogs killed by Canadian tour operator
  95. Florida shootings: Murdered tourists 'were looking for food'
  96. Transgender woman brutally beaten at Baltimore McDonald's
  97. Five Women Killed in Acapulco
  98. Florida dad tells 911 toddler fatally shot mom
  99. Gang tattoo leads to a murder conviction
  100. Man arrested at least 120 times now faces sexual assault charge
  101. Illinois Man Accused of Killing 3 Women, Taping Attack
  102. NJ woman chides NYC smoker, gets stabbed with pen
  103. Student in Canada Killed as Friend in China Watches on Webcam
  104. Kindergartener brings gun to Texas school, 3 hurt
  105. Duke lacrosse accuser indicted on murder charge
  106. Mystery deepens as bodies turn up on Long Island
  107. Moms killing kids not nearly as rare as we think
  108. Three arrested in 1969 teen death
  109. Lady Gaga inspires cat killing for costume
  110. Woman who attempted suicide while pregnant is accused of murder
  111. Airline mechanics say they saw Denver airport rape
  112. TN dad says whoever abducted daughter knew routine
  113. Tourist "beaten to death" by guards in Dubai jail
  114. Police seek Hells Angels in beating of 2 men at Lauryn Hill concert
  115. Today in Evil: Couple tries to sell baby to child molester
  116. Mom Says Runaway Girl Became Child Porn Victim
  117. Hong Kong model settles Nevada Burning Man case
  118. Family Arrested For Arranging Fake Marriages Between Immigrants And The Homeless
  119. Sleepover Dad Gets 11-Year-Old Pregnant
  120. Cops Pepper Spray Stick-Wielding Eight-Year-Old
  121. Man Blows Nose, Goes To Jail
  122. Cyber pervert walks free after judge says 13 year old victim "seduced" him
  123. Police: Purse-snatcher dragged pregnant woman along sidewalk at CVS
  124. Loophole means Utah sex offender set to be freed
  125. Man Beaten, Called 'Faggot' Outside NYC McDonald's
  126. Apologies issued for unprosecuted rape of black woman in 1944
  127. Authorities seek answers following newspaper bomb
  128. Newark Woman Accused Of Dumping Emaciated Dog Down Trash Chute *GRAPHIC*
  129. Refused a kiss, 92-year-old woman fires gun: police
  130. Son Charged With Murdering Mom With Shovel
  131. Colorado Authorities Search for Kids Missing for Up to 10 Years
  132. Blaming the 11 year old victim of gang rape in Texas
  133. Douchebag millionaire dentist uses found credit card to buy pizzas
  134. Woman Attacks Roommate Over Girl Scouts Thin Mints
  135. Florida ice cream truck driver charged with DUI
  136. Former Gainsville MADD president arrested for......If you guessed DUI, you win!
  137. Rape victim invited it by wearing a tube top and makeup says chinless judge
  138. Scientology murder trial in Colorado
  139. Malcolm X's Daughter Charged With Identity Theft
  140. American Hostages Murdered by Somali Pirates
  141. Man shot dead in Latvian movie theater for eating popcorn too loudly
  142. More Slaughters in Mexico
  143. Neo-Nazi serial killer executed in Ohio
  144. Mother Who Duct Taped Her Daugher Was Arrested!
  145. CBS’s Lara Logan suffered ‘brutal’ sexual assault attack in Egypt
  146. Um, this is weird ... Body Found After Driver, Son Overcome By Fumes
  147. 28 hours of madness: Accused killer butchered four in bloody New York rampage
  148. DC teacher charged with choking, hitting, kicking 1st grade students during school
  149. Man who raped captive daughter decapitated in prison riots
  150. Female gym teacher accused of sex acts with 5 students
  151. The FBI Is Investigating Scientology for Human Trafficking
  152. Religious nut kills dog for chewing on Bible
  153. America's Worst Drug Dealers Swap Fake Cocaine for Fake Money
  154. "It's not like I drag the women into the bushes and rape them," says butt sniffer
  155. Mother Jailed For Son’s School Attendance Problems
  156. Mom admits strangling daughter at NY college
  157. Man sentenced for running pedophile brothel
  158. Wife Killed Husband After Finding Hickey
  159. Appearance on Dr. Phil show leads to child abuse charge against Alaska woman
  160. Julie Schenecker Says She Shot Son, Daughter for Being 'Mouthy'
  161. Waterfront Commission probing theft of $2 dollar bottle of iced tea, sausage
  162. Precious Beanie Babies, AA batteries recovered after home invasion
  163. Ohio Mom Jailed for Fraud After Sending Kids to Better School
  164. Teen Girls Beat Wendy's Worker
  165. NY man arrested for stealing his own car; rogue police employee suspected
  166. Zaire Paige Goes from Movie Killer to Actual Killer, Gets 107 Years in Prison
  167. Deadly California hit-and-run ends with man beaten by mob
  168. 4 Detroit Cops Shot Inside Police Station
  169. Conn. man faces murder charges, stabbing partiers who complained about his flatulence
  170. Mum who bound and gagged her daughter to stop her buying drugs is jailed
  171. Cops search for Moron
  172. More than 120 busted in Northeast mafia crackdown
  173. DA: West Philadelphia abortion doctor killed 7 babies with scissors
  174. Another school shooting, California
  175. Philadelphia Kensington Strangler Suspect In Custody
  176. California man guns down sister's alleged killer
  177. Substitute teacher punches second grade students
  178. Florida jogger won't be charged for shooting teen dead
  179. "The U.S. takes catching illegal Kinder candy seriously"
  180. Congresswoman Shot in Head in Arizona
  181. Headless Bodies Found in Acapulco
  182. Portuguese TV star slain, castrated at New York hotel
  183. Missing 16 year old Phylicia Barnes
  184. Men sexually assault disabled women
  185. 2 Accused Of Using Live Snake In Sexual Assault
  186. 'Killer' Caught in Victim's Photo
  187. Missouri Man Allegedly Admits to 500 Instances of Child Rape and Molestation
  188. Speculation Swirls in Disappearance of Houston 12 y.o., but Cops Say Case Not Closed
  189. Jury pool in marijuana case stages ‘mutiny’
  190. Charles Manson Busted with a Mobile
  191. Police uncover bodies of mother, son and friend missing since last week
  192. Connecticut man condemned to die for fatal home invasion
  193. West Memphis Three Get A New Hearing
  194. After 9 years and Gary Condit's fall, Chandra Levy trial begins
  195. Police Search Father's Workplace for Remains of Missing North Carolina Girl
  196. 22 Kidnapped in Acapulco Resort Town
  197. Police to interview Burke Ramsey RE: JonBenet. Possible break in the case?
  198. Massive Search for Kyron Horman, 7, Who Disappeared from School
  199. Natalee Holloway suspect Joran Van Der Sloot sought for murder in Peru
  200. John Mark Karr is wanted again by police
  201. Man who decapitated classmate gets life in prison
  202. Inmates claim Casey Anthony admitted to using chloroform to knock out daughter
  203. Adam Walsh Murder Revisited: The Case Against Jeffrey Dahmer
  204. Child killer Casey Anthony Received $200K from ABC News
  205. Hayleigh Cummings' dad and step mom arrested
  206. Madeleine McCann's death 'covered up by parents who faked kidnap', court hears
  207. Woman raped in 2005 is raped again by same man
  208. Shooting at Ft. Hood Army Base kills 7, 12 wounded...
  209. Bizarre/unsolved mysteries
  210. Night Stalker Richard Ramirez tied to SF victim through DNA
  211. Muck lover jailed for sex act
  212. Yale graduate student vanishes days before her wedding
  213. Texas investigators stunned by child dismemberment
  214. Police body slam wrong man into wall, leave him in a coma
  215. 16 year old drowns baby, throws him in trash
  216. Drew Peterson arrested in death of third wife!
  217. Mother charged with murder of four-year-old girl
  218. Woman: Dad was the Zodiac killer, and I can prove it
  219. State to seek death penalty in Casey Anthony case
  220. Mom kills son, then self, at gun range
  221. Body of missing Tracy, California girl found in suitcase
  222. Arsonist who killed 5 firefighters gets death penalty from jury
  223. Grisly details surrounding Canadian greyhound bus beheading released.. blehhh..
  224. Pennsylvania boy, 11, charged with killing pregnant woman
  225. PR man for Casey Anthony is a FELON
  226. Boulder police take back JonBenet Ramsey investigation
  227. Grad student decapitated at Virginia Tech
  228. New jailhouse video of Casey Anthony, calls herself a victim
  229. Another Caylee Anthony case? Florida couple claims their nanny took their child
  230. Skeletal remains officially identified as Caylee Anthony
  231. Casey Anthony will NOT get the death penalty
  232. OJ Simpson gets 15 years!
  233. Another Caylee Anthony "sighting", world forgets most three year olds look alike
  234. Joran Van der Sloot admits to selling Natalee Holloway
  235. Divers in Caylee Anthony case find a bag with bones/toys
  236. Passenger charged in Canada bus attack
  237. Ex-cop convicted of raping four women
  238. The 48 questions Kate McCann refused to answer
  239. Girl in the window: Horrific tale of neglect
  240. Man decapitated on greyhound bus while travelling through... MANITOBA :P
  241. Disturbing story of missing two-year-old Caylee Anthony
  242. Gentle innocent or brutal killer: Seattle student charged with murder in Italy
  243. Family cleared in JonBenet Ramsey's death
  244. Moors Murderers' last missing victim may be found using US spy satellite
  245. Maryland boy, 15, charged with killing family
  246. 5 boys die in Ocala, Florida.
  247. Three suspects re-arrested on new evidence in Natalee Holloway case
  248. I'm being persecuted because of my looks, says Kate McCann
  249. Madeleine McCann's parents to be re-interviewed by police
  250. The McCanns finally tell their twins Madeleine is missing