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  1. Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel getting closer together in public
  2. Milla Jovovich is freaking massive now!
  3. Did Reese Witherspoon sully herself with James Blunt?
  4. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie prefer Europe to the US
  5. Ben Kingsley: Mary Kate Olsen is 'a genius'
  6. One Life to Live: Soap actor Nathaniel Marston arrested
  7. Kelly Clarkson has never said 'I love you', thinks she shouldn't have children
  8. Jessica Simpson insists on taking photos of sex acts at lesbian nightclub
  9. Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt: starved for romance
  10. Jennifer Aniston obsessed with her pubic hair! (even waxes off the peach fuzz)
  11. Carrie Underwood says Tony Romo loved football more than her
  12. Meg Ryan & adorable adopted daughter Daisy go to Whole Foods in Santa Monica
  13. Roseanne Barr lashes out at Britney Spears and her mom
  14. Denise Richards gets Halloween started early (cute kiddie costumes)
  15. Gisele Bundchen & Lilya Kebede go to the beach while Tom Brady plays Miami Dolphins
  16. Stacy 'Fergie' Ferguson keeps on shakin' her humps in Asia (so classy!)
  17. Luciano Pavarrotti's wife & daughters 'amazed' at shocking debt (US $20 million!)
  18. Spice Girls' new video shoot ends in tears and tantrums
  19. Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie teaming up for HBO series
  20. Glamorous in green, Catherine Zeta-Jones shows off her slimline figure
  21. 'I'd like to kill some snobs', admits snob 'Nazi' Michael Caine
  22. Britney Spears causes retards to commit crimes, ya'll
  23. Some B-List celeb whines about fans but loves real celebs recognizing him
  24. Brad Pitt says fatherhood makes him a better actor; still no Oscar
  25. Paris Hilton ignored by Toronto club-goers; one guy screams about her vagina
  26. Kid Rock arrested in Waffle House fight
  27. Prison Break's Dominic Purcell and wife split
  28. Drugged out Amy Winehouse used for rookie police training
  29. Parents decline Britney Spears' offer to teach dance lessons in Malibu
  30. Beth Ditto slams Paris Hilton's Rwanda trip
  31. Kate Moss and boyfriend Jamie Hince have screaming fight after fashion bash
  32. Shar Jackson didn't mean to diss Britney Spears
  33. Does Tara Reid have liver damage?
  34. Malibu wildfire threatens celebrity homes
  35. Beth Ditto: 'I'm too poor to move to UK'
  36. Britney Spears regains visitation rights
  37. Halle Berry's car crash caused by paparazzi
  38. Victoria Beckham and Dita Von Teese planning reality TV show together
  39. Howard K. Stern seeks inheritance for Dannielynn Smith
  40. Jude Law devastated Sienna Miller is dating his friend Rhys Ifans
  41. Eva Longoria changes her last name to Parker
  42. Westlife reveal some of their most bizarre fan mail
  43. Paris Hilton has dumped her new boyfriend because he is "too shy"
  44. Outta the way Jennifer Aniston, it's Lance Bass' turn to reach out to Britney Spears
  45. Zahara loves giving mom Angelina Jolie a hard time
  46. Washed up singer Robbie Williams loves "bum sex" and "heroin"
  47. Eva Mendes desperate to star opposite Brad Pitt
  48. Keith Urban longing for baby with Nicole Kidman
  49. Britney Spears' new lyrics reveal heartbreak over Kevin Federline
  50. Paris Hilton reveals her big suspenders
  51. The night Princess Beatrice was let down by her gown
  52. How Kate Moss' partying is ruining her looks
  53. Hunter Tylo's teenage son drowns
  54. Oops! Britney Spears appears to hit paparazzo
  55. Bum trip for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's kids
  56. Britney Spears runs over Papz foot after getting lip injection?
  57. Jennifer Lopez spends $50,000.00 on nursery for twins
  58. Britney Spears stands up parenting coach
  59. Victoria Beckham's chest infection puts world tour in jeopardy
  60. Chin up, Britney Spears! Jennifer Aniston to the rescue!
  61. David Copperfield investigated for rape by the FBI
  62. Michael Jackson moving to Cecil County, MD?
  63. Kevin Federline's lawyer: Britney Spears will get visitation back soon
  64. Angelina Jolie wears a pair of Nora Batty's infamous tights
  65. Britney Spears reaches financial agreement in Hit-and-Run
  66. Has baby Borat arrived?
  67. Lindsay Lohan back on the sauce
  68. Debbie Harry defends Kirsten Dunst from Blondie fans' fury
  69. Keira Knightley turns the air blue
  70. Amy Winehouse arrested in Norway for drug possession and/or domestic violence
  71. Uma Thurman shocks at Prince Charles gala by revealing too much cleavage
  72. Ellen DeGeneres cancels Friday's taping of The Ellen DeGeneres show
  73. Britney Spears has eye Gonorrhea/Pink Eye?
  74. Mariah Carey denied entrance at Club Hyde, former basketballer follows her home
  75. Shannyn Sossamon blows Wonder Woman audition?
  76. Lindsay Lohan stole my fiance! (had sex with her bf on stairwell at Cirque rehab)
  77. Claire Danes has been in therapy for 22 YEARS!
  78. Nicole Richie: Porn Valley is no place to raise a child (daddy buys her a McMansion)
  79. Anna Nicole Smith's bodyguard, Big Moe, suffers heart attack
  80. Joey Bishop dies
  81. Donald Trump: Angelina Jolie is no beauty, Britney Spears is a mess
  82. Celebrity stylist dishes on stars
  83. Lindsay Lohan's new boyfriend and his ex have a Myspace fight
  84. Jessica Biel gets groped by girlie
  85. Britney Spears just lost visitation with the kids
  86. UNHCR defends Angelina Jolie
  87. Paris Hilton plans to freeze her body after death
  88. John Goodman checks out of rehab center
  89. Britney Spears' tantrum: "I hate my judge!"
  90. Ellen DeGeneres might have done more harm by going public with puppy tale
  91. The book about the real Tom Cruise finally coming!!!
  92. Oprah Winfrey opens up about the thyroid condition that caused her to gain 20 pounds
  93. Jim Carrey: Don't Google my girlfriend
  94. Ryan Gosling consoled fans after Rachel McAdams split
  95. Liz Hurley's donation to church criticised
  96. Francis Ford Coppola launches blistering attack on three biggest names in Hollywood
  97. 'Lonely' Victoria Beckham giggles at reunion with David
  98. Angelina Jolie refuses to spend Thanksgiving with Brad Pitt's family in Missouri
  99. Vanessa Anne Hudgens NOT Fired By Disney for High School Musical 3
  100. Jen Aniston finally tells Brad Pitt: "I hate you!"
  101. Paris Hilton and Kid Rock deny hook-up
  102. Paris Hilton banned from Nicole Richie's baby shower
  103. Nicole Richie pregnancy crisis?
  104. Vanessa Hudgens dropped by Disney?
  105. Britney Spears sends an explicit message to her mystery 'lover boy'
  106. Sienna Miller looks like hell...............
  107. Brad Pitt doesn't encourage affairs
  108. Britney Spears: 'I wasn't ready for the VMA's, I wanted to be with my kids.'
  109. Beth Ditto told to keep her clothes on
  110. Britney Spears has done gotten herself an Indian healer
  111. Who's that girl? Angelina Jolie transforms her look for a new role
  112. Lindsay Lohan ain't broke; just newly thrifty
  113. Why Britney Spears doesn’t wear underwear
  114. Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt - always thinking of others
  115. Ellen DeGeneres sobs over pet adoption error!
  116. Kanye West: I shouldn't have won "Video of the Year"
  117. Kevin Federline loves his weed ya'll! Goes to work stoned!
  118. Diddy's lawyer says fight at club is overblown
  119. Halle Berry planning on eco-friendly diapers
  120. Bra Power! Spice Girls selling new album at Victoria's Secret
  121. Michael Jackson ordered to pay law firm $175K
  122. Pink Britney Spears wigs out again as she turns herself into police
  123. Paris (whore) Hilton feels 'empty' and 'wants to leave a mark on the world'
  124. Kate Hudson dumped Dax Shepard and is now on a mission to win back Owen Wilson
  125. Megan Gale has hit out at comparisons between herself and Jennifer Hawkins
  126. Britney Spears' cover art revealed
  127. Julia Roberts would be 'so lonely' without husband Danny Moder
  128. Helena Bonham Carter on her fertility treatments
  129. Lindsay Lohan due to return to movie set
  130. Santa Barbara International Film Festival to honor Angelina Jolie
  131. Jennifer Aniston: 'I'm tired of L.A.'
  132. Prince William and Kate Middleton engagement rumors rekindled
  133. The moment JK Rowling revealed a little more than intended
  134. Granny Camilla Parker-Bowles visits granddaughter Lola
  135. Pete Doherty gets a ticket to ride for a legal high
  136. More "Sex and the City" pics (Spoilers)
  137. Keira Knightley's very big hair day
  138. Isla Fisher shows off her huge baby Borat bump
  139. Madonna takes baby David to a Kabbalah temple
  140. Cops to Orlando Bloom: bad crash, no problem
  141. Colin Farrell tells of 'blessed' life with special needs child
  142. Usher and Tameka Foster talk about their 'true love'
  143. Someone kick him in the teeth....Spencer Pratt's annoying interview with Radar Mag
  144. Tara Reid says she isn’t “stupid like Paris or Lindsay”
  145. Amy Winehouse thanks an orphanage by donating funds (for giving her hair extensions)
  146. Britney Spears runs out of Cheetos or something, threatens to drive off a cliff
  147. P. Diddy causing trouble (again) at New York hotspot
  148. Ashlee Simpson loves the botox stab
  149. Brad Pitt- "Zahara choked on an ice cube while I was drinking beer"
  150. No make-up leaves Cher looking just like... Ozzy Osbourne
  151. BRITNEY SPEARS "boobs" on her way to another party..........
  152. "Smart" Paris Hilton praised by new boyfriend
  153. An interview transcript between Pete Doherty and Paul McCartney
  154. Louis Walsh: 'X Factor' houses aren't judges'
  155. Loved up Sienna Miller shares an intimate kiss with Rhys Ifans
  156. Jerry Hall signs £1m book deal to tell all about life with Mick Jagger
  157. Victoria Beckham goes wild as she dances in Ugly Betty
  158. First-hand account of Orlando Bloom's car accident
  159. Victoria Beckham snubbed hospital coffee because it was made with tap water
  160. Lindsay Lohan blows $7m fortune
  161. Lance Bass launches official website, posts a 7 page resume
  162. Kate Middleton under fire for going shooting with Royals
  163. Joss Stone's 'diva' tendencies could ruin career
  164. Spice spat as Geri Halliwell claims Headlines for herself
  165. What Simon Cowell did on his week off: Spend £1 MILLION on TWO cars
  166. Angelina Jolie and George Clooney still the sexiest in Hollywood
  167. Lauryn Hill is pregnant?!
  168. Rapper T.I. arrested in Atlanta
  169. Rosario Dawson moving to Vegas – and London
  170. Country star Joe Nichols enters rehab
  171. Samaire Armstrong enters outpatient facility for 'personal issues'
  172. Filipino Americans to file $500M suit against ABC over Desperate Housewives slur
  173. Britney Spears' new album, Blackout: a track-by-track report
  174. Jessica Simpson does Orlando Bloom
  175. Pete Doherty to embark on sober tour
  176. Milla Jovovich's baby registry
  177. Ex-Idol contestant Corey Clark pleads guilty to aggravated harassment
  178. Foxy Brown won't get on bus for court
  179. Avril Lavigne is irritating: Her Flare interview
  180. Janet Jackson in awkward interview
  181. Gwyneth Paltrow gambles on her micro skirt for A-listers at the casino
  182. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt spend £1 million on Banksy work
  183. Kelly Osbourne looks like a clown!
  184. Britney Spears cancels ANOTHER dance audition
  185. Josh Hartnett & Rihanna caught making out!
  186. Britney Spears tells X17 reporter: "I've got my kids back!"
  187. Britney Spears is planning tour to promote 'Blackout' album
  188. Maddox Jolie-Pitt's last day at Lycee Francais de New York
  189. Six locations raided in Anna Nicole Smith probe
  190. Shar Jackson gives Britney Spears a bum rap
  191. Jimmy Fallon says he's 'the luckiest guy on earth' after getting engaged
  192. Orlando Bloom involved in car crash
  193. Britney Spears' behaviour in court left a lot to be desired
  194. Lindsay Lohan's father is a heartless, two-timing louse, says ex-lover
  195. Rose McGowan engaged to director Robert Rodriguez
  196. Maxim names the 5 Unsexiest Celebs.. and Britney Spears aint number one, yall!
  197. Christina Aguilera toning down her sexual aggressiveness
  198. Lindsay Lohan is really serious about staying clean and sober
  199. Paris Hilton's wedding gift for Pamela Anderson
  200. Lance Bass reveals why Justin Timberlake couldn't commit to Britney Spears
  201. Paul McCartney and Heather Mills spent day locked in £825m divorce war
  202. Richard Branson splits his trousers
  203. Zig-a-zit aaargh: Victoria Beckham comes out all pimply
  204. Madonna lands £60m luxury recording contract
  205. Kate Moss goes blonde for one of her raunchiest shoots ever
  206. Sort yourselves out, judge tells off-the-rails Britney Spears and ex-husband
  207. Halle Berry says color is still a barrier in Hollywood
  208. Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem's romantic vacation
  209. Britney Spears blows off court appearance
  210. Britney Spears says she's 'scared'
  211. Michael Jackson sends letter to his fans
  212. Paul McCartney and Heather Mills back in court
  213. Bobby Brown denies having a heart attack
  214. Jennifer Aniston reaches out to Owen Wilson
  215. Amy Winehouse booked...for a gig!
  216. Liza Minnelli 'feels horrible' for Britney Spears
  217. Michael Douglas' worst fear
  218. Britney Spears to judge: 'I want overnights with my boys'
  219. Angelina Jolie doesn't get along with George Clooney
  220. Britney Spears' 'Blackout' album cover?
  221. Michelle Rodriguez sentenced to 180 days jail time for violating DUI probation
  222. Bobby Brown had a heart attack y'all!
  223. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes delay first anniversary plans
  224. Britney Spears loves her dog more than her kids
  225. Lindsay Lohan fires mother Dina as her manager
  226. Halle Berry plans to be a working mom
  227. Denise Richards destroys her own credibility
  228. Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe's divorce finalised
  229. Britney Spears's new album "Blackout" coming early
  230. Mariah Carey doesn't know how many bathrooms she has
  231. Oprah and Dr. Oz having affair?
  232. In Touch reports that Pamela Anderson is pregnant
  233. Peaches Geldof makes a move on Sadie Frost's ex
  234. Revealed: The racy university beauty caught kissing Hugh Grant
  235. Kylie Minogue returns as Marilyn Monroe in raunchy new video
  236. Lindsay Lohan: "I'm no homewrecker!"
  237. Judge orders Britney Spears booked in traffic case
  238. Charlize Theron is named the Sexiest Woman Alive
  239. Demi Moore had a traumatic youth (and I don't mean Ashton Kutcher!)
  240. 'Toon Spice: How Victoria Beckham's ridiculous outfits mirror cartoon characters
  241. Amy Winehouse's scabby hands....eeeewww!
  242. Victoria and David Beckham lose court bid
  243. Liz Hurley still loves Hugh Grant
  244. Lindsay Lohan offered Bunny role in Playboy movie
  245. Marc Anthony's ex-wife confirms Jennifer Lopez' pregnancy
  246. Britney Spears' dad: 'Lock her up'
  247. Daily Creep-out: Michael Lohan's date looks like his daughter
  248. Holly Madison's new job at Playboy
  249. Jenna Jameson: "I don't believe in retirement"
  250. Details of Pamela Anderson's classy wedding revealed