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  1. Colin Farrell's love is too far
  2. Victoria Beckham 'caught' shopping at Target
  3. Simon Cowell has no sympathy for Britney Spears
  4. Simon Cowell's not up for Viagra
  5. Win a date with Scarlett Johansson
  6. Jeff Healey, 'Roadhouse' singer, dies at age 41
  7. BBC reports: Hell's Angels sought to kill Mick Jagger
  8. Britney Spears 'dumps Adnan Ghalib after finding saucy messages on his mobile phone'?
  9. Jason "Gummi Bear" Davis busted
  10. In case you care, Van Halen cancels tour
  11. Miley Cyrus seen clubbing in Los Angeles - at AGE 15!
  12. Paris Hilton’s date with a shaman..WTF?
  13. Scarlett Johansson angry over 'grungy teenager' remark
  14. Whitney Houston gets 1.7 Million for one-hour charity performance
  15. Colin Farrell loves taking a steam bath while covered in honey
  16. Katherine Heigl is officialy the devil
  17. Marion Cotillard's 9/11 conspiracy theory
  18. Kelly Osbourne makes Osbourne name proud
  19. Tom Cruise asks Mark Ronson to DJ Suri's 2nd birthday
  20. In case you were wondering, here's Tom Cruise's bathroom habits
  21. Bob Irwin, Steve Irwin's father resigns the Irwin Family zoo
  22. In who cares news, Joss Stone defends Tom Cruise
  23. Angelina Jolie buys Maddox "penis" gum
  24. Nicole Richie & Joel Madden - no wedding plans....
  25. Kylie Minogue selling country retreat
  26. Surgical masks must be worn around the Jennifer Lopez twins
  27. Rapper Juvenile's daughter murdered by teen
  28. Scarlett Johansson advises Jessica Biel to ignore the rumours
  29. Lynne Spears is back for Britney - and Starbucks
  30. Naomi Campbell - the bitch is out! So put her back, plz.
  31. New couple: Tracey Edmonds and Rocco Despirito
  32. Justin Timberlake thinks he's funny
  33. Mischa Barton passes on Gossip Girl, too big a movie stah for TV
  34. Nicole Richie offered lead role in Chicago
  35. Amy Winehouse gets one million dollar gig
  36. Body of former model Katoucha found; had been missing since January
  37. Barack Obama's secret to success: Basketball?
  38. The Scientologists got another one! Jeff Conaway now sober after meeting the aliens
  39. Benji Madden won't kiss and tell - world can't blame him
  40. Forbes Magazine says Lindsay Lohan got stiffed 500k for Marilyn Monroe photos
  41. Charlie Sheen urges viewers to boycott Denise Richards' upcoming reality show
  42. Jessica Alba stumps for Barack Obama in new will.i.am celebrity music video
  43. Jamie Lynn Spears was unplanned too says Britney Spears' uncle Willy Spears
  44. Javier Bardem & Penelope Cruz heating up together
  45. Katherine Heigl wants out of Grey's Anatomy - she's a movie stah now!
  46. Kate Hudson talks fashion and friendship to Elle UK
  47. Gwen Stefani gushes about being a mum to V Magazine
  48. Heath Ledger acts out faux suicide in video before his death
  49. Paris Hilton the puppy killer dumps some pooches
  50. Charlize Theron demonizes entire town
  51. Other driver in Nick Hogan crash sentenced
  52. Ellen DeGeneres torn up over teenage gay murder
  53. Miley Cyrus banned from being BFF's with Lindsay Lohan
  54. Cheryl Cole flies back to London to decide the fate of her marriage
  55. KT Tunstall agrees to do a nude photoshoot if she's airbrushed
  56. Jennifer Lopez spends a staggering 1.4 million to deliver twins Max & Emily!!
  57. Angie Harmon: I’m voting for John McCain!
  58. Angelina Jolie calls for humanitarian aid for Iraq
  59. Hugh Hefner impressed by NY Magazine Lindsay Lohan spread, offers Playboy spread
  60. Britney Spears' 'affectionate' visits with her kids
  61. Lindsay Lohan opens up about recent troubles
  62. Paris Hilton - peacemaker?
  63. Tony Romo compares Jessica Simpson to ex-girlfriend
  64. Simon Cowell thinks that Ryan Seacrest wants to hump his leg?
  65. Tom Cruise takes Will Smith to Dinner..too bad the wives came too
  66. Hillary Clinton says SNL sketch exposes media bias towards her
  67. Hayden Panettierre: It takes a confident person to date me
  68. Diablo Cody lying about million dollar shoe fiasco?
  69. Prince Harry fighting on the front lines in 'Real War' (Afghanistan)
  70. Britney Spears still terrorizing boutiques
  71. Jessica Alba's burden
  72. Tyra Banks knows what it's like to be homeless
  73. Feds probe doctors in Heath Ledger's death
  74. Drunkass David Hasselhoff hastles ex wife for tacky tusks
  75. Ashlee Simpson gets "promise" ring from Pete Wentz
  76. MTV's got no love for Paula Abdul
  77. Jennifer Aniston chins past George Clooney
  78. Keith Richards: 'Gigs and sex are my exercise'
  79. Dayanara Torres, Marc Anthony's ex-wife, plans tell all book
  80. Hulk Hogan cheated with Brooke Hogan's friend?
  81. Jessica Simpson to entertain troops in Kuwait
  82. Kevin Federline to turn 30 in Las Vegas
  83. Skinny supermodel Angela Lindvall poses nude for Purple Magazine
  84. Natalie Portman says she wants to fondle Scarlett Johansson's breasts
  85. I'm a celebrity skivvy...get me out of here: What's it like working for the stars?
  86. Angelina Jolie to raise baby girl in France
  87. Amy Winehouse moves home ... clutching intimate pictures of her and hubby
  88. Tears as Spice Girls' reunion tour come to an end
  89. Harlow Madden is a ‘People’ cover girl
  90. Miley Cyrus says she has a crush on Ryan Cabrera
  91. Diablo Cody says she released nude photos of herself on the Internet
  92. Elizabeth Banks admits she's having sexual relations with Seth Rogan
  93. Ashley Olsen and Mary Kate Olsen to become "authors"
  94. Lynne Spears 'sings praises' of Britney's dad, Jamie Spears
  95. Jenna Bush's Boca Raton bachelorette weekend
  96. Jessica Alba skips Oscar parties for 'sweats & burgers'
  97. Sienna Miller carves another notch into her mile high bedpost
  98. Mischa Barton formally charged for imitating Lindsay Lohan behind the wheel
  99. Tom Cruise and fellow nutjobs to throw tacky party for Jennifer Lopez's crotchvomit
  100. George Clooney tells Tom Cruise to lighten up
  101. Colin Farrell: My son is exactly the way he should be
  102. Jennifer Aniston's sandy vag to remain unporked till the sun goes nova
  103. Julie Newmar poses in a Catwoman costume at age 74!
  104. Bobby Brown agrees to community service for cocaine possession
  105. Gary Busey calls Paris Hilton a 'pathological liar'
  106. Katherine Heigl felt out of her league at Oscars; world stifles a snicker
  107. Sarah Jessica Parker's horse and donkey show to clipclop all over broadway
  108. Will Smith to play Barack Obama in self important ego project
  109. Star exclusive! Adnan Ghalib: Britney Spears is having my baby!
  110. Friend of Lil’ Romeo worries he is father of Jamie Lynn Spears’ baby
  111. Rachel Bilson slams careless celebrities who forget to wear underwear
  112. Ali Lohan wants to be the next Lindsay
  113. Oscars to Whoopi Goldberg: we're sorry
  114. Ashlee Simpson knocked up?
  115. Charlie Sheen wants to kick Ryan Seacrest's ass
  116. Mischa Barton has been charged with DUI and pot possession
  117. Donny "White & Nerdy" Osmond gets ditched by cab driver
  118. Pamela Anderson to Rick Salomon: It never happened!
  119. Nicole Kidman pregnant and drinking at the Oscars
  120. Cate Blanchett to chair culture forum in Australia
  121. Khia goes at Janet Jackson
  122. Mel Brown strikes up a friendship with James Blunt
  123. Lily Cole resumes filming on Heath Ledger's last movie
  124. Elton John says he's 'too old' to wear silly clothes...but wears them anyway
  125. Katie Price: 'I'm not a bad mother - and I'm planning to have more kids'
  126. Scratches on Amy Winehouse's arm spark fears the singer is self-harming
  127. Jesse Metcalfe brings his dog on the plane
  128. Pamela Anderson as Jessica Alba in Fantastic Four spoof
  129. Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch in foreclosure; will be auctioned 03/19/08
  130. Kate Beckinsale is no slut
  131. Skinny android with bolt-on boobs to sign autographs as Victoria Beckham in Toronto
  132. Spears family says no to Jamie Lynn Spears wedding
  133. Rihanna and Chris Brown's romp in the pool
  134. Naomi Campbell hospitalized in Brazil
  135. Jennifer Aniston & Aaron Eckhart 'inseparable' up in Canada
  136. Follow Lindsay Lohan's adventures in WHORELAND
  137. Orlando Bloom visits the state of Wyoming, or as locals call it: "Rumer Willis"
  138. Courtney Love's heroin soaked snatch wants to chase Josh Hartnett's dragon
  139. Man-gerbil Justin Timberlake secretly porking Kate Hudson; might be preggers
  140. Website offers Sen. John McCain's mistress 100k to take polygraph test
  141. Drew Barrymore opens up about Justin Long
  142. Eva Mendes back in good spirits
  143. Suddenly inseparable: Paris Hilton & Benji Madden
  144. Ex-tabloid editor Piers Morgan attacks Keira Knightley for famewhoring
  145. Jennifer Love Hewitt is still talking about the bikini pictures
  146. Jessica Simpson about to be dropped by record label?
  147. Scary Spice Mel B's husband makes her 'feel like a woman'
  148. Brittany Murphy is a terror on movie set
  149. Jerry Seinfeld seeks to toss author's lawsuit
  150. Larry Birkhead to cash in on DannieLynn's eye surgery
  151. Heather Mills in Top 100 Sexiest poll
  152. Britney Spears' lawyers say 'Brit ain't no cash register'
  153. Paris Hilton to Nicole Richie: "I'll beat you to the alter, bitch!"
  154. Tilda Swinton brings the lover to the Oscars; husband stays home
  155. George Clooney shuns swag
  156. Gwen Stefani and son Kingston's family fun time
  157. Kirsten Dunst hits up the local Utah Target
  158. Michelle Williams and daughter walk Brooklyn not red carpets
  159. Brooke Hogan's bikini boobs take flight
  160. Hugh Jackman shows off his body at the beach
  161. Oscar snub leaves Whoopi Goldberg sad, choked up
  162. Ashlee Simpson in Las Vegas with Pervy Papa Joe Simpson
  163. Paris Hilton to star in a new reality TV show
  164. Wanna be Paris Hilton's best friend? Herpz is bonus
  165. In case you missed it: Gary Busey scared Ryan Seacrest
  166. It's Official: Sharon Stone is crazy
  167. Brad Renfro skipped in Oscar memoriam montage
  168. Courtney Love blogs about the Oscars
  169. Christina Aguilera looks bustier than ever
  170. Alec Baldwin reunited with the daughter, 12, he called a 'rude pig'
  171. Katie Holmes talks about her 'amazing' Tom Cruise and being in trouble at church
  172. Judge to Madonna: The verdict is in... and you are OUT!
  173. Diablo Cody's Oscar shoe-gate
  174. Christina Aguilera upset about poor sales of baby pictures, fires staff
  175. Jamie Lynn Spears passes her GED exam
  176. Jimmy Kimmel's answer to Sarah Silverman's video
  177. Sean Penn dating model Petra Nemcova?
  178. NO twins for Jessica Alba
  179. Freeze dried eggs for Jennifer Anniston
  180. Congratulations Tilda Swinton, I love you!!!!!
  181. Miley Cyrus at the Oscars? WTF?
  182. Britney Spears' night out
  183. Lindsay Lohan's "macabre" Marilyn Monroe snaps an Internet hit
  184. Paris Hilton and Benji Madden are dating
  185. Lindsay Lohan gets Razzied
  186. Umm.. Yeah, Angelina Jolie, you're preggers!
  187. Drew Barrymore celebrates 33rd birthday
  188. Jamie Lynn Spears Tells Casey Alridge He Is NOT The Father of Her Baby
  189. Page 6 confirms what we already knew: Paris Hilton paid to party in Las Vegas
  190. Raymundo Ortega & Lindsay Lohan settle their lawsuit
  191. First visitor to Jennifer Lopez - Marc Anthony twins? Leah Remini!
  192. Birth of Jennifer Lopez's golden babies a blockbuster
  193. Alli Sims says Britney Spears is just going through a weird patch
  194. Kate Beckinsale isn't one to starve herself, and she takes a stab at Britney Spears
  195. Britney Spears gets visitation back-with strings attached
  196. Birthday girl Charlotte Church's bad hair day
  197. Catherine Zeta-Jones flies in for grandmother's 91st birthday
  198. Sting, the tantric love rocket, on holiday in Hawaii
  199. The pictures that show how the BRITS descended into a night of drunkenness
  200. Mink eyelashes, cleavage buffing, underarm Botox - the stars prepare for the Oscars
  201. Michael Gambon's mnage trois with his wife and younger lover
  202. Billie Piper and Laurence Fox get tattoos to mark their wedding
  203. Colin Firth: "Pensioners lust after me"
  204. Will Smith wins damages over Hitler comments
  205. Madonna, Demi Moore throwing exclusive Oscar bash
  206. Another revelation from Valerie Bertinelli
  207. Brooke Mueller calls Denise Richards' new reality show "exploitative"
  208. Eminem plans tell all memoir
  209. LAPD Chief to Britney Spears: Stay home!
  210. Jonas Brothers: We're staying virgins until marriage
  211. Tom Cruise needs to wake up his robot
  212. Christian botox-face Slater moves in with crazy shoe woman
  213. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
  214. Nicolas Cage accused of fraud
  215. Jennifer lopez and Mark Anthony had dem babies
  216. Matthew McConaughey will not marry Camila Alves
  217. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's family fun filled snow trip
  218. A woman says Angelina Jolie seduced her in her trailer
  219. Aaron Carter busted for pot possession, it couldn't cure his ugly on time
  220. Gene Simmons to sex site: suck my copyright!
  221. Isaac Hanson expecting baby No. 2
  222. Katie "Jordan" Price and Kerry Katona's feud back on
  223. Tori Spelling's going to dish the dirt
  224. Heath Ledger portrait up for Australian art prize
  225. Hepatitis scare for Ashton Kutcher's birthday party guests
  226. Mia Farrow on Angelina Jolie: "She's a wonderful woman”
  227. Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt's adoption of Pax finalized
  228. Sam Lutfi finally served with restraining order
  229. Valerie Bertinelli: Eddie Van Halen & I cheated on each other
  230. Hong Kong celebrity sex pics scandal
  231. Etta James is going to teach Beyonce a thing or two
  232. Angelina Jolie collapses on Iraq flight
  233. George Clooney and airbrush overload
  234. Age catches up with Demi Moore - despite the fortune spent on cosmetic surgery
  235. Kate Moss in new campaign for YSL
  236. Paul Gascoigne arrested and sectioned under Mental Health Act after hotel rampage
  237. Judge questions moving Britney Spears' case
  238. Rosie O'Donell states obvious: Sam Lutfi is a bad guy
  239. Pregnant Jamie Lynn Spears in denial!
  240. Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson get out of town
  241. Christian Bale, Sean Penn & Jake Gyllenhaal offer to help finish Heath Ledger's film
  242. Britney Spears suffering from memory loss?
  243. For some reason, people still want to smell like Britney Spears
  244. Johnny Depp gives us more reason to swoon over him
  245. Ashley Tisdale gets her own doll
  246. Liz Hurley accused of maid pay abuse
  247. It's twins for Jessica Alba
  248. California cops do Britney Spears sweep; finally cracking down on the paparazzi
  249. Mandy Moore vacations all alone...awwwwwww
  250. Brad Renfro 911 tape