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  1. I've only slept with four men, says Angelina Jolie
  2. Vincent Gallo uses profanity against reporter
  3. Brad Pitt tells "we're going to need a bigger bed"
  4. The Goldman family to seek O.J. Simpson memorabilia
  5. Angelina Jolie liked most drugs except pot
  6. Confirmed - Britney Spears' manager quits
  7. Mary Louise Parker adopts a baby African girl
  8. Britney Spears will lose temporary custody of her kids
  9. 22 year old Scarlett Johansson too young to marry 30 year old Ryan Reynolds
  10. Heath Ledger mends his broken heart with models
  11. Justin Timberlake bitch-slaps a photographer
  12. Cops: case closed on Kevin Federline death threat
  13. Matthew McConnaughey moves from Airstream trailer to a Malibu mobile home
  14. Limp Bizkit star, Fred Durst, avoids jail term
  15. Bloodied Amy Winehouse back to her bad old ways
  16. Brett Somers of 'Match Game' fame, dead at age 83
  17. The making of a diva: UK X-Factor winner Leona Lewis' glamorous new look
  18. Victoria Beckham tries out her new 'Ninja Turtle' look in Malibu
  19. Kylie Minogue goes hell for leather in a sexy bondage-style dress
  20. Kate Moss and Kelly Osbourne hang out
  21. Helen Mirren wins Emmy - thanks to her 'stripper's shoes'
  22. Cheryl Cole/ Tweedy steals the limelight in a sheer top at Macdonald fashion show
  23. Model Jodie Kidd 'exposed in cocaine sting'
  24. Laura Wasser resigns as Britney Spears' lawyer
  25. Britney Spears gets kicked out of the Chateau Marmont hotel and restaurant
  26. Michael Lohan- "Lindsay promised to quit making films and leave Hollywood"
  27. 50 Cent defends Britney Spears
  28. Britney Spears losing her kids tomorrow in court?
  29. Madonna declares herself "ambassador for Judaism"
  30. British pub grub forces Scarlett Johansson into a tight corset
  31. Owen Wilson bears the scars of suicide bid
  32. Jennifer Lopez and Victoria Beckham hit a new Lo in their LA friendship
  33. Is Angelina Jolie pregnant?
  34. Paris Hilton angers Nicole Richie
  35. Assorted gossip from the Toronto International Film Festival
  36. Fantastic Four star Ioan Gruffudd gets married
  37. Paris Hilton receives her $120,000,000 inheritance
  38. Britney Spears is in damage control mode, wants to appear on Maxim magazine cover
  39. Exhibit featuring Princess Grace of Monaco to be held in NYC
  40. Pamela Anderson's romantic debt recovery
  41. Perez Hilton throwing a fit backstage at MTV's CRS
  42. Drunk Quentin Tarantino hitched a ride in a truck after getting lost in Liverpool, UK
  43. Seth Green mocks crazy Britney Spears fan Chris Crocker
  44. Donald Trump and Rosie O'Donnell reignite their feud
  45. Kathy Hilton punished Paris Hilton by confiscating her cell phone
  46. Kid Rock mocks Britney Spears' parenting skills
  47. The real Denise Richards exposed by a former nanny
  48. Mindy McCready sentenced to 1 year in prison
  49. David Beckham reveals his impeccable pecs in new ad campaign
  50. Madonna joins Kabbalah stars in Israel
  51. Lawyer: Britney Spears 'just wants to be a mom'
  52. Kanye West: Britney Spears is 'not important in music'
  53. Variety Magazine attacks Matt Damon for not being a media whore
  54. Britney Spears to perform on the Emmys??
  55. OJ Simpson questioned by police investigating a robbery at a Las Vegas casino
  56. 'FESS UP!! Who gave Courtney Love The Herp????
  57. Britney Spears labels herself a 'fat pig'
  58. Ryan Phillippe's divorce made him vomit
  59. Zahara Jolie-Pitt needs surgery
  60. Madonna and Britney Spears face beheading threat
  61. What was Sting doing outside one of Germany's top brothels?
  62. Off-and-on couple Reese Witherspoon & Jake Gyllenhaal break up . . . again
  63. Joe "Papa Perv" Simpson plays pimp for daughter Jessica Simpson
  64. Rosie O'Donnell reveals destructive behavior in book
  65. Josh Hartnett not ready to be a father
  66. Rihanna says people are jealous of her BEAUTY!
  67. Kid Rock speaks on why he hit Tommy Lee
  68. Shakira hits the books at UCLA
  69. Lindsay Lohan's new man: Tony Allen?
  70. Timbaland: Britney Spears ruined her chances of collaborating with Justin Timberlake
  71. Gordan Sloan..original Aussie Big Brother housemate is dead!!
  72. Dark musky hunk Colin Farrell helps the homeless
  73. Britney Spears & Kevin Federline meet at lawyer's office
  74. Stuart Townsend calls Charlize Theron his wife
  75. Celebrity fight club: Pamela Anderson's ex-husbands in brawl at MTV awards
  76. Teen High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens strips off again
  77. Blooming Sophie Wessex shows off her baby bump for the first time
  78. Pavarotti threatened to shoot himself as relationship with money-mad wife fell apart
  79. I want to look like white trash: Mary-Kate Olsen
  80. Don't expect me back, George Clooney's bargirl tells boss
  81. Victoria Beckham tries to steal New York fashion show limelight
  82. Kylie Minogue keeps a-head with another change of hairstyle
  83. Simon Cowell wants to help Britney Spears turn it around
  84. Britney Spears' abs were spray painted on for VMAs
  85. Owen Wilson ignores advice and refuses rehab
  86. 50 Cent getting ready to retire? Kanye West outselling him so far
  87. Mini Paris Hiltons will rule the world
  88. Hayden Panettiere is back on the market
  89. Ja Rule is a homophobe and doesn't like gays on TV
  90. Delta Goodrem's transformation into sex kitten
  91. Mark Ruffalo, wife expecting third child
  92. Jon Stewart announced as 2008 Oscar host
  93. Jessica Simpson is going country for her next album says dad
  94. Britney Spears' hairdresser quit before VMA performance
  95. Ex-"Top Chef" contestant Josie Smith-Malave attacked & beaten
  96. Brad Pitt takes 'brad' financial decisions, says Angelina Jolie
  97. Simon Cowell and Louis Walsh slam Britney Spears' VMA performance
  98. Beth Ditto campaigns to ban size zero
  99. Howie Mandel does not want his kids in showbiz
  100. Full House's Jodie Sweetin is pregnant with first child
  101. Kanye West's backstage meltdown caught on tape
  102. Sneak Preview: Britney Spears's new album details
  103. Britney Spears caught doing cocaine backstage at the VMA's
  104. Soap actress Kirsten Storms arrested for DUI
  105. Rosie O'Donnell suggests in new book that Barbara Walters should retire
  106. Anna Nicole Smith's mother launches attack against Larry Birkhead
  107. Black Eyed Peas' Fergie: give Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan a break
  108. Reese Witherspoon recalls her struggle splitting from Ryan Phillippe
  109. Daniel Radcliffe..erection worries!!
  110. Mary-Kate Olsen, says no to the bikini
  111. Suri Cruise shows off her footwork to doting dad Tom Cruise
  112. Oscar-winner Jennifer Hudson to star in Sex and the City film
  113. Amy Winehouse gets 300 pocket money a week
  114. Kelly Osbourne's Chicago debut has mum Sharon in tears
  115. Britney Spears' tears after MTV comeback disaster
  116. Madonna and the Purple Penetrator
  117. Kathy Griffin's Emmy speech to be censored for television
  118. Mischa Barton accidentally flashes the children
  119. Charlize Theron breast problems...
  120. Victoria Beckham fears becoming "too American"
  121. Sarah Silverman's Britney Spears stab: was it inappropriate?
  122. Kanye West rants about MTV, Pamela Anderson, & the exploitation of Britney Spears
  123. Pete Wentz: It's 'crazy' kissing best friend Ashlee Simpson
  124. Kevin Federline throws birthday party for sons
  125. Puffy-eyed Posh (Victoria Beckham) looks tired without her huge shades
  126. Angelina Jolie reveals her very knobbly knees
  127. Before she was famous: 7-year-old Keira Knightley's TV debut revealed
  128. Desperately seeking attention: Teri Hatcher
  129. Kim Porter claims Sean 'Diddy' Combs cheated & got another woman pregnant
  130. Britney Spears with no undies again!!
  131. Rosie O'Donnell & Donald Trump take swipes at each other in their new books
  132. Beyonce Knowles to marry soon...
  133. Sherri Shepherd debuts as permanent moderator on "The View"
  134. Britney Spears "embarrassed" after VMAs
  135. Kanye West acts like a sore loser again after the VMA's
  136. Actress Jane Wyman dies at 93
  137. Elvis's hamburger bed auction
  138. Allure talks of Britney Spears (video)
  139. Keira Knightley won't marry; can't top her on-screen weddings
  140. Jodie Foster's anti-gun stance
  141. Kid Rock and Tommy Lee battle at the VMA's
  142. Skinny Dolly Parton's marriage collapse
  143. Kate Moss's new man
  144. Nicole Kidman: I've lost my kids to Scientology...
  145. Russell Crowe is top gun at box office..
  146. Criss Angel says "I had very little to do with Britney Spears' Performance"
  147. Criss Angel takes back his cross/seen with another girl last night
  148. Nicole Richie is a natural kind of woman
  149. Source: Vanessa Hudgens sent nude photo to Drake Bell
  150. Paris Hilton makes a baby announcement – for Christina Aguilera
  151. About time! Kathy Griffin wins an Emmy!
  152. Britney Spears goes shopping for lollipops and hits Las Vegas with Criss Angel
  153. Ex super model Rachel Hunter reveals secret desire
  154. Cate Blanchett shines in Venice.....plus the Venice AWARDS!
  155. Kanye West on Britney Spears opening the MTV Awards
  156. Nat and Nat: Natalie Portman has a New Boyfriend
  157. Drew Barrymore makes out with chic geek
  158. Reese Witherspoon turns fashion designer for friend
  159. Pierce Brosnan in his swimming trunks
  160. Hugh Grant's birthday treat to himself - a 82,000 supercar
  161. In bed with Posh and Becks: Victoria and David Beckham get sultry
  162. Keira Knightley admits 'I love stripping off for photos'
  163. Beyonce Knowles: "I wish I was born Latina"
  164. Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) hates people who chew gum
  165. Getting older the pits for Brad Pitt
  166. Husband asks Sara Evans to admit affairs
  167. Orlando Bloom- Hollywood star takes WW2 bike for a spin
  168. Pregnant Oscar winner Halle Berry reveals her baby bump
  169. Vanessa Hudgens 'embarrassed,' apologizes for nude photo
  170. Foxy Brown sentenced to a year in jail
  171. Jessica Alba 'hasn't worked out in months'
  172. Shark celebrates $300m divorce as wife weeps
  173. Official: Pete Doherty is a C***
  174. Paris Hilton's Hallmark moment
  175. Britney Spears' mystery medication
  176. Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay roasted his nuts
  177. Halle Berry's ex-husband comments on her pregnancy
  178. Celebrity rapped: Rapper Eve shows off her drink-driving bracelet
  179. Emma Watson leaves Harry Potter behind for some clowning round by the lake
  180. Prince Harry gets an ear-bashing from Chelsy Davy
  181. Kylie Minogue's hair styled like 60s' sex kitten Brigitte Bardot
  182. Sir Ben Kingsley makes Brazilian ex-waitress half his age his 4th wife
  183. How Ricky Gervais' friend got his own back on Sir Elton John - very, very slowly
  184. Angelina Jolie gets virtually naked (NSFW I guess?)
  185. Nude photos of Vanessa Hudgens online?
  186. Trouble in paradise for Gwyneth Paltrow's marriage?
  187. Sir Paul McCartney hooks up with Elle Macpherson?
  188. Lindsay Lohan helps reunite her family
  189. Britney Spears will perform at VMAs
  190. Avril Lavigne reveals her stupidity and massive ego
  191. Jennifer Lopez awarded $545,000 in suit vs. ex
  192. Lenny Kravitz was Nicole Kidman's secret fiance
  193. Kate Hudson has been barred from getting in touch with ex-boyfriend Owen Wilson
  194. Britney Spears hits the junk food and flashes her bottom one more time
  195. Britney Spears hits the junk food and flashes her bottom one more time
  196. Madonna parties two nights in a row (and it shows)
  197. Luciano Pavarotti dies
  198. Tiger Wood's billion dollar pension
  199. Defiant Amy Winehouse vows she's not going back to rehab-again
  200. Open-American media turn on "classless" Serena Williams
  201. Luciano Pavarotti's health rapidly deteriorating
  202. Susan Sarandon passed up Rocky Horror sequel
  203. Hank Azaria flaunted his penis at Simon Pegg
  204. Christopher Walken plays birthday prank on 'Balls Of Fury' castmates
  205. Cindy Crawford's hammer attack
  206. Zac Efron: Ripped Tide
  207. Shaquille O'Neal files for divorce
  208. Madonna feels the pace as Elton John says sorry for F-word outburst
  209. Jennifer Lopez gets back to her hip-hop roots with a sexy new video
  210. Keira Knightley wears dress made out of bedsheets?
  211. Tobey Maguire and Jennifer Meyer tie the knot
  212. Jerry Lewis apologizes for using anti-gay slur during telethon
  213. Halle Berry: "Yes, I'm pregnant!"
  214. Brad Pitt talks about Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie, and kids
  215. Britney Spears hits back at Keira Knightley
  216. Paris Hilton 'preparing her body' to have a baby
  217. Whoopi Goldberg, of all people, defends Michael Vick re: dogfighting
  218. Nicole Kidman hints at strangeness in her marriage to Tom Cruise
  219. Remembering the animal harrassing Steve Irwin 1 year on
  220. Claudia Schiffer: 'Supermodels don't exist anymore'
  221. Pete Doherty saw Amy Winehouse overdose
  222. Naomi Campbell: 'Gianni Versace's death sent me into drug addiction'
  223. Is Kate Moss running around town with a new man?
  224. Tori Amos disses Lindsay Lohan through song: "I'm Not Stupid"
  225. Britney Spears: Engaged?
  226. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie ready for more children
  227. Owen Wilson returns home under close watch
  228. Angelina Jolie has a tattoo dedicated to Brad Pitt
  229. Is it break-up for Brokeback star Heath Ledger?
  230. Rod Stewart's bizarre 'Elephant Man' look
  231. Amy Winehouse is trying to get pregnant
  232. Jennifer Aniston pays people to be her friends; men still won't bite
  233. Rihanna and Shia Labeouf an item!
  234. Tom Cruise's kids shipped off to Scientology Camp
  235. Jessica Alba and Cash Warren back together?
  236. Nicole Richie: Scandal in the sheriff’s office
  237. Barely-there Kylie Minogue shows Martinez what he's missing (in a really gross dress)
  238. Gary Glitter 'could return to Britain early' after surviving heart attack in prison
  239. Please Remember To Include Your Source In Articles and use Full Names!
  240. Megan Fox has libido of a teen boy, would rather have sex 24/7 than leave the house