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  1. Michael Jackson appears whiter than white on magazine cover
  2. What has Grey’s Anatomy done to Eric Dane?
  3. Kylie Minogue gets back in the saddle for TV special
  4. Museum of Moving Image honors Tom Cruise
  5. Billboard revises rules, denies Britney Spears #1 album
  6. Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch in foreclosure?
  7. Judge says Rita Crosby 'crossed the line' with her Anna Nicole Smith book
  8. Top 11 unsexiest men
  9. Geri Halliwell's singing coach says she's a shit singer
  10. Jessica Alba hearts Eva Longoria
  11. Josh Hartnett hates his looks
  12. Lily Allen signs deal to represent Agent Provocateur Lingerie
  13. Garth Brooks passes Elvis as best selling solo artist in history, #2 to Beatles
  14. Kim Cattrall says she's only doing Sex and the City Movie for $$$ to buy London home
  15. Britney Spears ordered to pay $120K for Kevin Federline's attorney fees
  16. Russell Crowe getting baptized
  17. Victoria's Secret Supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio dresses as Playboy bunny for Cavalli
  18. Rosie O'Donnell in talks for new MSNBC talk show in prime time opposite Larry King
  19. 'American Idol' changes format to include instruments & vocals
  20. Britney Spears shops for light fixtures while court appointed monitor babysits kids!
  21. NBA star Dwayne Wade's wife goes to Miami to confront homewrecker Gabrielle Union
  22. Kirsten Dunst to play Vivienne Westwood?
  23. Kim Cattrall begs 18 year old nephew not to go to Iraq, sends him horrific emails
  24. Angelina Jolie's brother James Haven: 'More kids are on the way!'
  25. Rihanna photographed showing her bisexual tendencies online
  26. Tori Spelling's son says 'mom' for the first time--to Sherri Shepherd
  27. Angelina Jolie: 'I'm not much of a cook'
  28. Angelina Jolie says her kids won't be seeing 'Beowulf'
  29. Duane 'Dog' Chapman IS racist says ex-wife
  30. I'm porcelain not plastic: Nicole Kidman
  31. Rihanna lies cause she's ashamed of doing the nasty with Josh Harnett
  32. Onlookers stunned at Tenjune: Hilary Duff gives raunchy lap dances to bf in public!
  33. Keira Knightley sounds off on the tabloids and being moody
  34. Donny and Marie Osmond's father dies
  35. Johnny Cash's daughter Rosanne Cash to undergo brain surgery
  36. Christina Applegate and her ex smooch at L.A. Club
  37. Rihanna confirms the rumours: She is dating Josh Hartnett
  38. Kate Hudson and Jessica Simpson compete for Owen Wilson
  39. Amy Winehouse on TV BEFORE she was infamous
  40. Older woman casts a spell over love-struck Daniel Radcliffe
  41. Ravaged, pale and bloated - Britney Spears' chaotic life takes its toll
  42. Halle Berry slammed for diabetes claim
  43. Barbara Walters "She [Heather Mills] was so impossible..."
  44. Rosie O'Donnell in talks to do TV talkshow
  45. Oprah Winfrey gets her own YouTube channel
  46. Hillary Clinton, Madonna and Angelina Jolie - long lost cousins!
  47. Crackhead Pete Doherty gets caught injecting heroin... again
  48. Jessica Simpson: 'I want a Boston man!'
  49. Did Brad Pitt buy another home?
  50. Lindsay Lohan's new boyfriend tells Dina Lohan: 'No' to reality show
  51. Katie Holmes gets her own California lottery Scratcher ticket
  52. Keanu Reeves' not so excellent lawsuit
  53. Duane 'Dog' Chapman will NOT be extradited to Mexico
  54. Amy Winehouse is too crazy for Snoop Dogg
  55. Nicky Hilton's Nicky-O Hotel is a no-go
  56. Zac Efron guy makeup pioneer?
  57. Lilly Allen slags Victoria Beckham for being a fame whore in You Magazine
  58. David Copperfield is a sick fuck
  59. CNN's Nancy Grace gives birth to twins 2 months early
  60. Britney Spears parks in handicapped spot while tannin' y'all!
  61. Julia Roberts: No more kids – but she'll watch after Britney Spears
  62. Gisele Bundchen refuses to be paid in US dollars
  63. Rihanna kicked out of her cousin's wedding
  64. Food Network's Giada De Laurentiis is pregnant
  65. Angelina Jolie is "SHY" about being naked in new film
  66. 'Office' costars caught in the strike zone (will they show up for work today?)
  67. I had implants before going topless in film, admits Jane Seymour
  68. Kylie Minogue cancels her world tour on doctor's orders
  69. Christina Aguilera explains why she's not bat-shit crazy like some of her peers
  70. Elliot Yamin: 'Paula Abdul's a little nuts'
  71. Hollywood writers' strike drama: kiss Jon Stewart goodbye!
  72. Milla Jovovich gives birth to baby girl
  73. Z100 NYC Radio votes for Britney Spears next single 'Break the Ice' vs.'Piece of Me'
  74. Britney Spears' really, really, really bad timing
  75. Katie Holmes finishes marathon, Thetan level remains the same
  76. Matthew McConaughey buys 10 million dollar home in Malibu
  77. Shia LaBeouf arrested in Chicago
  78. Britney Spears 'doing her best' to improve her home for her kids
  79. Christina Aguilera confirms she's pregnant
  80. Eva Mendes has four car accidents in one day
  81. Katie Holmes is 'not pregnant', claim reps
  82. Reese Witherspoon refuses to let her children watch movies
  83. Britney Spears: 'I was tricked into divorcing Kevin Federline'
  84. Paul McCartney to file for sole custody of daughter after ex-wife's outbursts
  85. Lindsay Lohan's bodyguard kicks photographer in his junk
  86. Halle Berry whines about not liking relationships with LIVING people
  87. Crocodile Hunter's widow, Terri Irwin, writes book
  88. David Beckham's surprise Extreme Makeover: Home Edition visit
  89. Cate Blanchett: Yes, I am pregnant again
  90. Mary-Kate Olsen and NY Rangers stud Sean Avery hooking up?
  91. Gwen Stefani's sweet donate
  92. Pete Doherty defends Amy Winehouse over 'embarrassing' MTV performance
  93. Is Katie Holmes turning into husband Tom Cruise?
  94. Heather Mills lashes out at 'jealous Stella McCartney'
  95. Lynne Spears testifies against Britney, causes custody to be revoked
  96. Beyonce wants a hit like Rihanna's "Umbrella"
  97. Lindsay Lohan refused booze at Hollywood hotel
  98. Britney Spears accidentally runs over cop's foot
  99. Nick Lachey's .... in a box
  100. New Tom Cruise/Wagner film tracking worst out of all his previous releases
  101. AOL News polls the Top 10 unsexiest male celebrities
  102. Joel Madden says 'I'm gonna be Dad of the Year'
  103. Leelee Sobiesky's Halloween costume is arty
  104. Britney Spears' 'lesbian lust' for LA socialite Kim Kardashian
  105. This will put women in their place
  106. Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt’s wedding holds casting call
  107. Johnny Depp has a new outlook on life
  108. Britney Spears adds another lawsuit to her legal to do list
  109. Amy Lee of Evanesence performs as 'Scarilyn Monroe' for Halloween
  110. Supporters in Hawaii stand by Duane 'Dog' Chapman
  111. Nelly Furtado impersonates a Hilton at the European VMA awards in Munich
  112. Spice Girls look suspiciously stunning in new publicity pictures
  113. How to embarrass your husband: Victoria Beckham reveals David's little habits........
  114. Ramones manager found dead in Manhattan apartment
  115. Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong: 'Britney Spears is being thrown to the lions'
  116. Britney Spears' secret pregnancy; FIVE potential fathers, including Kevin Federline
  117. Lindsay Lohan banned from Promises rehab center
  118. Carlos Santana, wife getting divorced
  119. Nicole Richie tired of pregnancy; continues dying her hair, tanning, jacuzzi
  120. Lawyer: Duane 'Dog' Chapman's son sold N-word tape for 'a lot of money'
  121. Amy Winehouse and Pete Doherty to duet live
  122. Video of Paris Hilton's tantrum in Toronto video store released
  123. Paris Hilton sued for her fashion
  124. Britney Spears & Kevin Federline: financial details revealed
  125. Martina Hingis tests positive for cocaine at Wimbledon, retires from tennis in shame
  126. Stephen Colbert rejected by South Carolina Presidential Primary Executive Board 13-3
  127. Chole Sevginy dresses as Joan of Arc at Rose Bar in New York
  128. Hayden Panettiere in Japan dolphin cull clash
  129. Da Brat (Shawntae Harris) arrested for gashing waitress' face
  130. Jake Gyllenhaal spends Halloween at Reese Witherspoon's place
  131. Britney Spears goes swimming in Dita Von Teese's champagne glass (bra & boyshorts)
  132. Sophia Bush & Tony Romo: heating up fast? (QB 'disgusted' by Britney Spears lapdance)
  133. Co-Co and Ice T grace the red carpet at the Robert Cavalli masquerade party
  134. Supermodel Petra Nemcova goes to the Cavalli Masquerade party as Cleopatra
  135. Stacy Keibler goes to Heidi Klum's all hallows eve party as Raggedy Ann
  136. Kate Beckinsale lets her 8 year old daughter go out in a questionable costume
  137. Christina Aguilera enters Hyde Nightclub as a Spider Queen for Halloween Party
  138. Britney Spears dresses as a cracked out Pussycat Doll for Halloween
  139. Paris Hilton supports the troops on Halloween at LAX Nightclub
  140. Rachael Ray kicks husband out of the house (violence?) Natl Enquirer-Nov 12, 2007
  141. Ranting Heather Mills: I have a tape of Paul McCartney 'admitting that he hit Linda'
  142. Duane "Dog" Chapman apologizes for racial slur
  143. Tom Cruise wants to find a 'love story'
  144. Britney Spears' best friend reveals all to OK! magazine
  145. Jennifer Aniston took male hormones. Maniston indeed!
  146. Lance Bass was once married?!
  147. Josh Hartnett contracted 'The Kissing Disease' from Scarlett Johansson
  148. Victoria Beckham talks babies with Ellen DeGeneres
  149. Lane Garrison gets 4 years for DUI death
  150. Britney Spears allegedly snorted cocaine hours after losing custody of her children
  151. Jennifer Aniston gaining weight while Angelina Jolie wastes away
  152. Britney Spears' friends are worried she'll reproduce again
  153. Halle Berry to play "Queen Nefertiti" in new movie
  154. LA Times sits on explosive Hillary Clinton story(LESBIAN affair with younger staffer)
  155. Dog "The Bounty Hunter" Chapman goes on a racist rant
  156. Ex-friend of Sarah Larson (George Clooney's gf) has huge blog entry on her
  157. Lainey Gossip posts video on George Clooney's gf, Sarah Larson
  158. Fashion trendsetter Stacy 'Fergie' Ferguson goes crimpin' in Australia
  159. Alicia Keys denies gay rumours, says she loves men
  160. Angelina Jolie's Thanksgiving showdown: with Brad Pitt's mom! (Star Mag Nov 12, 2007)
  161. Mischa Barton's hellraising sister Hania: rehab didnt work
  162. Jessica Simpson hooks up with Owen Wilson?
  163. Britney Spears stops radio interview so she can shower....
  164. Britney Spears' former assistant says she needs mental health
  165. Ashley Olsen and Lance Armstrong an item?
  166. Kelis dumped on her butt by her label
  167. Kylie Minogue is a glamour girl in gold, but what's happened to ex Olivier Martinez?
  168. Amy Winehouse in tears...and without her beehive
  169. America Ferrera gets a makeover to glamorous cover girl
  170. Nicole Richie's rep: Smoking story is 'irresponsible and untrue'
  171. Britney spears is NUMBER 1 in the uk
  172. Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon: Couple or couple of 'fakers'?
  173. Brooke Shields drives into her own house
  174. Roberto Cavalli: 'How I designed for Jennifer Lopez's pregnancy'
  175. Jane Seymour suffered miscarriage on live TV
  176. Pierce Brosnan allegedly hits a photographer
  177. Robert Goulet dead at age 73
  178. Britney Spears' new album flops in UK; by Tuesday, we'll know about US sales
  179. Rock Hudson bedded James Dean to win bet with Elizabeth Taylor
  180. John Edwards sex scandal could derail 2008 Presidential campaign
  181. Joaquin Phoenix fires back at co-star Eva Mendes
  182. Britney Spears did NOT regain custody of her kids
  183. Record label looking to dump Jennifer Lopez after CD tanks in the 1st week
  184. Michelle Pfieiffer offered role of principal in 'Grease' (Jessica Simpson as Sandy)
  185. Madonna tried to use rapper Tupac Shakur as a "sperm donor"?
  186. Court papers reveal Britney Spears' parenting coach testified
  187. Britney Spears changes outfits with a bartender at Winston's Nightclub in Los Angeles
  188. Michelle Rodriguez pleads to stay out of 180 day lesbian orgy (jail sentence)
  189. Spice Girls absolutely terrified of Victoria's Secret lingerie photoshoot
  190. Angelina Jolie expecting again
  191. Rumer Willis tells People Magazine that she is 'ready to be famous'
  192. Barack Obama turns down Brad Pitt's help for Presidential campaign
  193. Ellen Page of 'Hard Candy' and 'Juno' wins Breakthrough Actress of the Year
  194. Britney Spears dresses like a busty pirate wench for a Halloween party!
  195. Nas 'N*gger' record draws fire from New York politicans (state boycott of Universal)
  196. Talan Torriero dishes about his movie career, Lauren Conrad & dating cougars
  197. Author Elizabeth Wurtzel graduates from Yale Law at age 39
  198. 'Tom Cruise doesn't shove Scientology down our throats,' insists David Beckham
  199. Angelina Jolie's hands are wrinklier than Clint Eastwood's
  200. Joan Collins' see-through dress shows her best supporting part
  201. Will father number four be there for pregnant Ulrika Jonsson?
  202. Arnold Schwarzenegger: Marijuana is not a drug
  203. Kelly Brook reveals the saucy secret to her stunning figure
  204. Diana Ross gets supremely carried away - with the make-up brush
  205. Heather Mills kills neighbor's dog
  206. Creepy David Copperfield voicemessages released
  207. Lance Bass reveals "I thought Justin Timberlake was gay"
  208. Kerry Katona smoking and drinking while pregnant.. with pictures
  209. Kim Kardashian's little sister works the stripper pole, reenacts "Girls Gone Wild"
  210. Kid Rock won't face charges in VMA fight with Tommy Lee
  211. Nicole Richie & Joel Madden wedding postponed; Paris Hilton not invited to nuptials
  212. Lindsay Lohan backs out of hosting New Years Eve gig 'to focus on sobriety'
  213. Shia LaBeouf is single and ready to mingle with the ladies!
  214. 'Long Island Lolita' Amy Fisher's sex tape at porn dealer, could be public in days
  215. Paris Hilton: Rwanda trip is next year
  216. Britney Spears Catholic controversy?
  217. Shauna Sand is the classiest woman in Hollywood
  218. Fame whores Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt go to a Santa Monica Halloween party
  219. Ryan Seacrest: Britney Spears gave Tony Romo a lap dance at Les Deux this weekend?
  220. Teri Hatcher is the Queen of Hearts with daughter in tow-Santa Monica
  221. Kate Hudson's Halloween party attracts Reese Witherspoon & Jake Gyllenhaal
  222. Rachel Ray says she has been a size 6 for several years due to 'stretch fabrics'
  223. Aubrey O'Day from Danity Kane goes to Halloween party as a slutty cheerleader
  224. Brody Jenner babysits pre-teen 'Girls Gone Wild' pole dancing on E!
  225. Nicole Kidman 'Golden' in holiday smash
  226. Justin Timberlake acts an ass in Australia
  227. Michael Jackson finally defaults on Neverland Ranch?
  228. Nicole Kidman leaves little to the imagination in a daring see-through dress
  229. Spotty Spice: Mel C breaks out!
  230. Nice boyfriend Sienna Miller: Rhys Ifans spits out of cab window at photographers
  231. Grey's Anatomy star Brooke Smith pushes writers for some hot sweaty lesbian action
  232. Nicky Hilton (as a sexy girlscout) attends a Halloween party with David Katzenberg
  233. Avril Lavigne wears a confusing Halloween costume to Hyde Nightclub
  234. Pregnant Nicole Richie smoking outside of Nobu and DaSilvano's eateries in New York
  235. Joanna Lumley wants girls to behave better
  236. Britney Spears bails on production execs;delivers naked, expletive-filled rant
  237. Heather Mills co-opts daughter's birthday party as her own
  238. Paris Hilton dons 'scary' eye contacts at the Playboy Halloween party
  239. Rumer Willis flashes her crotch at a benefit party for children with AIDS
  240. NFL star Channing Crowder: Londoners speak English?
  241. Britney Spears parties with Tony Romo
  242. William Shatner nixed from new Star Trek movie
  243. (Kevin Federline's) K-Fed's ho speaks!
  244. Hugh Grant, Liz Hurley and Arun Nayar soak up the Seychelles sun
  245. Homesick David Beckham pines for England
  246. Prince William tells Kate Middleton: You're my bride, but not till 2009
  247. 'This is my son after a night partying with Pete Doherty'
  248. Sharon Stone's fur wardrobe raises eyebrows in Rome
  249. Gavin Rossdale gives up holding the baby to pursue film career
  250. Kate Moss' nanny quits due to working '24-hour' days