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  1. US tabloid cover roundup: May 8th 2008... Jennifer Aniston in love with John Mayer?
  2. Alleged Angelina Jolie 'drug tape'?
  3. David Blaine breaks the world record for holding his breath on Oprah! (17 minutes)
  4. Sienna Miller wants to have babies
  5. Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie set up house in French villa
  6. Katie Holmes sent to Scientology Boot Camp
  7. John Lennon's killer obsessed with Lindsay Lohan
  8. Billy Bob Thornton's son alleged sex crime victim
  9. Pimp Daddy Joe Simpson putting together new Newlywed show?
  10. Jessica Simpson calls Tony Romo "irreplaceable"
  11. Drunken Paula Abdul is hearing things; other personalities chime in with "not me"
  12. Jeremy Piven used cat urine on his head in an attempt to stop balding
  13. Kathy Griffin: Fired from Hannah Montana for telling Jesus to suck it
  14. Jennifer Aniston & John Mayer’s sexy weekend
  15. Jessica Simpson can buy friends – for $300
  16. Jennifer Aniston poses as nurse to get borked; online profile collects sand
  17. Johnny Depp stimulates ... local economy
  18. People magazine names Kate Hudson Most Beautiful - Rumer Willis #4!?!
  19. Courtney Cox rubs her un-sandy vagina in Jennifer Aniston's face with another kid
  20. Prince William flies secret mission to Afghanistan
  21. Tom Cruise wants David Beckham to convert to Scientology
  22. Ashton Kutcher likes to pee outside with the dogs
  23. Amy Winehouse: I am NOT divorcing my husband
  24. Pamela Anderson: Pregnant or tramp bloat?
  25. Clay Aiken's coming out song?
  26. Benji Madden Writes a Love Song for Paris Hilton the Skank
  27. Comedian-turned-candidate Al Franken to pay $70K in back taxes
  28. 'I’d marry Mike Tindall if only he would ask me' says Zara Phillips
  29. Tom Cruise wants to beat Katie Holmes in marathon?
  30. Madonna to teach kids about Africa
  31. Tommy Hilfiger plans record label launch
  32. Gym-goers nearly get an eyeful from Britney Spears dressed in just a towel
  33. Kylie Minogue gets the geisha look as she gears up for world tour
  34. Actor Jim Carrey dons white jeans, fake tan, and a tight T-shirt for gay film role
  35. Colin Firth: 'Fan tried to photograph my penis'
  36. Feds nab UCLA worker for selling celeb files
  37. Jessica Alba sulks straight through her birthday dinner
  38. Jason Lee and girfriend are expecting a baby
  39. Elisabeth Hasselbeck pretends to feel bad for Star Jones
  40. Dina Lohan throws tantrum in First Class
  41. CSI star Gary Dourdan popped for heroin, coke, ecstasy
  42. Sean Penn sets off on protest tour with Coachella revelers
  43. Kristen Bell says she will wear her old schoolgirl costume during wedding night(TMI?)
  44. Heidi Montag manages to stick her butt out on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine
  45. Hulk Hogan rubs down his daughter
  46. Nicole Richie takes infant to the Coachella Music Festival
  47. Amy Winehouse's dad in talks with her manager to commit her to the loony bin
  48. Cher says romance with Tom Cruise could have been serious
  49. Tony Romo in contact w/Carrie Underwood, family hopes he will dump Jessica Simpson
  50. Jimi Hendrix might have a sex tape
  51. Oprah Winfrey and Tom Cruise share a happy moment
  52. Tim Jeffries, ex lover to everyone, marries
  53. Miley Cyrus doesn’t get along with dishwashers
  54. Lindsay Lohan gets a job
  55. Mariah Carey engaged?
  56. Paris Hilton and Benji Madden under investigation
  57. Whitney Houston loses her voice at Caribbean concert
  58. David Hasselhoff eating sushi at Coachella
  59. Salma Hayek's beard
  60. Klassy: More pictures from Kerry Katona reality television birth
  61. Braless Janet Jackson nearly suffers yet another wardrobe malfunction
  62. Singer Mick Hucknall shows off his baby girl (and her ginger locks)
  63. Charlotte Church takes her precious Ruby for a stroll
  64. Princess Beatrice has fun in the sun with her boyfriend
  65. Whoopi Goldberg: "Wesley Snipes is a victim"
  66. Kathy Griffin and Apple billionaire split
  67. SNL star Cheri Oteri's dad murdered
  68. Amy Poehler and Will Arnett made a baby
  69. Britney Spears's child custody report is in
  70. T.R. Knight and his 19 year old lover
  71. Gwyneth Paltrow insists she is not a cold aloof beeyotch in GQ Magazine
  72. Angie Everheart busted for DUI
  73. Drew Barrymore’s boyfriend Justin Long making out with another woman?
  74. Clay Aiken's Claymates are still going strong
  75. Sarah Jessica Parker wonders about her marriage
  76. Mindy McCready & Roger Clemens had long term affair
  77. Pamela Anderson said her two-month marriage 'never happened'
  78. Iman brags about herself, puts down Heidi Klum
  79. Spencer Pratt & Heidi Montag make out all over Washington, DC for extra cash
  80. Duane and Beth Chapman: Class. Elegance. Sophistication
  81. Animal rights activist blasts Paris Hilton and Britney Spears
  82. Scarlett Johansson tired of "harlot" image
  83. Heidi Fleiss looks for love in rehab show
  84. Rumer Willis: I’m not a trust fund baby
  85. Legal row over David Beckham's shirt
  86. Miley Cyrus says she's artsy, not skanky
  87. Brainless boytoy Ashton Kutcher likes to get his gay on with musicals
  88. Michael 'Wacko Jacko' Jackson saves one of his pedo playpens
  89. Carmen Dell'Orefice still hot at 76!
  90. Gwyneth Paltrow reveals postpartum woes
  91. Halle Berry shows off her post-baby body
  92. Playmate bimbo, Colleen Shannon, supports herself and "Umbama"
  93. Cameron Diaz: Humor eases the sadness, thanks the press
  94. The Three Fugs: Owen Wilson's weekend with Richie Sambora and Vince Vaughn
  95. Jennifer Love-Hewitt: 'I won't be a sweaty bride'
  96. Maddox Jolie-Pitt and Suri Cruise: together at last
  97. Kelly Osbourne and Sienna Miller at music festival in the Californian desert
  98. Prince William has a gym built for Kate Middleton at Clarence House
  99. Nicole Richie removes all baby things from her bedroom to increase sexual desire
  100. Kate Moss under fire for speeding around on a quad bike with five-year-old daughter
  101. Miley Cyrus poses topless for Vanity Fair--AT AGE 15!!
  102. Joel Madden surprises Nicole Richie with getaway
  103. Katie Holmes can't ignore TomKat rumors
  104. Madonna buys New York home using maiden name
  105. Leah Remini's daughter rules the house - still on the bottle at age 4
  106. How much of a sex machine was James Brown? World wonders why TMZ cares.
  107. Photogs drop genocide bomb on Kim Kardashian
  108. Half-naked underage girls A-OK with Prince Frederic von Anhalt
  109. Jennifer Aniston's new Smartwater ad
  110. Phil Collins retires from the music industry at age 57
  111. Pamela Anderson in hot water with PETA
  112. Cougar Star Jones doing the dirty with Miami Heat basketball star Dwayne Wade?
  113. Travis Barker: I'm obsessed with my kids
  114. Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson wed
  115. Pete Doherty turns to Islam?
  116. Orlando Bloom finally goes public with Victoria's Secret supermodel Miranda Kerr
  117. Minnie Driver on a shopping trip in Dublin
  118. Geri Halliwell's obsession with fitness is driving her new man to despair
  119. Kim Cattrall says having children around gives her headaches
  120. FHM Magazine doesn't care about black people?
  121. Portishead slams Prince after last minute inclusion to Coachella Music Festival
  122. Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer had lunch
  123. Helen Hunt has fart-inducing sex with Colin Firth
  124. Donny and Marie Osmond sign for new show on Vegas strip
  125. Viggo Mortensen may play Edgar Allan Poe
  126. Juliette Binoche criticises youth-obsessed US
  127. Paris Hilton involved in another hit and run
  128. 'It's true - we're hypocrites over our huge carbon footprint,' says Trudie Styler
  129. Britney Spears takes a break from the gym and hits the beach
  130. John Cleese's 'amicable' divorce seems anything but
  131. John Travolta goes out looking like biker from The Village People
  132. Renee Zellweger loves people that are rude to her, because she knows Tom Cruise
  133. Kenneth Keith Kallenbach, Howard Stern show comic, dies at 39
  134. America's Next Top Psycho - woman stabs friend for talking during show
  135. Rumer Willis hooks up with Chace Crawford in a see through dress (cough, tramp!)
  136. Kathie Lee takes Cassidy Gifford to work for a day on NBC Today Show
  137. Spencer Pratt says he is still 100% sure that Lauren Conrad's sex tape exists
  138. Patrick Dempsey's modelling dream
  139. Emo douchebag Pete Wentz credits Ashlee Simpson's love for his beating mental illness
  140. Kim Kardashian lands her first movie
  141. Tom Cruise makes Katie Holmes take Scientology voice lessons for stage role
  142. Madonna complains about social workers visiting her home during adoption
  143. Keanu Reeves is getting hyperbaric oxygen chamber treatments
  144. Michael Jackson focusing on comeback album
  145. Is Brooke Hogan too distracting for college?
  146. Producer pal: Jake Gyllenhaal "really loves" Reese Witherspoon
  147. Mariah Carey's having a bad day
  148. Hilary Duff offered the lead on 90210 remake TV show
  149. Clay Aiken says people in Omaha, Nebraska don't care whether he's gay or not
  150. Gwyneth Paltrow out with her husband Chris Martin
  151. Amy Winehouse in tears as she heads to police station
  152. Incarcerated Pete Doherty misses his blood-spattered art launch
  153. WTF? Empire State Building honoring Mariah Carey
  154. Ashlee Simpson & Pete Wentz robbed by monkeys
  155. Joe Pesci & Angie Everhart break up
  156. Harrison Ford has a chest wax for the environment
  157. Tom Cruise abducts celebrities for some anal probing, er fun, in Napa Valley
  158. Chris Tucker faces 'Deadbeat Dad' claims
  159. Katie Price lines up another breast reduction and Peter Andre goes out jogging
  160. Amy Winehouse could face arrest after 'attack on TWO men' while on all-night bender
  161. Neighbours' fury over Cristiano Ronaldo's 'offensive and brutal' £4million mansion
  162. Ashton Kutcher shows us his webbed feet
  163. Nicole Richie and Joel Madden, yet another night on the tiles....
  164. Cancer scare sends Cynthia Nixon down the aisle
  165. Mariah Carey on paparazzi's blacklist
  166. Uma Thurman's stalker Jack Jordan to testify at pretrial hearing
  167. Gwyneth Paltrow's fishsticks are back in full force
  168. Ex-Scientologist Jenna Miscavige Hill on ABC Nightline TONIGHT (11:35)
  169. Denise Richards' reality shows - a.k.a., Denise has a gross gut
  170. Steven Tyler - Dude looks like a hot tranny mess
  171. Tony Robbins unleashes the power of lawsuit
  172. Jamie Lynn Spears is scared
  173. Carmen Electra engaged
  174. Singer Lily Allen proclaims to the world that she gives good head (so classy!)
  175. Gary Coleman headed to divorce court
  176. Unhappy Rebecca Romjin to quit Ugly Betty
  177. Christina Ricci verbally bitch slaps Lindsay Lohan's career choice to play a stripper
  178. Crazy Tom Cruise returning to Oprah
  179. Village idiot Bill O'Reilly calls for Disney press conference on Miley Cyrus issues
  180. Shia LaBeouf dating Lindsay Lohan's arch rival Lauren Hastings?
  181. Britney Spears is the 100th sexiest woman alive
  182. Carrie Underwood says she was cheated on, sounds annoying
  183. Spencer Pratt cancels invite to White House Correspondents Dinner 'Not A list enough'
  184. Whitney Port insists that the Hills is a 'real' TV show (to OK Magazine)
  185. Britney Spears busted for back taxes
  186. Nicole Richie finally starves out her new post-pregnancy chi-chi's
  187. Angelina Jolie's funeral director dreams
  188. David Blaine to shock Oprah fans
  189. Ashlee Simpson dodges pregnancy questions – again
  190. Brad Pitt and Sean Penn battling on set?
  191. Megan Fox named world's sexiest woman
  192. Jamie-Lynn Sigler and boyfriend Scott Sartiano split
  193. Sandra Bullock develops line of eco-friendly candles
  194. Drew Barrymore outsized by her beefy bodyguards
  195. Victoria Beckham takes sons Romeo and Cruz out for ice cream
  196. Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony to have their own reality show
  197. Michelle Williams haunted by ghost of Heath Ledger (has been visited 2 times already)
  198. US tabloid cover roundup: May 1st, 2008
  199. Rumer Willis & Pete Wentz reppin' Wal Mart clothes--so fierce!
  200. Mariah Carey says Leona Lewis sounds nothing like her (meow!)
  201. Peter Falk runs amok-refuses help and comb
  202. 'That's So Raven' star Orlando Brown missing
  203. Cheryl Burke admits smooching Gerard Butler
  204. Paul McCartney sparks engagement rumors?
  205. Mark Wahlberg and fiancée expecting another baby
  206. Lynne Spears is disappointed
  207. Kelly Clarkson walks around the house naked
  208. O.J.Simpson wants to work for Donald Trump
  209. Julia Roberts doesn't wear deodorant
  210. Paris Hilton banned from a Russian hotel
  211. Kelly Brook & Billy Zane split
  212. Tom Cruise pukes about Suri's birthday; words 'amazing and 'blessing' sue for overuse
  213. Star Jones files for divorce from the very straight Al Reynolds
  214. Amy Winehouse: up to her old tricks again
  215. Ewan McGregor reveals how he had a cancerous mole removed from his face
  216. Sharon Stone reveals her startling red face
  217. Whitney Houston fuels Ray J romance reports
  218. Anna Nicole Smith's mother sues websites
  219. Victoria Beckham to perform with Pussycat Dolls
  220. Heather Mills was a high class prostitute
  221. Richie Sambora cops DUI plea
  222. Battlestar Galactica's Ronald D. Moore creating a new sci-fi trilogy
  223. Actor Jeff Goldblum canoodles with singer Imogen Heap
  224. Foxy Brown prays
  225. Kelly Ripa to Priscilla Presley - Oh no you di'nt!
  226. Naomi Campbell: 'I've had temper therapy'
  227. Edward Norton wants Hollywood to be more green
  228. Lindsay Lohan denies not taking her sobriety seriously on her lesbian Facebook page
  229. People are still paying Mischa Barton to rep their clothes in Japan
  230. Gwyneth Paltrow needs help walking to her car in London
  231. Miley Cyrus signs seven-figure book deal
  232. A dog pisses on Natalie Portman
  233. Miley Cyrus picks a winner for her new boyfriend (Thomas Sturges)
  234. Andrew Lloyd Webber 'weary' after working with American Idol finalists on their songs
  235. Christina Aguilera brings out the new chi-chi's for People Espanol 50 Most Beautiful
  236. Carlos Leon & Lourdes Ciccone looking fierce in New York City
  237. Enrique Iglesias: 'I don't have small genitals'
  238. Robert Downey Jr. slams fame-hungry stars
  239. Paul McCartney wants the world to go vegetarian
  240. Cameron Diaz 'hospitalized' after father's death
  241. Barbra Streisand pulls out of Israel's 60th anniversary bash
  242. Julia Roberts goes green with compost tips
  243. Elisha Cuthbert tired of bad dates
  244. Ali Lohan to make feature film debut
  245. Ashlee Simpson shows off her big rock
  246. Jesse Metcalfe trying to be sexy
  247. Madonna defends 'marginalised' Tom Cruise
  248. 'My violent father beat us so viciously it broke bones,' reveals Jerry Hall
  249. I don't want kids, they would make me feel violated, says Mariah Carey
  250. Geri Halliwell takes new man on double-date with George Michael and his boyfriend