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  1. Britney Spears to Tom Cruise: you're not crazy at all!
  2. Eva Longoria pregnant?
  3. Denzel Washington bullying his daughter's boyfriend
  4. Johnny Depp to play Michael Jackson?
  5. Bobby Brown faces cocaine charges
  6. Giuliana Rancic denies pregnancy rumors
  7. Brittany Murphy's husband says creepy things
  8. Has Britney Spears filed a restraining order against Adnan Ghalib?
  9. Conan O'Brien buys $10.5 million L.A. home
  10. Anna Wintour's mad at Hillary Clinton
  11. Chris Noth & his girlfriend have a boy
  12. Lindsay Lohan gets cheeky
  13. Paula Wagner speaks out on Tom Cruise book
  14. Holly Madison gets her hands on Hugh Hefner’s baby batter
  15. Nicole Kidman more concerned about fish eggs than her children
  16. Eddie Murphy and Tracey Edmonds’ moms fought at wedding; guests demand refunds
  17. Laura McLaughlin, Pete Doherty baby; Pete Doherty gets virgin pregnant
  18. Papa Joe Simpson wants to boot Pete Wentz so he can pimp out daughter Ashlee Simpson!
  19. Britney Spears is the most beautiful woman in the world
  20. Publisher defends Tom Cruise biographer
  21. The VERY strange life of reclusive superstar Daniel Day-Lewis
  22. Kathleen Turner reveals her descent into alcoholism
  23. The Sports Gal speaks: Katie Holmes is a robot
  24. Charlize Theron's shaky grasp of geography: I adored Turkey and its capital, Budapest
  25. Johnny Depp wants to send his kids to school in England
  26. James McAvoy's tiny flat and £1,000 Nissan Micra
  27. Dr. Phil regrets visiting Britney Spears
  28. 'Newhart' actress Suzanne Pleshette dies, 70
  29. Jennifer Lopez has baby shower
  30. Hugh Jackman at the beach in Sydney
  31. Allan Melvin passed away (Sam the butcher)
  32. Christina Ricci: 'I'm obsessed with gambling'
  33. 'Regulator' rapper Nate Dogg paralyzed after stroke
  34. Hollywood writers talks could resume next week
  35. Well, Britney Spears is not preggers. And by the way: Ew (NSFW)
  36. Stacey "Fergie" Ferguson has another wardrobe/stage malfunction
  37. Colin Farrell drops the F-bomb on CNN
  38. George Clooney appointed U.N. Messenger of Peace
  39. Another Tom Cruise video surfaces: Psychiatry
  40. Pamela Anderson - no longer pregnant
  41. Christian Brando dead
  42. Miley Cyrus flirts with Josh Duhamel
  43. Katie Holmes says more dumb things
  44. Britney Spears WON'T sue a bitch; She leaked "private" photos of her boys herself
  45. Manager dumps up the duff Jennifer Lopez, citing interference from the living dead
  46. Jennifer Aniston goes on blind date; curiously, the man wasn't actually blind
  47. Penelope Cruz and Salma Hayek uh-oh in todays NY Daily News
  48. Lindsay Lohan to work in morgue as punishment
  49. Kevin Federline's $10 million book deal
  50. Britney Spears hosting event
  51. Nicole Kidman and the curse of Tom Cruise
  52. Lily Allen suffers miscarriage
  53. Daniel Baldwin & his wife have a girl
  54. Singer Robbie Williams' unsold CDs shipped to China -to be used for resurfacing roads
  55. Report: Kiefer Sutherland to be released from jail on Monday
  56. Scarlett Johansson to visit troops in the Gulf
  57. Tom Cruise: How I helped America after 9/11
  58. Zac Efron tries SO HARD not to swing like a girl at meany papparazzi
  59. 'Friends' reunion nixed cuz cast too old; world deprived of giant chin yet again
  60. Britney Spears will sue a bitch
  61. Ryan Phillippe doesn't want Jake Gyllenhaal with his kids
  62. Demi Moore on aging, Ashton Kutcher, and parenthood
  63. Rachel Ray: Dunkin Donuts is crap
  64. Oprah Winfrey to Dr. Phil: 'you're fired!
  65. George Michael signs record breaking book deal
  66. Nicole Richie pissed off Paris Hilton by giving away her baby gift to charity
  67. Kelly Osbourne is going to save Amy Winehouse
  68. Did Katie Holmes fake the NY Marathon and have someone else run it for her?
  69. Dr. Phil investigated by psychology board
  70. Age and a big screen finally catch up with wrinkly Michael Douglas
  71. As his bizarre Scientology video is revealed - is Tom Cruise out of control?
  72. Jennifer Lopez's baby shower details
  73. Kate Moss celebrates her 34th birthday
  74. Blake Fielder-Civil to divorce Amy Winehouse?
  75. Jenna Bush planning May 10th wedding
  76. Medical Examiner: drug overdose killed Ike Turner
  77. Eddie Murphy and Tracey Edmonds call it quits
  78. Jamie Lynn Spears loses baby
  79. Clay Aiken in Spamalot
  80. Brad Renfro's former lawyer: 'we all failed'
  81. Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes go on double date with Jerry Seinfeld
  82. Jennifer Love Hewitt in talks for own talk show
  83. What happened to Tom Cruise's other two kids?
  84. John Mayer defends Jessica Simpson on his blog
  85. Dr. Phil's past misdeeds outed by Ted Casablanca
  86. Singer Sinitta Malone's dreams come true: She's a mummy at last
  87. Kylie Minogue continues good deeds Down Under with a children's hospital visit
  88. Kevin Federline working on tell-all album
  89. David Spade might have baby on the way too
  90. Sir Paul McCartney stages exhibition of Linda McCartney's photographs
  91. Britney Spears' suicide note: 'It would be better if I was dead'
  92. Photo of Katie Holmes aged 2...and guess who she looks like
  93. OK! Magazine interview with Katie Holmes
  94. Matthew McConaughey to be a dad
  95. New grandpa Lionel Richie 'extremely proud' of Nicole Richie
  96. Songwriters 'completely exonerate' Avril Lavigne
  97. Britney Spears shopping - naked
  98. Annie Lennox dropped from record label
  99. Actor Brad Renfro dies
  100. Jennifer Aniston's bodyguards investigated by police
  101. Nicole Kidman’s parents to deliver her baby
  102. Lindsay Lohan wigs out
  103. Zac Efron hospitalized
  104. Sherri Shepherd provides another gem
  105. Casey Affleck welcomes a second child
  106. Katie Holmes can't handle "The View"
  107. Rapper DMX to pay $1.5m for defaming baby mama with rape allegation
  108. Rosie O'Donnell compares Britney Spears to Princess Diana
  109. Oprah gets her own TV network
  110. Did Josh Duhamel mix his DNA with fug?
  111. Diane Keaton drops the F-bomb on Diane Sawyer
  112. Sarah Jessica Parker: Only “common” men like airbrushed women
  113. Hillary Clinton talks to Tyra Banks about Bill Clinton's infidelity
  114. Sir Paul McCartney suggesting Heather Mills should pay off her debts
  115. Tom Cruise tried to recruit Jennifer Garner as his robot
  116. ABC in damage control over tame Katie Holmes interview
  117. Dallas Cowboys fans blame Papa Joe Simpson for their play off loss
  118. Dennis Quaid: My twins’ nightmare
  119. Kevin Federline: I understand why people are obsessed with Britney Spears and me
  120. Gwyneth Paltrow admitted to New York Hospital
  121. Angelina Jolie insults sister in law with gift of violent game
  122. Christina Applegate desperate for a baby
  123. Joel Madden: Baby 'looks like her Mom'
  124. Zac Efron humble about his stardom
  125. The Jessica Alba you dont see
  126. Drew Barrymore struggles with acne
  127. Matthew McConaughey reassures jealous men
  128. Victoria Beckham and David Beckham 'disagree over fourth child'
  129. Kate Moss moves into her new home
  130. Amy Winehouse's dressed-down tracksuit look is just plain chavvy
  131. Spice Girls hit the catwalk
  132. Katie Holmes credits Kanye West
  133. Katherine Heigl's sex life boost
  134. Johnny Depp donates to hospital that saved his daughter's life
  135. Hilary Duff denies lipsynching
  136. Britney Spears’ visitations suspended indefinitely
  137. Beyonce's secret pregnancy
  138. Princess Diana's butler tells some secrets
  139. BET founder Bob Johnson slams Barack Obama
  140. Eva Longoria denies pregnancy rumors
  141. Tom Cruise: “I think it’s a privilege to call yourself a Scientologist”
  142. Jamie Lynn Spears gets advice from Beyoncé’s sister
  143. The Cruise family go on toy shopping spree
  144. Katharine McPhee tries to sell her upcoming wedding pictures
  145. Is Adnan Ghalib trying to sell topless Britney Spears pics?
  146. Miley Cyrus tries to return Disney's Christmas gift
  147. 2008 Golden Globe winners announced
  148. Another day, another man for Paris Hilton
  149. David Tennant’s obsessed stalker
  150. Anna Nicole Smith's daughter could have eye surgery
  151. Celebrity Steroid scandal
  152. Jenna Jameson retires
  153. Eva Longoria gives Jessica Simpson advice
  154. Martha Stewart still stewing over Donald Trump
  155. Bjork attacks reporter... again
  156. Tiffany "New York" Pollard sex tape
  157. Pap's wife AzLynn Berry & family in hiding over Britney Spears/Adnan Ghalib romance
  158. Paul McCartney send Heather Mills £8,000 worth of gifts for her 40th Birthday
  159. NOTW says Adnan Ghalib is using Britney Spears as a meal ticket
  160. Scientologists to marry Britney Spears
  161. Criss Angel: How Britney Spears' VMA performance was supposed to turn out
  162. Model Alessandra Ambrósio expecting first child
  163. Is Amy Winehouse turning over a new leaf - as she buys exercise equipment?
  164. 'Princess Diana preferred men with back hair,' says former police chief
  165. Sean Bean cancels fourth wedding just hours before guests arrive
  166. Eva Longoria talks sex, marriage & kids
  167. Reese Witherspoon: 'Not enough hours in day' with kids
  168. Angelina Jolie's pregnancy plan
  169. Jennifer Aniston to pop out a little fugchin of her own with borrowed baby batter
  170. Michael Jackson makes 'his best album in years' with the help of Rhymefest
  171. X17 Reports: 'Britney Spears to appear on the cover of Rolling Stone and Blender'
  172. Christina Aguilera had a boy
  173. Kevin Federline plans to release another album
  174. Jessica Alba: 'Being pregnant is awesome'
  175. Jeremy Piven purchasing gifts for Dita Von Teese
  176. Clay Aiken is "Not going to discuss it"
  177. Miley Cyrus aka Hannah Montana caught using body double
  178. "I fear my friend Britney Spears will kill herself" by J Randy Taraborrelli
  179. Ex-nanny's mother takes over as nanny to Kate Moss' daughter
  180. Kim Cattrall films steamy movie scenes at seafront hotel
  181. Has Paris Hilton been wining and dining with Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes?
  182. Nicole Richie, Joel Madden have a girl
  183. Heather Mills 'to spend birthday alone'
  184. Sharon Stone considers dating women
  185. Comedian David Alan Grier welcomes a girl
  186. Paris Hilton named Woman of the Year by Harvard University
  187. Courtney Thorne-Smith has baby boy
  188. Ex-Idol Kimberley Locke dating her Celebrity Fit Club trainer
  189. Nicole Richie is in labor!
  190. Lauren Conrad gets fired
  191. O.J. Simpson's bail revoked
  192. Tracey Morgan's wife filing for divorce: alcoholism to blame
  193. Claim: Katie Holmes signed contract, $3M a year prenup
  194. Rosie O'Donnell and Elisabeth Hasselbeck make up
  195. Skating champion Christopher Bowman found dead
  196. Police found bite marks and bruises on Britney Spears' son
  197. Paula Abdul may bring crazy back to Super Bowl
  198. Katie Holmes gushes and gushes some more about Tom Cruise and Suri Cruise
  199. No Boston Marathon for Katie Holmes
  200. Queen Latifah wants to set a healthy example
  201. Biography: 'Tom Cruise was a womaniser'
  202. Johnny Depp speaks about his daughter's illness on the red carpet
  203. Fmr. Fox news agent spills about racist sexist Fox News chairman Roger Ailes
  204. Jessica Alba wigs out: Mum-to-be blasts Hollywood stars
  205. 'Eminem is a depressed recluse, comfort eating his way to obesity,'reveals his mother
  206. Devastated Serena Williams reveals secret heartache on blog
  207. Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minillo continue world tour
  208. Katie Price (Jordan) and Peter Andre have Australian Holiday
  209. Rachel Bilson says no to nudity
  210. Roseanne Barr rips Oprah one regarding Barack Obama
  211. Stella McCartney welcomes her third child
  212. Donda West died of heart disease after surgery
  213. Johnny Grant, honorary mayor of Hollywood, dead at age 84
  214. Toni Collette has a girl
  215. Tyra Banks: where is the love?
  216. Mischa Barton: I'm responsible for DUI
  217. Who's the daddy: pregnant Jamie Lynn Spears dumped
  218. Rumer Willis & Rafi Gavron split
  219. Stacy "Fergie" Ferguson: 'I'm the musical Princess Diana'
  220. Matt Damon leaves £2,000 tip for coffee
  221. Michelle Rodriguez released from jail after serving 17 days from 180
  222. Jennifer Lopez works hard, but not for the money
  223. Joel Madden's big bro: Nicole Richie due 'in the next week'
  224. Katie Holmes: Nicole Kidman's pregnancy is 'wonderful'
  225. Madonna spends $10K per month on Kabbalah-blessed water
  226. Actor John Cleese and his third wife Alyce separate after 15 years of marriage
  227. Amy Winehouse: 'Heavy drinking is worse than doing heroin'
  228. Britney Spears's humble beginnings: Hometown museum shows singer's innocent childhood
  229. Kim Cattrall on the beach in massive bikini bottoms
  230. Avril Lavigne pregnant?
  231. Merv Griffin's tombstone gets last laugh
  232. Joaquin Phoenix: grateful but speechless for People's Choice Award
  233. R&B singer Monica welcomes a baby boy
  234. Regulators: hospital put Dennis Quaid's twins in jeopardy
  235. Dionne Warwick robbed of $100,000 worth in jewelry
  236. Pamela Anderson's pregnant
  237. Tom Hanks: 'People are obsessed with my hair'
  238. Sean Penn was 'caught partying with Russian girls'
  239. David Beckham gets his kit off again in latest Armani advert
  240. Uma Thurman to testify against stalker
  241. American Idol Katharine McPhee dropped by her record label
  242. John Mayer and Minka Kelly split
  243. Vince Vaughn says he talks to Jennifer Aniston constantly
  244. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt take family to Chuck E. Cheese
  245. Mischa Barton's sister, Hania Barton attempted suicide
  246. Lindsay Lohan sued by passenger in car chase
  247. Tyra Banks to improve Hollywood's treatment of black actresses
  248. Kate Middleton given around the clock security protection
  249. Amy Winehouse goes blonde
  250. James Gandolfini gets engaged