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  1. Katie Holmes embarassed by Tom Cruise; walked out on Scientology meeting
  2. Jeremy Greene and his relationship with Lindsay Lohan and… Jessica Simpson?
  3. Britney Spears hospitalized again voluntarily after rumored suicide attempt
  4. Heath Ledger's cocaine supplier steps forward
  5. Paris Hilton and Elisha Cuthbert seen making out
  6. Oprah Winfrey gets a less than flattering bronze statue cast in her honour
  7. Victoria Beckham voted sexiest mum
  8. Another faux pas for Prince Philip as he mistakes Cate Blanchett for a DVD technician
  9. Jennifer Garner lashes out at the paparazzi
  10. Shocking celeb rehab - Grease/Taxi star Jeff Conaway in bad shape
  11. Anna Nicole Smith's son Daniel 'intentionally overdosed on methadone'
  12. Paris Hilton: Baby Harlow looks like both her parents
  13. Randy Quaid's wife - Nazis out to get him
  14. TV presenter Jeremy Beadle dies aged 59
  15. Ethan Hawke & Ryan Shawhughes: baby joy!
  16. Is Megan Fox done with Brian Austin Green?
  17. Leah Remini 'auditioning' to be a Godparent for Jennifer Lopez
  18. Matthew McConaughey hasn’t worn deodorant in 20 years
  19. Lindsay Lohan's firecrotch falls from the wagon it was never on
  20. Angelina Jolie to sell pregnancy confirmation for charity
  21. Marie Osmond to have own talk show
  22. Paula Abdul will not be singing live at Super Bowl (surprise!)
  23. Katie Holmes needs to be reprogrammed
  24. The new Scientology Queen, and it's not Tom Cruise
  25. American Pie star Jason Biggs engaged
  26. Tom Cruise gets a new crotch rocket
  27. Kelly Rowland calls Beyonce Knowles a slob
  28. Double standards; Why paparazzi pay more attention to female celebrities
  29. Why Avril Lavigne sucks - an essay
  30. Vern Troyer "mini me" ambushed by angry paparazzo
  31. Daily WTF: Somebody gave Brooke Hogan a job
  32. Eva Longoria babbles on about her husband
  33. Pixie Geldof stumbles out of celebrity party
  34. Paris "Racist skank" Hilton visits a lesbian club
  35. Lindsay Lohan in brighter spirits after mourning the death of Heath Ledger
  36. I won't be leaving my children a penny, says Nigella Lawson
  37. Kevin Costner makes the most of his thinning hairline
  38. Kylie Minogue dances in the streets of Paris after reunion with Olivier Martinez
  39. Victoria Beckham poses naked to highlight the dangers of skin cancer
  40. Jim Carrey's brave bungee-jump stunt for latest movie
  41. Secret Indian wedding for Julie Christie
  42. James Gandolfini whacks a wanna-be
  43. Sam Lufti "makes" Britney Spear shop for a new Mercedes during intervention
  44. Kirsten Dunst cries about Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon
  45. Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson still sickening
  46. Sherri Shepherd has never voted
  47. Jessica Alba on Regis and Kelly
  48. Miley Cyrus makes name change official
  49. Kathy Griffin banned by The View
  50. Wyclef Jean: Lock Lauryn Hill up!
  51. Britney Spears is "seeking treatment"
  52. Mel B talks sex at a Spice Girls concert and offends parents
  53. Jamie Lynn Spears possibly smoking & drinking while pregnant
  54. Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel still together
  55. Gwen Stefani pregnant again?
  56. The Photoshop Awards: Britney Spears in Blender?!
  57. Hulk and Linda Hogan divorce getting nastier
  58. An economy grows around Britney Spears
  59. Jennifer Lopez delivering babies right now?
  60. David Beckham blamed for starting a "Boyzilian" trend
  61. Johnny Weir loses; but it's okay because he 'felt pretty'
  62. Leah Remini's crazy Scientology email?
  63. Clay Aiken has no sexual urges
  64. Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher left Kabbalah?
  65. Angelina Jolie's Hermès dress fuels pregnancy rumors
  66. Peter Andre's not getting enough sex
  67. Mary Kate Olsen will not be questioned
  68. Paris Hilton was stalked by superfan outside Villa
  69. Shockingly, poll shows most women would rather not look like Jennifer Aniston
  70. Sean Young loses it at the SAG Awards ceremony
  71. Jamaican fans reach out and touch Diana Ross with boos
  72. Eddie Murphy rebounds in Las Vegas
  73. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie get romantic at the Screen Actor Guild awards
  74. Jessica Alba: I’m too focused on my pregnancy to care about films
  75. Angelina Jolie's boob pops out on red carpet!!
  76. New Miss America Kirsten Haglund once battled anorexia
  77. Fred Savage and wife expecting second child
  78. Daniel Radcliffe splits from girlfriend
  79. Madonna splashes £6m on the house next door ... to turn it into a gym
  80. Friends of the Earth director quits - and attacks hypocritical 'green' celebrities
  81. Actor Paul Newman undergoes life-saving surgery after 'cancer diagnosis'
  82. Anorexic? No, I'd just had a really bad dose of the flu, says Joely Richardson
  83. What is the truth behind Madonna's bruises?
  84. Amy Winehouse could be dead in months, say her terrified husband and mother
  85. Cheryl Cole stands by Ashley Cole as second girl claims 'he slept with me too'
  86. Britney Spears wins International Album of the Year
  87. Lynne Spears: Better late than never...or not
  88. New couple: Lindsay Lohan & Brody Jenner?
  89. Jennifer Love Hewitt offers advice to men
  90. Heath Ledger was 'spiralling out of control', Michelle Williams wanted full custody
  91. Adnan Ghalib is trying to sell shocking new Britney Spears home videos
  92. New Kids on the Block staging comeback
  93. Mary-Kate Olsen doesn’t like wasting time
  94. Britney Spears’ new Spanish accent
  95. 5 people killed near John Travolta's Florida home
  96. Travesty! Beyonce to play Etta James
  97. Nicole Richie comes out of baby hibernation
  98. Lindsay Lohan was "in love" with Heath Ledger
  99. Scarlett Johansson: "I'm in 'love' with Barack Obama"
  100. Girls Aloud singer Cheryl Cole's footballer husband Ashley cheats on her
  101. Diego Luna and Camila Sodi expecting first baby
  102. Jessica Simpson was cheated on by Tony Romo, who plans to marry other woman
  103. Why do so many unkind gossips put the boot into grasping hatchet-faced Heather Mills?
  104. Nicolas Cage says no to DUI's and kidnapping Scooby Doo
  105. Heath Ledger's family touching tribute
  106. Britney Spears abusing drugs since age 14
  107. Eva Longoria: No farts for Tony Parker
  108. Sylvester Stallone: Human Growth Hormone use is 'nothing'
  109. Shanna Moakler's manifesto
  110. Eva Longoria thinks she's a fashionista with great knees!
  111. George Clooney on being Britney Spears' neighbor: "I have to move"
  112. Daniel Day-Lewis chokes up about Heath Ledger
  113. Colin Farrell attempted to hook up with Mary Kate Olsen
  114. Celebrities come to Tom Cruise’s defense
  115. Britney Spears’ new man Adnan Ghalib tests out male enhancement products
  116. Kirsten Dunst and Josh Hartnett make out at Sundance
  117. Wesley Snipes accuses IRS of raping him, shakes fist; world asks "who?"
  118. Teenager tries to 9/11 a Hannah Montana concert
  119. Is this baby Harlow? Pictures of Nicole Richie and Joel Madden's baby!
  120. Cameron Diaz and Eva Mendes have a smelly contest
  121. Kristin Cavallari has ink rethink
  122. Katie Holmes' secret pregnancy with ex boyfriend
  123. "Scandalous" Miley Cyrus bikini pictures leaked
  124. Jessca Simpson's lawyers send OK! a letter regarding their "Jessica Dumped!" article
  125. Lindsay Lohan's dealer looking for a book deal
  126. Angelina Jolie pregnant with twins?
  127. Kirstie Alley says she'd "be dead" without Scientology
  128. The Bunny Ranch wants to put Paris Hilton and Britney Spears to work
  129. Tori Spelling is knocked up again!
  130. Amy Winehouse enters rehab
  131. Every time Paris Hilton sings in her new movie an angel dies from an STD
  132. Lindsay Lohan wants to publish memoir
  133. Britney Spears tries to pick up someone else's kids from school
  134. Heath Ledger's death mocked on Fox
  135. Church plans to protest Heath Ledger's memorial
  136. John Ritter's wrongful death trial to begin
  137. Ne-Yo suing Beyonce Knowles
  138. Dr. Phil caught in child abuse scandal
  139. Jamie Lynn Spears will give up her baby
  140. Best Buy trying to cash in on Heath Ledger's death
  141. War on Church of Scientology has begun!
  142. Lost: George Clooney's mind
  143. Joel Madden: Daughter Harlow taught me about love
  144. Jessica Alba 'paranoid' about breastfeeding
  145. Lenny Kravitz is celibate
  146. Is Tony Romo trying to ditch Jessica Simpson?
  147. Britney Spears leaves courthouse, misses her case hearing. Again.
  148. Nicole Kidman saved placenta for Tom Cruise
  149. Man claims he had sexual fling with Barack Obama
  150. Ringo Starr walks off "Live with Regis & Kelly"
  151. Heath Ledger dead
  152. Jerry O'Connell does his best impersonation of Tom Cruise
  153. Katie Price flashes tattoo for the first time - to go with the new boobs and nose
  154. Demi Moore strips off to pose in a skimpy white bikini
  155. Lily Allen smiles again after miscarriage heartbreak
  156. Sarah Michelle Gellar strips off in new Vaseline ad
  157. Paris Hilton pays homage to herself as stars take Sundance by storm
  158. Gwen Stefani and Kingston out in the sunshine
  159. Amy Winehouse checks into rehab
  160. Scientology recruiting video with actors surfaces
  161. Avril Lavigne proves she's not pregnant, but still a moron
  162. Kate Moss seeks legal action against UK paper
  163. Jared Leto and Paris Hilton gross everyone out
  164. Paris Hilton to give David Letterman another shot
  165. Africa's saviour? David Beckham's new appeal
  166. Christina Aguilera's son circumcised in ceremony, and she gave birth in full make-up
  167. Terri Irwin invites Britney Spears to Australia
  168. Annie Lennox had 'suicidal thoughts'
  169. Paul McCartney tells Heather Mills he's ready to talk about a deal
  170. Kate Moss and Pete Doherty depicted as murderers Myra Hindley and Ian Brady
  171. Colin Farrell trolls for a troll
  172. Duh of the day: Ashlee Simpson had a nose job
  173. Britney Spears sits for deposition
  174. Gisele Bundchen nurses Tom Brady
  175. Jennifer Tisdale (Ashley Tisdale's sister) knocking on Hollywood’s door
  176. Natalie Portman's Elle interview
  177. Lindsay Lohan nominated for acting award
  178. Charlie Sheen blocking Denise Richards' reality show
  179. Amy Winehouse caught on film smoking crack pipe
  180. Kelly Osbourne talks crap
  181. Coroner's report on Brad Renfro
  182. Pictures surface from rapper Eve's days working as a stripper
  183. Amy Redford debuts at Sundance
  184. WTF? Britney Spears denies knowing Adnan Ghalib "Never met him"
  185. Co$ pull out all the stops - and roll out John Travolta to defend Tom Cruise
  186. Wow - Britney Spears showed up - on time - for a deposition!
  187. Nicole Kidman shows some lines at the Australian Open
  188. Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds engaged?
  189. Usher's father dies in Atlanta
  190. Paris Hilton talks about Nicole Richie and Britney Spears
  191. Tom Cruise threatens to sue St. Martin's Press
  192. Katie Holmes' new movie shockingly bombs!
  193. Former page 3 model Jo Guest is now bloated and broke
  194. 'Upbeat' Britney Spears hits the dance studio
  195. Kate Middleton steps out in animal print dress for premiere show
  196. Hugh Laurie takes a stroppy stroll with wife and dog
  197. Britney Spears to Tom Cruise: you're not crazy at all!
  198. Eva Longoria pregnant?
  199. Denzel Washington bullying his daughter's boyfriend
  200. Johnny Depp to play Michael Jackson?
  201. Bobby Brown faces cocaine charges
  202. Giuliana Rancic denies pregnancy rumors
  203. Brittany Murphy's husband says creepy things
  204. Has Britney Spears filed a restraining order against Adnan Ghalib?
  205. Conan O'Brien buys $10.5 million L.A. home
  206. Anna Wintour's mad at Hillary Clinton
  207. Chris Noth & his girlfriend have a boy
  208. Lindsay Lohan gets cheeky
  209. Paula Wagner speaks out on Tom Cruise book
  210. Holly Madison gets her hands on Hugh Hefner’s baby batter
  211. Nicole Kidman more concerned about fish eggs than her children
  212. Eddie Murphy and Tracey Edmonds’ moms fought at wedding; guests demand refunds
  213. Laura McLaughlin, Pete Doherty baby; Pete Doherty gets virgin pregnant
  214. Papa Joe Simpson wants to boot Pete Wentz so he can pimp out daughter Ashlee Simpson!
  215. Britney Spears is the most beautiful woman in the world
  216. Publisher defends Tom Cruise biographer
  217. The VERY strange life of reclusive superstar Daniel Day-Lewis
  218. Kathleen Turner reveals her descent into alcoholism
  219. The Sports Gal speaks: Katie Holmes is a robot
  220. Charlize Theron's shaky grasp of geography: I adored Turkey and its capital, Budapest
  221. Johnny Depp wants to send his kids to school in England
  222. James McAvoy's tiny flat and £1,000 Nissan Micra
  223. Dr. Phil regrets visiting Britney Spears
  224. 'Newhart' actress Suzanne Pleshette dies, 70
  225. Jennifer Lopez has baby shower
  226. Hugh Jackman at the beach in Sydney
  227. Allan Melvin passed away (Sam the butcher)
  228. Christina Ricci: 'I'm obsessed with gambling'
  229. 'Regulator' rapper Nate Dogg paralyzed after stroke
  230. Hollywood writers talks could resume next week
  231. Well, Britney Spears is not preggers. And by the way: Ew (NSFW)
  232. Stacey "Fergie" Ferguson has another wardrobe/stage malfunction
  233. Colin Farrell drops the F-bomb on CNN
  234. George Clooney appointed U.N. Messenger of Peace
  235. Another Tom Cruise video surfaces: Psychiatry
  236. Pamela Anderson - no longer pregnant
  237. Christian Brando dead
  238. Miley Cyrus flirts with Josh Duhamel
  239. Katie Holmes says more dumb things
  240. Britney Spears WON'T sue a bitch; She leaked "private" photos of her boys herself
  241. Manager dumps up the duff Jennifer Lopez, citing interference from the living dead
  242. Jennifer Aniston goes on blind date; curiously, the man wasn't actually blind
  243. Penelope Cruz and Salma Hayek uh-oh in todays NY Daily News
  244. Lindsay Lohan to work in morgue as punishment
  245. Kevin Federline's $10 million book deal
  246. Britney Spears hosting event
  247. Nicole Kidman and the curse of Tom Cruise
  248. Lily Allen suffers miscarriage
  249. Daniel Baldwin & his wife have a girl
  250. Singer Robbie Williams' unsold CDs shipped to China -to be used for resurfacing roads