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  1. How a first crack cocaine offense led to a life sentence
  2. Jack Garcia, the nine-year-old boy beaten to death for eating birthday cake
  3. Mistress Kidnaps and Kills Wife of ex-NFL Player
  4. Counterfeiter Blames Obama
  5. Man travels cross-country to have sex with horses
  6. President Obama commutes 46 drug sentences
  7. Motel 6 Security video shows attempted armed robbery of former HLN Host Lynne Russell
  8. Lorraine Barwell, 1st prison custody officer to die in the line of duty, man charged.
  9. Sarah Sands, 32, gulity of manslaughter of Michael Pleasted (77), pedophile.
  10. Today In Key West News
  11. Philadelphia Cops Beat, Kick and Tase Man for Riding Bike Wrong Way
  12. Nine Dead in Shooting at African-American Church in Charleston SC
  13. Two men escape maximum security prison in upstate New York
  14. Texas Cop Suspended After Footage Emerges of Brutal Pool Party Arrests
  15. Ingmar Guandique's (Chandra Levy's convicted killer) case to be reopened
  16. Eight Men Jailed in Malala Yousafzai Attack 'Secretly Acquitted'
  17. 14 y/o Girl Beaten to Induce Abortion: 4 Relatives Arrested
  18. UK Woman Jailed For Making Loud Sex Noises
  19. 'No Diet Coke for you': Islamophobia claim prompts United Airlines boycott
  20. Silk Road Creator, Ross Ulbricht, Sentenced to Life in Prison (with No Parole).
  21. At Least Two Subway Riders Have Been Arrested for Man-Spreading
  22. DNA Test On Pizza Crust Leads To Warrant For Suspect In Killing Of D.C. Family
  23. Alleged prostitute sentenced to 6 years in Google exec's death aboard yacht
  24. Miami Beach Police Sent So, So Many Racist, Sexist Emails
  25. Father Apparently Confesses to Family's Murder in Facebook Post
  26. Woman faces 25 years for putting foot's dead skin in family's milk
  27. Man Faces 15 Years in Florida For Sex On The Beach
  28. Andrea Yates's Ex: I've Never Blamed Her for Drowning Our Five Children
  29. Tuna Company Charged Over Worker Cooked Alive With 6 Tons of Fish
  30. Cop Who Killed Rekia Boyd Out of 'Fear' Found Not Guilty on All Counts
  31. Report: FBI Overstated Forensic Evidence In More Than 200 Trials
  32. Oklahoma Governor Signs Bill Approving Nitrogen Gas For Executions*
  33. South Carolina Officer Charged With Murder in Black Man’s Death - VIDEO
  34. Revenge porn website operator jailed
  35. Ohio man cleared of murder after 39 years in jail to get $1 million: newspaper
  36. Indian woman fights off drunk sex attacker, single-handedly drags to police station
  37. Ohio Mom Accused of Beheading 3-Month-Old Daughter
  38. Creepy Millionaire Robert Durst's Ego Finally Gets Him Arrested for Murder
  39. City of Cleveland Argues Tamir Rice Caused Tamir Rice Shooting
  40. Teen Charged for Allegedly Urging Friend to Kill Himself
  41. The Chicago Police Department Has Its Very Own CIA-Style "Black Site"
  42. Guy Allegedly Beat & Raped Fellow Student Because Fifty Shades of Grey
  43. Homeless Ohio Woman Walked Miles to Face Her Rapist in Court
  44. Man in England Beats His Wife On Wedding Night
  45. Man Jailed For Rape After Not Paying A Prostitute For Consensual Sex
  46. Woman sues Canadian Police after being thrown in police van with sex offender & raped
  47. Man charged w/ sexually abusing, killing 19-day-old daughter
  48. FBI Agent Shot Up Evidence Against Hundreds of Heroin Dealers: Report
  49. Woman Sentenced to 219 Years For Running an Incest Sex Ring
  50. LAPD offer $100,000 reward for arrest of "Teardrop Rapist" after 35 connected attacks
  51. George Zimmerman arrested for aggravated assault
  52. Police: Girl, charged with killing brother, abused for years
  53. Girl, 5, Dies After Father Drops Her From Top of Bridge
  54. At least 12 dead after shooting at Paris magazine
  55. Macy’s shoplifter tries to escape by grabbing poop from her pants, smearing on guard
  56. Hostages taken in busy downtown Sydney, Australia coffee shop
  57. FBI to investigate teen hung from swing set
  58. Florida Woman Jailed After Fight Over Vibrator with Twin Sister
  59. German Student Dies After Defending Teen Girls From Harassers
  60. Prosecutors: Cop Slipped Motorists His Dick Instead of Traffic Tickets
  61. 'Cold and callous' murders of McStay family solved, authorities say
  62. 4CHAN user supposedly posts murder photos online before body's discovery
  63. Video of 22 Year Old Woman Kidnapped off the Street in Philadelphia
  64. Newlywed doctor killed wife and himself in bitter pre-nup dispute on wedding day
  65. Twitter Troll Who Harassed Madeleine McCann's Family Found Dead
  66. Alabama "Rape Bait" Case Is Spectacularly Callous and Evil
  67. South Carolina trooper charged, shot man - seat belt violation
  68. Woman Climbs onto Her Roof to Escape a Home Intruder
  69. Woman Beheaded at Oklahoma Factory by Disgruntled Former Employee
  70. Manchester Dogs' Home fire: At least 43 animals dead in suspected arson attack
  71. Teen May Get 2 Years For Pic Of Fake Oral Sex With Jesus (PHOTO)
  72. Devil-horned suspect on trial for triple murder
  73. Woman, Crispi (LOL!), Faces Trial for Using Bacon to Set Ex's Home on Fire
  74. Woman sentenced to 25 years for murder of ex-husband 'who raped her'
  75. Teacher Arrested After Writing Futuristic Novel About School Shooting
  76. Dad acquitted in slaying of driver who killed sons
  77. 9 year old child accidentally kills gun instructor with uzi
  78. Report Released into Paedophiles Protected by Political Correctness
  79. Family threatened by police -- wrong house. Oh, and they're black. Shock.
  80. Cop kills unarmed kid in my town
  81. I believe I know who killed Jonbenet - Mr. Cruel
  82. Father catches man molesting his son - tells 911 to come get "bloody puddle"
  83. Prostitute Murdered Google Exec on Yacht in California: Police
  84. Rolf Harris Found Guilty Of Sexual Assault On Minors
  85. Authorities are Suspicious of Toddler's Death, Left in a Hot Car
  86. Woman who drove with dying man on car gets prison
  87. University Student Kills 1 Student, shoots, 3 others...
  88. Moncton Manhunt - 3 RCMP officers shot dead, 2 injured
  89. 3 Star Athletes Allegedly Orchestrated Horrifying Post-Prom Gang Rape
  90. 12 y.o. Girls attempt to kill friend as an homage to the Slender Man
  91. Toddler In a Coma After Police Grenade Detonates in Crib
  92. Two Indian sisters (aged 14 and 15) gang-raped, killed and hanged from a tree
  93. Seven dead in shooting near UC Santa Barbara
  94. Judge rethinks sentencing rapist to volunteer at rape crisis center
  95. Man Named 'Popadick' Arrested for Indecent Exposure
  96. 'You’re dead.' Audio of Minnesota homeowner repeatedly shooting unarmed intruders
  97. Iranian Killer's Hanging Stopped at the Last Minute by Victim's Mother
  98. Club Kid Michael Alig to be released from prison
  99. Police find remains of 7 babies at Utah home
  100. Trial Starts For Woman Who Allegedly Murdered 4 Year Old Son for 'Acting' Gay
  101. Bride Gets 10 Years for Pushing Husband Off Cliff
  102. British Jury Couldn't Stop Laughing About Defendant's Penis Size
  103. Husband attacked and locked wife in shed because she sang when his mother died
  104. Television pitchman Kevin Trudeau is headed to prison
  105. Police: Teenage girls use knife to force autistic boy to perform sex acts
  106. Prosecute teenagers from Peru who used distressed dolphin as a toy!
  107. Man has sex with dog as shocked neighbors watch
  108. Oscar Pistorius "Trial Of The Century" Starts Today
  109. Schapelle Corby parole decision to be made on Friday, Indonesian justice minister say
  110. Woman becomes first person to be jailed for trolling herself on Facebook
  111. ‘Revenge Porn King’ Hunter Moore charged in nude-photo hacking scandal
  112. Man killed by 'atomic wedgie'
  113. Insane Clown Posse Defends Fans, With FBI Lawsuit
  114. George Zimmerman Sells Ironic Artwork on eBay, Turns out to be Unoriginal
  115. Ronnie Biggs, Great Train Robber, Dies at 84
  116. Shooting at a Colorado High School
  117. Woman Dies After Cops Refuse to Give Her Insulin
  118. Teen Who Killed Four People Got Off On Probation Because He's Rich
  119. Scorned Radiologist Issues Epic Threat
  120. Woman Gets Five Years For Stealing Hair Weaves
  121. Standing While Black: Police Arrest 3 Black Students who Were Waiting for a Bus
  122. ​San Antonio Police Officer Rapes 19-Year-Old During Traffic Stop
  123. Three Women 'held as slaves for 30 years'
  124. Authorities called to disturbance involving George Zimmerman in Seminole County
  125. Thousands of Americans Are Serving Life Sentences for Nonviolent Crimes
  126. Kidnap victim rescued by family - abductor shot and killed
  127. Americans Jailed for Months in Qatar After Daughter’s Death
  128. Murder Is Better With A Woman's Touch, Says Murder Expert
  129. At least 9,900 gun deaths since Sandy Hook
  130. Teen prostitute given life sentence for killing pimp in 1994 finally freed
  131. Indiana Trooper David Camm Found Not Guilty After 3rd Trial in Family's Slaying
  132. 14-Year-Old Student Charged With Murdering Math Teacher
  133. Police Rescue Mystery Blonde Child From Gypsy Couple
  134. Female DUI Suspects in Washington Were Made to Strip for Their Jailers
  135. Online images probed after Ohio University student's rape report
  136. Family Gets Driven Out of Missouri Town After Daughter Gets Raped
  137. Fifth Grader Convicted In Murder Plot of Fellow Classmate
  138. FBI Nails Rabbi Kidnappers-for-Hire
  139. Martin MacNeill murder trial starting
  140. Baby Hope's Mother Identified 22 Years After Notorious Murder Of 4-Year-Old Girl
  141. Prison Guards Made Inmates Fight for Snacks
  142. Dashcam video captures fatal traffic stop confrontation
  143. Stepfather and Adult Stepdaughter Charged with Felony Incest
  144. Police release picture of woman wanted over assault on teenager at station
  145. US officer Randall Kerrick 'justified' in shooting Jonathan Ferrell
  146. Navy Yard Shooting in Washington, D.C.
  147. Ghost Busting Penis Man Arrested
  148. What If Matthew Shepard's Murder Wasn't an Anti-Gay Hate Crime?
  149. Newlywed Wife Admits Shoving Husband Off Steep Cliff
  150. US man confesses to killing in video
  151. Reform School Horrors Revealed at Unmarked Grave Site in Florida
  152. Rapist May Have Contracted HIV from Victim
  153. Teacher admits to raping 14 year old student gets 30 days
  154. Two Teens Beat 88 Year-Old WWII Veteran To Death
  155. Identical twins are charged with rape after DNA evidence fails to tell them apart
  156. Meet the woman who stopped a school shooter with a little compassion
  157. Oklahoma Teens Shoot Random Jogger For Something To Do
  158. Titty time! Or, just another day in Florida.
  159. The Abduction and Murder of Maria Ridulph, Dec. 3 1957: The Coldest Case Ever Solved
  160. Stop-and-Frisk is Unconstitutional, Federal Judge Rules
  161. Alleged abductor of California teen killed in Idaho wilderness; captive rescued
  162. Slutty Teen Juvie Inmate Wanted to Be Raped by Her Guard, Lawyers Say
  163. What mass murderers have in common
  164. Russian Neo-Nazis Allegedly Lure, Torture Gay Teens With Online Dating Scam
  165. UK Man Arrested After Threatening Feminist Campaigner with Rape on Twitter
  166. JFK Second Shooter? New Documentary Makes Radical Claim
  167. Man in love with Jodi Arias admits he planned to kill Nancy Grace
  168. USC Says Woman Wasn't Raped Because Alleged Assailant Didn't Orgasm
  169. The FBI Has Found Scientific Errors in 27 Death Penalty Convictions
  170. Sad Deaths of Cruise Ship Passengers Detailed at Costa Concordia Trial
  171. Mom who claimed teens shot her baby last March had gsr on her
  172. Pennsylvania teens chase down kidnapper's car on their BIKES and save five-year-old
  173. Soccer Ref Beheaded in Brazil
  174. Florida Woman Arrested For Battery After Kissing Officer on the Nose
  175. How Rapists Roam Free
  176. Naked motorcycle rider gets arrested in OK
  177. George Zimmerman Trial
  178. NSA Leaker Edward Snowden charged with espionage
  179. Aaron Hernandez, Patriot, tied to homicide and sued for shooting asst.
  180. Idiot rapes ex-girlfriend and records it on her phone
  181. Dolce & Gabbana Sentenced To Jail For Tax Evasion
  182. TX mom whoops carjacker's behind
  183. Photographs may yield clues to location of Moors murder victim's remains
  184. Woman, 36, charged after having baby fathered by 11-year-old boy
  185. Nazi SS commander living in Minnesota since WWII
  186. Pastor arrested for child porn
  187. 13 year old fatally stabs mother's ex-boyfriend
  188. Florida man accused of luring 14 year old boy across country
  189. Shooting at Santa Monica College
  190. Jury Acquits Texas Man For Murder Of Escort Who Refused Sex
  191. Richard Ramirez, "The Night Stalker," has died
  192. Florida Cops Choke Black Teen Holding Puppy Over 'Dehumanizing Stares'
  193. The Story of One Prison Rape, In an Inmate's Own Words
  194. US Army Sergeant to Plead Guilty to Slaughtering 16 Afghan Villagers
  195. Brutal cleaver assault on man in London street is suspected terror attack
  196. Leila Fowler, 8-year-old CA girl, murdered by 12-year-old brother
  197. Cleveland Home Reminds Us Some Police Don't Rush to Poor Neighborhoods
  198. Carpet muncher arrested in Burlington Coat Factory
  199. Elizabeth Smart: Abstinence-Only Education Kept Me From Running Away
  200. Frantic 911 call leads to 3 missing women in Ohio
  201. Girls Gone Wild Creator Found Guilty of Falsely Imprisoning Women
  202. Air Force Sexual Assault Prevention Chief Arrested for Sexual Assault
  203. NJ Couple Faces Federal Child Abuse Charges
  204. Intended Victim Grabs Shotgun from Attacker in New Orleans
  205. 45-Year-Old Hit and Run of Little Girl Solved Via Facebook
  206. Brown Student Misidentified as Boston Bomber Found Dead in River
  207. Explosions at Boston Marathon
  208. UK cops make first arrests for 'hate crime' against emo subculture
  209. Nova Scotia Teen Commits Suicide After Rape, Bullying
  210. Several Stabbed At Lone Star College Near Houston
  211. Man Accused Of Groping Woman On Plane, Protesting That He Didn't 'Molest' Her
  212. Housekeeper Facing Same Jail Time as Steubenville Rapist for Stealing Meatballs
  213. Two Connecticut high school football players accused of sexual assault
  214. Australian Radio Host Asks Sex Abuse Victim If It Was Somehow Her Fault
  215. Ohio school shooter, wearing 'KILLER' T-shirt, sentenced to life in prison
  216. Casey Anthony reportedly pregnant - yet another sign of the apocalypse
  217. Mum arrested after forcing 22-month-old son to smoke marijuana
  218. Mum, 22, arrested on child trafficking charges after trying to sell kids on Facebook
  219. Cops Find Meth in Woman’s Crack, Loaded Gun in Her Vagina
  220. Revisiting 1986 - Robert Chambers The Preppie Killer
  221. Mother Kills 9-Year-Old Son For Having Small Penis In Indonesia
  222. Teens 'had 3-way sex' on corpses of men they killed
  223. Paparazzo Daniele Lo Presti found shot to death with single bullet to head
  224. FL man arrested trying to impress girlfriend
  225. South African taxi driver dies after being dragged behind police van in South Africa
  226. SJ Male Nurse Guilty of Sex Assault on Quadriplegic Man
  227. From the mouths of babes... "Those are my daddy's hoes!"
  228. Woman's Corpse Found in California Hotel Water Tank
  229. Oscar Pistorius arrested after girlfriend shot dead
  230. Police look for ex-LAPD cop in shootings
  231. Another gun range fails to rehabilitate the mentally ill
  232. Alabama man kills bus driver, kidnaps 6-year-old boy
  233. Senior Rabbi Warned Alleged Sex Abuse Victim From Going To Police
  234. Muslim abuser who 'didn't know' that sex with a girl of 13 was illegal is spared jail
  235. Charlie Brown voice actor Peter Robbins charged with stalking
  236. British woman Lindsay Sandiford sentenced to death for drug trafficking
  237. UK Pedophile Scandal Deepens - Politicians, MI5 agent, Royal aide & pop stars named
  238. Woman Thrown on Subway Tracks in Philadelphia
  239. Teacher Offers BJ to Cop in Exchange for Letting Her Drunken Hit-and-Run Slide
  240. High-powered gun fan (who "would have stopped the Aurora massacre") found shot
  241. A Judge Finally Rules Against New York's ‘Stop and Frisk’
  242. Woman Who Caught Husband Cheating Takes Dump on the Floor
  243. Judge: Law won't protect unmarried victims in rape
  244. Jodi Arias on Trial for Murdering Travis Alexander
  245. Ohio Town Protecting Football Player Rapists
  246. Jean S. Harris, 89, Killer of Scarsdale Diet Doctor, Dies
  247. Woman set on fire in LA as she sleeps on bench
  248. India Gang Rape Victim's Condition Deteriorating: Hospital
  249. 2nd Person killed by being pushed in front of NYC Subway
  250. 14 Year Old Robbed Someone, Then Gets Nabbed By Undercover Cop